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Beyhadh 7th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Saanjh enters Maya’s house to gather evidence to prove Arjun innocent, reminiscing Arjun’s words that she Maya wanted to trap her. She searches whole house and does not find anything. She then checks AC and finds Maya’s diary in it. She reads diary that Maya will kill whoever will come between her and Arjun. She thinks Maya’s love was her madness. She burns diary and thinks this is the only way to save Arjun. Inspector comes and saves diary and says he knew Saanjh would do something. He reads diary and says Saanjh found what he could not. Now, nobody can save Arjun. He says Saanjh that she knows nobody can enter crime scene without permission.

Inspector then takes diary to Arjun and says this his passport to death. Arjun says Maya’s diary. Maya is seen writing diary that Arjun does not give her food and makes her starve that she has to borrow food from watchman. She goes to watchman and acts to get something for her to eat. She panics when Arjun comes and requests watchman not to tell Arjun that she ate food. Arjun comes and takes Maya. Watchman angrily thinks Arjun is living on Maya’s love. Maya thinks Arjun wants to have food with Saanjh, now he and Saanjh will have food in jail. Inspector says Arjun that watchman has given statement.

Arjun continues reading diary that he tortured Maya and tried to kill their child. She acts in front of Shruti as Arjun trying to kill child. Maya writes diary and thinks she knows Arjun will leave her after childbirth, but she will not leave him forever. Inspector says he has many evidences and shows Maya’s postmortem report and says he tortured Maya and tried to kill her. Arjun says he never hit Maya. Inspector says Maya’s whole body had injuries and his fingerprints were on her neck, if he thinks Maya herself strangulated him. Saanjh says this is all wrong, Maya is trapping even inspector in her lies. Inspector says they both have lied more to enjoy their extramarital affair. He says Saanjh tried to hide evidence and did lot more, so she should be arrested. Constable arrests Saanjh and drags her away while Arjun shouts to leave Saanjh. Maya is seen laughing writing her diary.

Precap: Judge pronounces death sentence for Arjun in Maya’s murder case.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Now I’m feeling that they are just copying the story plot of ‘gone girl’….this show has just loosen its charm….

  2. maya never loved arjun she just used to him to f**kk him

  3. Maya is one of the worst worst and worst wife whom i have ever seen. She betrayed and cheated the one whom she loved the most. She is actually a blot in the name of a woman. She is neither a good wife nor a good daughter neither a good bhabhi or a good bahu and also not a good mother. Love means happiness, sacrifice , compassion , friendship and caring but mayas love has destroyed everything and gave pain and suffering to everyone. Thing is that her love for Arjun was not at all true. If it would have been true, then she would not have planned all this against Arjun and killed his loved ones. Not only Arjun , she does not deserve to become anyones wife.

  4. She even killed her own child just to make Arjun hers. Maya is worst even than an animal also because animals also die just to protect their kids. She did nothing else in her life other than plotting against others, playing all these dirty games, killing others and giving pain and suffering to others. Let her keep on playing all this dirty games to trap Arjun. A time will come when world will know her true face and she will have to pay and repent for each and every sins in her life. She will have to repent so much that she might even have to beg for her own death in front of Arjun and Saanjh.

  5. And yes after seeing these episodes i dont think so that maya is dead, it is a fake death which she herself has planned because once she said that she will not leave Arjun at any cost even though Arjun will get to know her true face as Arjun once told her that he will leave her if if she committs any crimes.

  6. Love ah does maya know d meaning of word love she is psycho that’s y she is all alone from childhood

  7. I really wish Maya suffers in hell for her deeds.
    Arjun should be seen living happily with Ayaan and Saanjh n her family

  8. diehardbeyhadhfan

    CVS have screwed up an original unique storyline to accommodate some cheap copy of an English movie…. Kudos to their creativity.. I agree they weren’t interested in fashioning beyhadh into a romantic story where love heals…. Rather they wanted beyhadh to be a mind boggling thriller with some nail biting suspense… But there is no fun in a track without suspense and making á criminal out of a prime suspect. How amazing would it have been if they showed something like.. Maya was a prime suspect with mental issues but it was saanjh doing all the crimes to get Arjun n nailing it in Maya… No offense saanjh lovers just a imaginary hypothetical version from my side..

