Beyhadh 20th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Beyhadh 20th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arjun sees Saanjh and walks towards her, but seeing Maya ignores her and hugs Maya, says she came back, let us go somewhere else. He then asks Saanjh if she came. Maya comments some people are so shameless to come back repeatedly. Arjun says Saanjh that maa was calling her repeatedly and wants to with her. Saanjh says why should she take a neighbor home, it is son and daughter-in-law’s responsibility. Maya gets a call and excuses herself. Arjun tells Saanjh that she knows he cannot keep Maya and maa together. She asks if he is so afraid of his wife. Arjun starts arguing that she changed. Saanjh says sometimes we have to, why should she take neighbor home. Maya brings Vandana on wheelchair and says Saanjh told right for the first time, they will take maa home and tells Vandana let us go. Vandana shivers in fear and pleads Saanjh to take her along. Saanjh says she has promised Samay that she will change and does not want to take neighbor’s responsibilities. Vandana starts crying and Saanjh leaves. Maya tells Vandana that she will take good care of her.

Maya takes Vandana home and tells Arjun that she will take maa to her room, he need not worry and he can go to office. Arjun leaves. Maya then tells Vandana that she will take good care of her and reminds she came here first time with Arjun’s kundali and Arjun bribed pandit to lie. She says she was in Arjun’s fate and Vandana could not do anything. She takes her to Jahnvi’s room and tells she brought another mom, what to call them now, calls different names and says she is Jahnvi maa and she is Vandana maa. She continues and tells Jahnvi that she wanted to bring dog for her entertainment, but brought Vandana maa instead. She continues her baseless talks and tells Vandana that she need not worry, what if her one son is in jail, another son is free. She wipes Vandana’s sweat and says she is sweating in AC. She takes Vandana out saying let Jahnvi maa rest.

Saanjh hugs Suman and cries that she could not bring Vandana aunty home and let her with Maya. Suman says Vandana needs her prayers now and not sympathy.

Maya takes Vandana to another room and orders her to get up from wheelchair. Vadana gets up. Maya says she likes her when she obeys order. She says she will not find any problems here and even if she finds, she should accept it as learning. She continues her blabbering and frightening Vandana and goes out.

Vandana gets a call and she picks it. Saanjh speaks on the other side. Vandana says nobody doubted her here. Saanjh says even here and says she has to fight for her both children’s lives from Maya. Vandana says she is strong now and any schizophrenic/Maya cannot harm her.

Precap: Maya takes Vandana to her secret room and nobody can escape from her, she can see her anytime they way she likes. Saanjh prays god that Maya will try to mentally torture Vandana and Vandana should be strong.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Angelk1

    I hope vandana uncover some truth so we can fibally have something. Its been ages since we had any clues. Its about time tye writter reveal something about the mysteries.

  2. hating maya character one talk with their mother in law like this even if she is too bad.arjun is soo dumb to let maa alone with maya after knowing everythimg.

  3. The Dark Hunter

    I would say that VM deserves this treatment for the unfairness that she showed to Maya when she was good and wanting to change. However I didn’t wish it that Maya starts degrading further to do so, I wish she could still be genuinely nice as a way to make VM guilty and doubt her current thoughts of maya, it would be a better plan if she was trying to expose VM and her plan, and another perspective is to get her good books to get closer to Arjun, she should see Arjun’s concern for his mother, and if she wants to win his trust and love more she shouldnt be secretly frightening VM, though i see the ultimate motive behind it and i really disapprove of it. i wish she would be more tactfuk even then, rather than to openly show her/give her reasons to expose/hate her by being so forward in her dislike and even showing her camera room etc.

    Maya is losing her smartness as well in favour of portraying her as evil and mad which is assassination of her character in two big ways. She is GREY, she takes advantage of situations, manipulates current situations etc. she doesn’t create Rape dramas or other things those were OTT and against her grey nature. Moreover, what was the point of showing the Camera room or taunting her about Ayan being in jail/bribing the pandit? That was cruel and I cannot support maya in that, though I can empathise with her frustration against VM for not giving her a chance and Arjun still running after her despite everything, this is no way makes her justifiable however.

