Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 12th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Vaidika’s love confession

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Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 12th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

All at once, the new neighbour shouts at Nani for getting into her house. She was rude and screams discourteously.
They ladies come inside. Sahil had decorated the hall and blows the whistle. Aarya asks if its for her? Sahil asks whose birthday it is and swirls while holding her in his arms. Aarya cheerfully goes to invite her friends. Sahil promises Vaidika another surprise, then none will question Vaidika for wearing this mangal sooter. He says Vaidika must accept, in front of everyone in the party today, that she loves him. Vaidika felt shy. Sahil insists he is her husband and wish she tells him I love you, in front of the society. He gets over the stool and blow the whistle while not lending Vaidika any chance to speak.
In the evening, Aarya cuts the cake while giving everyone

a bite to a piece. Sahil asks Vaidika if she wish to say something. His face was mischievous, Aarya looked towards Vaidika hopefully. Vaidika wish a happy birthday to Aarya and thanks her for being her support in difficult times. Their new neighbor also join the party. Nani asks to play ‘Pass the parcel’. First is Nani’s turn who dances on “Aa daikhain zara…”, who forcefully takes their new neighbor and turns her around while her dance, then comes Aarya’s turn who performs ‘Raadha’. The cushion now stops in Vaidika’s hand. She decides to express her love with Sahil in a song ‘Koi Nahi Hai Buss Tum Ho Saath….’ Sahil was left open-mouthed, rolling over the floor out of shock. He grabs a turn next, cheerfully dancing over “Main Yamla Pagla Diwana….”
There in Agarwal house, Bhoomi sat on the floor with divorce papers. She decides if Sahil can’t be hers, he can be none’s. She now know what she has to do.
Late at night, Vaidika comes to the yard calling Sahil. She notices the floor of the yard was filled with flowers, a few petals shower over her. Sahil walks to her smiling. Vaidika hugs Sahil in emotions. Sahil tells Vaidika it seems he was born for this moment, and can even die peacefully. Vaidika asks why he only mentions it pessimistically. Sahil plans a future ahead with Vaidika. He then asks Vaidika to confess her love in front of the world as well.
The next morning, Maya brings a Diwali gift to Vaidika and Sahil. She had sent a form for Best Love couple in a radio show in which Vaidika and Sahil were selected. Sahil also insists that the world must know and accept their unique love story, and this is a really good chance. After Maya has left, Sahil holds Vaidika by her waist and assures nothing will go wrong this time.

PRECAP: Vaidika and Sahil become a part of the radio show. Bhoomi takes Sahil in the car and says she doesn’t want a divorce, she wants him. If she can’t get him, anyone can as well not have him. Sahil tries to stop Bhoomi as she drives rashly. Their car has a severe accident.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Love the episode. My favourite couple. Both love each other in their own way. Sahil “Yamla Pagla Diwana…”was awesome. His reaction when Vedika say I love you was so funny.. I laugh so much and has seen the episode 4 times already.. Now that horse face Bhoomi ( using your quote Raji) as it fit perfectly is going to ruin the whole Sadika romance we all got used too since last week. She is deranged. If I remember she stated in the beginning that she study psychology. Why don’t she practice on herself. Stupid woman!!! I pray that Sahil come out from the accident alive and Bhoomi dead.

  2. Oh God I am so sick of Bhoomi! if this car accident actually happened, I want her to die in it…why can’t my Sadhika live happily ever after?

  3. Pleaseeeee writers i beg you don’t kill off sahil….why can’t they allow couples who unite to stay united and fight against evil together….why always some separation or memory lost or missing in action or some crap to that effect…kill bhoomi hell her character serve no purpose anymore we have puneesh and whoever that new neighbour is…so long sahil fought to be with his love and finally vedika open up and allow him in her life gosh give them a week atleast of bliss…im a bit frustrated here especially since i read what you guys say may happen

  4. Raji in the beginning Bhomie was not portraying this hottie one because if you remember she really use to try and bring Sa and Vedi together but then the tables turned when that Old Wretch the Aunt kidnapped Vedis baby and invigled her Bhoomie to to after Sahil and so in five years all that time she started having feelings for him and she is definite HOT for Sahils Manliness who know when the night comes maybe she dreams of him feeling him inside her and so she wants it all the Cake and Sahil too; anyway i feel that because Vedica is a little older than her she feels that she has the edge to gain Sahils love who knows she maybe thinking she has more Wine in the Grind than old Vedica what she does not know is that Vedica has it all Sahils love plus the Wine in the Grind and thats all the Package she needs. Vedica has already ignited Sahils Torch and she has to do now is explode it before those too wretches come between them; another thing Naz what the hell is wrong with Gauris husbands eyes my gosh when he opens them so he looks like a Mad Rapist now tell me why dont he leave Gauri alone and let her be with her child some how i like Mohan for her he reminds me of the Movie Star Richard Burton and too they make a perfect couple.

