Mariam Khan Reporting Live 11th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Aayat extends her stay in Khan house

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 11th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Madiha looking for Mariam. She sees Mariam playing with Aayat. Aayat says I have made kheer. She feeds Mariam with love. Majaaz looks on and smiles. Mariam likes kheer and feeds Aayat. Aayat asks them to have kheer. Aijaz refuses. Mariam insists him to have it. Madiha asks her to stay quiet. Mariam says mum scolds me, but aunt doesn’t. Madiha asks Mariam to go to her room. Aijaz asks Mariam to bid bye to Aayat before leaving. Mariam says let her stay here. Aijaz says not anymore. He asks Amna to get her belongings from room. Aayat says I thought to get forgiveness and go. Madiha stops her and says we won’t let you go empty handed. She goes and checks the locker. She gets shocked seeing the necklace missing. She says the necklace isn’t here. Majaaz asks where

did you keep it.

Madiha says I kept it here, what if Rifat knows, engagement is there in evening. He says don’t worry, you will get it. Mahira wishes the relation breaks. She smiles. Meher says I m telling you for the last time, Rihaan is indecent, he is fooling you. Mahira says you don’t know him well. Meher says fine, we have to find the necklace now. Everyone looks for necklace. Madiha sees Aayat. Aatar goes and brings the jewelry box. They all get shocked seeing the necklace. Aijaz says you started stealing too, you should have spared relatives. Aayat says I didn’t steal it, Akram’s dad gave this to me as gift, my name is also embedded on it, ask Mahira to wear it, nobody will notice it, Akram is no more, what will I do of it, I will be happy. Madiha says I can’t accept anything from you.

Aayat says do you want to spoil everything for this. Aijaz says after you get Mahira’s necklace, throw this necklace on her face. Madiha says let Aayat stay here till then. Aayat cries. Aijaz agrees. Aayat goes to her room and says I had made a similar necklace like of Mahira. She recalls stealing the necklace. She says I won’t go till they find this necklace, I will finish my work. She hides the necklace. Mariam comes. Aayat asks her to go out and play. Aayat gets a call and says I will bring Mariam to hospital, we need to do this today. Mariam hides from her friends. Majaaz comes and says I regret that I couldn’t make your relationship better with dad. Mariam thinks to unite Aijaz and Aayat. She goes to Aijaz and sees him sleeping. She says he will patch up with Aayat if he is really happy. She goes and gets his denture. Aayat comes and asks what are you doing here. Mariam hugs her and runs. Aayat goes to Aijaz and takes a pillow.

Aayat asks is my son fine. Doctor says yes, donor and patient have to match, Jibraan’s life is at stake. Aayat says nothing will happen to him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ayaat
    what kind of mother is she??
    disgusting.. just to save her son, she’s ready to sacrifice her another child…

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