Bigg Boss 13 10th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Rashami and Arti hurt with each other


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Bigg Boss 13 10th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 11
7:15 PM
Arti tells Devoleena that I will finish today with Koena, she clears everything with people so before nominations so she is safe. She told me that she wants Siddharth D out of the house and will sue him but then she becomes totally fine with him.

7:30 PM
Koena says Paras did I ask you to bring me out the cage? He says no, I was asking her. Koena tells Asim that Paras asked her to come out of the cage for smoking and then break all pots. Asim tells Arti that Paras is playing a double game. Shehnaaz asks Arti to not be a fool. Arti says I don’t trust Paras and I know he is playing a double game. Koena says I don’t want to talk. Arti says you said Abu is here for a picnic and yesterday he was your friend? Koena says you did that for Shehnaaz too. Shehnaaz

says I would save her as she is my friend, we don’t beg boys like you. Koena says Paras wanted me to destroy the task, Arti shouldn’t be concerned about whom I forgive.

10 PM
Arti tells Shehnaaz that she doesn’t trust Paras. Siddharth S says Dalljiet and others are playing a game too. Rashami said that you are misjudging her but she didn’t come to talk to you but broke your pot because her loyalty is with Dalljiet and Devoleena.

Day 12
8 AM
Inmates wake up to the song pani wala dance. They all dance and enjoy it. Shehnaaz hugs Mahira and tells her that I am fine with you. Mahira says I know, she hugs her.

9:45 AM
Siddharth D calls Mahira and says I want to do yoga with her. Paras says this person is impossible. Mahira laughs at Siddharth D trying to do the exercise. Paras says don’t stay near ugly people Mahira.

11 AM
Arti tells Rashami that you said you would break my pot and I should break your pot, why you thought that? I wanted to break Koena’s pot only. Rashami says I didn’t do anything wrong, I think you are wrong but I didn’t say anything, I have got trust issues. Arti says I can’t solve those. Rashami says then what’s the point of talking? Arti says I haven’t talked to anyone about you. Rashami says I don’t like getting used. Arti says I know when someone is using me. Rashami says I doubt, I think you are misjudging me because of someone. Arti says no one told me anything against you, Paras might talk against me as I don’t trust him.
Shehnaaz tells Devoleena to not get involved in any game, Paras is playing a real game and that too using girls. Devoleena says Paras thinks that.
Arti tells Rashami that you got nominated because of yourself. Rashami calls Paras and asks if she was talking about anyone? He says no. Rashami says Paras is not trustworthy, we all know that. Paras says Rashami has a good understanding with Devoleena and Dalljiet and she doesn’t have a very good understanding with Arti so she would throw your pot only. Paras says I am not playing from two sides. Arti asks him to go. Rashami says Arti you are misjudging me. Arti says it’s done. Paras says Arti I saw you whispering at night, you are provoking a girl who gets influenced. Arti says its between you and Shehnaaz, I am not here to join hearts, I am not your messenger, you ask me to go to her and tell her things. Paras says you brought her message to me.. Arti says I did this to patch you both up. Paras says I don’t want to patch up with a girl who flips so much, to hell with Shehnaaz, I care more about my friendships. Dalljiet asks what happened? Paras says Arti keeps saying that I am not trustworthy, they are playing a game. Arti says I won’t do what you want. Paras says you brought Shehnaaz’s message to me. Arti says to hell with you, you said you love her and she is nice. Paras says she is nice but she is not trustworthy, if she talks about Mahira like that then I can’t trust her, I am a dog if I go back to her. I didn’t break any trust of your Arti. Shehnaaz comes there and gives him a sly smile.

3 PM
Abu tells Paras that you were not doing anything the task. Paras says I didn’t expect this from Shehnaaz. Mahira says Shehnaaz and Paras can stay together, I don’t have a problem. Paras says Mahira and I don’t have a problem, we are friends but Shehnaaz doesn’t want to clarify. Shehnaaz says I asked him to choose. Mahira says you don’t want me to end my friendship with Paras but you don’t like to see us together as well, what do you want? Shehnaaz smiles and doesn’t answer.

