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Beyhadh 7th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Saanjh enters Maya’s house to gather evidence to prove Arjun innocent, reminiscing Arjun’s words that she Maya wanted to trap her. She searches whole house and does not find anything. She then checks AC and finds Maya’s diary in it. She reads diary that Maya will kill whoever will come between her and Arjun. She thinks Maya’s love was her madness. She burns diary and thinks this is the only way to save Arjun. Inspector comes and saves diary and says he knew Saanjh would do something. He reads diary and says Saanjh found what he could not. Now, nobody can save Arjun. He says Saanjh that she knows nobody can enter crime scene without permission.

Inspector then takes diary to Arjun and says this his passport to death. Arjun says Maya’s diary. Maya is seen writing diary that Arjun does not give her food and makes her starve that she has to borrow food from watchman. She goes to watchman and acts to get something for her to eat. She panics when Arjun comes and requests watchman not to tell Arjun that she ate food. Arjun comes and takes Maya. Watchman angrily thinks Arjun is living on Maya’s love. Maya thinks Arjun wants to have food with Saanjh, now he and Saanjh will have food in jail. Inspector says Arjun that watchman has given statement.

Arjun continues reading diary that he tortured Maya and tried to kill their child. She acts in front of Shruti as Arjun trying to kill child. Maya writes diary and thinks she knows Arjun will leave her after childbirth, but she will not leave him forever. Inspector says he has many evidences and shows Maya’s postmortem report and says he tortured Maya and tried to kill her. Arjun says he never hit Maya. Inspector says Maya’s whole body had injuries and his fingerprints were on her neck, if he thinks Maya herself strangulated him. Saanjh says this is all wrong, Maya is trapping even inspector in her lies. Inspector says they both have lied more to enjoy their extramarital affair. He says Saanjh tried to hide evidence and did lot more, so she should be arrested. Constable arrests Saanjh and drags her away while Arjun shouts to leave Saanjh. Maya is seen laughing writing her diary.

Precap: Judge pronounces death sentence for Arjun in Maya’s murder case.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. 3.Vandana:-i totally agree she did bad to maya bt trusting ashwin not you guys dnt understand tht as she is a mother,she also cared fr his sons life,thts why she behaved like that.though tht was totally still she let arjun marry maya fr his happiness.and also she became good to maya and accepted her genuinely after asylum case and even quarreld with saanjh and ayyan supporting maya.but what maya did to repay her love?she tried to snatch a mothers son frm her.crushed ayaan ruthlessly under car again & again.wht a way to repay love.thm atlast killed her as she was the reason of her childs maya didnt tbought all this fr onve whn she was trying to kill ayaan who is thr son of vandana.
    4.Ayaan:-Arjuns brother who knowing his bros sorrow just wanted to hlp him.maya destroyed her total future by marking him with a tag ‘rapiest’.only trying to help his bro was his fault?and wht maya did to ayaan,after tht it was evident tht he will not worship maya he tried to take revenge by exposing her.and he was right tht maya was not a single bit chnged and maya proved tht whn he crushed him under she understood tht ayaans proof can destroy her life with arjun.

  2. 4.Ashwin:-The worst dad ever.and i totally agree with wht u proud of maya tht she gave ashwin the punishmnt he deserved.
    5.Jaanvi:-yes,sge believed her husband and ignored maya in later she understood tht.she even tried to kill ashwin to save mayas happiness.after tht she supporyed maya you r telling she was of no use.i think maya knew her use very beautifully.thts why she used her twice in her plan by trying to kill her.isnt it?
    if u can see wht these guys did to maya,thn i think u can also see wht maya did to these guys.and i think u can also evaluate the ratio of extreme misdeeds of these two types also.i dnt hv any issues with ur choice of loving maya,bt whn we make sm1 our idol or something we must understand whether he/she worth it or not.and if maya was really loyal she shouldnt hv did this with arjun atleast,leave the others.

  3. Totally agree wid evil maya nd riya u both said rite i hope some1 like maya come into life of maya lovers then their patents nd relatives vl understand the pain nd the person shud also trap u like maya did wid arjun or they shud kill u

    1. Good evening to all I am Maya lover.and I believe director tried to pottery that how bad relationship effect life of others. Maya fought with her every nightmare alone. No one was there to console her. And when Arjun showed interest in her she fall for her .
      Her insecurities turns her from gray to fully black. Every person who went through some bad incident need support n trust from other which Arjun failed to gave her. No lady wants to be in such relation where her husband have a lover about which she knew and still allow her husband to roam with her for whole life.

  4. I completely agree with you Remya…..Cvs have made Maya the same psycho as Amy….Earlier when beyhadh was started there was some freshness ….some thriller unlike typical saas bahu drama…but now they have fully converted into a creepy nightmare….The way Jennifer is acting is just superb…..You can full marks to her but the way her character is being portrayed its just soo horrible….Jennifer is praiseworthy but Maya is not….Her actions are totally wrong…..You can’t just go and start killing the family and friends of the person you are totally obsessed to…We know something bad happened with her in the childhood but that does not mean she is gonna start killing everyone coming in her way…..the way director is portraying its totally creepy…..Beyhadh creepy…..Maya lovers you should love Jennifer not Maya….That’s what I think….No one wants a Psycho partner for the god’s sake yar….So many person lost their life just becoz of Arjun’s stupidity….After first leap we thought now he knows the true color of Maya and will try to stop her or believe dusky…….really seriously not even a bit if trust for childhood best friend like really……But no Cvs turned it into totally stupid game of further revenge….No future of this show….