    1. Agreed. I always wanted somethin like that because THAT would’ve been thrilling not this. ?

    2. You guys always want Saanjh to be culprit.

    3. Saanjh is culprit.. I’m not supporting maya crime nor Arjun and Saanjh relationship… Instead of maya killing everyone she should killed Saanjh at beginning

    4. diehardbeyhadhfan

      who guys???? listen dude I’m not a maya supporter nor a saanjh lover I’m a thirty year old woman here… not so immature to tag myself as saanjh or maya lover… grow up… I’m just commenting as a suspense thriller fan and talking about some creative aspect here with respect to the storyline and wat could be done to make it more thrilling.. don’t pull me into ur silly leagues…

  9. omg maya no one should get like dat she planned from the day she married she has done all actions b4 all of them nicely went to pagal kahna and wrote dairy she destroyed arjun he loved her trustedd her after maya come backs he should kill her she doesnt deserve to live kill these type ppl and ppl who supporting these actions

  10. Wen. Arjun came to know about samay from dat day she planned ????

  11. Arjun After maya comes just kill her no one cares tgere is report tgat already dead just kill her

  12. Where is Ks?

  13. Ritika Singh

    I feel the director of this serial focuses too much on zooming on faces and everything that doesn’t really matter. The thirty minutes every day cover no story whatsoever. The show is too negative for an Indian audience. Mental health is not given much attention in India anyway and considering the portrayal of a mental disorder in this show, it can be detrimental for the development of the mental health sector in India. Entertainment is one vertical everyone wants to resort to, and we tend to get really influenced by it. Hence, they should really consider the way they showcase Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

    1. diehardbeyhadhfan

      Most mature comment on this forum…. hats off to u!! cheers.

  14. This shows directors mental state He should meet psycho doctor immediately

  15. After a long i came on this channel and saw some one charged and sentenced with evidence of diary.
    The worst story ever. Prosecution needs to prove beyond reasonable doubt. Anyone can write and create witnesses. Police and prosecution did prove not did defence lawyer did anything for his client.
    End this show so stupid story i have ever seen.

  16. There is a hint in the end that she is alive as the morgue door was open.

  17. Superb episode ?…
    In before episode dialogue Arjun to saanjh:- mein Maya ko nahi pyaar karta, yeh sirf tujhe phatha hai dusky.
    Ab Maya ko be phatha tha. Ab ja jail ke under.?
    Arjun thought he can show fake love to Maya;Saanjh thought she can save both trapped,but saanjh I like you today,you helped my maya to found dairy to trap arjun more.?
    Poor Arjun always shown ur concern for saanjh, its usual to have childhood friend but you never realise the fact that ur wife was also ur priority.Each time you gave importance to Saanjh, it hurt’s Maya.
    best dialogue of maya:-“saanjh ke saat khana khate the na, jab police ko ye diary milegi tab dono saath khana aur mujhe yad karna”
    Love you Maya ?

    1. u r right

    2. Absolutely correct.. even after she came form mental hospital he leaves maya and went to met saanjh

  18. The more anyone tries to justify and give reasons for Maya’s actions, the more these episodes reveal that Maya’s actions are simply according to her own long lost planning. No Saanjh, no Ayaan, no Vandana caused her to behave the way she did. It just doesn’t fit anymore. Maya killed Vandana because she killer her child? Okay fine (even though Vandy didn’t). But now why Arjun trapped in such a mess? Because he told Maya that he’ll leave her now as their bandar is gone? okay well how did Maya know that their bandar will be gone while she went to mental asylum? It was probably her plan. Or just happened in the moment as Ayaan came in the scene? That reminds me, didn’t Maya release Ayaan from jail? So that could mean that was part of her plan – releasing Ayaan so he could come and try to warn Arjun against Maya. And that would bring her to her next step – trying to kill him. Fortunately, Ayaan is safe. So then she tried to kill Vandana. Gotta kill someone to make Arjun wanna kill her. Finally she could execute her plan of trapping Arjun and Saanjh into this horrible mess. I just hope that the show writers have a legit valid reason for why Maya has been doing all this because it just doesn’t make sense for a woman (who’s so cunning as she knows to remove evidences and plant evidences like a pro) to do these things purely because of her mental illness. She ain’t mentally ill. This is some other level ish.

    1. Yup. I think the only way things can get interesting now is if Jhanvi becomes fine again and reveals whatever she knows about Maya’s plotting, considering they live in the same house.

  19. Yes. This is the truth. I agree with snigdha Paul. I thought the same things as you said. Basically she is a women. If she really lost her happiness at her childhood. She should earn for that. Here, it’s happening opposite.

    Where’s Maya’s lovers? Where is Ks? Are they really love maya in this stage? If yes means, they are also not human.
    Shame on you guys (Maya lovers).
    The most worst worst serial i ever seen in this world.

