Devanshi 15th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Vardaan gets arrested

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Devanshi 15th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devanshi asking Vardaan to love her always. Pavan cries seeing this. Gopi asks police to take Kusum and Mohan. Police takes them out. Devanshi sees them and recalls what happened with her. The people get angry on Kusum. Devanshi comes back and sees the girl having laddoos and milk. Gopi laughs. The girl says I m Lord, how can you stop me from having my prasad. Gopi asks her to have anything she wants. He stops Devanshi. He asks where are you going, now all this is yours, this temple and house, its your responsibility. Devanshi says no, nothing is mine, I came here to do my work and I m done now, I will leave. The girl asks for more butter and throws things at Nutan.

Devanshi stops the girl and says come with me to my home, you will get much butter. The girl agrees and says if there is no butter then. Devanshi says if its there then, come. Gopi apologizes to Devanshi for not supporting her in her bad time. Nutan thinks I have to apologize and go on her side. She says yes, much injustice happened with you, forgive me too. The girl says you do good acting, were you in drama company before. Devanshi says no need to apologize, I left hopes from people and Maiyya, Maiyya did not save me. The girl says but she saved you today. Devanshi says yes, but its very late now, maybe my child got saved if she saved me before, why did I bear all this, I can join relation again but it can’t be like before. The girl says you can’t go, you have to feed me butter and find my mum, I will be with you, we are alike, you lost your child and I lost my mum. Devanshi says fine, I promise we will together find your mum. The girl thanks her. Devanshi gets a message and says take care of Kalki, I will just come.

Pavan and Vardaan stop Mohan and beat him up. Pavan says how dare you touch my Devasnshi. Vardaan looks at him. Vardaan gets a stick, while Pavan gets a boulder. Vardaan hits on Mohan’s head. Devanshi comes and sees them. She asks what did you do, you have killed Mohan. Police comes there and checks Mohan. Inspector says Mohan is still alive, take him to hospital, who has beaten him up, accept the crime, tell me. Pavan says I have killed Mohan. Devanshi looks at him. Pavan says I m ready to come with me, I want to talk to Devanshi once. He asks her to come with him.

Vardaan looks on. Pavan takes her aside. She asks why did you lie. Pavan says what could I do, what do you want that Vardaan stays in jail, I took blame on me, I understood you still love Vardaan and I love you. She looks at him. He says yes, I love you, its true, I didn’t know when I fell in love with you, I m your culprit, I supported Kusum for my selfish motives, I couldn’t see you going back to Vardaan, why are you silent, you beat me, don’t be silent, all my decisions fell small in front of your love, now I have understood that love is such thing which can’t be snatched, its just done by heart, I don’t want to snatch you. Inspector asks him to come.

Devanshi cries and stops inspector. Inspector asks what happened. She says Vardaan has beaten Mohan, not Pavan. She asks Vardaan to forgive her, she can’t see any innocent person getting punished. Pavan asks why are you lying, I attacked Mohan. Devanshi says I want to save Vardaan, it doesn’t mean I get any innocent punished. She hugs Vardaan and says I will free you from jail by hiring big lawyer. Vardaan gets angry and pushes her.

Pavan and Devanshi get shocked. Pavan holds her. Vardaan says enough, I couldn’t think you will become my life’s enemy one day, the one I m blindly believing will break my belief, you both want me to go jail. Pavan asks what nonsense, did you go mad. Vardaan says yes, I got mad, I felt my Devanshi came back, but no this is Pavan’s Kalki, who came to take revenge from me, she did not stand with me. Pavan says enough, now if you say a word against Devanshi…. Vardaan asks what will you do. Devanshi says Pavan you don’t say in between, its our matter. She asks Vardaan to say what’s in his heart. Vardaan says I felt my Devanshi came back, but I was wrong, you opened my eyes, your revenge got fulfilled, stay happy with your Pavan. She cries. Pavan says I didn’t see such a foolish man than you in my life. Devanshi says if she loved me, would she do this, we both have beaten Mohan, but she took my name. Pavan says enough now. Vardaan asks Pavan to beat him. Pavan says your fate is good as Devanshi is standing here, I don’t want to hurt her by beating you. Devanshi asks Vardaan to leave Pavan. Vardaan raises hand on her. Pavan holds Vardaan’s hand. Devanshi looks at Vardaan and says enough, you raised finger at my character last time, I gave clarification, this time I won’t give any clarification, I can’t change you and your thinking, think anything you want, I loved you before more than myself, you don’t deserve my love. Vardaan goes with police.