  5. Without action reflection will not come,accepted maya did crimes,but others not less,they are also responsible ,rather than solve it ,they created mess with their own to separate ArYa,& Unnecessarily maya did crimes for stupid arjun(actually he did nothing for any relation,even for his family),Simply I want to say one thing,others characters lived happily with out Arjun,and also they didn’t gave chance to live with him after marriage,Maya don’t had any reason to live with out arjun.before her life is company,after marriage arjun is her life.she lost trust on arjun because of his child behaviour&lies&his importance towards saanjh ,maya don’t want to see saanjh with Arjun,because still saanjh had feelings on arjun.,she breaks their friendship because of her past,her father ashwin had affair with other girl,samay left Maya because he had other options (girls).people never understand her as a wife pain or girl pain.,i hope,all Maya haters should get a husband/wife like selfish arjun mindset who depends on your money but love his friend(saanjh) in name of friendship,for me
    It’s better to have a partner like Maya who love unconditionally.
    Love you Maya ❤

    1. Nd i hope all maya lovers shud get husband/ wife as maya nd that person shud kill u nd ur family ks u r girl nd i hope u get a life partner like maya nd i hope he shud kill ur whole family frnds nd put u in jail or kill u. To get married wid selfiesh person is much better to get married wid a killer arjun made his life hell by marying maya nd maya didnt love arjun unconditionally it was obession she is so obsessed wid arjun that she can even kill him just becoz arjun kissi aur ka na ho jaaye specially saanjh se door rakhne ke liye woh arjun ko maar sakti h nd u maya lovers vl say maya did gud thing by killing arjun. Beyhadh the shows name is not on beyhadh love it is on beyhadh obsession that maya has

      sonia said rite jitna aap maya ke actions ko justify karenge utna woh aap ke muh per zor se thappad maregi her true identity vl reveal soon lets wait for future can u justify that why maya showed the world that arjun beats her???

    2. Oh lol…ashika what a mindset yours.feeling pity on you,without reason maya will not react,with out others action she will not you think maya lovers will behave like your vandy,saanjh,Ayaan,arjun with Maya?its your poor think,we will love her more,will take care&support her more.we will not humiliate anyone until at first step like u people just show off like good people with hidden mistakes.
      maya will not kill arjun but she will punish arjun…&ArYa is end game maximum.Pandit said 36 got 36 points matched in horoscope and this will be the love of ArYa,even if it does not have to end it.i think based on kushal pic,arjun lost case,now he is in jail dress costumes.
      You guys thinking about future..talking about slap,its obviously will happen only in your dreams not in carry on.enjoy it?

    3. U r just not facing the truth thats it end of topic maya lovers can only see maya nd nothing else carry on wid it

    4. Ashika,im also saying truth will never change,whoever unnecessary will never harm anyone until you didn’t snatch their happiness&until you didn’t stays love with them.

    5. oh ks like partners like u lol she will kill ur family keep 24hrs cctv even ur in bathroom lol kill ur mom everything she tries u still love her ???

      i asked u this many times but didnt answer will u support maya killing jhanvi

    6. Oh Sam, i will not respond on late comments when another episode air on,I’m seeing you already reasonless talk person based on your senseless comment,still same person will not come alive.chill kiddo

    7. U just say will u jistify her act bbqnof killong mom then will talk who os kiddo and of my comments are senseless i wont reply oh gal m not in india to watch episode correct time we get late so i comment late

      Sam this link for you,im not supporting her bad deeds,i felt bad when she tried to kill her mom,maya is the same person who loves her mom more,but she left Maya chosen ashwin every time..her mother neglect cost is her child caught psycho disease,people become the reason of her darkness,The world doesn’t give her a chance to change is true.people always triggered her madness.if you accept or not your wish,i love Maya,if you don’t like.. ignore it.

  6. Vandana let arjun marry Maya? When? She tried to call off that wedding. And she was very angry when the wedding took place against her wish. And you say she loved her son that’s why she was against this wedding. Well if she really thought Maya was dangerous and will destroy arjun’s life she wouldn’t have acted like this. Remember arjun said to vandana that if he ever have to choose between her and Maya he’d always choose Maya. And when arjun decided to leave the house with Maya vandana never even tried to call them back. If she was really concerned about her son’s safety she’d have tried to keep both of them with her rather than letting arjun to leave the house with Maya. Because if Maya ever tried to do anything dangerous to arjun then there’ll be a lot of people to stop it from happening. But what she did was the total opposite. She let her hate for Maya win against her love for arjun.
    See, here however hard Maya,arjun and saanjh tried to convince her, vandana was not ready to accept Maya. Even when arjun said he’ll leave the house if she didn’t accept Maya vandana didn’t budge. But when Maya withdrew the case and helped in the release of ayaan from jail she was ready to forget everything. You say she genuinely accepted Maya. No she was only pretending to be accepting her. She has done that only because Maya helped in the release of ayaan. When Maya was only good to her and didn’t do any mistakes vandana was not ready to accept her even at the cost of arjun leaving the house. But now after she knew Maya trapped ayaan in a fake case, Maya was indirectly the reason behind prem’s death and she even killed samay,vandana was ready to forget everything. That means she only loves ayaan and was only pretending to accept Maya for her son’s sake. That’s why she fought with ayaan and saanjh for Maya. Not because of her love towards her. Because she herself explains it after that. She got her son back. He’s released from the jail. She wants nothing more. She was scared that if they try to expose Maya, again she’ll do something to harm them.