    Maya is becoming irredeemable in both the show and to us fans and I really am not liking it, they should show some grey shades again through actual good treatment of VM, or another episode of her confronting Jhanvi and crying about her life, just something to remind us that she is still that tortured child wanting happiness and not just a vindictive psycho.

    Maya should be exposed and Arjun leave her, but only so she can improve, best her demons and become free and selfless in love again. If Arjun then accepts her or not I can only hope, but I don’t wish to suffer anymore for her and others’ mistake, I want her realisation and change to happen soon.

    Love maya always ❤❤❤

    1. The Dark Hunter

      Or showing the cameras is deliberate and maya’s way of slowly exposing VM’s plan.
      Either way it is demoralising to see the extent of her negativity its getting difficult to watch a character we loved and empathised with, lets hope they start to show lighter shades sooner than later, when she still has a chance as opposed to when she’s too far gone.

      Many thanks

      1. Only saying the truth

        Yeh i saw your cmnt after I had posted mine , tbh my cmnts r nothing compared to yours you go in depth of the characters n the story it’s a delight to read your cmnts thank you ever so much . Idk abt u but I found Maya’s , VM , jhanvi scenes cute n funny . Love Maya with all my ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    2. Only Saying the truth

      I don’t think Maya’s losing her smartness at awl, she’s not dumb to b played straight into Sanjh/VM’s hand , she knws Vm is at her house with a motive and she definitely knws nothing can break Sanjh/VM bonding.I believe Maya knws they’re playing a game with her and she’s playing along with it .

      1. The Dark Hunter

        You are most probably correct.
        I thought that too primarily after writing the post and i corrected it underneath.
        Thanks though its always nice reading your comments 🙂

    3. Tbh, I still felt this was mild. The things she did to Saanjh for the dinner who in return had done nothing that time lowkey scared me a lot. This was better than that. ‘Ve seen more darker shades than this. Maya was trying to be nice or at least acting. ??

      Love Maya always ❤??

  4. Hahahahhahahaha
    It is better to be in the right hand of the devil than in its path?
    Dear Vandana what have you done? You’re playing right into Maya’s hands now bear the mental torture! You made my maya baby suffer and turn bad again now see how vengeance is served
    Even if maya cannot physically harm Vandana since she’s arjun’s mom I hope she harasses her and makes her life a living hell
    No amount of “strong” can save you from Maya! I don’t get this demented plan, how will they ever expose Maya? Like will they bug her? Or follow her around? Saanjh for once in your godamn life mind your own business
    Anyways I cracked up when Maya compared Vandana to a dog?? I love sassy Maya and I’ll take her over obsessive Maya any day

    1. Only Saying the truth

      In the precap sanjh is praying for VM that she stays strong during Maya’s mental torture so she does knw the impact of mental torture but still no sympathy for Maya who’s been MT by the one who was suppose to protect her throughout her life , physical abuse is far better than mental abuse ,as MA stays with u 4 lifetime 🙁 🙁

      1. The Dark Hunter

        i dont think she knows anything about mental torture aside the mental incarceration VM gave maya, something that she dutifully ignores now despite standing up for Maya more than once. She heard of Maya’s torture at the party Maya was engaged at, but didnt seek to ask if she suffered from anything as a consequence and whether to dig up her past to help her, no she dug it up to showcase Maya as mad and bad and separate Arya, a lot of selfishness as well as care for Arjun was evident even then.

        She only briefly cared for maya, and it was nice to see, but she never truly accepted Arya, clear even after the leap she was almost hoping they were not happy together, it was a bit sad and pathetic to see tbh.

        Mental abuse does stay i know, everyday i have difficulty sleeping as the darkness always reminds me of my dad hitting my mum and me, and the things he would say… I guess im still afraid ??

        That is what she is, she may seem dark and cool on the outside, but inside she could be frightened and panicking that her love is drifting away from
        her, and that is leading to her actions as she has never learned goodness, so what can one expect from her especially as when she tried to be good she was tortured, thus losing her faith and trust in goodness, whereas when she is bad at least she is control and confident in herself, something wrong but understandable.

        I hope surprisingly that she does get exposed soon, Arjun either leaves her or helps her idc but i want her to start getting better soon.

        The scene on Valentines day was the day she showed the purity of her love when she was leaving him. It was then that Arya’s deepness and pure love was shown to us, and i hope she eventually regains that and leaves Arjun willingly if she has to, not that Arjun walks out on her and hates her.

