Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th July 2018 Written Episode Update : Vibhuti sees future as Angoori being shoot.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Boys upset about being insulted by Gulfamkali,Tilu says i used all my money on her,Tika says Hapu and his attitude,Tilu says we will break it,we will rob our own share from gulfamkali and pay her back and it will be all neutral,Hapu walks and ask whats up,all give different answers,Tilu covers up.

Vibhu reaches the banayan tree and hugs it,and says please show me good future and my needs are nominal too,just show me in crores and one wish bhabhiji comes running to me and say i love you my life will be sorted,Vibhu sees Angoori dancing in rains,someone walks to her with a gun and shoots,Vibhu says no this can’t happen and why will someone do this to her,i have to be alert but who was it.

Anu waiting for Vibhu,Anu asks where were you,Vibhu says went to a wish tree for out

well being,Anu says cmon lets go to Tiwari’s, Vibhu asks is bhabhiji fine,Anu says dinner at theirs come lets go.

Anu says Tiwari you are so lucky to have Angoori as wife she cook so well,Vibhu says yes some people get what theu dont deserve,Tiwari looks at Vibhu and says true, Tiwari and Vibhu again get into argument,Angoori thinks I’m sorry Anu but for Tiwari’s long life i have too,Angoori says who will have this veggie,Anu says i will its yummy,Anu says yes finish it all,Anu asks whats wrong,Angoori says you dont do a thing at your place and you keep eating so much here, Vibhu says she is just joking i guess,Angoori says sshutup or else remember my chappal,Tiwari says apologize dont do it,Anu says this insult i can’t take we are leaving,Angoori says yes leave dont show me attitude,
Tiwari asks whats wrong with you why behave this way.

Boys call prem and says you see two roses near you white and red smell one,prem smells white,Tika says this meabs you arent police come here,did you get our stuff we asked. Prem says yes i did,and gives them guns,and asks why this,Tilu says we will play,Prem says money,Tika says later go now.

Anu says i never ever dreamt of this,Vibhu says you dream of her too,Anu says shutup,why did she behave this way infact i was praising her,Vibhu says forget it,Anu says how will i iits all finished,and her words it was like i wanted to shoot her, Vibhu shouts no,Anu asks wwhats wrong, Vibhu says may be she was in bad mood,just calm down ,Anu says you said i got attitude you always support the other party.

Tiwari asks Angoori asks what all was this,its unbearable,
Angoori thinks im sorry but you are the next,and shouts,you cheap man keep fooling others,Tiwari asks wwhats wrong with you,Angoori says you fool,Tiwari shouts i will kill you if you utter a word, Vibhu and Anu hear that,Vibhu shouts how dare you,Tiwrai and Amgoori rush out, Tiwari says for now you just heard my words if you would hear hers, you would go mad,Vibhu says she is behaving this way because she is mad and hurt or else she would never do it or else,Anu says i know you feeling bad but if you will aappologise i will forgive you, Vibhu says yes apologize.

Pre cap: Vibbu hear Anu and Tiwari plan.
Tiwari walks to Angoori with gun in hand and Vibhu tries to save Angoori.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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