Beyhadh 24th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Beyhadh 24th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maya burns floor and asks Arjun to take marriage oath with her right now. She extends her hand. Arjjun holds it smiling and walks. Maya stops him and sets off fire. Saanjh watches from her cabin. Maya holds Arjun and tells he passed in her exams for her haldi, mehandi, all matter and she wants to have traditional marriage. Arjun says she calls him mad, but she is real mad in love. They both hug each other. Saanjh continues watching from her cabin.

Maya gets ready for office in the morning and searches Jahnvi. She does not find Jahnvi in whole house and calls her number, but she does not pick call. She thinks Ashwin will harm her mom. She runs out and asks driver if he saw maa. He says he did not. Maya calls Arjun, but he is busy shooting. She then calls Vandana and asks if Arjun is there. She says he left for office. She runs to office and asks Riya where is Arjun. Riya says Arjun is in studio. Maya runs to studio and scolds Arjun why did not he pick call, Ashwin will harm Jahnvi. Riya comes back and informs that Jahnvi is in conference room. Arjun and Maya get into conference all and Maya asks Jahnvi where she had been. Ashwin sitting on boss chair turns and says until he is alive, nothing will happen to Jahnvi, Maya should trust her pappa. Jahnvi says she had been to lawyer to take her 49% share in this company. She asks Maya if she remembers. Maya says yes. Jahnvi says since she is marrying Arjun, she should give time to him after marriage and leave company’s responsibility on her. Maya asks who will teach her business. Jahnvi says Ashwin will as Ashwin was an employee in her father’s company before marriage. Maya says she reminded a lot today. Ashwin smirks. Maya says Jahnvi she will resign and walks out.

Maya calls Saanjh and informs her about her resignation. Saanjh asks if she is sure. Maya says she does not leave things incomplete. She walks back with whole staff and sees Ashwin ordering as boss. She gives her resignation letter to Jahnvi and says she is right, she will be Arjun’s wife now. Since she has 51% shares in her name, she transferred them in Arjun’s name as only he can protect her company, this company is her life. She tells Arjun is managging director of this company hereon and is sole decision maker. Ashwin is more shocked. Maya gives 49% shares papers to Jahnvi and says even she should go and spend quality time with Ashwin as it is her second innings and not waste time looking at business. Arjun asks Maya what is she doing. Maya says she is doing right. Ashwin says she has not married Arjun yet. Maya says she trusts Arjun like mom trust Ashwin.

Maya tells Arjun that for her, her work is everything. Ashwin asks what if Arjun takes over everything, she cannot trust him blindly. Maya takes papers from Ashwin and tells Arun is not his son, but she is and he has to do it for her happiness. She gives papers to Jahnvi and asks her to sign them for her happiness. Arjun says he does not need all this. Maya says she is doing right and says Jahnvi if she does not sign papers, she will think that papa is acting as changed and wants to grab this company. Jahnvi asks if she wants to know how much she and papa love her and signs papers. Ashwin fumes in anger. Jahnvi hands over papers and hugs Maya. Maya says Ashwin thank you papa and tells Arjun that she gave her heart, life and everything to him. Arjun keeps papers and takes her away. Saanjh also walks behind.

Vandana over phone orders caterer to prepare 20-25 people’s food and she does not need any mistake. Door bell rings. Vandana opens door and is surprised to see Suman. Suman asks if she made her stranger that she did not even invite her to help. Vandana says Saanjh. Suman says Saanjh has moved on and accepted Maya’s job, she and Shubh will take part in marriage arrangements. Vandana asks what about Prem. Suman says Prem has male ego, but will calm down soon.

Saanjh in cafeteria taking coffee thinks why did Maya tranfer company in Arjun’s name, what she is up to. Ashwin comes and asks her to read Maya’s given documents carefully. Saanjh goes to her cabin and thinks what she is missing. She find out Maya’s medical insurance being rejected thrice and thinks what illness she has that Arjun does not know.

Arjun takes Maya to studio and says he can take all her responsibility, but not this company, whatever it is not his how can he take. She tells Ashwin wants to control company via Jahnvi and she wants to protect it via Arjun. If Ashwin does something to her or Jahnvi, Arjun can protect this company.

Precap: Saanjh finds Maya’s medicine and shows it to chemist who says it is a depression medicine. Doc says patient has mental problem. Saanjh enters studio and tells Arjun she needs to talk to him. Maya looks at her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. smart moves by mayah. i wish sanjh would truely become her friend.

  2. Shalinisenthil

    Maya is awesome….super episode arya moment…????

    1. What is the use of being a registered member?

      1. Shalinisenthil

        Nothing disha spl only that u can put profile pic as u like u can comment anyone personal its like little bit fb….?

  3. Shalinisenthil

    Hi guys form now on im also reg member of teleupdates?

