Bepannah Si Mohabbat-Mere dil ko teri dil ki hi Zaroorat Hai-Ep 5

The lightning striked right through the white curtains, as Zoya struggled to close the huge Windows. Infact, the wind was so strong that she fell back, but into Adi’s arms. Adi chided her, for almost injuring her baby. She smiled, as he quickly closed the windows. As they were just about the change to sleep, Anjana came up, and called them down. As Aditya and Zoya walked down confused, the whole family was staring at the blatantly, as if someone had just been murdered. Out of Anjana and Harsh who were standing with imaginary knives in their hands, Pulkit and Noor were worriedly bitting their nails away, wanting to hug Adi and Zoya.
Aditya and Zoya panicked. Zoya rushed down, rather quickly, but she was too fast, until the powder on the staircase slipped her with conspiracies. Aditya panicked as he missed a grip of her already weak and flimsy hand, as she slid down in pain, unconsciously lying injured at the end of the stairway. To much of Adi’s surprise and chargrin, no one rushed to her, except him, as he was slowly losing his breath while Zoya was fighting for hers. Anjana now walked frantically, behind Adi, and hit him with a rock, with a tear reflecting on a drop of blood which dragged along the white floors of the hooda house. Harsh carried Adi, and Anjana carried Zoya both violently, and unwantingly rushed them to the hospital, because they didn’t want them to die. They wanted them to lose their memory.
One year later
The curtains helped the wind chime play a beautiful tune as it almost struck 8 on a windy and sunny Sunday morning. “Ting ting ” rang rapidly a melodious alarm, while a violent hand patted a sleepy head which screamed “Zoya!” . She smiled, sat up, and hugged the sleepy head rolled up. “Good morning Jaana” she said chirpily, as she hopped out of bed and got ready for work. Out she came in her normal clothes(typical Zoya clothes). It was almost 9, and sleepy head hadn’t woken up yet. She went up to sleepy head, and kissed sleepy head on the cheek. “Jaana, get up”. As she was about to reach the dressing table, a strong hand held her, and she fell back in the arms of a man. Yes, sleepy head was a man with thick framed black glasses and neatly combed hair;Yash Arora. He kissed her, as she blushed and went ahead to wear her mangalsutra.
Zoya Hooda one year ago was now Zoya Arora. This one year had been a completely fresh start for Zoya. For Zoya, Yash was her true love. Her first love. She hadn’t remembered this was the same yash that she had left the dais for in 2008,
she hadn’t remembered the reason why her Mother and Sister was not willing in her marriage with Yash, all they wanted was her not to get hurt again. Yash was toxic to Zoya , often said Noor and Roshna. However, so blinded in the love she had ditched years ago, Yash caught her off guard and eventually married her. This was definitely part 1 of his revenge.

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