The people do aarti of Kalki and make her Mata. Devanshi says none will become Devanshi here, I won’t let you all do injustice with Kalki.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Mars

    Aagin vardaan mistrust devanshi I can’t believe. And I think something is going in Pavan’s mind.
    Let’s see what will happen.
    The story all ready to end. Hope so they give us some good scenes of devdaan before ending.

  2. What was this….after so much drama Vardhan is same…..he again blamed devanshi….they have totally Ruined vardaan’s character……I also don’t want Devadan to come together…..Palki is better

  3. Fenil

    Totally Bakwas episode.
    May be its Vardaan and Pawan mutual game….may be Pawan threaten Vardaan for Devanshi

    for God sake gave us last some episode happiness wala.

  4. feel bad for both devanshi and vandhan.I think vandan has acting as he did many wrong things with devanshi.I do not want any misunderstanding between devandan in this last track.hope this serial will be happy ending
    so mahira di you are also a sanveer fan.but do not know why @mica do not able to like sanveer.di are you like to see brother-sister bond?in sdch both priya and veer are being I decided to stop sdch as today veer says sanchi that he will never talk with her hope for if I see sdch then it’s only for veer-priya.

  5. Yaar y cvz r spoiling vardans character…already he has done many mistakes n now this….I still believe that maybe he’s acting to punish himself n get pavan n devanshi together…..

  6. But loved the epi….. interesting….now its time for villagers….

  7. my god what’s happening…??
    Today Iam speechless…
    colors tv snatch my devdaan’s jodi???? Or what? Planning…

  8. so mica di and Neptune u both do not see any chemistry between ‘s OK but the upcoming story of sdch prove that there is too difficult to unite if another new fl will come then will we able to accept them?if not then what will you do after end of this show?will u wait for helly’s new show?I also not much like sanveer but if sanveer not happen then varun can get sideline that we never want.oh…if helly will enter sdch,I will get back my dream that’s vahe..

    1. Mica

      well Abc, i don’t watch SD even for single episodes 🙂 , the most reason is story line, i ever watch such a show on korean version and Indonesian version, all of them made the lead female character to end up with fun loving guy, and i HATE this, i love the khaddos one 😀
      If only vk roles as khaddos one (dr Kabeer) and end up with sanchi, maybe i can watch it 🙂

      be frank, i’m swasan fans but not vk personal fans 🙂

    2. Dear dont feel bad but I think they should show him as single for some more episodes…then only people will get to no that without fl hero is nothing…. in sr too sanskar got famous coz of swara n swara got famous coz of sanskar….. we loved swasan together ….

    3. Neptune

      i have watched a few episodes of sd… but sorry to say this i really didn’t find any means any chemistry between sanveer….

      you know swasan had no too much intense scenes like if you have seen sr.. but still they both performed with such a intensity that even without any intense scenes of theirs we fell for them.

      saanch and veer got so many intense scenes rain scenes and in the recent episodes too their painful seperation.
      but despite all this i didn’t feel any goosebumps which i felt while watching my swasan.

      you know sr had a very poor storyline filled with negativity but still people used to watch it only n only coz of the pairs…
      like for us swasan and raglak fans for their pair…..

      so i don’t think i will be ever be able to watch sdch… yup maybe sometimes i will read written updates and comment..

      sorry if i hurt you but that’s what i feel….

      and i don’t think that varun will be sidelined coz they know that the show is running due to varun….

      vahe.. lets just pray for it…

  9. vardhan is worst character ever…hope devanshi will move on…loved helly’s performance

