Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th November 2018 Written Episode Update Gulfamkali and Putan break-up

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu and Tiwari thinking about how to stop Putan and Gulfamkalis wedding. Putan asks everyone to sing and have fun. Teeka sings hapu and ithers join them,they are upset about Gulfamkali getting hitched. Putan and Gulfamkali dance and enjoy themselves. commissioner doesn’t like seeing her get hitched too, Gulfamkali performs while boys sing, boys throw money on her, Putan stops her and scolds her and other. Vibhu sings happy songs. Daddy a little drunk joins vibhu,Angoori dances with Vibhu and sings along with him.

Prem,boys and Hapu at tea stall, unhappy. Hapu says theres no fun left in life, Prem says yes Putan will take her away,Hapu says he looks so excited that he will make her Pregnant in no time,Prem says i cant see her in that state. Vibhu and Tiwari walk to them, Prem

scolds Vibhu for his idea, Vibhu says you dont want her to marry then she won’t, Tilu says but your brother in law, Vibhu says heres an idea.

Boys and Hapu in disguise walk in Gulfamkali bar, Gulfamkali asks who are they and want,all introduce as big business man. Gulfamkali asks what they want, Hapu says they here for some fun, Gulfamkali says she no longer entertains, Hapu says i will pay as much as you want, boys and Hapu bid high, Gulfamkali tries to resist, Prem walks in dressed as shaikh and makes her offer of 50 lakhs.

Putan says to Angoori im very happy, Angoori says me too, Putan says but work, Angoori says work with your jijaji, Putan says he wont allow, Angoori says he will even he wants you to work and settle. Putan says that will be so well when i will work and she will be with me.Tiwari says but first go and see what your Gulfamkali is upto,she is dancing and insulted our family.

Putan with Vibhuti and tiwari walk in bar, Gulfamkali entertaining, Putan scolds Gulfamkali, Gulfamkali says I can’t give up entertaining and dancing, Putan gets angry and hits them and shhss them away, Gulfamkali says enough you insulting my guests. Putan says my love, Gulfamkali says they love me more than you,they give me as much money as i want what can you give me,Vibhu says you insulting him, Gulfamkali says I haven’t denied marriage but i can’t give up my profession.Putan says what does that mean, Tiwari says appoint him as your manager then he will get you customer, Putan says stop it i no longer want you, Gulfamkali says so do i and both accuse eachother.

Daddy walks in and asks whats happening, Putan says she broke my heart,Daddy says i kept saying but no one agreed, lets go home Putan,i have even apologiesed to thakurain. Vibhu and Tiwari congratulate each other. Gulfamkali asks why are they so happy.They ignore her and leave.

Anu and Vibhu in bedroom,Anu says finish,Vibhu says your story has all the ingredients its a package,Anu says shut up,i know it’s a shit story, Vibhu says c’mon it’s not that bad,Anu says I don’t want to write it anymore,im good with my classes and thank you for encouraging me,you are the best.

. pre cap: News announces a comman will be sent in space. Vibhu dressed in space suit,everyone applaud as his rocket takes off.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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