    Basically. I’m a silent reader. Now i can’t be silent. If she really love Arjun. Avanuku ellam ah iva irakanum. Apdi illa.. Apo ava love panla. Ava use panirka.Ava yaara pathiyum yosikala. Yaar melaiyum akara ila..Ava unamiya thanaku anbu kadaikala feel panirdha na.. ivlo panirka maata..

    If the director thinks the story is going on right track. Writer panradhu sarinu avar feel panna, He is also not human being.
    I like Jennifer winget. But I hate Maya a lot…

    Pls.pls… Don’t shows negative story. We are waiting for positive storyline.

  20. Maya started this planning when she told arjun about samay nd some person is saying that “arjun can show fake love to maya but maya know that becoz he told her that humara rishta ab khatan ho gya h nd yes im damn sure maya involved her blo*dy frnd shruti in it cunning maya saanjh did rite that she found maya’s diary kam se kam maya ke raaz tw khulenge maya is such a blo*dy b*t*h

    1. Yes agree wid u

  21. beyhadh started with a extreme love story and ending up with extreme hate story…. this show is really different from all the other daily sereals! have to say that its a thrilling show… good as fantasy…. but in real life kiske paas itna time hai ek ek pal plan karna aur koi bhi apne pyaar ko ayse nhi phasata yaar! pyar ka matlab hi galat dikhaya huwa hai…. anyways that’s how it is but one thing is really pointless! when maya was killing one by one and trying to kill ayaan then killed vandana also.. saanjh lost her dad, ayaan lost his legs… there were no hell investigation or police coming to the crime scene aur yahan maya ko marr k ek din bhi nhi huwa yaha police and eye witness sab ek sath… wtf yaar !! that’s stupid! itne sarey murders ka na koi eyewitness na koi saboot…aur jo cheez arjun ne kiia bhi nhi he has all planned fake evidences and eye witnesses against him…. all the elders died who could help saanjh and arjun… janvi is paralised who knows every shit but cannot say anything! sanjhs mother who is helpless… maya ek phycho character ho ker kese itna master plan bana sakti hai..who bhi uss k kilaaf jisko woh apne jaan se bhi zada chahti hai… I mean koi toh hota k jo madat karta.. show achi hai per yaar kabhi kabhi samajh bhi nhi ata k chal kya raha hai… itna zada negative life dekh ker to wese bhi pagal ho jayega koi bhi…

  22. There is lot of confusion going on in dis current track..

  23. Suddenly everyone forgot Vandana was murdered and Ayaan’s attempted murder where are their investigations and trials. I won’t be surprised if Maya is having an affair with that inspector too which is why he is so passionate about punishing Arjuns, Arjun is an idiot he deserves to be alone but Maya needs to be punished, if only someone could set Maya on fire

    1. diehardbeyhadhfan

      n that’s how our govt work my friend… if a victim is of a high profile, then they are ready to make a straight forward death look like a murder n search for foul play… n if the victim is not of an high class.. then they don mind disposing them like how municipal disposes the dead dog on roads….

  24. It was an episode full of mistakes n no logic, writers we r not fools to digest all these shit???? Maya punishing Arjun for not loving her then what’s the meaning of love????Maya is worst lover in television history n the show just copying Gone girl it was a masterpiece n Nick was a cheater also somewhere Amy was right in his case but here????writers if u want same story then y u showed all these mess? ????I just wanna slap u???

  25. i hate the cv’s of the show. Just to make maya as manipulator n intelligent person doesn’t need to show rest are dumb people. And which country the trail is conducted because in india it’s impossible to get final judgement in one day for a criminal offence.

    Why police are not investigating vandana’s death n aayan’s accident? why they are struck up with maya’s death alone?
    even police seems to be obsessed with maya death’s alone.
    cv’s are even making fun of our judiciary system of India just to show maya is smart…..WTF….

    I thought this show is realistic take which deals with metal issues people but now it’s the same non- logical garbage like rest of indian serials.

  26. Maya doesn’t deserve to call as a women. All these days she said she love arjun… she too clearly knows that arjun doesn’t love her.
    Fake pregnancy.
    She had planned from the day of marraige. Murderer is very small name for her.
    I feel she still alive. She wants arjun & Saanjh to be in bars.
    Her next target will be ayan.. she don’t leave him easily. Bichara
    If she had problem with her childhood it doesn’t mean she had to trap and make arjun in pain.
    She is a b*t*h. When she love arjun she cannot cheat on him.
    She is a sl*t.

  27. Aliya.sharma

    Guys i agree maya is evil but ha just please you all tell me one reason y you all supporting others & hating maya. Ok i will clarify you all clearly.