    And jaanvi couldn’t help Maya in childhood but she was always there for her when she grew up?Was even ready to kill ashwin. Well what happened after that was quite different story. Even if she decided to kill ashwin she couldn’t follow through her plan. But when ashwin was killed and she came to know about Maya being the killer jaanvi became mad and wanted to avenge him. She was threatening Maya about telling this to the whole world. She was blaming Maya for doing something she herself tried to do in the first place. But sorry, I couldn’t see threatening to prove one’s own daughter as mad to the world as supporting her. If she really wanted to support her daughter she could’ve tried to get her medical help instead of inviting her into a deserted go-down and threatening to announce her mental disease to the whole world.

    Then there’s ayaan.He’s not entirely innocent. Everyone keep saying that he was simply trying to get the key from her on that day. So what even if she put it inside her dress?ayaan could’ve knocked out the door instead of attacking her and tearing her clothes. That was not justifiable under any circumstance. And it was clearly shown that ayaan did tear her clothes. If that happened accidentally then he should’ve stopped it right there. But no, even after tearing her clothes he gone after her trying to snatch the key at any cost. What! Is he such a gentleman that he’ll open a door only by using the keys. Is that why he didn’t even considered the option of breaking the door? What would’ve he done if she threw the keys through the window. Will he still try to retrieve it from outside? Anyway he still went after her and that was why Maya got enough proof of ayaan chasing her in the CCTVs.
    And that ayaan was only trying to get the key from Maya is a pathetic reason. Even if he was not trying to rape her, he was still molesting her. And that’s not acceptable. No woman deserves this kind of treatment. No-one should touch a woman’s body without her consent however bad she is. For this reason alone I lost all respect for ayaan.

    And how come ayaan came to know about the fact that she was not taking her medicines? No-one knew about that. So he was simply accusing her that she’s not normal and will never get better. He was intentionally trying to get a rise out of her without even thinking about the baby since a mother’s mental condition can affect the unborn child too. When a mother is under stress it’ll adversely affect the child too.ayaan never gave a chance to Maya. He was hell-bent in proving Maya’s not normal. He never gave her a chance at redemption and was not ready to even see if she actually changed.
    And he always believed Maya will hurt even the child if she thought arjun loved it more than her. But even then he tried to provoke her by saying arjun only loves the kid and will leave her after its birth. That means he wanted to prove Maya’s madness even at the risk of Maya hurting the baby. Well I think he only wanted to take revenge on Maya for framing him in the rape case. He never really cared about even the child’s safety.

  7. I never said Maya is totally innocent and every fault lies with others. What I’m saying is if Maya is wrong then so are the others. Along with Maya every other character is equally responsible for her actions. Because whenever she commits a crime there’ll be someone who provoked her into doing that. And yes if someone is not good to her and treated her badly that doesn’t give her the right to kill them. But she was doing this because of her mental illness. She will try her best to refrain from doing mistakes but when she feel like there’s no other option in front of her other than that, that’s when she resort to violence. But if she was really normal I don’t think she’ll ever act like this. And she is capable of loving and changing for the good. She was always ready to repent her mistakes and make it up to the others.That’s evident from the earlier episodes. But then no-one was giving her a chance for that. And like I said Maya is good to those who are good to her and worse to those who are bad to her. She treats others according to how they treat her.

    1. Once again, reading your comments and I realize you’re still a fool. Maya has always been awful, even before Arjun came into her life. So all your excuses to try to find reasons why she would do everything she did are ridiculous. Right from the start, she’s the one who came in between everybody. She destroyed Arjun & Saanjh’s friendship. Let’s reference the Holi occasion. Agreed she would be angry that Saanjh applied Holi to Arjun but she drugged their drinks to make them behave the way they did. Defamed Saanjh and worst still pretended to kill her baby which never existed seeing as she had faked that pregnancy days before the Holi. The flashbacks now are to show you what kind of a twisted mind she has. But you come here everyday, looking for excuses.
      Do you know how stupid you sound saying Maya did wrong BUT then go ahead to list all the other wrong things people did.
      Ashwin was a horrible person but at this rate seeing as Maya has made Arjun out to be an awful person, I won’t be surprised if all the things she said about Ashwin abusing her was a lie. She is a psychopath and the sooner you accept, the less of a fool you’ll become.
      Because you sound like a broken record. Once again, the onus of responsibility did not fall on anyone to make Maya change except herself. Arjun was not supposed to give love that’ll heal her. How are you supposed to help someone who won’t give you the full truth? And it’s awful that you and Ks don’t realize that Maya never told the truth that Jhanvi asked her to tell him to Arjun. But then you love your Maya and I feel sorry for the both of you.
      You open your useless mouth to blame Saanjh but then forget conveniently about Samay. At least Saanjh and Arjun never touched inappropriately but look at your Maya.
      And yes when Arjun left Maya to meet Saanjh during the first pregnancy, it was to arrange a surprise for Maya. The necklace of ‘Arya’ for their baby.
      But the useless Maya who had forgotten that weeks prior to that, Saanjh had accepted her and had even fought Vandana for her started suspecting her again.
      No matter what anyone would have done for Maya, she would never have appreciated it or understood it. Arjun must have been very unfortunate to meet someone like her.