    1. Sapphire, Deepak’s eyes are far better than Puneesh’s… Puneesh’s eyes are like snake eyes, hooded…but I know what you mean, like he’s permanently startled!! He looked for his trouble because he treated Gauri very badly because she couldn’t give him a son… Though it’s serious, it was funny too, the way this man took advice from Tom Dick and Harry on the streets on how to create a male child…then he’d go home and tell Gauri to get on the bed because the time is right to get her pregnant, whether she is on the phone, in the kitchen, sleeping or even in the shower… He just wanted to jump on her… So, yeah… Too much testosterone running in his body so that’s why he’s forever wide eyed and alert, he’s too horny!!! You know Sapphire, his character when he knew that he was losing gauri to another man, was very well portrayed ,that’s exactly how men react… Director and creative writers did a beautiful job with all of their characters, they gave them life in the most natural and logical way…that’s why I’m still faithful to this serial….

  5. Marie Raphael

    After the car accident i’m sure they will introduce Sahils memory loss where he only remember being married to Bhoomi and she’ll be oon cloud nine. Gosh… Couple days of love, romance and good episode , then tortuous episodes.
    BTW the love confession was awesone.

    1. I can handle memory loss Marie but not Sahil’s demise.. At some point in time Sahil would remember his life with Vedika and the pain of not having him by her side would also be our pain too, it could be bittersweet moments ahead for all of us Sadika fans…however, during the time when he doesn’t remember Vedika, I hope Bhoomi doesn’t succeed in getting him in bed, Sahil doesn’t throw her on her back or Sahil treats Vedika badly…..anyways, I also ??? the love confession…..too sweet!!

  6. Nina

    This episode is a vitamin because cheerful Sahil is pouring merriment like rose petals. I like Karan’s acting very much. I forgot about all villains, but they didn’t forget about our heroes.

  7. My dear friends… After today’s energetic episode courtesy our OMG to die for man, it could be that I’m thinking to hard but I’m sensing a premonition and I hope that it doesn’t come to pass at all and that our Sahil is not hurt much in any way to cause him much harm, I don’t know how much or if I can take anything bad happening to him, because today I came up here soon after the update was posted and after reading the precap, I felt very depressed and couldn’t write any contribution… Such was my worries… This is the third time he has mentioned that he could die for her because whom he wanted and desired the most in this world was Vedika and now he doesn’t mind dying because she’s his forever. .. Why the hell did he say those words? If he’s lost his memories, I will handle it because I know that he’ll still be here but not having him at all would make me cry cry cry…like right now… I know that you all would laugh at me but that’s OK….such is the love I have for this charismatic character.. Sahil reminds me of someone I have loved and lost to death..not joking…and only Pooja, Dolly, Muniya and Nina who were here since day one would know what I’m talking about so by losing Sahil, I won’t be able to imagine what life could have been like with my one and only true love…its my fantasy to see Sahil take care of Vedika especially during her pregnancy, to see them conquer their demons, to spend time with their children who are their self and I wanted to see them grow old together and still be together till death do they part… I know that the writers are capable of giving us this because they have been able to pull off a beautiful love story which no one ever thought of doing on Indian serials…so this isn’t farfetched for them…but who knows, I’ll just have to suck it in when this fake Sahil comes into the picture…sigh!!! I’m not looking forward to next episode… That’s a first from me…

  8. Can any other character be as lovable, funny, charming and loving as Sahil Agarwal?? Nope!! It’s the calm before the storm!! His cheekiness, his laughter, his happiness, his funny and cute dance and his romantic looks at Vedika is setting the stage for us to cry after…maybe or maybe not… I’m trying to take in front before front takes me….. In all… I loved Sahil today even more, KJ is such a natural spontaneous actor, just seeing him have a ball in the little contest in the most natural way is too good…he couldn’t have been able to do it any better…

  9. I really loved Vedika’s love confession, she was so adorable and shy singing those words…and my goodness, Vedika looked so beautiful in her mint saree… Friends, a little search told me that the neighbor and her son are like a Bunty aur Bubli duo, they charm unsuspecting people and rob them after..and the woman tries to be like upper class but they really are from the ghettos…her presence today in the house came across likeable so I’m hoping that both mother and son are not harmful in the extreme way. I imagine that KJ is relishing doing this role, a chance for us to see what else he can give us…

  10. As for Bhoomi…she lived up to our expectations as a whore in the making…by asking for material things in the relationship, imagine what she would have asked for IF Sahil had had her on the bed!!! She could have waited for Sahil to tell her that, she didn’t need to ask but her asking him was a way of testing him but it backfired on her, she probably thought that he wouldn’t easily part with his wealth, what a surprise she got! Bhoomi’s so hard headed, by now she doesn’t realize that Sahil doesn’t mind living a poor life with Vedika by his side, that is why he left in the first place.. Thankfully he also owns the house with Vedika so he invested wisely back then…but besides that he could live in a tiny hut an don’t care a damn as long as Vedika is there with him… Back to Bhoomi…yes Raji, Bhoomi’s hair does look like horse’s hair, by the tail…and I saw this after my sister told me that I straightened my curly hair and it now looks like a horse tail ,exactly like Bhoomi’s, so now I wish for my curly hair back, don’t want to be reminded of Bhoomi everytime I see my hair… Seeing her on the floor muttering to herself tells me that she seriously needs psychiatric help, she’s not taking this lying down, she have all this pent up desires for Sahil and not being able to get him on the bed is sending her bonkers… You are so right Pooja, she should use the psychology she learnt, on herself …