    1. Arjun: He loved maya but maya loved him endlessly. Even after getting married with maya he never behaved like a husband & always hides the matter from maya & also if you all remembered he even tried to kiss saanjh. Such an unloyal person.

    2. Saanjh: Dumb & brainless character of the show. Always turns around arjun & supports him no matter what. If she can control her feelings for arjun this all crap in the serial can never happen. Even if she maintains distance with arjun maya will not try to hurt her. Example of holi festival she did mistake but blamed maya.

    3. Vandana: Just a half minded oldie. Believe in superstitions. Hate her to yhe core. When maya tried to become good to her she behaved more dangerous than saas & did every shit with her & again scolded her & she only asks her why maya did this to all? Silly minded.

    4. Ayaan: Another idiot. Must tell that he is same like his mother. No mind no control in actions. When maya is changed again he deliberately instigated her & again tried to turn her evil.

    5. Ashwin: father of maya. But never love her only hate her. He always came between her love. The person who hurts a baby girl is liable to die.

    6.Jhanvi : Dnt know anything just to accept the fate. She is never useful to maya as a mother even in her childhood or in her elder age. Only loves & believes that idiot ashwin.

    So guys remember what these guys done to maya & why she did all this. You will get the answer. No one never been loyal to her but she maintained or atleast tried to maintain her loyalty towards them. And yes i am saying & will say all time that i love maya’s character, her intelligence, beauty, loyalty etc…& yes i always wish like i want a person like maya in my life because i know the value of them & maybe some may not understand her.

    She will be loyal to the person whom will love her & will be danger to the person whom will hate her & disturbs her. I am proud to be maya’s fan.

    1. Aliya.sharma well said. Like you said, I don’t understand why people are blaming only Maya for all these incidences. If Maya is to be blamed so are the other characters. She never tried to harm others without any reason. She was always good to the people who treated her well. But was the worst nightmare to those who mistreated her. Beginning from the first episodes we can clearly see that this is the fact. If everyone was good to her and treated her well then she’d have been the same with them. It’s like she’ll treat you the same way you treat her. So I believe I’ll be the luckiest person if have someone like Maya in my life. And yes I’m also proud to say I’m a Maya fan. Love you Maya ???

    2. Me too&,proud to be Maya’s fan?..i love Maya more ??.. ♥?

    3. U want one reason as to why 90% people hate her i can give u thousands reason

      1. Arjun love maya like maya loved him nd yes maya’s love was not love it was obsession if she loves him dearly then why she is used to show the world that arjun beats her arjun broke his relationship wid maya when she told him about samay give me the answer that why maya made samay bite her??just to be more closer wid arjun????

      2. Saanjh u guys never like gud character nd some one said that “we shud call someone gud who r gud not pretend to be gud” then tell me saanjh ne aisa kya kiya h jisse usse hate kiya jaa sake u guys r hating her becoz she always tries to interfere btw arya nd yes saanjh was going to Singapore but arjun stopped her nd it was arjun who confess his love for her in btw his marriage (not blaming arjun) nd wht was the mistake of vandy C’mon u maya lovers say that vandy arjun saanjh nd ayyan all r bad only maya baby is gud saari galti tw duniya ki h then tell me why did maya kill vandy she didn’t kill her so called bandar it was accident or maya fell purposely don’t know

      3. Jhanvi got her punishment when maya tried to kill her first time but she survived but second time maya drowned her just to get sympathy from arjun ashwin ke saath sahi hua he deserves to be die by his own daughter nd he aslo got his punishment for his doings.

      4. Ayaan provoked maya that doesn’t give maya freedom to kill him nd she yrapped bim in false rape case wht about that maya loversss answer me

      Maya is mentally unstable nd her childhood was really really bad but that doesn’t give her rite to kill multiple lives bullshit maya. Maya lovers justify her actions nd in future episodes she vl only reveal that she is mentally ill nd she why kill evrybody nd that vl give a tight slap to maya lovers nd her b*t*h frnd shruti

    4. Thumbs up always love maya whatever she doing is correct

    5. The answer is in your comment – “The person who hurts a baby girl is liable to die” – aka. Maya, who hurt her unborn baby and eventually killed it. Therefore Maya deserved to die? Apart from that, Maya’s first and biggest mistake was that in spite of knowing Saanjh liked Arjun, she threatened her to back off and forced Arjun to be with her. So she came between them, not the other way round, and that’s how all this drama started. As for the other characters, we all know they have flaws and no one’s perfect, but guess what? Maya killed most of them anyway. Maya’s problem is that she wants to control everyone in her life, but too bad. Every character has emotions and the right to make their own decisions, whether Maya baby likes it or not. If you don’t like someone, it doesn’t mean you can go around murdering them, and that is the reason people hate Maya.