    2. I don’t know why it’s so hard for some people to politely state their opinion while giving a reply. Even if someone was getting personal with you, that doesn’t mean you should also get personal with them and call them names; just like you always say Maya have no right to harm others even if they are mean to her. But since I started commenting here I never tried to get personal with any of you or called you fools or idiots. I was always criticising the fictional characters. I’ve always tried to understand your opinions and reply what I think about that.Why can’t you give the same respect to others? I guess it’s just a lost cause then, because I’ve said this same thing a lot of times before. And here you didn’t even try to provide a good comeback. If you think I’m being stupid in my arguments please enlighten me. What’s your take on ayaan’s behavior? About vandana?

      What I comment is my views and opinions and that’s purely my choice. I’ve the right to express it. If you don’t agree with that you are always welcome to provide counter arguments. But please don’t try to judge my IQ based on that and try to determine whether my mouth is useless or not.Anyway please remember that how you treat the people who doesn’t share your opinions, also reflects your culture and upbringing. Try to disagree without getting personal.

    3. And what’s wrong in saying Maya has done mistakes and also listing out the mistakes of others? Like we admit Maya’s mistakes why can’t you admit other’s mistakes too?

      And why do you say Maya was awful even before arjun entered her life? She’s seen repenting her mistakes and seek forgiveness from God with tears in her eyes.

      If you really think she’s not just mad but bad just have a look at the earlier episodes. Sure she was bossy and uptight but at the same time if she think she’s done wrong to someone she’ll definitely repent it and try to make it up to them. Remember that time when Arjun got drunk in the office and also forced his colleagues to do so. Then Maya was rightously indignant. She’s no entertainment in life and work was all she had to look forward to. Maya, who considered her workplace very sacred, will she be able to let this pass? No! Hence that punishment. But even after that, when she thought she’s gone a little extreme she admitted her mistake in front of God and was very resentful. Now, she won’t be doing that if she was a bad person.

    4. Everyone’s portraying saanjh as a good girl who just wanted to help her friend even after Maya trying to hurt her. But tbh I think she’s the biggest reason everything became this worse.

      She was always coming between Maya and arjun. If she loved arjun since a long time then she had plenty of opportunities to confess her love. Even after he got job there was a lot of time to do so. But she didn’t. And during this time arjun also never gave a hint that he loves saanjh. So when Maya fell in love with him she proposed to him and soon after arjun also reciprocated her feelings and they got married. So how can we say Maya came in between saanjh and arjun’s love story? There was not even a love story to begin with.

      Anyway, then the marriage took place. But saanjh was always careless around this couple and never took Maya’s feelings into consideration. Maya couldn’t stand another woman being close to arjun. Even then,she tried to forget all about that and treated saanjh well. But saanjh was acting like arjun was still her unmarried best friend whom she loves. Knowing it was the day doctor announced Maya’s (fake) pregnancy saanjh still invited arjun to dinner that night. Why didn’t she think that they’re a young married couple and might want to celebrate this good news by spending time with each other.
      And okay saanjh invited arjun to dinner for arranging a surprise for Maya. But she could’ve done that another time. Even if arjun suggested them to meet, she should’ve sense to think that Maya and arjun might want to spend time together. Since arjun is the duffer and she’s always the sensible one in their friendship why couldn’t saanjh figure this out?

      But don’t forget one thing, even if Maya witnessed all these and the drunken profession of arjun’s love to saanjh, she didn’t tried to separate them. She was heartbroken. But never did anything about that. But what finally made her snap is the incident on the night before holi. Maya still considered saanjh as her friend. If you guys remember during the pooja saanjh’s dupatta caught fire. No-one noticed that except Maya.

      When she saw that, she tried to extinguish the fire with her bare hands without even sparing a moment to think about her own safety. If Maya was evil and wanted to harm saanjh, why would she try to save her even by risking the possibility of burning herself? That’s why I say Maya is always good to those who are good to her. She’ll put them before herself. But while you’re busy in finding faults with Maya you conveniently forgets about her good qualities. Anyway she tried to save saanjh from the fire and ended up getting burned herself. But no-one was paying attention to her. Even arjun was worried about saanjh who was completely alright without any injury, thanks to Maya.arjun never even glanced at Maya. His complete attention was to saanjh. How’d have Maya felt? She’s also human like others and she also has feelings and emotions. She became hurt and in the light of recent events was scared that if saanjh was present between them arjun will eventually leave Maya for saanjh. So she plotted to separate them. But if arjun and saanjh was a little more careful towards her and tried to understand her feelings and emotions Maya would’ve never done this.

    5. And then in s2 when saanjh was introduced I thought maybe she’ll understand Maya’s problems and try to get her medical help. But when saanjh came to know about Maya’s present condition she was more interested in accusing her to be mentally ill rather than trying to get her help. If someone has mental problems and you knew about that you should try to cure them rather than just acting like being ill is a crime .saanjh never once talked about providing Maya with medical treatment. And I believe without providing treatment to a mental patient at the right time they were all doing a bigger crime; to Maya and to the society.
      If saanjh tried to do that but still Maya refused to undergo the treatment then we could justify saanjh. But she was not even ready to try.

