Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 15th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Bakool handles rakhi’s matter

Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 15th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bakool asking Baa what is her friend’s name. Baa says Sheena.Bakool is shocked and makes the vehicle fall. He tells that he can’t go as he don’t have money to give her. He asks did you get this girl only in the world. Baa asks if you know her. Bakool says no and tells that he can’t make anyone his sister. Baa tells him that she is going and asks him to bring money. Sheena calls Bakool. Ranjeet says he will go and bring everybody.

Bakool comes to Harry and tells him that Baa’s friend is…he says if I tell you then this land will burst. He says she is Sheena. Harry asks when did it happen? Bakool says it is good that I came to know about this. He says that’s why my both wives decided to do same things always. He recalls Sheena and Jigna insisting to go to Kerala, they are keeping fast for iccha purti fast etc. Harry says this is a big anarth. Bakool says my all fuse is gone. He asks Harry to do something and says I have to get rakhi tied by my both wives. Harry gets Ranjeet’s call and he panics. He asks Bakool to talk to him. Harry says no. Baa comes to Sheena’s house and tells her that her son stopped at the ATM.

Ranjeet comes to Bakool’s house and meets Chusiya. He asks Jigna to come with him. Jigna thinks how she will go with him and gets worried. She says she will bring sweets for them and goes. Harry gets call. He don’t pick call. Sheena asks Baa if her son also making excuses. Baa calls Bakool and asks him to come. He tells that his bike tyre was punctured and tells that mahurat time is gone. He tells that if a sister ties rakhi to his hand then her face will black spots, and the man will get bald, he tells about the eclipse. Sheena is shocked to know this and calls Ranjeet. She asks him to bring Jigna there while blind folded else her husband will become bald. Jigna, Chusiya and Ranjeet come to the temple wearing helmet while blindfolded. Sheena and Baa also come there. Sheena asks where are you?

Bakool talks in changed voice. Sheena asks what happened to your voice. Harry says it changed because of the eclipse and asks them not to see else they will get blind. They ask why Harry’s voice is unchanged. Harry says because of the cloth which he tied on his mouth. He tells Sheena that he brought Jigna. Jigna ties rakhi to Harry. Meanwhile Sheena tied rakhi to Chusiya and get happy. Bakool takes Baa and leaves. Ranjeet and Sheena open their blind fold. Sheena says he saved me that day and calls him rakhi brother. Chusiya says he wants to marry her. Ranjeet scolds him. Bakool says he got the rakhi matter solved, but now he came to know that Baa and Sheena are best friends.

Baa asks Saint to bless them so that happiness comes in her house. He tells her that happiness can’t come home, as there is a naagin in the house. Baa and Bakool are shocked. Bakool thinks Jigna is naagin.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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