Beyhadh 2 26th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Maya Warns Rudra

Beyhadh 2 26th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maya asks Rudra why is he getting angry and whom he has problem with; Maya, Rajiv, or MJ. Rudra angrily walks away followed by Ananya. Rajiv says he likes Maya’s wow factor, especially when he is angry. Rajiv goes for job interview and is offered 75000 salary. He storms out saying he spends more than that in cafeteria, walks to his car thinking he has to do all this for Maya, and takes his friend to restaurant. Rudra calls Maya’s mother and says Maya is again angry on him and seeks help to calm her down. Mother says if he permits she will come there with lunch. He happily agrees. Mother walks in with bodyguard. Rudra asks why is she so sweet and Maya so bitter. Mother says Maya wasn’t like this before and situation changed her. He asks what did she bring. She tells menu for him and Maya and asks bodyguard to keep tiffins dining area. Rudra takes his tiffin and says he will have it alone.

Rishi from restaurant calls Maya and invites her for lunch. Maya says she will not have food until he starts earning and becomes self-sufficient. Rishi says he has 2 job interviews lined up and will not have food even when he is hungry and disconnects call. His friend suggests him to break up with his girl as she is too controlling, but Rishi doesn’t agree. At MJ mansion, Antara prepares custard for MJ. Diya tastes it praises that she prepares MJ’s favorite custard perfectly even now. Antara serves it to MJ. Rishi walks to MJ and says he should at least complement mom. MJ sensing his ordeal asks which girl rejected him. He asks if girls speak what they do. MJ says that is the specialty of girls and they control boys in that way. Antara says if girls fall in love, they will do whatever boy says. Rishi reminisces Maya’s words that she will not have food until he starts earning and walks away keeping custard bowl. MJ says Rishi’s girlfriend’s chapter is not yet closed yet, so he needs to find out what is happening.

Maya’s mother serves lunch on 2 tables and seeing Rudra speaking to client asks if he has many contacts. He says he is working since 8 years and before that was in US, so he has significant contacts. She asks if he can find out about her husband and son in US and writes their number. Maya snatches and tears papers and stopping Rudra from having food takes him to a room and starts a heated argument. Mother, Ananya, and Rajiv watch from glass wall. Ananya says she will go and check. Mother says she shouldn’t be kabab me haddi. Maya warns Rudra to stay away from her personal life and her mother. Rudra agrees. Maya asks mom to come along. Mother says she may lose job. Maya insists and takes her along.

Ananya takes food and asks Rudra to have something, but he denies busy working. She drops sauce on her dress. Rudra bends down and sees torn papers. She asks what is he doing. He says trying to find out Maya’s secret. She reminds him about Maya’s warning. He asks her to go and clean her dress and connecting papers notes down a number. On the other side, MJ tells Diya that they need to do something about Antara. Diya says he should poison and kill her as living with him is like dying each day, so better he kill her. He says whatever happened yesterday shouldn’t happen again She assures.

Maya walks towards her car and is about to sit when she remembers something and asking Rajiv to drop her mother home walks back to Rudra’s office where Rudra dials number in which a recorded voice says he is Manas and to leave him a message. Maya walks in and repeats.

Precap: Maya says she will not forget 4th April 2011, 4444 as a rich man ruined her life under his car. Ananya tells Rudra that he is overreacting.

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  1. So Maya’s mom is eyeing Rudra as her FUTURE DAMAAD, it can be seen!!!
    By the way she was INSECURE with Ananya’s closeness to him, and by the way she told her, the possibilites of becoming his wife.

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