  10. I don’t like this show honestly . Its good that it going to its end but i also want a happy ending . Honestly i don’t want helly to work with varun and mudit in future . I want her to work with zain imam or arjit taneja or saheer saikh or sakti arora or Barun sobti (my fav male actor ) . She will look good with them . I want her to come back with a bang with a good show and concept and most importantly with a nice co actor

  11. After ages i got chance to watch it on TV n it was the worst epi.seriously CVS u have taken swear that u will ruin vardaan character hate u for this. Can’t u give proper ending with sweet moments between devdaan

  12. MAHIRA

    “The girl says but she saved you today. Devanshi says yes, but its very late now, maybe my child got saved if she saved me before, why did I bear all this, I can join relation again but it can’t be like befor”
    Of CVS seem have taken my own lines :p

    But angrier on them for vardhaan’s reaction … Like what the hell!!!!!!
    She just forgave him the unforgivable and what ?? He’s accusing her… Sorry dear devanshi this time it’s your fault… Your fault to love him so much … To give him chance after chance and God she didn’t lie he really beat that mohan and instead of making his brain work that pavan is still playing some game and maybe he’ll kill Johan at hospital to have devanshi all for him… Na… He’ll after all what happened try to beat her for trying to explain to him… God… This is my worst nightmare!? I would have preferred she slapped him instead of being protected by a stranger! But the serial seem love to make women as devoted for their hubbies to their maiyaas even in such circumstances… What kind of man is this vardhaan? He’s not yet mourning his child he’s already trying to beat his mother!? Now I really hope that the serial ends differently with devanshi kicking him out of her life because he really doesn’t deserve her…

  13. Mica

    thank you Amena mam for update..

    I think it’s both (vardhaan/Pavan)’s game, they did this agreement on the journey looking for Mohan.. ahem ahem.. 😀 😀
    well, comparing to Vardhaan’s character, it will be hurt to see how easy devanshi forgive him, at least he thought that Pavan loves her and can protect her.
    Meanwhile Pavan seemed kinda blackmailed him for his guiltiness, aawww 😀
    uugghhh i dunno why, whenever mudhit’s melancholic eyes happen, i just paralyzed.
    and when Pavan cry, i paralyzed also.. what the hell 😀 😀 :D..

    aahhhh.. can Devanshi go alone to be a single strong woman with that kid ?

    1. MAHIRA

      Bakwas… Not you of course lol… But your yummy vardhaan… Leaving a woman thinking that it’s better for her is a thing giving her to another man is something else!!!
      He’s doing his best to make her hate him because he doesn’t deserve her love but then he’s committing a bigger sin that disgracing her… Can’t he yet see clearly that pavan isn’t the trustful person to which he’ll give the opportunity by his own hands??
      This man really doesn’t deserve her 🙁

      1. Mica

        Didiii,,, calm naaa 😀 😀
        well i didn’t say that Vardhaan’s action is right or wrong, as it’s out of my concern nowadays.
        I only talked about Vardhaan’s character regarding the problem he faced.
        people, in Vardhaan’s character (self centered, over confidence, yet honest) will become soooo vulnerable and fragile to the max when they realized that they did wrong thing/sin to others (moreover the loves one).

        In my view, it’s good enough that vardhaan didn’t do suicide in this case to be sooo guilty. He has no more self confidence to face Devanshi and her forgiveness as he knows that he did very2 wrong thing. He thought that he doesn’t deserve that.
        Well, we don’t know yet what actually happen, but maybe for Vardhaan, at least Pavan better than himself, he knows that Pavan take care of devanshi until now, stand beside her on her rough time.

        hmmmm, I dunno whether vardhaan knows exactly that Pavan is bad, does he know that ?

  14. Hence proved ones a idiot remains a idiott forever slow claps for vardaan he doesn’t deserve any one iin his life n if CV have to show he has sacrificed his love then also he is wrong by disgracing devanshi again hope devanshi never come back to this jerk

  15. This Vardaan is such a fool! I can’t believe it. Because of him, Devanshi lost his child. Pawan and Devanshi are best jodi!

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