3:15 PM
Siddharth S and Paras argue about who Shehnaaz would take out when they bring her out of the cage. Paras says I didn’t say that I would bring Shehnaaz out the cage. Siddharth S says I wouldn’t lie. Paras says Siddharth S told me that he will bring Shehnaaz out of the cage so I don’t have to, now he is lying. Siddharth S says I don’t care if all are against me. Paras says people are watching. Siddharth S says I am scared. Rashami asks Paras to remain calm. Koena says I like this fear. Shehnaaz says we are shivering. Koena asks her to stop it, you are a servant. Paras says now this Asim is Shehnaaz’s ******. Asim charges at him and says you want to play a game? Paras says you are her peanut now. Mahira pushes Paras away from Asim. They curse each other. Siddharth S shouts that I stand on my ground, you didn’t want those girls to become the queen whom you played with. Paras says you wanted Arti to become the queen and played us all like that. Devoleena asks Asim to ignore Paras, you are the mature one. Siddharth S that Siddharth D knew that Rashami would take Arti out of the task but I didn’t stop him. Paras says Siddharth D didn’t know that Rashami would throw Arti’s pot out. Arti says Paras told me to stay away from Rashami as she is image-conscious. Rashami says I am not filthy like others.

Koena tells Paras that Shehnaaz is crossing the line. Paras says I have a connection with her but she can’t ask me to choose.

5:45 PM
Paras asks Mahira to give him a hug but she says stop it, don’t do it in front of her. Paras says you can hug a friend. Mahira says I am going to slap you. Paras hugs her. She says you are mad.

Abu tells Rashami to add red chilies in the food, it will be tasty.

8:15 PM
Paras tells Rashami that you can’t be taking the wishes of people for food. All should eat what’s been made, you didn’t have to make 3 dishes. Siddharth S says Abu wanted a dish for him. Paras says all have their wishes here. Siddharth S says then deny Abu.

8:30 PM
Paras tells inmates that soflay wasted. Arti says I will eat them, don’t throw them away. Paras says I was boiling the eggs but they have become too soft. Abu says you destroyed 14 eggs. Paras says I do it like this in my house but they are destroyed now. Arti says you could have asked. Koena says he destroyed 30 eggs. Siddharth S asks Paras how many eggs people will have? Paras says I had put 2 eggs per person. Siddharth S says you decided this? if you didn’t know how to open the eggs then don’t use them. Paras says they were not of good quality. Abu says they don’t listen to anyone. Siddharth S says you wasted 14 eggs like that, you made our lives now. Paras says I am glad. They taunt each other. Siddharth S says he wasted 26 eggs and doesn’t care. Paras says he can take my 14 eggs. Paras says I am sorry, you can take my eggs, you are looking stupid while fighting for this. Siddharth S says don’t call me stupid. Paras says you need a chance to fight. Shukla asks him to remain in his limits, you should be sorry. Paras says I said sorry so what’s the issue? Shukla says don’t call me stupid. Shehnaaz takes Shukla from there.

9 PM
Paras asks Siddharth S to end this. They hug each other. Siddharth S says you said you would bring Shehnaaz out of the cage. Paras says you said to eliminate Rashami. Siddharth S says I never said it, you take things out of context. Paras says let’s end it then.

Rashami cries and tells Siddharth D that I made food today with love (talking about Abu). She says I came here on my own, these people are moving in the group and don’t know they are getting used, I made food with love, I do everything but they don’t value it. Siddharth D says you knew about Shukla? Rashami says he has cheap thinking and he is very fake, Arti told me he has changed but he didn’t. Siddharth D says you didn’t like him before as well? Rashami says no, we used to fight a lot.