      Saanjh was always trying to convince arjun that Maya was mad therefore he should leave her. She didn’t think that maybe by providing medical help Maya could get cured. Then what right did she have to assume Maya could never change?

    6. diehardbeyhadhfan

      Dreamy eyes… I’ll give u proper insight n make it brief…. Maya is mentally unstable… The crimes she does is not under her control according to u.. Although I feel her actions can seriously be controlled if not her feelings emotions n thoughts… Maybe she feels like killing vandy etc but she can still control her actions every human can…. Even a horny man who is really in some crazy uncontrollable heat fantasies having rough s*x with a woman but he is yet supposed to control his actions n not go n rape someone to fulfill that desire…. It’s the same with Maya.. Maybe she has the urge to go kill people but she’s not supposed to.. I don even see her doing things in rage like how mentally ill people usually do but she is doing everything here in cold blood, planning scheming and manipulation… And that’s wat major criminals who get death sentence do….. And there is absolutely no reason to love maya even if u don’t hate her… Coz wat has she ever done ? She has never even passionately loved arjun nor was she loyal to him… Not was she truthful to him… N this does come under the radar of mental illness . like I said… It’s not like u feel insane all the time.. Maya is calm n cool most of the time… She used to calmly run the company remember? Then y not use her calm moments to communicate with arjun n work on herself n her relationship?

    7. diehardbeyhadhfan

      I mean
      .. *this doesn’t come under the radar of mental illness**

    8. helo dreameyes who provoked her to kill her mom ???? no one does that u cant justify this arjun went to sannjh coz prem died he was like his father too

    9. Sam, I’ve already talked about that in my previous comments. If you want you can go back and read it. I’m not interested in writing all those once again. Good day.

  8. can any1 just justify about that money case..just give one strong reason episode which justifies arjun was mad fr money only..

    1. I’ve posted this comment before. But I’ll post it again.
      Don’t forget the fact that even if she tried to make misunderstandings between them, after going to Maya’s house following the fight with vandana and ayaan, Maya suggested arjun to go back to sharma house. Do you guys remember his response to that? His exact words to Maya were “are you mad?” He then said who’ll go back to that small house after getting an opportunity to live in such a luxury. If he was really sad about getting separated from his family, he sure was not acting like that. He was the one who refused to go back owing to less facilities and reduced standard of living. He was simply not ready to go back to his middle class life even if that meant separation from his beloved family. If this doesn’t make him a gold-digger I don’t know what else would. So don’t say Maya is the only one responsible for this separation and arjun was sacrificing everything for his love. If anything, he was sacrificing everything for his love for money. So stop portraying arjun as a saint and Maya as the sole reason for everything. Everyone of the character is responsible in their own way.

  9. Aliya.sharma

    Yes i agree with dreamyeyes. We never said that maya is totally innocent & something. And yes i will give answers for what evil maya asked.

    1. Ha arjun loved maya but did anytime he behaved as husband? No. Always just acted. Yes she asked samay to bite her. Why she asked him? Because of this stupid arjun. Yes its because of him only. When maya went to foreign trip he lied to her & went to meet his family & enjoyed. I will not say it is wrong but the thing which arjun shared his condition with maya provoked ayaan & he without thinking anything went to deal with maya. And yes about that rape he instantly gave that idea to maya. Remember he himself said that he will not spare her today & will do something with her which she will never forget in life. Now say what you will say about him & his behaviour with his bhabi? Who knows if maya haven’t planned that fake case what is the shit that is in ayaan’s mind.

    2. About saanjh. What is the wrong she did? Infact she only did everything. Lets first clarify one thing guys when we watch any other serial we will see a hero & heroine & if we like their chemistry then suddenly another lady/guy comes between even as a friend then we will start hating her/him. And as a fan we will support our couple to unite forever. Then what is in arya as a couple. What is wrong when we say saanjh as an outsider? Yes she is wrong if she is genuine she will never say she loves arjun even after knowing he loves maya. And after marriage of her friend she should behave in her limits but she never behaves normal but all supports her & says good girl. Well done.

    3. And coming to vandy. You said that she agreed for marriage? But when? She always likes only saanjh. She never tried to treat maya even as a human always treated her like a waste paper. You are asking what is wrong with vandy? She is the person who is not having humanity but only had so called love & selfishness for arjun, ayaan & saanjh.

    1. I really don’t understand why the people are hating Maya are loving saanj.saanj is equally responsible for everything happened.everytime running behind Arjun with a slogan that Maya is always wrong.irritat Maya a lot.never feel sipmathy or emphathy.repeting the same line 100times.never allow Arjun to love his wife for a single time.she is doing over acting all the time.her acting was too boring in Nisha aur uske cousins.and saanj lovers are praising her for no reason.what I mean is neither the character nor her acting are good.even though Maya s character is doing good at least her acting and dress style are good.