    1. That’s nice. ?

  4. Nice Episode With Interesting Precap.But Vilains Are Strong Too.

  5. Awesome episode..ArYa scenes superb ?…&maya left job,given all property to arjun,sad i wil miss bindas maya scenes as a boss..&so my Maya given job to saanjh as a personal trustful lawyer against ashwin.&,he said read carefully all papers…ashwin changed Maya like pagal with his tortures..why because mental disorder person(mad person) can’t be owner&can’t run big he can get all property if jhanvi and Maya are that’s why ashwin every time he intentionally tortured and called pagal both.poor saanjh trapped in ashwin plan,will turn against maya when she holds once hand don’t had habit to leave relations or friend,.hope so she will not harm saanjh as a friend in anger.waiting for next episode ?

    1. Agreed ks. It’s all Ashwin’s doing.

    2. Yes Ur obsolutely right KS
      What in my mind u said same thing
      Any pagal woman does not run that much of big company and business
      May be ashwin and his 2nd wife plan to each other
      Before saanch not find a medical report
      After tea break she found
      And ashwin asked saanch u checks full document s .May be ashwin 2nd wife change the every documents in to her name( my suspect).
      Maya tablets and medical file everything is drama they divert the saanch mind doing their works easily
      In future Maya loss her whole property because of saanch again saanch and Maya get together bring back their whole wealth.
      Otherwise Maya father admitted her in hospital in childhood time (I think ashwin leg not nice ,it related to Maya past).She will be hospital ized be aswin

      1. Ya suspect persons is ashwin and his 2nd wife,lalwani … Maybe tablet is true…why because jhanvi said yesterday ashwin also did job as employee under jhanvi father..means maya nana Ji..maybe ashwin killed her nana Ji too for property in front of Maya effected by this.maybe while die her nana Ji said to maya save company and jhanvi from ashwin.that’s why Maya try to save company&her mother with support of Arjun.before I given upcoming story news here,Maya will left Arjun after marriage,given company&jhanvi responsibility to Arjun..hope so it will turn fake.i don’t like this.i want to see Maya happy life with Arjun&her outside kadoos boss nature&inside is kid nature.i love Maya.

  6. Great episode. Another master stroke by Maya against the vile Ashwin. I am amazed as to how she can take decisions on the spot. Maya is a real beauty with brains. And I doubt she has a mental problem. An insane person would never be able to act like this. I feel Maya’s school termination letter, the medical reports are all fake, the handiwork of Ashwin during Maya’s childhood. Maybe even her dark past is something made by Ashwin to instill the fear in her from her childhood days. Loved the ArYa scenes as always.

  7. Yeh i hope so ks. But i really want maya to kill saanjh and ashwin. Whatever!!! Nandini and all maya supporters why u didnot comment yet. I miss ur commends gyes

  8. Yaar iss saanjh ko kya props hai maya se? Har samey maya ki jasusi karna jaruri ha kya. Iss ladki ko show ma ak accha role do yah phir villian bana do Ya phir nikaal do, har arya romance ma kabab ma haddi ban jate hai.

    I just hope she turns villian

    1. Whats ur problemyar….for ur imformation sanjh wont turn negetive….come out of ir dreamland….i like both sanjh and maya charecter….initially i dnt liked charecter maya….but now i like her….its bcz of her father she is like this….i love both maya and sanjh…two different personalities….i hate that ashwin….

  9. Beyhadh bad news of beyhadh lovers gyes
    Beyhadh is definite series and is going to be on air till this october gyes

    And this news is approved by kushal himself.

    I fell to cry gyes our beyhadh.
    again we have to wait for jennies new show i love her and kushal
    again when will we able to see them our arya …

    1. Ya I saw it ,sbs segment mey kushal said.????

    2. Shalinisenthil

      Its really bad news this serial is only for a year haah….?

  10. Ok i loved the maya seens at work

  11. Why cant this maya Just die idiot and soooo overacting ki dukhaan

    1. AmCee

      Jennifer Winget is one of the best actresses we have on Indian Television. How beautifully she can emote even with her eyes. You may not like Maya, the character she is portraying but her acting is suberb. She is the core of this show.

  12. Pari you don’t know anything about acting, maya is doing overacting?? Lol. Every character of the show ge paid because of maya acting because she is running the show, don’t talk anything.

  13. I think maya desrve ashwin cunning daughter and cunning father good jodi

  14. *Get paid

  15. This idiot maya just proving that she care’s for arjun but in really she is just using him

    1. Shalinisenthil

      Pari maya is a only reason this show is runing this much for her only many of them watching behyadh….very nice actoress she is…not only in this serial her previous serials if u watch or take review her acting is fab whatever role she get she do it very well… jenny ( maya)????