        I truly wish that maya retracts the case before her falseness is exposed, but i fear that is not the case, that may be a bad way to prevent her truth being exposed, but at least it will be a GREY action and get her closer to Arjun whilst doing the right thing as well, something that im longing to see.

        Hope that maya redeems and gets the light of love and happiness she deserves before its too late

        Love maya always ❤️❤️❤️

      2. Only saying the truth

        I’m so sorry to hear that , I can understand how your feeling , it’s the worst feeling ever being abused by the ones who were suppose to protect us , I feel so angry at times that why the hell did they bring us to this world if they didn’t want us , if they couldn’t protect us from their evilness ( referring to our so called fathers ) 🙁 🙁 . The way Sanjh was praying for VM it did seem like she knws the impact of MT she could not have helped Maya coz the minute she found out Maya’s having some mental problems she tried her level best to separate them instead of digging out the problem n getting her cured !! Unfortunately I’ve missed that valentines episode but do hope that what your saying does come true

      3. Only saying the truth

        Your right Maya does seem to be dark from outside and is frightened from within , idk if u rmmbr that after the pole dance when Arjun was packing his bags n leaving she said ” Arjun if your angry with my pole dancing , I promise I will never dance again “! That is the height of Maya’s love for him she is willing to do everything n anything for him n he’s a real duffer who fails to understand this n the need of her being helped .
        I pray to God that u get out of your darkness n live a life free of fear xxx
        You , Roby and our beloved Maya r an inspiration for me I’ve got so much to learn from u guy’s, keep smiling n enjoy life to the fullest .

    2. TDH, the chances of Saanjh winning this short-term battle enhances the chances of Maya winning the ultimate one when she redeems for her deeds. Sometimes, I felt whatever she did to the Sharma’s, they deserved it ’cause Arjun is too fickle minded when it comes to relationships. Like he knew today that Maya could do anything to VM and yet he left her with Maya. It either reflects his naïvety or stupidity or love- ’cause he trusts Maya. Don’t think the third one is the case here or else he hadn’t imagined Maya trying to kill Suman.

      Agreed. Sassy and feisty Maya reminds me of the office Maya when ArYa was blooming. And now look at them ?

      Hope Maya wins the ultimate battle ?

  5. I hope Maya didnt know abt this phone call

    1. I too wish this. Saanjh should first get rid of these two so-called men “Arjun” and “Samay”. It would be beautiful to see a friendship between Saanjh and Maya where Saanjh will bring her back to lead a happy life. No need of men…

      1. The Dark Hunter

        That would be amazing.
        Women should unite! Just as maya and saanjh did before to protect Arjun I the murder case I would like them very much to somehow get past the differences and be friends. In this case her relieving Arjun and giving back Ayan would make that possible, but leaving Arjun seems much more far-fetched, plus after mistrust and betrayal from both sides concerning Arjun it would be very difficult.

        As a women myself however I would love to see these two women leave him alone and become strong on their own two feet or united! Arjun truly is not worth it anymore I used to love Arya so much when Arjun was genuine and true to maya without fault, but it seems he has done things to make her lose trust in him to this extent and I want to know what, otherwise I am not as much for Arya anymore.

        Maya is the only person with character on the show (samay now too) so I’m surprised by Arohi’s remark, but no matter.

        I wish regardless that Maya conquers her insecurities, her demons and if possible finds a true love that brings only happiness and healing not misery and desperation, she deserves it after such a life and after she is punished for what she has wronged, I want to see her with or without her love make it all right, for our and her sake so she defeats Ashwin and love wins in the end as Jennifer said.

        Love maya ❤❤❤❤

  6. o my God. vanthana y u go to Maya dark world. u r son also in Maya dark work. and he blindly love with Maya.
    arjun u also changed ditto Maya characters u can you believe Maya for fake rape incident.