    2. A small correction even though Maya’s character is doing bad her acting and dressing style are bad.i don’t want to comment on saanj dressing style

    3. Aneri does very gud acting its ur typical mindset that u guys dont want to look up at another characters just want to see ur maya baby nd i think u guys only see ur maya baby all time nd forget to see the story nd where maya is not in the scene u guys switch to next channel right ??????? its true maya’s dressing style is gud but her character is not even 1% gud…… such a shameful lady u don’t want to comment on saanjh dressing why saanjh dressing was little bit poor till s1 now i lIke her character maya lovers blame all the characters except maya baby u guys hate arjun saanjh vandy ayaan jhanvi ashwin just tell me which character u people like except maya

    4. To some point i agree wid u but i want to tell u that saanjh was never outsider the woman u r talking about that another lady come in btw blah blah saanhj aneri was lead character there were 3 lead character nd aneri was one of them if u remember nd maya come in btw arjun nd saanjh despite knowing that saanjh has feelings for arjun she came in btw nd killed everyone i told u guys u r not seeing the truth properly see maya ki har galti per aap logon ne koi na koi kaaran nikal rkha h which is very meaningless see all the episodes from starting nd rethink about maya. Maya lovers have only one main blo*dy reason that her childhood was bad nd her father was bad which made her like this

    5. Even though Maya come between them arjun himself proposed Maya and they got married. I really can’t accept a girl who is every time telling negative comments about me to my husband and telling she is his best friend.even Vandana also didn’t give a chance to Maya in the beginning.atleast if they given a chance and stared critizing v can accept.whatervr Maya did s wrong v accept that but others also responsible.may be the writer s mad .first season was good till Arjun propose Maya.the rest of the story s unbelievable

    6. first describe maya

    7. You guys didn’t described other characters or their deeds,only concentrated on Maya deeds.what others lost.only for sake written other names,but matter is full of about maya.

  10. i dnt understand why u mixed two complete different topic in one go..if u r saying this,i can also say arjun didnt wanted to go to sharma house bcz he respects maya.why u guys alwys think frm twisted angel?seperation and money two r not same things.dnt mix them up.

    1. If arjun left his house out of respect for Maya then why did he admonish Maya by saying that how could she consider living in a middle class house when she have the opportunity to live in the luxury, when she suggested to go back to his own house.

      Then he should’ve answered that he won’t go back to that house were his wife is not respected. But his reason was totally different.”That one bedroom middle-class society wala house”. This is how arjun described his house. It was not my “twisted assumptions”. You can see that episode again and check for yourself.

      And also if he was going to Maya’s house only for her sake then that should mean he’ll be very sad to get separated from his family. But he was not even seen regretting his decisions. He was happy in her house and was even seen asking her car for his use. I don’t believe someone who’s sad about leaving his family can even think about the luxuries let alone ask for it.

  11. Even Maya accepted her crimes Maya fans don’t ????
    Arjun always love her but she made their life hell, kundalies were not matched what 36/36 Arjun made that shit,Maya trapped Jhanvi in Aswin case so she turned against Maya, All of other characters were right at their point but Maya is responsible for her shitlife????? After marriage Ayan n Saanjh were helpful to Maya what she gave in return?????? u ppl r insane So called Maya fans real psychos….even Jenny won’t support u guys

    1. yeah remya u r right they r out of der mind that that ks wants someone like maya itseems lol i wish she/he get make life hell then can understand

      no one provoked maya to kill her mom 2 times i dont understand how they support dis

    2. Oh remaya,vandy already know arjun gave money to pandith,after vandy went with her own to show ArYa horoscope to Pandit.?

    3. I’m already seeing real psychos here in you guys,

    4. What???Maya made their life hell!!ok I agree,Maya installed cctv in home to watch arjun (but after leap).but just after few days of marriage,that humble man tried to kiss his so called friend and danced with her in holy party.In that time,maya’s character is portrayed as a normal wife only.which wife(after all this)believe this kind of person??yes,Maya trapped jhanvi in ashwin’s case.but as a mother she would have advised Maya about her character.but she behaved like Ashwin’s wife not as maya’s mom.she also provoked her about revealing her truth to Arjun.and your third point,you told that ayan and saanj were helpful to maya but they didn’t had the valour to control that owl vandy.She continued her arrogance with Maya.So don’t see Maya(only)as a evil coz the main villian is the wavering hero arjun.If you don’t agree with Maya lovers point,you can disagree them but don’t dare to call them as psychos…..coz they are not describing your beloved persons.and also we (Maya lovers) hate characters like saanj,vandy.but you guys are supporting them.though we’re not shouting like you are psychos,brainless,idiot….So,just keep silence.and really your last topic is not having the worth to argue.just understand,Jenny is a actress and also a human.She may also has some opinions about Maya.that’s her point of view.but she’s not a judge to justify ppl.yes,she’s a Nice heroine but it’s not like she knows everything about the world.If u think maya lovers are psychos coz of loving maya,just leave can’t change our strong opinion by your quotes and quarells. I think you guys have the faith of changing psychos into normal persons by calling them as psychos,psychos?

    5. In which episode he tried to kiss yaar say the the date of episode

    6. Sam, the episode no. is 112. It aired on 15th match 2017


      Teju, don’t mind those who say Jennifer Winget won’t support Maya lovers. She herself is a Maya lover and says she’d be happy to have a person like Maya in her life. And she herself wants to be like Maya.
      The above attached is the YouTube link to her interview.
      Love you Maya and love you Jen????

    8. lol dreameyes he didnt kiss he was just talking wat maya did was rite >?? make her bite kiss samay ? if u think others are respnsible for that then same for arjun maya is responsible for his behavoiur


      Who told you Jennifer Winget won’t support Maya lovers? Do you know she’s a great Maya lover by herself?