    2. Pari what are u saying….jennifer is superb actress…she is giving life to the charecter maya….if she is not good actress then production house would have not given her maya role….no doubt jennifer is one of the best actress in indian television…

  16. Loveyoujenny

    pari looks like you do not know anything about acting, maya is doing overacting? lol, every character in the show get paid because of her acting as maya is running the show and ruling everyone’s heart.

    1. Right well said ?

    2. Wat a sad i said something not good about maya people started telling me that i dont know acting etc etc but have you guys ever thought how you guys scold saanjh , you dont even think that she is acting and she is also an actress and we should give respect to that actress , but no you guys are always rite Maya’s acting is acting and saanjh ‘s acting is some kind of personal or overacting, if maya cries its her strength if saanjh cries she is crying baby.loveujenny i know about acting , i just wanted to know how people react when we scold maya and i hope you the results.

      1. Angelk1

        Its not about acting pari . its the fact that they cant understand saanj perspective of things. They only see maya an arjun. Saanj is equally as important as them. But they only see her as unfit an annoying. But arjun will see things when they start living together.

        An the great responsibility maya put on him. All of it will be overwhelming for him.

  17. Shalinisenthil

    Enga pa nee thambi roby….for 2 days no any comments for u…missing ur comment roby thambi

  18. ek maya hi to iss show ki jaan hai.she is the one around whom the whole show revolves.saanjh yaar just chill itni tension na lo.its not good for your health and beauty.

  19. Dhivumrl

    Hi i’m Dhivya i’m a follower of this tellyupdates and just got registered.. here it goes my first review…

    Saanjh god i understand she is concerned for Arjun and protective about him.. but why can’t she just understand Maya is not harming Arjun in anyways she is kinda obsessed all is fine.. why can a person with bad past cant love someone.. why saanjh is so much concern about maya’s past … even maya is mentally unstable in her past she doesn’t have any rights to love or marry someone… what saanjh doing is ridiculous

  20. Ayesha she gets tensed because she doesn’t care for beauty, as she doesn’t have it 😛

    1. totally agreed Loveujenny.
      Saanjh needs a good stylish at least.Poor one.

  21. Angelk1

    Maya is suffering from personality disorder not depression. Its two type of disorder she has one is paranoid an the other is borderline.
    Paranoid personalities are often jealous, guarded, secretive, and scheming, and may appear to be emotionally “cold” or excessively serious. Which we notice maya does a lot.

    Borderline disorder; They are prone to sudden and extreme mood changes, stormy relationships, unpredictable and often self-destructive behavior. These personalities have great difficulty with their own sense of identity and often experience the world in extremes, viewing experiences and others as either “black” or “white.” They often form intense personal attachments( her relation to arjun) only to quickly dissolve them over a perceived offense. Fears of abandonment and rejection often lead to an excessive dependency on others. Self-mutilation or suicidal threats may be used to get attention or manipulate others. Impulsive actions, persistent feelings of boredom or emptiness, and intense anger outbursts are other traits of this disorder.

    But slowly shes moving towards compulsive behavior, its when people have such high standards of achievement that they constantly strive for perfection. Never satisfied with their performance or with that of others, they take on more and more responsibilities. They also pay excessive attention to detail, which makes it very hard for them to make decisions and complete tasks. When their feelings are not under strict control, when events are unpredictable, or when they must rely on others, compulsive personalities often feel a sense of isolation and helplessness.

    These behaviors usually start at a young age. When something happen to them. In maya case shes suffering from cluster a an C. Types of disorder. One treatment is getting meds but thats not enough. She needs a full lown therapy session until shes well.

    1. are u a doctor?
      how come you gave such a lengthy explanation about mental disorders

      1. Angelk1

        I don’t have to be a doctor to know these things. I learn it from psychology class.

  22. What does saanjh get from all this what’s her benefit? So if Maya has a mental illness is it automatically saanjh’s duty to inform Arjun about it!! Lady they’ve been together for just two months maybe she was going to tell him eventually give them sometime to get to know each other..this saanjh is always hurrying things..she’s hoping that once Arjun finds out about Maya’s illness he’ll leave her and come running to saanjh disgusting she woman! So self absorbed all the time

    1. Shalinisenthil

      Well said stefan

    2. Angelk1

      Did she say she expect arjun to come crawling to her. Did she reveal her med to the public …no, we’re all assuming because we know saanj still has feelings for arjun. I agree she does, but at the same time worried for him. Anyone would be concern seeing a letter like that.

      Even pandit warnings shouldnt be taken lightly. Saanj shouldnt have went through her medical records because she has no right, but that doesnt mean she cant be worried for her bestfriend/ boy she loves.. Would it had been better if vandana found the letter…no.

      She would have never let the marriage happen then. But saanj only disclosing the information to arjun which we all know wont care an will blame her for going through her personal things, which will lead to him uninviting her to his wedding.

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