Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th September 2020 Written Episode Update; Tiwari scared of Vibhuti

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu acts as If stabbing the man, Tiwari says how is this man still alive god,Vibhu says I feel like throwing you in sea, because you Italy is not the way it should be, Vibhu looks at Tiwari and says he has seen us let’s kill him, Tiwari runs away, David gives money to the actor, actor says why 400 we spoke about 500, David says 100 minus for over acting,

Tiwari dashes Anu, Anu asks what’s wrong, Tiwari says do you know who Vibhu is, he is Vito don, Boys walk to them and says he is right even we saw that, Tiwari says he is Italy’s don, Anu says are you all drunk, Tiwari says you are in misunderstanding and it’s all because of Helan, Tiwari tells Helan story, and how Vibhu is a don now, Tiwari says I saw him stab a man, Tiwari says I would suggest not go home, will drop you to your relatives, Anu goes home.

Helan starts acting, she starts scolding Vibhu that she worked hard to give Vibhu this knowledge, but he choose this way, Vibhu says it’s the truth mom, my blood has called me, and I am very happy I am nit Ahutis son but dons son, and happy that you met a don and gave birth to me, Anu walks to Vibhu and asks what nonsense you wearing and why you talking this way and did you stab someone, Vibhu says it’s not Vibhu but Antonio Vito Paprazi, and in Italy woman don’t interfere in business, and call me Vito, Anu says okay whatever am I a dons wife now, how will I stay, Vito says woman have to sacrifice, and you two woman stay away, Helan says what bad time was that when I met that don, David says control he just stabbed a man outside, Vibhu ask Helan to clean his knife, and says to Anu that we will have dinner together so make some pizza, pasta and ravioli, David says I will have dal tadka.

Anu leaves, Helan asks Vibhu did he really stab someone, Vibhu says no mom.

Vibhu and David walk to Tiwari, Tiwari drinking, David and Tiwari make fun of him, Tiwari scared of them, if you don’t like me go home, Vibhu says this is just a branch, my home is in Italy, David says don’t tell him he will inform police, Vibhu says don’t worry packet has reached police, Tiwrai says packet has watched police, Vibhu says chips and snacks,and starts laughing, says it had money, Saxena walks to them and abuses Vibhu, says which don family do you belong to. Vibhu slaps him.

Tilu reading Malkhans hand, Teeka asks them what are they upto, Malkan says he is predicting future, Tilu says your one line says you will be millionaire we’re as other says you will die of hunger, Teeka says forget all this, fate is nit in ones hand but work, Tilu says we know Vibhuti so let’s join him, Teeka says he is big gang don, Malkan says we will have respect and money, Tilu says true

pre cap :David tells Tiwrai that Vito will punish him for his misbehaviour. Aaji says I have ordered fridge and Tv, Vibhu says we can’t we will be spotted by police, Anu says police won’t come in bedroom and kitchen.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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