Best Friends Forever 26th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Best Friends Forever 26th March 2013 Written Episode, Best Friends Forever 26th March 2013 Written Update

1. BFFs discuss how disappointed they are wd Varun
2.they decide to bunk class
3.RGV, sahil n Rohan inform them that rigved sir has cancelled all classes so they’re organizing a party, n through chits it’s decided that vinnie will host it
4. After buying all the snacks, vinnies car breaks down, n coincidently she meets Puru who offers her a lift
5. They reach college n party
6. Varun n sanju hav a clash. Varun tells her that the reason you’re doin this to me, doesn’t even care
7. Sanju tries proving to Varun that she’s important fr prithvi, but prithvi is on a call n he’s very angry (his mum maybe) n excuses himself despite of sanjanas repeated attempts.
8. Sanjana gets upset n goes to sahil, in an attempt to make prithvi jealous. She holds his hand n gets close n says he’s her ‘special frnd’ n all. He says he’s very happy to hear that. He even confesses tht he likes her but Sanjana doesn’t pay heed cuz she’s busy looking at prithvi on the phone.
9. Sanju asks sahil for a dance n does a really close dance which makes sahil too happy n he’s all smiling
10. Varun says to sanju tht u hvnt changed , u still make guys stand behind u in a line, n knowing that they like u, u giv them attention till u wish to..
11. He taunts her on why she did this to sahil despite of knowing he likes her a lot
12. Sanju doesn’t say anythin, n wen prithvi comes to her she tells both of them to ‘just get lost’

PRECAP: sanju crying (dnt remember d rest)

Update Credit to: Delcy

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