Rashami cries and tells Devoleena that I like to cook but Abu keeps taunting me, I do everything he asks for. Devoleena says we know you. Rashami says Arti has an issue that I talk to you and Dalljiet, she will say that you influence me but we don’t talk about anyone else. Arti asks Rashami if she ate? Rashami says yes I did. Arti says I didn’t see you. Rashami says I was eating while cooking, you can go. Arti says why are you answering me like that? I am just asking. Rashami says I ate in the kitchen. Arti says have some food. She asks Devoleena. They ask her to put some food aside.

Arti is emotional. Siddharth S asks what happened? Arti says I went to Rashami and asked her to come for food for five minutes but she didn’t, I should be angry. Siddharth S says she thinks she is a queen and all should go to her. Arti says I was sure that Rashami wouldn’t nominate me but I am hurt now. Siddharth S says don’t react, there is nothing in becoming a queen, that ended, you know Rashami, just relax. He hugs her and says don’t cry over it.

1 AM
Rashami tells Paras that you are different, they don’t know you. You are between Mahira and Shehnaaz, you are a man. Asim and Siddharth D are boys. Arti wants to stay in the show but she is insecure as well. Paras says I told Siddharth S that he couldn’t make a good relationship with his co-actor then he can’t do anything.
PRECAP- Koena tells Dalljiet that her idea is stupid. Dalljeit says don’t call me stupid, mind your language. Girls will decide which guy will go home. They all play in the fish task.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Asim and Paras are fighting again 🤦… But this time it was sensible… Paras should control is anger… I don’t find any drawback in Asim… In the beginning I felt he’s a angry bird… But he’s fighting only for valid reasons…. N he was so cute today☺️🤗… Y Paras dresses like this…. I guess his style icon should be kv…😂🤣😂

  2. @atiba u missed the report card

  3. To be honest…. Koena is very insecure. Im not a fan anymore

  4. My hate for Sid s. Is a good decision and was a good decision. Handling him is a great job, his way of speaking is too sarcastic, u can’t imagine when he’s behaving like what just like Sreesanth 😡😡😡😡egoistic bnda…why can’t he just shut the f**k up😡😡😡😡😡🤢🤢🤢

  5. why is Siddarth S so rude to Rashmai cant he see she wants his attention he should buck up and give her more attention as for Shehnaaz shes a real B….. I CANT STAND HER and the way she plays with the guys
    she and Paras are playing the same game always want attention

  6. Neeru

    * Paras required dat ….. He was getting a lil over confident …. 1st week almost all girls gave him hearts…. sana nd arti wud also hv given him …. 1st report card all got black rings othr dan him….. so he thot he is safe….. Dis set back wud get him back on track…
    * I like sana….. She is d only one true wid her feelings…. she agrees she has feelings for paras… she agrees she is jealous unlike mahira who is chanting dat she doesnt care,, bt she does…. d only problm i hv wid her is dat she shud take a stnd nd stick to it… paras can easily manipulate her… As a mattr of fact nyone can…
    * BB said dis season u need hv a special connction… i want shukla nd reshmi to hv dat connection…. be it frndship or jst co actrs wala , bt i want dem together….

  7. First thing first, this week everyone fought over food. People who chose to get opinion polls instead of food for house were seen saying roti is no delicacy. And the way they were instructing to make tasty food??? No one does that nowadays. It is easily said than done. Shukla I think got offended that Rashmi refused to share bed with him and was happy to change. There is no reason for him to be rude. Appearances are deciptive. It was ok until he opened his mouth.
    Aarti was critizied to not voice her opinion so she got into everyone’s business without any reason. If Paras is a Playboy type so is Sana (female version) and she thinks being dumb cute Barbie doll will help her. Housemates gave ring to Paras for not keeping relationship but both people involved are adults and you can’t be so serious in a week as Sana wants to show. She behaves like wife…mere saath hai toh kishi k saath nai. Though her body language is different when she is with other guys. Rashmi was right dard bandi ko bus male ka dikhta hai.
    Devoleena has been supersmart with the game.

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