Beyond Great Darkness – Chapter 8

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Beyond Great Darkness

Chapter – 8- Finally Freed.


Together both of them started pushing their magic in the net through the red strand that was connected to their cores from where the drain was happening. The strands started getting thicker and brighter as more and more power was put into them

Panic began when the net showed no signs of stopping. Their energy had dropped down to dangerously low levels.

Maybe Veeranshu was right and their combined powers also would not be enough to overpower the net. Maybe this is how they were supposed to die. Having no other choice, she wished this would get over faster. Death couldn’t arrive soon enough.

It is said that night is the darkest just before dawn. When Bani had thought that this is it, this is the end, there is no more energy left, there is no hope of their survival, that is when it happened. The net that had been hungrily sucking their powers had too much of a power overload. Unable to absorb that much power, it blasted of throwing its occupants around the cave. The said occupants were too exhausted to notice their plan succeeding, fell down unconscious.

Bani woke up, so cold, so very sleepy, that she didn’t open his eyes, wanting to drop off again. She felt tired, so very tired. The room was still dimly lit; she was sure it was still night time and had a feeling that she couldn’t have been asleep for very long.

She moved a little and the pain in her back made her realize that she wasn’t in her room but on a cold, hard ground. She suddenly sat up with a groan, ignoring her aching body and blinked her eyes into focus. First she didn’t recognize her surroundings but then the memories of the day flooded her vision with a whoosh, the empty cave, the arrows and the net. Immediately her eye searched for Veeranshu and found him lying on the other side of the cave.

Without a second thought, against the wishes of her protesting body, knowing that she would probably be sore tomorrow, she rushed towards him, and started shaking him and calling his name in an effort to bring him back to consciousness.

“Veeranshu, Veeranshu, wake up Veeranshu, please….”

The desperation in her voice reduced when he started moving a little bit, giving her a sign that he was back in the land of living.

“Ahhh….. Bani” he groaned “what happened?” She waited a moment, allowing him to regain in bearings.

“Are you okay Veeranshu?”

“Yeah, m’fine. And you?”

“Exhaused, but fine.”

“Let’s get out of here.”

“Yeah. You go home and I’ll come in a while. I need to go to the Naag temple first.”

“What is so important that you have to go now only? You can go later.”

“No Veeranshu. Its urgent. How do you think that Markaat escaped from here? Only Aadi Naag and Naagin have the permission to touch Lord Shiva’s Trident. It was Jai who freed her and he still has access to the temple. It is where all the books, the herbs, the medicines are all kept. It will be dangerous if he gets his hands on them. Even Panditaain Ji and Sapera Baba are in danger. I have to warn them and find a way to restrict Jai’s access as Aadi naag he has knowledge of all protection placed and free access to everything. I should have done that long ago, we don’t know since how long he had been planning this. I can only hope we are not late.”

“Bani listen. As you said, we don’t know how long ago this has happened. It is possible that he has already been there. And if not that nothing will happen in few more hours. Look sweetheart, you are dead on your feet. We need to rest now. Do you think we even have a slight chance against Jai or Markaat if we met them now? We need to recover first.”

“But Veeranshu….”

“But nothing. We are going directly home right now and I am not listening to any arguments. You can go to the temple after you have rested. You can call Panditaain ji on our way home and tell her what happened and warn her to be careful. Or better option if you want you can invite them to Singhania Mansion for their protection until you have restricted that cheepo champak from the temple.”

“Okay fine. That is acceptable solution.”

“Thank you my Lady, now can we please leave.” He says in an exasperated tone and starts moving towards the exit.

But Bani stays and takes a last look around the cave, her eyes blazing with anger, “Jai and Markaat have crossed all limits. Jai has utilized all his second, third and a hundred more chances given to him and Markaat has been wreaking havoc since Satyug. Both are now living on borrowed time. Soon you will be punished for all your crimes. This is the justice of Aadi-Naagin.”

Words. Words are potent weapons for all causes, good or bad. There is always a consequence to words when used. Words have power. They can create and destroy. Sometimes a single word can change everything. Words are singularly the most powerful force available to humanity. We can choose to use this force constructively or destructively. Words have energy and power with the ability to help, to heal, to hinder, to hurt, to harm, to humiliate and to humble. Speech has power. Words do not fade. What starts out as a sound, ends in a deed.

These words spoken by the aadi-naagin were accepted by the universe itself. Her words of justice were sacred, were a command and a plea. And that command will be obeyed and plea will be answered. The words of aadi-naagin shall be held true and justice shall prevail. The universe itself will conspire for it. A silent vow was made and accepted.

Singhania Mansion

It was way past midnight when the doors to the Singhania Mansion opened. Balvant and Tapish, who were discussing some business proposals and Meera, who was reading a book nearby, all look up from their seats hearing the voices.

“…….No, they said they will stay there only. I will go to the temple tomorrow first thing in the morning….”

Meera- “Bani, Veer where were you both? We all were so worried about you. Even your phones were unreachable.”, she envelops them in a hug.

Seeing their torn and dirty clothes and recently healed wounds, though some bruises were still visible. Tapish asks, “Yes what happened to you guys?”

Veer- “Well it is a long story.”

Balvant seeing their exhausted states, tell them to take a seat first. “So what happened? Start at the beginning.”

Veer begins telling his father about the empty cave, markaat’s escape and everything else that happened that day with Bani filling the gaps when Veer missed certain things.

Tension was clearly visible on faces of Tapish and Meera while Balvant kept his face stoic, showing no expression. But his stiff posture and fisted hand showed his family, who knew him well, that beneath his calm facade he was also tensed with development.

Balvant- “Nothing can be done about it right now. It’s late, Veer, Bani you need rest. We will figure what to do tomorrow. Goodnight.” He leaves the hall without waiting for anyone’s reply.

Tapish- “Dad is right, we should all get some sleep.” Saying this he begins to clear all the files and papers lying around from his earlier discussion with his father.

Meera- “Yes, guys you need to rest. I will send some light food to your rooms. You both haven’t eaten anything since long.”

With a nod Veer and Bani leave towards their rooms while Meera leaves towards the kitchens to find someone from the staff.

Author’s Note- I know this is a little short chapter as compared to usual length but we recently lost a close family member and a day later my uncle’s full family was tested covid positive and my grandparents live with them and although negative, we are worried about them too. But since I promised an early update, this much was almost done when real life happened so putting it up.

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