Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 24th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 24th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Aryan and Saachi return home and see whole family awake and waiting for them. Diwakar scolds Aryan why did he take Saachi out at this time, she is unwell and needs rest. Neelima says she came to their room with milk but did not find them. Prabhath also scolds Aryan. Saachi says it is not Aryan’s mistake, she insisted him to take her out for ice cream and apologizes. Sarita yells in mind, nothing has changed, Saachi is irresponsible as usual. Sushanth speaks and says they should not have gone out. Aryan says it his mistake, he should not have taken Saachi out when Kabeer is not yet caught. He tells them all the incident happened and how Nikita saved them. Priyanka asks to elaborate. Saachi says Nikika saved them on time, so she invited Nikita for lunch tomorrow. Sarita gets very happy and says she did right. Diwakar asks Saachi to go and take rest and tell him if she needs milk shake, ice cream, etc.. Sarita thinks Nikita is best match for Aryan, but nothing can be done now.

Next day, Sarita prepares dishes for Nikita and asks Priyanka what Nikita sweets Nikita likes. Priyanka says she likes bengali sweets. Sarita asks servant to inform Mansoor to get bengali sweets from city’s best sweet shop and days Nikita saved Aryan, else because of Saachi, Aryan was in danger. She continues praising Nikita. Neelima hears this and looks like angry.

Saachi tells Aryan that god united them again and they have to make efforts to clear differences. Aryan says trying to change things will worsen situation. Saachi confronts and says as he says, a great man told if you try, you will never lose. She gives towel and asks to take bath to less his anger. Aryan says great man even told not to waste effort unnecessarily.

Nikita enters holding bouquet and stepping her right foot. Saachi greets her in. Nikita says she does not know if Aryan and she would have been compatible. She says she is happy that Aryan married her. Saachi says credit goes to her. Nikita asks how. Saachi says nobody can change fate, but for fate to meet, situations have to meet each other, because of Nikita, she and Aryan came more closer. Nikita says she was worried how Saachi would react, but she is so sweet. Sarita comes and gets happy seeing Nikita and thanks her for saving Aryan. Priyanka says maasa ordered bengali sweets and halwa for her. Sarita continues chatting happily. Saachi gets disheartened seeing this.

A masked person calls Saachi and says he knows where is Kabeer and asks to come in living room. Saachi comes down and asks who is it. Masked person burns chandelier rope. Aryan comes talking on phone and sees chandelier falling on Saachi and informs her. He runs towards Saachi and looks worried.

Precap: Inspector informs Aryan that Kabeer has been arrested. Masked person removes overcoat and reveals it is Nikita and she laughs that Saachi will die.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I ?This show

  2. This is utter BS! Sarita is soo blind and arrogant that she cannot even see how much Saachi has done for her family and Aryan. I hope this drama finishes soon now. It was suppose to be a happy serial with family moments, but now its a regular dragged on tv show that needs to finish.

  3. Vishakha

    Its a 10 min episode everyday for the next two weeks..

    1. Use accha do din hi dikhate 25 mins ka episode atleast woh episode wali feeling toh aati aisa lag raha hain koi advertise dekh rahe jo 10mins ki hain.useless sony now thy wont care abt ersk as it s definateky gog off air n 3rd.isliye toh kinshuk r shivya woh q n a session band kar diya as no hopes.

      1. Vishakha

        Are acha hai jaane de yaar..Sony koi ehsan nai kr rha hai hum par aise dikha k..

      2. JenniferAndrews

        In sony walon ka muh kaha hai,
        Chapal marni hai.

    2. Vishakha

      Koi fayda nai hai..apni chappal tut jani hai Lekin Ye nai sudharne wale..

  4. Anyways suna tha ek baar thes lagne ke baad insaan woh galti baar baar nahi karta yaha toh sanchi ne bida hi utha liya hain galti karne ka.atleast aryan has become wise n s warning sanchi lekin sanchi ko toh apne pair par kulhaadi marne ki aadat ho gayi hain toh bhugtoh ab court ke chakkar lagao.
    Sarita ke liye no words .use counselling ki sakht jaroorat hain.

    1. Vishakha

      Very true..no words..I’m really happy with the changes In Aryan.. Sarita ko counselling dene k chakkar me counsellor ko hi counselling ki jarurat pad jayegi ?? and sanchi ki to chod hi do.. Use to mahan banne ki aadat ho gyi hai..and usi k chalte she Is turning foolish..

  5. show jan me hi end kar do. nehi dekhni eisi show hume. sanchi jeisi koi nehi ho sakti real life me. itni mahan nd ullu peida hi nehi hua hoga. boring… too much..

    1. Vishakha

      Maine to kasam kha li hai apart from historic or mythological shows mujhe aur koi daily soap Dekhna hi nai hai..

  6. JenniferAndrews

    Nikita pe to kabse doubt tha.
    Sarita to ek moti bhess hai jisse khali wrong khayal aate hai.
    Kaun itna gir sakta hai ki apne bete ki lifesaver ki bhi respect bhi nahi kar sakta.
    Ab sarita toh humesha hi negative rahegi

    1. Haa bhais n cow rite keep n chewing the same grass.are hum logon ne sarita ko kya kya naam de diye ?????

      1. Vishakha

        World’s first gori bhains she Is ?????????

      2. oh gosh…she is only acting… director want her to do…poor script…at the begining it was very good…bt now …….

      3. Vishakha

        We know she is acting ?? hum bhi Maasa k character ki baat rahe the..surbhi ma’am ki nai.. ??

  7. they all are acting :D… problem is poor script…show is going boring day by day afters aryan n saanchi’s wedding

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