Beyhadh 2 19th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Maya Strangulates Diya

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Beyhadh 2 19th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maya thanks Rudra for inviting maa. Rudra asks how can she not inform her mother about their wedding. She says he married her in such a hurry that she didn’t find time at all. He says he thought she invited maa, she says she thought him. He says just forget it as it doesn’t matter who called whom, fact is she didn’t want to marry him at all. She says listen to her, but he leaves. Diya enters and taunts her that once Rudra finds out truth, he will hate her. Maya strangulates her and says Rudra cannot hate her and whoever tries to convert his love into hatred, she will kill him/her. MJ pulls Maya’s hair from behind and says he loves her short hair. Diya tells him that Maya.. MJ stops him and says Maya’s mother/Nandini has forgotten everything and Manvi doesn’t want to, she should. Maya says she will never. MJ shows video of Rajiv unconscious on floor and says she has 12 hours to save him and giving her address says she should choose between saving her mother or Rajiv. Maya walks away fuming. MJ says he likes her short hair.

Maya returns to her room where Rudra wishes her happy valentine’s day, I love you, and gifts her flowers from vase. Maya sees him trying to touch thorn and holding thorn says she doesn’t like even a flower troubling him. Rudra sucks blood from her finger and asks if she loves him so much, then why didn’t she wear his gifted dress and cut her hair short. She reminisces MJ cutting her dress and hair short. Rudra says its okay, her silence revealed everything, he will not ask her again. She says he is a flower and she is a thorn and thanks him for holding her thorny hand on a rough road; she kisses his cheek. He asks why was her she said, if there is any tension. She says no tension, its only 2 of them now and their romantic moments. Antara noticing that thinks why she is not worried about Rajiv.

After sometime, Nandini joins MJ’s family for dinner and asks Diya if she is married. Diya says no. Nandini asks if she is related to Antara. Antara says big houses have extra baggage always. Nandini suggests her to keep 16 somwar vrat/fasting. MJ asks if drinking is allowed during fasting. Nandini laughs and says he is jovial like Rudra. MJ says she is also pretty like Maya. Diya thinks its already 9:30 p..m. and Maya forgot Rajiv completely. Nandini gets shocked seeing injured Rajiv being brought by Rudra. Rudra says Rajiv is Maya’s close friend and some goons attacked him, so he and Maya thought of keeping him in their house. Rajiv thanks MJ for letting a poor man stay in his house. Maya walks to Diya and says she never forgets her dear ones and whoever troubles them, her duty is to kill them ruthlessly. She gives Rajiv water. Nandini asks who tortured him ruthlessly. Rajiv says a dirty businessman whom he refused to have a business with him, he should rotten in hell, etc.. MJ fumes. Maya asks Rudra to show Rajiv his room. Antara scolds MJ for failing to handle simple issues. Rajiv enters Rishi’s room and says its amazing and he will stay here. Rudra tries to stop him. Antara enters and asks if he is mad to not see Rishi’s pics here, she will not let anyone enter her Rishi’s room. Maya says he entered by mistake and takes him away.

Precap: Rajiv asks Maya if she planned valentine’s day with Rudra. Maya shies. Rudra gets romantic with Maya. MJ walks towards their room saying its a date with past.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I loved today’s episode. I laughing so hard at MJ,damn🀣🀣🀣! Saw new trailer, Maya is back with full vengeance 😈😈 Those of you accusing Maya for being weak can rest easy now. Physical scars heal easily but emotional scars take time, and Maya never had that time,she was too busy plotting her revenge and caring for her mom, Rudra is that time now who will heal her,who has crossed the barriers Maya put around herself.All these years Maya was suffocating in her angst, Rudra brought her gentle breeze and she is desperate to hold on to him and MJ has hurt him unknowingly though in order to harrass Maya that was the push Maya needed to get out of MJ’s terror.
    Rudras intentions are still doubtful 😏

  2. In the latest promo, maya holds MJ by the neck n gets furious on him for hurting rudra. Maybe rudra will get injured n then maya will be behind MJ’s life. I m curious to see that
    Loved how she managed to save Rajeev today n that too by rudra’s help πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    MJ is getting super interested in maya nowadays. He cut her hair coz he likes her in short hair like manvi 😍😍
    Love how maya finally forgot all her fear towards MJ for rudra

  3. Okay…So one thing…Now enough of fearful maya…Let the fierce Maya come out..coz every single time MJ comes to scare Maya..I feel like punching him on his face..well great acting Aashish sir..
    As much as I know, We who watch beyhad regularly want to see just two things more often..MayRa Romance and Maya’s revenge…OUR Fiercely amazing Maya. And I don’t know exactly why..but I really wanna see a scared MJ..I desperately wish to see MJ shivering even due steps of Maya… experiencing Maya ka khauf…And rudra….just be at her side… please please please…I would not be able to survive Rudra betraying Maya..And Yes MJ v/s Maya..Let the battle begin.πŸ˜‰

  4. Well..One more thing..this time Maya has a character development unlike previously..a fully grown physco..Maya’s character has a steady growth which I quite of like bcoz our Indian television normal character growth goes like….timid, sensitive, good , innocent and sanskari heroin then a 10year leap and now that heroin is very successful (don’t know in what!) And rude, ruthless and extremely rich….then back to 10 saal pehle wala character 🀦.
    I feel this show is more like a book jiske sirf kuch chapters hi padhein hain hmne..lets not judge until the climax ..thats the least we can do.

  5. Today maya wasnt viscious but she was still stronger in front of mj. When mj came to the dinning table, maya seemed almost normal. At least she wasnt cowering in fear. I think the difference was her mother’s presence. Maya knows that rudra’s love gives her strength. But i dont think she is aware that every kind of love gives her strength. In case of rudra she thinks his love will protect her. But in case of her mother, she knows she can’t get weak as she has to protect her mother from the devils. So without even being conscious, she automatically becomes calmer and calculative so as to become a better warrior… i am liking maya’s mother a lot now. Specially her uncomfortable questions towards diya. Antara says diya is like her sister. Lol. Wait till the truth comes out!
    I saw the latest promo too. I am sure it wont telecast today. Maybe tomorrow or next week. Cant wait!

    1. Ya dhara liked the latest promo. At least in this season they have showed her a little remorseful like Rishi death

  6. Sanjay Kumar Bhattacharya

    Amazing episode after along time. I loved it.

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