  7. Really now a saas bahu conflict? You should have made Arjun leave instead of entertaining him. Arjun deserves every single milligram of misery he gets, show us Samays’s death track, that will be far more interesting

  8. Stupid Maya go to hell?well vandana and saanjh planning to expose her but to whom????.arjun already knw tat Maya is psycho but he does not want to tell to others becoz tat Maya will harm them.fed up tis cvs they will show like saanjh winning but finally tat psycho Maya nly win .tis plan will also be in vain atlast becoz Maya will find tat nd makes vandanas phone destroyed.i really hate Maya a chacterless women but I love Jenni mam??nd aneri Mam. All are doing their rolls perfectly.

    1. Arohi, don’t use the term “characterless” for Maya. She truly loves her husband, yes it is obsession, but not at all characterless.

  9. saanjh now also want to prove maya wrong to arjun …. but saanjh u don know one thing … arjun already knows about maya but he s just like this to protect u all …. saanjh when will u care for ur parents … brother … samay … who r always tolerating ur nonsense … r u true to samay …. just to prove maya wrong to arjun. U have send ur vandana maa to tha hell despite knowing about maya …. Wow wow what a pyaar kahaani … Shame on u …. I hate saanjh to the core … Over acting over reacting …

  10. Superb episode….&hello hello mike testing 1..2…3…saanjh mission started to separate husband and wife (Arjun Maya) again…saanjh unstoppable effect for Arjun freedom from Maya..actually saanjh thought, she is trying to give happiness to Arjun &his family ,but she dont know problem is turning more worse because of before holi time saanjh tried to separate ArYa,that cost is ArYa unborn baby died, after saanjh supported ArYa separation,& she supported arjun to lie wit maya for not to go London..that cost is Ayaan in what will happen again saanjh trying to separate ArYa..?(saanjh brought arjun death via samay)..all saying only Maya is giving pain to all….but they are not thinking other side saanjh vajase also problems is coming for them..her unstoppable trying for see this Maya unstoppable effects to keep with arjun..both obsessive for Arjun.

    I don’t know why this Sharma family&saanjh thinks only separation is solution?why they are not trying to solve.

    1. Resonance1290

      Yep it seems saanjh will never change. She is obsessed with Arjun more than focusing on Ayan’s bail.
      I wish for the fun of it they replace the main line of the show as:

      “hadh se zyada kuch bhi acha nahi hota, SAANJH bhi nahi” ??

      Maya ❤?

    2. EXACTLY. I don’t like Saanjh ’cause she always takes the wrong path of ArYa separation to help Arjun. Instead of guiding him, Arjun is further getting consumed in darkness and loneliness because of her. She should focus on Ayan’s bail rn.

  11. Today super fun episode..??…i love maya always,my Maya showed honestly all cameras to vandana ..but vandana came to back stab vandana count down starts…my Maya will found upcoming scene maya thrown vandana phone in water ??…she will give new phone to her..waiting for next episode ? love u Maya ?

  12. I have a feeling that saanjh has spoken about her plan to samay and samay inturn has informed this to Maya. Remember Maya gets a call from samay at the hospital n says she’ll go meet the doctor… Maya is a player, maybe VM n saanjh are thinking that they’ve spun a master plan but I feel Maya is already walking two steps ahead of them. Wat do u guys think….?

    1. Only Saying the truth

      @Sannia, couldn’t agree with u more ! she’s always two steps ahead of em I have another doubt that Sanjh was suspicious abt Samay she wouldn’t tell her plan purposely unless she wants to test him to. She thinks she’ll kill two birds with one stone but she’s got a surprise waiting for her lol


        That is our beautiful maya, too smart for her own good, but unfortunately at the moment using such intelligence for the wrong reasons.
        I hope she LOSES soon and realises the consequences of beyhadh love so she begins to turn around, that would be ideal, and then she can work to redemption and happiness which she has deserved for so long.

      2. The Dark Hunter

        Yes maya is amazing both in intellect and cunning. If only she used such gifts for good she could be something beautiful, but alas the world never appreciated her goodness or gave her a chance, and now look where such strength and mental power is being wasted 🙁
        Let us hope maya starts to turn around soon.

        Love maya always

  13. Hahaha.. Good to see Saanjh’s effort. But it’s Maya’s place. And the show is all about Maya. Every single frame is of Maya. Vandana once behaved so rudely to Maya now she will get the return. Maya will never leave Arjun. Not matter how Saanjh & Vandana try. Maya baby be careful!! Saanjh the spy is after you!! Crap!