      “Actually I think Maya is kick-ass I’D LOVE TO BE LIKE HER”

      “SHE’S NOT BAD, she tries till the end to do the right thing. But even if that doesn’t work she doesn’t give up. Then she’ll make sure that does work. That’s the difference between Maya and other characters. If not by hook then by crook”

      These are Jennifer Winget’s words. The above attached is the YouTube link to her interview.

      They’ve done extensive research in creating the character Maya and Jennifer had read several books and seen international shows and movies for Maya’s character. So I think she knows Maya better than any of us and here’s she herself saying Maya is not bad and she’ll be happy to have someone like Maya in her life.

      So before you say something please do your research. Jennifer will support Maya lovers and she herself wants to be like Maya.
      Love you Maya and love you Jen???

    10. Who cares if she suports or not we hate maya

    11. Dreamyeyes,nice video yaar.already,I had a doubt whether Jenny supports Maya or not.thanks for clarification.and she was right,’maya is good for those who treat her in a good way’.She’s not a normal bechari wife who is controlled by saas, husband or anyone.her character is framed in a different maya?

  12. People are trying to justify wrong deeds for their self-satisfaction (or perhaps ego) without realizing what the story wants to tell

  13. How can one say Maya truly loves Arjun when she only wanted to control his life by separating him from everyone and spying on him even when he goes to bathroom..that’s insane not love. And Arjun of course loved Maya genuinely but how can one take Maya’s kind of love? It’s not love but suffocation and looks like Maya lived all her life planning every second!!! She only cheated him and calls that LOVE!!! Get a life girl it’s ridiculous!!!

  14. Saanjh is Useless, hopeless and brainless.
    she was just being arrogant,she clearly has no brains,
    Saanjh talked about high morals but was always somehow faking, true.
    But to the extent of trying to kiss a drunk married man,he is someone husband (atleast in Saanjh’s eyes),after why you people expecting maya will allow this saanjh near Arjun,she triggered maya madness, but Saanjh acted like her love as selfless or healthy, &just kidnapped brother arrives and she is like duffer dekh Maya pagal hai.she knew samay accepted with his own,he is the one killed prem..but still Matlab bas duffer important hai, Maya se uski shaadi tudwani important hai, fir se usse dusky ka duffer banana important hai, baaki sab jaayein bhaad mein! 
    Pure Love and selflessness MY FOOT.
    she starts with amazing dialogues of revenge also, but later we see her helplessly and uselessly crying in her marriage as she can not stop her own marriage until Maya reveal’s and helps it.
    Saanjh is obsessive as Maya is. Maya still has the quality to fight back for whatever she believes in she lacks even that quality.  Sanjh isn’t a protagonist not even a parallel lead she is just a helping hand for Maya.saanjh is name of selfless love sacrifices her father to do Arjun jaap.
    Prem had a correct analysis about arjun from beginning. He knew Arjun didnt love Saanjh and wanted his daughter to concentrate on something sane leaving this man.but she didn’t cares her family.she is created more mess than solve problems,like example dairy herself she found it to help maya.saanjh always musibath for Arjun(vandy prays Arjun problem has to burn in this fire,saanjh dress caught fire).
    Everyone’s blaming Maya for everything but they don’t wanna own up to their mistakes which led Maya to doing all this.
    Love u Maya ❤

    1. Maya is shameless characterless a sl*t.
      Who can undress to attract someone who is obsessed about Maya love.
      Who always kill people including her own mother & child also.
      She trapped arjun by keeping eye on him ( keeping CCTV, tracker)
      She used Sammy
      Cheap women shame on women

    2. All lies.carry on

    3. All lies ? Common ks.
      Accept the fact. Didint Sammy bit Maya. While biting didint he touch her ??
      Didint she removed her top infront of Sammy to attract him. So that he will do what ever she says..
      he is mad for Maya.. pagal ho Gaya Maya ka pyaar ke liye.
      To track arjun moves she installed CCTV’s inside the house.
      Evrntough she presented tracker key chain also. Arjun found & dismantled.
      Maya is a sl*t,characterless , shameless woman

    4. First of all why r u guys saying about kiss jo hua hi nhi uss ke baare me kyun bole jaa rhe ho nd that scene was not even telecasted cmon guys lets talk about which has is been telecasted pls justify samay biting maya or i wud say maya told him to bite..
      Ks put urself in saanjh’s place just for a min nd then rethink if u see ur best frnd in problem wht wud u do nd that bestie who is getting married wid a murderer tell me wht wud u do vl u not stop ur frnd tell me?? nd vandy pls just think vandy is a mother of 2 sons u gyys r blaming vandy for no reason koi maa apne bete ko aag me jalta hua kaise dekh sakti answer me nd can u o
      Pls justify maya killing her mother 2nd time nd if ur answer is becoz arjun saanjh ke paas gya blah blah then its useless see accept the fact that maya lovers can’t justify maya’s whole bundle of actions murders in some cases u guys keep mum nd give stupid answers as usual

    5. Evil we talked about not recent kiss scene,before saanjh kiss scene when arjun is in drunken state maya also there,you too put urself in maya place.then justify others.don’t give stupid answers like blindly bla bla.not interested to fight with you guys stay away.

    6. ks if u r not interested to fight then why r u replying just keep mum nd u too stay away from maya haters

    7. Oh hello evil,im not you have to stay like’s use for you.because wit ur own, u gave respond on my comment bindly.and first do urself then give suggestion.