  11. Yes friends yesterday night i had a disturbed sleep. Cant imagine our sahil dying font like to use this word for him. Nax even i hv noticed hehas told vedika 2 to 3 tomes that even if he dies he will not feel baf becsuse now she declared thst she loves him. How much will vedika suffer. Hardly 2 1/2 werks we saw our beloved couples romance. After that shain back to square one. Didnt you all notice yesterday lusty n hot for sahil bhoomis face was looking like a horses face esp when she was sitting on the bed n like a crazy woman dying to hv s*x with sahil was murmuring to herself. I hope sahil is saved n bhoomi is burnt alive in the car accident. Pls writers dont u all separTe our beloved couple. The TRP of the serial ll immediately ho down pls lidten to Sadika fans. Friends in yesterdays episode our Sahils acting was out of the world. Started remebering the OLD SAHIL. Writers pls dont spoil the serial by bringing sahil n bhoomi together whichever sahil it could be the original one or the duplicate one. This lusty woman should be bumped OFF fm the serial otherwise we ll stop watching this serial.

  12. Friends, did you all watch the zee rishtey awards? Our Sahil won an award and AKAJS won best family award as well…i was so happy when his name was announced, so proud of our KJ… ????????…

  13. Hi Naz am not sure about thus new role, if they let sahil go back to bhumi having lost his memory, if that happens i will nit watch anymore, remember vedika is pregnant how much mire can she take, fighting for ariyah ved the unborn baby and now sahil who will suffer from brain injury due to the accident.
    Its just too much. I dont like the spoilers notes, i hope its different when we see the next twust in the series.✋✋✋✋

    1. OMG…. Madeline..you are here!! I’m so happy to see your presence and your comment.. ?????..so, I just watched a video on YouTube and it’s said that Vedika would follow crazy ass Bhoomi’s car and I’m hoping that she saves our darling Sahil, I can’t bear to see him hurt physically because of the wretched Bhoomi…if Bhoomi dies, that’s acceptable!!

  14. Yes Madeline i am with you. If at all Sahil looses his memory n any romance or s*x life is shown between hot for sahil and horse faced bastard bhoomi n sahil i ll quit watching this serial completely. Will not read the updates n fan comments. Wrters pls pls kill bhoomi n throw her ou t of this serial. Half the time she keeps exposing her top portion but of no use. Forget sahil none of them r interested in seeing her even if she stands NAKED. blo*dy SHORTY LUSTFUL WOMAN.

  15. Muniya

    Beautiful episode… Except bhoomi’s part…
    And precap…really wish something happens to bhoomi…

  16. I am very nervous about tonight episode friends. Raji I could not sleep either. Naz I never thought I could love this couple so much that the thought of anything bad happen kept me awake. please god don’t let anything happen to our dear Sahil. He is too sweet and nice to suffer in the hand of this lustful and crazy woman. After a very long to Vedika has found happiness. Don’t take that away from her , otherwise society will taunt her that she killed her 3rd husband. The fact that Sahil has mentioned a few times that now he will die happily indicate that something bad is going to happen. I hope writers listen to us. If needed creat more twist because together they will overcome any problem. But do not separate them ??????

    1. Exactly… She’ll definitely be taunted another 3rd husband’s death… Let’s hope that doesn’t happen… ?????… I also never knew I’d love this couple so much especially Sahil..

  17. Friends one good news. Just few mts back i saw on u tube vedika trying to save sahil where he is hanging on a cliff. We cant hear the conversation but she is stretching her hand n asking him to hold her hand and come. Still in that condition also ie hanging fm a cliff sahil is telling vedika to go back n not to bend fwd. Friends hope he is saved by our darling vedika. Pls all of u sadika fans check this scene on u tube.

    1. If this happens and like in all serials, falling off a cliff means he’ll come back one day because according to soapland, that scenario doesn’t mean he’s gone…but in this case it’ll mean just giving time for KJ to experiment with his new avatar. .. Raji, please don’t leave the forum, you make me smile everyday when I read your comments…ohhh BTW, you mentioned Bhoomi not covering her top portion, I noticed that since day one but just ignored it… I know for a fact that the women who wear salwar kameez do use the dupatta to cover their upper body because they feel sort of naked and I wondered if this actress didn’t feel the same way as the whole world is watching… Says a lot about her…..lusting after Sahil….by exposing her self.

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