Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 18th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Amma invests her necklace to make it double

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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 18th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Amma telling that Rajjo has peeled low taste orange. Vipul comes there and tells that he has a scheme. He says he will take gold from her and then weigh it. He says I will mortgaged it for a day and then invest the money. He says then we will get the money back and return you double gold. He tells that his boss takes 2 percent charges for the dal and rice. Amma says she will send it from home. He says boss has family members who eats chicken too. He says Commissioner’s wife gave me her jewellery. I will return it double. Amma asks Rajjo that they shall start with a small jewellery. Rajjo asks her to give her bangles. Amma gives her bangles to Vipul. Happu tries to talk to Rajjo and says he will cry.. Rajjo forgives him and asks where is the tears. Happu smiles and tells that he is happy. Amma drinks wine and tells Dada ji that she couldn’t tell him get out from her house. Dada ji asks where is your bangles? Amma says it is in almari. Dada ji asks where did you throw it? Amma tells that she gave it to a company to doubled it. Dada ji says I thought you are understanding, but you are not. He says company is fraud. Dada ji asks her not to give her 5 lakhs rs necklace. Amma says I will not give that. Dada ji says I found that necklace on the way and asks her to promise that she will not give the necklace. Amma promises him and asks him to sing song. Dada ji sings song.

Kat tells Malaika that she will become a doctor. Malaika says it is very difficult. Kamlesh comes there through the window and tells that he will support her. He says we shall take the test as if I met with an accident and you have to rescue me. Kat asks who did your accident? Malaika says me…She hits on his eyes. Kamlesh tells that he couldn’t see and cries. Kat touches him. Kamlesh asks her to cut the nails. Kat says she can’t. Malaika tells that Kat is the agent to make people reach the God. Kamlesh asks her to stay away from him. Kat cries.

Happu, Ranbir and Chamchi are sitting outside the school. Pan shop guy comes there. Hritik asks him to play the game and explains it. Pan shop guy loses it at first and plays again. He loses again and gives another 5 Rs to them. Hritik and Ranbir get happy to earn 10 Rs.

Happu greets Commissioner and says you are here early morning. Commissioner says I was waiting for you since 30 mins. Happu tells about his scooter. Commissioner asks him to sell it. He tells that they have come to know from intelligence bureau that some gang came to the city, who are duping people of gold and asks him to alert his mother and wife as they are uneducated. Happu says they are very intelligent and asks him to inform his wife. Commissioner says my wife has done masters in finance, law etc and will not get duped.

Vipul comes to Amma’s house and says you will get triple, says your case is special. Amma gets happy and calls Rajjo. She threatens Vipul. Vipul says your gold was auspicious and we got more profits. He returns her original gold bangles and gives her some other bangles saying it is real. Vipul tells that he will leave after giving them ring also. Amma asks Rajjo to bring her necklace. Dada ji asks her not to give, but Amma gives it. He weighs it and goes. Rajjo tells that she will show Happu that they have earned money.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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