Beyhadh 2 24th January 2020 Written Episode Update: MJ and Rudra Reconcile

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Beyhadh 2 24th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maya prays god not to let MJ happen anything as only she can kill MJ and god cannot snatgch her right and she is alive for that. MJ gets conscious in ICU. Diya hugs him and cries that he would have died. MJ says he is alive. Diya says it was a big risk. MJ says to get Rishi, no risk is big; he reminisces calling Ananya and informing her that he found Rishi’s girlfriend and to bring Rudra to the said address. Maya gives flowers to Rudra and asks him to keep it under MJ’s pillow, god will listen to her prayers. Ananya over phone informs Rudra that MJ is out of danger now. Rudra hugs Maya and thanking her says dad is out of danger now, he leaves. Maya smiling at god’s idol says thank you.

Antara asks why did he risk his life, what if something had happened to him. MJ says he couldn’t save Rishi from that girl, how could he lose his Rudra. Diya says Rudra doesn’t consider him dad. MJ says whether Rudra believes or not, truth will not change, he is ready to die for Rudra. Rudra enters and says he cannot risk his life without his permission, he didn’t understand MJ’s way of love for 10 years, now he understands it and does not want to stay away from his dad. He hugs MJ emotionally calling him dad. MJ holds Rudra and Ananya’s hands and says they shouldn’t delay their marriage now and even Rishi wanted same. Rudra looks at Maya’s given flowers, reminiscing her dialogues. MJ asks what is it. Rudra says he prayed god for him. MJ requests him to say yes for him. Rudra reminisces romancing Maya and then Myra shooting MJ and nods yes. Diya and Antara rejoice while MJ hugs Rudra and Ananya.

MJ gets discharged from hospital. Reporters surround him and ask who was the girl who tried to kill him. Rudra says she was his enemy, but until god’s blessings are on his family, nobody can harm his family. Maya holding Myra’s photo cries and apologizes for not saving her and promises to kill everyone. She hears MJ telling his son is his shield and nobody can touch him now. He announces that his son is going to marry his best friend and business partner Ananya; their company Ruan Publications is going to merge with Roy Industries. Maya then watches news that a mentally unstable girl died while trying to kill MJ and nobody has claimed her body yet. She cries repeating I am sorry.. Reporter further says Rudra proved that he is MJ’s blood. Maya angrily breaks TV and calls Rudra, but he doesn’t pick call. Maya thinks MJ is dreaming of Rudra’s wedding, but she will show Rudra’s funeral to MJ.

Rudra walks to Maya’s house. Maya says whenever pain increases beyond limits, he remembers Maya; whenever he wants to save his office, he remembers Maya; when he cries after his brother’s death, he comes to Maya; when he wants to kiss, he remembers Maya’s face; but when he wants to marry, Maya is unfit and his bestfriend and dad’s choice is there for marriage. Rudra asks what is she trying to say. Maya asks if she is unfit for marriage. He says she herself told him and what he could do. Maya vents out her anger on Rudra and pushing him out of house locks door. Rudra says even he doesn’t want to talk to her. Maya grins.

Ananya tries dresses for her wedding. Rudra enters and seeing her busy says he will come laater. Ananya stops him and says everyone in childhood dreamt of becoming doctor, lawyer, police, etc., but she wanted to become Rudra’s wife, she is very excited, if Rudra is also happy.

Maya’s mother asks her why did she kick Rudra out of house. Maya says he fought with her in office. Mother asks what if he gets really angry. Maya says he will not, she will convince him first and then save him; gives her psychopathic smile.

Precap: Maya tells Rajiv that Rudra will die on his wedding day and everyone will watch his dead body. She kidnaps Rudra.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Maya will kidnap rudra n maybe marry him coz shivin narang aka rudra posted on his instagram that he n maya r shooting in rishikesh for their marriage n honeymoon sequence ❤️❤️🥰🥰
    Poor Ananya 🤣🤣 I don’t like her interfering in ruma’s love story anyways. Good if maya n rudra marry😘😘

  2. Rokiatu Dembeley

    I don’t want MAya and Rudre to get married

  3. Sanjay Kumar Bhattacharya

    I am waiting for upcoming thrills and twist! Maya, MJ’s Daughter in law and Rudra’s wife. Wow, I am looking forward for upcoming episodes! Thinking about MJ reaction!

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