  14. The Dark Hunter

    Just a repost. Apologies to whoever has viewed it prior.
    Maya always ❤❤❤


    Moreover, remember the episode before they left VM’s house after 1st consummation, Arjun saw maya looking at Jhanvi with cameras and asked if she would do the same to him. Maya said NO as she TRUSTS him. This was in the period when Arjun was fully devoted to maya and not letting any friendship boundaries go beyond the limit, nor was he or anybody else giving her reason to doubt him. She was still trying to change and be trusting of people a feat incredible as everyone before had hurt and betrayed her before so it showed the strength of her love that she was trusting Arjun more than even her own mother!
    The actions thereafter of Saajun understandably broke that trust but maya still was happy that Arjun stood by her through everything, so she would have no reason to doubt him if there was no-one who would try to break them apart right?

    This means he DID some things within the leap that made her this way, she couldn’t have gone crazily possessive of him overnight and w/o reason! They better not leave this lose end and start showing Maya’s side of this 3 year story, she even mentioned a “Dhoka” of Arjun’s when she retook the office prior samay’s confrontation, so he must have done something, they have to show why maya is as she is, maybe then more will empathise with her again otherwise many are only pitying Arjun and disliking maya, we have to see her side as well.

    Thanks for your continued support guys!

    Love maya ❤❤❤

  15. How can people be so thankless? Wasn’t Maya the reason why Arjun and Vandana patched up. And yet, she blamed her all the time . . . tripping stupid and superstitious predictions by pandits. Her character exasperates me the most. You deserve what Maya said “sabak” for whatever torture she did to Maya. Maya truly and genuinely tried changing herself but this lady didn’t give a shit. She’s the actual reason behind the entire family’s downfall.

    I’m glad CVs didn’t keep Vandana’s helper a mystery, although it wasn’t difficult to guess ?? but seriously, CVs should show the mystery behind the murders and also the attempt to rape case because I still don’t believe that Maya planned all of that ?? Her flashbacks of Ayan assaulting her still makes me believe that she’s innocent. Maybe the kick was in self-defence? There’s no wrong in hoping, right even if its hoping against hope ☹?

    Anyway, if that’s not the case, I wish that this superficial battle is won by Saanjh and co. so that Maya gets a chance to redeem because the more she manipulates, the more she’s getting pushed towards darkness. If she falls down, she can still find a way towards light with/without Arjun. Arjun’s presence doesn’t matter at all because he’s a spineless coward. I hope the ultimate battle as MAAF mentions between the nine year old Maya and the abusive father Ashwin is won by the innocent soul who was tormented and pushed to such darkness. That love becomes the reason for her to live and doesn’t destroy her.

    If CVs plan to make Maya suffer two stigmas will continue in our society forever- love destroys, mentally-ill deserve only death ?

  16. Coming to the episode, Vandana’s lines seem so shallow, she never loved Arjun, she in fact cursed him and now all of a sudden, ma ki mamta jaag uthi? I was like, cut the crap of Saanjh and Vandy and show my Maya baby ?? (It rhymed)

    I missed Samay again. Piyush is almost matching with Jenny in his acting skills and tbh, Samay’s character is much much better than Arjun’s even though ArYa is my ultimate OTP ??. I hope Samay gets better screen space because with time (Samay) will clear the illusion (Maya) and mysteries. ??

    Upcoming segment further strengthens my view that Maya is beforehand aware of Saanjh’s stupid plans but I hope Saanjh wins this time because that would be Maya’s win in discreet.

    Love Maya forever and ever till eternity. ❤??


      It rhymed ??

  17. god some ppl are still supporting the psycho maya,instead of supporting vandana who is sacrificing for her innocent son ayan.

  18. This is the first time in television history everyone is supporting villain because the role has been played by Jenny but if the maya role has been played by Aneri everybody would hate from bottom of their heart since the beginning of this drama. Hats off to you Jennifer.


      If you read some comments above and the view of some Maya lovers, you would see a less narrow picture. Many maya supporters are women, but moreover also have a abuse/troubled childhood and so see her as almost an idol or representation of actual life and the problems that can arise within it.
      I can understand that no-one I believe could match Jennifer’s intensity of her character as well at least now she has been slaying the screen for so long, plus I feel Aneri could not take up such a mature and demanding role when she’s still much younger in both age and acting skill to Jennifer.

