Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 24th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Nia finds Amber’s interest in music

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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 24th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amber telling Randeep that Mahesh will be back. Randeep says if you argues with me then I will take legal action against Mahesh and you. Amber looks on. He gets his chat friend’s message and reads it. She asks if that person who argues with him is still there. Amber messages yes. Just then he hits his leg and gets hurt. Randeep takes care of Amber. Pummy gives anurag’s call to Guneet and asks her to talk. Anurag asks if he can meet her again so that he can impress her. Guneet says yes. He says he will come and asks her to inform Pummy. Pummy says she has invited him for dinner.

Randeep massages Amber’s leg and says he will drop him home. Amber says so that you take over my business. Randeep says I will be with you, and Upadhya will take care of work. Kabir suggests Nia to figure out Amber liking for something and then only make that type of ladies meet him. He says if he is happy then only will meet the woman.

Randeep brings Amber home. Amber says you are not that bad, but you do bad things. Randeep says I am in love with your…and then stops and says company and you. He says I love you. Amber says I want to beat you with my slippers. Nia comes there and asks what happened? Amber messages that he hit his leg on the table. Randeep says he will leave. Nia asks what he was telling that day. Randeep says some other day.

Nia comes inside and asks Amber if she shall give him icepack. She finds him in the storeroom. He shows the flute. Nia says do you know how to play it. Amber shows the trophies. Nia says you can give competition to Kishore kumar. Amber asks her to say directly that she is proud of him.

They laugh. Amber plays flute. Nia thinks of Kabir’s words that they have to search Amber’s interest and once he is relaxed, then they can search lady for her. She says she has work and goes. She messages her friends that Dad has love in love and he has performed on stage too. Kabir replies we shall search ladies who has interest in music. He sits in the hall and tries to play harmonium. He hears Guneet and Pummy talking, and that’s why goes to room. He plays harmonium and sings song. Guneet comes down hearing his music and closes her eyes, lost in music. Amber continues to sing barse ga sawan jhoom ke….Nia comes there and sees Guneet listening to music. Guneet tells Nia that she shall send amber on many dates. Nia laughs. Pummy asks what is this nautanki? Amber asks since when you are here? Guneet says I am here since mukda and Nia since Antara. Pummy says she was doing puja and was disturbed. Amber asks Guneet to keep cloth in Pummy’s mouth. Guneet asks him to talk with manners else she will break his harmonium.

Kabir, Nia, Shri and Kajal play Amber’s music show and his date. Nia says Dad will play harmonium. Kajal asks did your dad play it. Nia says she heard today only. She says we shall invite the ladies. Shri says companion. Kabir says we will select the ladies who are single and compatible from our mobile contacts. Then they see the ladies profiles on the APP and takes out the selected ladies printout. Nia thanks Kabir. Kabir says you are welcome. Shri winks at Kabir. Kabir goes. Kajal asks what was it? Shri tells that he told Kabir that he still has chance with Nia. Kajal asks why did you do this and tells that Nia used to like Randeep. They bet whom Nia will choose?

Guneet is looking at men’s clothes. Pummy asks if she is searching clothes for Dr. and asks her to select sherwani for him. Guneet messages Amber that she likes men in traditional clothes. Pummy says how she will make kofta in such a small time. Guneet says she is tired today. She messages Amber that some guests are coming. He asks if he shall not message her. Guneet says no. Amber says he is worried that her phone will fall down. Guneet says then hot vibes will come out from it. They laugh. Randeep asks Amber if he is chatting with his girl friend?

Precap: Amber tells Guneet that anyone can get impressed with her on the first meeting. Guneet asks when did you see me? He says from heart’s eyes. Nia asks Amber whose messages are coming.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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