    6. diehardbeyhadhfan

      I hate maya too miss raima.. But seriously ur comment us really absurd…. If saanjh likes arjun then y exactly should Maya back off?? Arjun liked Maya n Maya like arjun and it us two that way relationship that normally works… If u were married n ur husbands secretory had some hots for ur hubby n tried to woo him n ur hubby is not interested in her… Then would u divorce ur hubby n sacrifice him for that secretory? How old r u BTW… ?

    7. To diehardbeyhadhfan: Don’t think you understood what I was trying to say- I’m talking about a time long before Maya and Arjun got married. Maya knew Saanjh liked Arjun, and she used to call Saanjh her “friend”, and in real life good friends don’t sabotage other friends’ lives, and Maya threatened Saanjh to back off, which was the first (mildly) negative thing she did (but of course she never really considered Saanjh her friend anyway). As for your husband/secretary example, 1) Saanjh is his best friend, so clearly holds much more value in his life than a secretary 2) I was talking about before the marriage even happened, when Maya literally forced Arjun to get engaged to her otherwise she would kill herself (hot air balloon track). Hope this clarifies things.

    8. diehardbeyhadhfan

      Ok got the point

      I didn’t know that bit… Thank for explaining.cheers!!

    9. Wen he tried to kiss u r talking about precap lol wat abt maya making her bite wer were u and tell me one thing u all told due to sannjh vandana childhood she behaved bad then wat abt killing her mom

    10. Y didnt u write about maya character np i will help u
      Maya is pagal sl*t b*t*h who. Used arjun for s*x and used samay too higging arjun she kissed samay make bite her

    11. i diint undesrtand can u plz show the episode where arjun kissed saanjh u ppl r talking about precap which is not shown
      maya is planning all this from the time samay died n arjun know abt samay ok so y did she made her bite kissed samay hugging arjun wat do u cal this if u ppl are talking abt precap which is nt shown y dont u talk abt which is shown

    12. hello ms aliya sharma u said “Even after getting married with maya he never behaved like a husband & always hides the matter from maya & also if you all remembered he even tried to kiss saanjh. Such an unloyal person.”

      wat about maya she hide everything from arjun that she is mental and married she took promises and she didnt obey it first of all she didnt tell or show her truth and

      also if you all remembered he even tried to kiss saanjh. Such an unloyal person.” this wa nt shown maya kissed samay make her bite shown clearly y dont talk abt dat now tell me who is loyal

    13. saanjh tried to kiss arjun and he allowed episode again.

    14. Hey ks which episode yaar can anyone tell tge date or post the link

    15. …..’I want a person like Maya in my life,because I know the value of them’nice lines.even I have the same desire as you yaar

    16. Seriously,?? U want a psychopath murderer as Ur life partner,??
      Jenifer winget acting is really gud….but she is playing a negative character… pls do understand the reality

  28. Senseless inspector…over acting….they never caught maya inspite of so many murders

  29. ‘main tumhare bina jee nahi sakti;aur mere bina tumhe jeene nahi dungi’fantastic dialogue ever.I’m satisfied now.maya baby hadn’t been blindly loving arjun.ugh,whenever saanj sees Arjun,she suddenly forgets her mom,bro and dead father.she’s definitely a kutti of arjun.the great lawyer saanj put herself in jail for her client??.maya’s dead body too acts well than arjun.ohh,kushal is spoiling the seriousness of the story.if Maya started hating Arjun,why she tried to kill ayan for separating them?!!phew!main logics are missing.waiting for maya’s reentry?

    1. teju u said rite maya”s body acts well than arjun ?????

  30. There are many reasons yaar,bt i dnt knoe why you guys eanna ignore all that,
    1.Arjun:-the person,maya wanted to be hers.married him bt was nvr able to believe.kept under cctv cirvilence,away frm his family many more.and he left his family,fruend all fir her only.fought with his dear ones to make her happy alwys,took care of her and so on.about kiss,ok man liya he tried and tht make him he nvr actually did.thn wht about maya?she used her ex to bite her touch her ehn she knw she was this loyalty to you?she kept telling arjun lies,nvr disclosed her past to him,is this the act of a good wife?
    2.Saanjh:-Arjuns bestie,who strted loving him.maya despite knowing tht atfrst was frndly with her bt thn strted hating saanjh nvr tried snatching arjun frm maya cz she knw arjun loves maya was determined to destroy her thus she blackened her face,killed her dad.great.whether saanjh despite her feelings had helped maya finding jhanvi.console maya was so obsessed tht she forgot all that.

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