Do you think Sanjivani 2 has lost its charm?

Star Plus’ Sanjivani is going off track by dragging a lot. Sid and Ishani’s journey got the hurdle in the form of Asha. Asha married Sid and made his life hell, just on Vardaan’s command. Vardaan knows that Sid is Shashank’s son. He wants to break down Shashank by targeting Sid. He gets Asha on board to ruin Sid’s career. Vardaan plans to ruin Sid completely to the extent that it affects Shashank, only to reveal Sid and Shashank’s relationship at that moment. Asha falls in danger, but luckily gets a savior in the form of Ishani.

Asha gets a change of heart when Ishani risks her life. Ishani slips in coma adding up more sorrow for Sid. Asha realizes her mistake. She decides to annul her marriage with Sid. The dragging track of Asha will be finally wrapping up, but Vardaan will be still there to select a new aide for his plans. Vardaan’s revenge motives isn’t revealed clearly. The show doesn’t interest much due to the stagnant track of Sid and Ishani’s prolonged union. Do you think Sanjivani 2 has lost its charm? Let us know your opinion.

  1. MaddieDaddie9966

    Yes, of course! This show is just including unwanted high voltage drama…
    Time to change the track….

  2. s i could say for sure.the essence in start n the storyline was wow n now its totally revenge saga?? of vardaan n shashank poor sid is mediator??.
    n after long now asha changed tats a small sight of relief

  3. This story has no logic. Doctors dont behave like this. This is a such an insult to the medical career. Stupid directors. Feel sorry about the producers for spending money on such crap.

  4. Stupid story

  5. Question is when did it have any charm????

    1. MaddieDaddie9966

      It did have charm….at the beginning…But now the story is just utter crap…

  6. Yes, even i commented the same on yesterday’s episode. Initially this show was awesome.. But now it is completely lost. Stopped waching the show when asha started helping vardaan..and even stooped reading it after a few days. Now I just see it’s title in tellyupdates while reading other shows.

  7. Yes absolutely. The show is going so slow that I am just reading the update here once a week and have stopped watching the show. Still I am not missing out on anything. Unnecessarily they are dragging the show.

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