      But more than Jennifer it is the story they have given maya that makes us love her so much, her torment is sad, but we also admire her strength, her determination, her never-give-up attitude, her passion despite her pain and the strength of her love, even if that love is tested and warped by her past. She can only win and bring happiness in her love is she defeats her past, not try to forget it, and we are still waiting for that time to come 🙂

      Thanks for your comment but I disagree with you I’m afraid.

      Maya ❤❤❤

  19. Ayesha22

    Maya is going to that fatso (vandhana) now what is it like to be tortured mentally she will surely show her and make her pay for whatever she did with maya back when maya was trying to change.they (saanjh+vandhana) should take some lessons from maya before creating a plan against her,they should consult her for advise.still maya baby please come back to your original khadoos self or that selfless self.i don’t want u to go so far in darkness that it would become difficult for u to return.dont destroy urself for that spineless idiot because seriously he’s not worth it.MAYA LOVE YOU,PLEASE TRY TO RECOGNIZE YOURSELF.DONT BECOME WHO THEY WANT TO MAKE YOU,PLEASE FOR THE SAKE OF THOSE WHO LOVE YOU FOR WHO YOU ARE.

  20. Shit watever maya does its good and correct because she suffered in her childhood but watever saanjh does its bad coz she has nice childhood wow if saanjh isntrying save arjun from maya its obsession but if maya torture arjun to love then its pure love kya baat hai kalyug yaar kalyug.

    1. The Dark Hunter

      Maya’s love is pure but her vision of expressing love is obscure and warped, selfishness and insecurity ingrained through fear of losing her loved ones just like she used to lose all her friends and never experiencing love, only necessity in her life. plus the actions of her love in relation to others would incite insecurity in even a normal wife, there are quite a few so i will not list them, but the point is that all this is bound to make her not understand love or that goodness in love makes love beautiful, especially as when she was good she was discriminated and beat down in response. So, she resorts to controlling her love, as she was destroyed trying to let love control her and be good just as she said in 1st episode it is happening now. this is the cause and creates extremity in her measures, but this didn’t exist pre-leap and cannot happen spontaneously, they have yet to show why she became this controlling of him from HER perspective.

      Saanjh is completely correct in her desire to save Arjun this time, but its the fact that her main intent in court and several other scenarios was to find some fault in maya and break Arya rather than what she was supposed to do, e.g. Bailing Ayan she could have built a stronger defence based on evidence specific to the case rather than creating stories without proof and attacking Maya’s past and character to use as “proof” for the present, something that was not very befitting her status as a lawyer.

      Moreover, everyone but her and VM saw her acting as a third wheel interfering in Arya constantly, Suman even voicing it out, but she didn’t listen anyway, creating many of Maya’s insecurities by her far-than-acceptable proximity to a married father-to-be.
      If her almost-kiss, making Arjun lie to his already insecure wife and the Holi PDA didn’t happen, people wouldn’t be as against her as they as today. She took it further than allowed even when maya had trusted and made a friend out of her, and had no intentions of separating Saajun or their family, she or he took it for granted and made her afraid of losing him, as he is the only person she could find peace with, thus resulting events leading up to the leap.

      Saanjh is not bad at all, but its her insensitivity/non-acceptance of the wisdom of parents who rightly for their daughter wanted her to move on and become happy and forget Arya, yet she would never listen to them, plus her being after Arjun and being insecure about him even before maya loved him showed she was to a degree obsessed with him and couldn’t stand him caring for any other woman, similar to Maya only maya has never had someone to keep her truly happy or loved, nor she had a family who loved and supported/showed her the right way, and so she is more forwa, passionate and sometimes immoral, but her past definitely has much more of a part to play, whereas saanjh has done questionable things despite having such a sanskari and supportive happy childhood/background.

      This is not the Kaliyug anymore, we are moving into Dwapara Yug just so you know ??

      However the point is Maya is loved so much as she is GREY, she has immense passion and intensity, will make sure whatever she sets her mind to happens no matter how it happens, which is immoral but also admirable equally. Jennifer herself says people shouldn’t judge her negatively because of this, and that she is a very complex character but if you understand her, more than not you will LOVE her; its a matter of perspective.

