Bani Ishq Da Kalma 26th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 26th March 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 26th March 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Rajji telling her mom about Deshu’s starting her search on NRI groom for Bani. Sohum and her Bhabi overhears this, Sohum bhabi worried about him while he assures that they are just searching for the groom now so he will have time to get his visa for Canada and ask for Bani’s alliance for marriage to her mother. Everyone inside Gurudwara praying. Sohum keeps on stealing glances of Bani while she is lost in her thoughts (conversation with her mom on NRI groom). Rano then enters the Gurudwara and sits in one corner. Bani is praying for her mother’s wish to come true but is still sad thinking all these is happening ever so quick whilst Rano in her prayers wishes to meet her husband as she has been waiting for 20 long years for his return.

Everyone sitting around for the Prasad. While serving Rajji asks Bani to meet her and Bani tells her to go away at the moment. Rajji’s brother sees this and asks her what she was doing while she just changes the subject. On serving Bani slips but Sohum catches the bucket she is holding and gives her the rotis to serve. They both are serving together and Rajji seems happy watching all this. After meal, Bani telling her mom to go ahead as she will help with the cleaning. Deshu on leaving tells the lady to look over the matter soon. On hearing this Rajji’s mom asks Deshu why she is hurrying only to get harsh reply from her saying they have been left behind in the past so that is the only reason for her to hurry. Bebe trying to speak while Deshu stops her and she consoles Rajji’s mom after Deshu leaves.

Scene shifts to Bani and Rajji where Rajji tells her that Deshu is hurrying way too much for her marriage and not even thinking about what Bani wants. Bani then says that she respects her mom’s wishes and would do what she wants and will marry the person whom she choose for her. Rajji then tells her that she has been blindfolded that she can’t even see that Sohum loves her while Bani replies that she wishes to turn a blind eye on his love all she wants is to see her mother happy, her dreams to come true and finally the family to be unite again. She then leaves and asks Rajji to come as well.

In Sohum’s house he is working on Happy’s helicopter while his Bhabi is telling him off for not drinking the milk that she has left 2 hours ago. She then asks Sohum if she should talk to her husband for Bani’s rishta while Sohum denies. He tells her that he is not yet the suitable groom for Bani as her parents wants and everything should be fine once he gets his Visa for Canada. His bhabi then asks him to meet the agent soon and leaves leaving Sohum to think about Bani’s smile yet again after he mends the helicopter. In the morning Sohum gives Happy his helicopter and Happy extremely happy along with Bani and plays with it which make Sohum exceedingly happy. While playing Bani again slips and this time Sohum catches her, both feels awakward. Episode ends.

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