    8. Evil its waste to explain.
      These guys even enjoyed when Maya tried to kill her own mother twice
      Shameless people

    9. Evil, they just want to pull Saanjh in between of every situation. They had only one statement all ‘via of Saanjh.
      Here the murderer is killing all the lives. And these people proudly says it’s Saanjh mistake.
      & cv’s showed in the pre-cap arjun & Saanjh closeness where both are gonna show there love.
      But that dint telecast yet.
      But these guys don’t had absence at all.. they will pull that incident & taunt Saanjh.
      Shameless people

    10. *dint had scene at all.

    11. We too felt same piya,same to you

    12. Yes piya agree wid u they drag saanjh in evry situation kya kar sakte h mentality hi aisi h

    13. Maya undressed only hands,so stop ur stupid talk,i don’t know why you are pointing only on Maya like ur saanjh is perfect person,oh wakeup saanjh is not less,arjun and saanjh relationship is evilish,arjun loves his friend come mistress unconditionally!! Saanjh taken advantage,when arjun was drunk in that bar.. She tried kiss married man,such a shame less girl still waiting for arjun to break his marriage.just show off like friendship.fake people.shameless people.i just hate to talk about fake people,don’t made me to talk about them.just stay away ,shame less people forget their mistakes.get lost

    14. Acha while bitting neck Sammy don’t touch her ??
      She used both the men. More or less like a whore. Shameless Maya.

    15. Shameless saanjh her life she wants first arjun,after samay,after at a time samay arjun,now again arjun.
      .shameless ruth,whoever not perfec.chill

    16. Dis ks is a die hard fan of a psychopath murderer……let him/her be….so we can’t change him/her…. Jenifer winget acting is really gud that’s it….but Maya is a negative character….wake up guys

    17. Sammy entered into Saanjh life only because whore maya

    18. lol ks “Shameless saanjh her life she wants first arjun,after samay,after at a time samay arjun,now again arjun.

      atleast she is not like maya na sanjh loves only arjun not like maya
      maya first samay n arjun and samay n arjun both at same time

    19. oh ks maya undressed only hands,lol really so maya can undress but its not wrong

      u r talking about the kiss which didnt happen only u r saying married man all that hen wat maya did she married and in realtion with sammy hugged made him bite and then when she is with arjun she kissed samay forgot all this????? we r both sannjh n maya u r the one who see only maya u blind

      and did u forgot maya ready for suhagraat with samay she went to him tried to sleep with him

  15. Can’t believe people are arguing and discussing about why this character Maya did what she did. First of all, this is just a freaking television show. It’s way too unrealistic. Specially the character Maya. No human on earth would fake her death because her lover apparently betrayed her or whatever. Maya fans reasoning the actions of the character? Let’s be real, if you get interested in a person who’s already close to someone else, then you wouldn’t mess with them in the first place. Ask anyone and the advice would be to move on and find someone else who’s right for you. If you’re not happy seeing your partner being closer to their friend, then again, there’s a thing called communication. If you don’t like something, you say it. In real we would tell them that we don’t appreciate certain behavior and if they don’t cooperate, you have the option to leave them. Everyone of you all has friends that you share your thoughts and feelings with, and your relationships are working because of that normal, straight forward and honest communication. Maya here on the other hand is too delusional to be true. So justifying and reasoning her actions is pointless. You ain’t gonna kill your family like it’s your hobby just because they aren’t being the way you want them to be. You discuss the matters with them maturely, come to conclusions as to what works best for everyone, there’s also a thing called compromising and adjusting. We all live in this society by cooperating with each other. A person (Maya) who’s shown to create havoc in other people’s lives and centering all the attention on herself like she’s the victim of world’s cruelties is just unrealistic.

    1. Well said.

  16. OMG!!! She is not a psycho….She is EVIL………

  17. Happy to see u ks after sooooo long .????and u r fabulous carry onn dear.

    1. Thank you dear ?

    2. Maanu13

      I’m really happy ks…that Ur still in Maya’s side…

    3. My pleasure dear ?

    4. Maya Forever :)

      Nice to see u guys again. It’s been a while. This forum sure has been dragged down to hell by the negative tracks hasn’t it. I’m surprised that u are still here Ks especially as others are being so vindictive and personally attacking u over a tv show. Admire your resilience. I won’t give analysis on the maya FB but I will still say with conviction reasons were there for her actions at the time, though they have leaked forth and spurred worse events to come. Interested in seeing new track of Maya’s return but deeply saddened by loss of Arya looks like my name tag will have to change back again lol.

      Nice to see @hellsaanjh, @dreameyes @teju @Maanu13. A shame TDH, Ayesha, available are gone but then it was during lighter times the maya lovers were more and for good reason, only the diehard fans of her can remain now, and @ks does not disappoint ?

      All the best guys I’m keeping silent for now but if some interesting observation comes in near future I’ll comment on it.

      Keep up your good spirit guys. ?

      Ps. Haters can hate about maya and call her evil, but plz don’t call real people psychotic for supporting her, they have their reasons. I know TDH did it and understood it most because as I recall she claimed to also be a child abuse victim so I can understand that. Please don’t discredit and discourage those who wish to support maya just ignore or accept and propose your argument in a sensible manner, if you think you are mature not supporting maya I ask that you plz show that maturity through all aspects especially through your words, else you are nothing short of hypocritical which is most unfortunate.

      Many thanks all
      Maya ❤❤❤

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