Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th October 2019 Written Episode Update. Income tax commissioner Satya Prakash a fraud.


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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

David shows 50 lac Rs he has to buy flat,Vibhu says this is black money right I have to seize it,David asks what nonsense is this,Anu tells him he is income tax officer now.Vibhu shows him his ICard and says give me the money, David says i won’t, Vibhuti points gun at him, David says how dare you I’m your uncle, Vibhu says im an officer and you criminal give me the bag quickly. David says i will also give one more thing Vibhu says I know you will tear will papers,Anu says dont,David tears papers and leaves.

Vibhu and boys gather all the bags with money, Saxena take a picture of them, Angoori says i hope you enjoyed here, Vibhuti says we did, Tiwari takes Vibhu a little aside and tries to bribe, Vibhu says 5 Cr, Tiwari says my amount seized is 2 Cr, Vibhu says now you know,bye.


eating in Police Station, he gets a call from commissioner that he is going Singapore for wedding. Hapu sees a man on his chair, and asks who the hell are you, He says im Natu Singh CID officer, this is picture of satya Prakash he disguises as IT officer and loots people, we need to get him quickly.

Vibhu and boys meet Satya Prakash and he asks them to get it to Kanpur border and from there he shall take it further to Delhi and dont stop if police stops you, they wont want us to let this black money reach Delhi. Saxena says lets have a picture, Saxena says sir i have noticed you always cover your face while clicking pictures, Satya says because om Manoj Kumar fan.

Tiwari crying infront of Anu, Angoori says he hasn’t stopped at all, Anu says i understand he has lost crores, calm down Tiwari, Tiwari says how will i, Vibhu always targets me, Anu and Angoori blame Tiwari for this. Police at every check point, Vibhuti asks teeka not to stop at check point and rush ahead. Dhankav informa Hapu about it.

Vibhu and boys meet Satya Prakash and hand him the van with money, Satya says im happy with your hard work and award you 50% and by tomorrow morning money will be in your accounts.

Vibhu and Anu celebrating, Vibhu says Anu you must be proud right, Anu asks did money credit,Vibhu says calm down by tomorrow it will,Anu and Vibhuti learn on news that Satya Prakash is fraud. Anu starts crying, Vibhu says this is bad luck.

Police visits Mishra house,Vibhu says Anu hide me,Vibhu trying to escape from police but Tiwari hands him to police. Vibhu boys and saxena torchered in jail to give information about Satya Prakash. Natu gets Satya Prakash in Jail and says we have seized money from him as well so give them to their owners back.

Tiwari cursing Vibhu, Anu scolds him, and says i agree you are upset but my Vibhu is innocent, Tiwari says he is cheap. Angoori sahs i agree with Anu, Vibhu walks in with bags, Tiwari asks what you doing here, Vibhu hands them their share.

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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