      Whatever she is doing now is unjustifiable from any angle, which I and many other maya lovers admit wholeheartedly, which is why we want to see her lose and realise her mistakes and start to improve/defeat the demons ashwin had created within her all those years ago. Only after that can her love return to its original form, just like when she wanted to leave him for his happiness, that selflessness we all wish to see return soon.

      Thanks for your comment, and I agree that what maya is doing to Arjun is wrong right now, but at one time she couldn’t see him hurt in any form and loved him purely, we don’t want that light to disappear completely, which is why we still support and wish for the best.

      I hope you got what I was trying to say 🙂

      Love maya always ❤❤❤

  21. The Dark Hunter

    Just seen the IMDB ratings drop to their lowest yet.

    it seems rightly so that people are disliking this current track and this level of psycho in maya its a detriment to her character after all especially after all they showed in season 1, and people love maya for her greyness so showing this negativity is not helping the ratings or fans appreciation its seems, plus it is becoming repetitive.

    Practically all ive encountered on IF and otherwise are pining for Arya/Samaya, or wanting maya to lose ASAP to start a phase of redemption/healing which i agree with totally, she needs to realise and start to get back on track, making her perpetually worsen will not be beneficial at all, nor will it sit right with what they’ve showed her to be and why she is what she is; making her a tortured child makes people want her happiness, but also for her to realise her wrongs and stop/get a reality check before it goes too far. she needs justice for the world’s cruelty towards her at every stage, but also as well punishment for her actions in season 2. Bringing back lighter shades and making her eventually better and happy, alone or with someone irrelevant will be this justice and her final victory over Ashwin, only by defeating her demons can she be free of him, no matter how much blood she spills he will be within her until she chooses to do whats right once again that she tried to post-marriage but was rejected and tortured for, someone needs to darken the RED candles of passion and fiery anger/love and rekindle the WHITE candle of light and purity within her, that which was shown on Valentines day and much time after pre-leap.

    she truly loves Arjun, but her actions are a result of her fears and insecurities that are now extreme whereas before she was beyhadh but also had restraint, as She had Arjun’s full support (most of the time) and more importantly her beloved Ganpati who until she returns to her life i fear she will only worsen.

    Even when she punished Arjun multiple times and hated him very early on, she would still repent and be guilty of hurting him as Ganpati was there to watch over her and guide her, whereas after she made Arjun her god Ganpati’s protection has been lost and her morality is tied to Arjun and his state rather than her own mind itself. Only by returning her identity to herself through bringing back Ganesh can she become in control of herself again and free others in the process.

    I spoke of the candles before as they are a subtle symbolism (I hope) that was hinted at, Samay put out three red candles but left the white candle aflame. i hope it means he will help to uncover everyone’s truth, bring peace between them and most importantly bring peace and security to Maya, challenging and showing the consequences/truth of her beyhadh junoon so she can make a change and hopefully reunite with Arjun in the end. Time is on her side and they better show him being among the catalysts in making her better.

    The Pundit that spoke to Arya in Mauritius said that Maya will make him separate his relations and that their relation will be difficult, he didnt say that they would break up to never reconcile. Moreover, VM pundit was most reassuring in saying they are the BEST jodi and that they will give each other great happiness, but through Maya’s beyhadhness complications will arise, and that Arjun is the key/has to tackle these problems alone, but that in the end they are destined for one another, and i hope to see this true as I love Arya and Maya so much 🙂

    i wish for Maya’s happiness and love to win in the end, she deserves no less, and hopefully she can amend her mistakes and reunite everyone once again just like she did once before even when Saanjh couldnt, she is the one for Arjun i’m sure, and if she loses this battle, she better ultimately win the WAR. lets hope they keep the positive predictions in mind as well and not only make all bad things come true, else it will be a bit of a shameful whitewash especially the way theyve focused so much on Apshaguns, good happenings and their 36 Gunns matching should be remembered as well, its the only way that balance can be maintained and justice be served.

    will meet you guys in the next comments page but until then thank you guys for everything!

    love maya always
    <3 <3 <3

  22. maya is using the wrong techniques to get arjun…she is acting as if arjun is only hers…she separated arjun from sanjh and from his family..i cruel is dat??maya is not grey..she is black

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