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Good Morning My Lovely Readers Thanks alot dear jasmine sia anuva anu tanshi

Love u all ???❤??

Thanks alot dear silent readers

Recap-zoya prays to God to help wasim come our of his greed Lohri pooja takes place at Hooda house Siddquis too have come wasim tries to talk to zoya But she ignores him

Dhol is played

Dancers dance

They make Anjana n Harsh to dance together

They bring Adiya close

Adi looks in zoya’s eyes

She smiles at him

They do some banghra

Pari too dances happily

Wasim n Roshnaq are made to dance

Roshnaq moves away n walks away

Harshvardan notices

Wasim cannot meet Harshvardan ‘s eyes

All are dancing happily

Zoya notices her sari has become loose she excuses herself

Adi notices her going

He gets concerned

Wasim too sees her go

Wasim goes behind zoya

Zoya makes her sari proper

She is about to leave room

Just then wasim enters

Zoya doesn’t look at him

She is about to go

Wasim-Beta atleast listen to me once beta u punish me scold me do whatever you want but Dnt ignore me ur silence kills me Zoya

Tears fall from wasim’s eyes

Zoya is teareyed

Wasim (lump in throat )-beta whatever I did was for u all I wanted to give u all a better living

Zoya looks at him teareyed

Wasim -beta I know I did wrong but Pls nobody is talking to me u are my strength pls Zoya talk to ur abuu

Zoya-Abu Iam ur strength ?i matter alot to u ??Right??

Wasim-of course beta

Zoya-no no no Abu its a big lie Only money power fame matters to u Nobody else is important for u

Wasim is puzzled n shocked

Wasim -no zoya trust me

Zoya-Trust u abuu??ur greed made u so blind that inspite of knowing about Aditya  n pooja u got me married to him.when yash tried to stop our marriage u beat him u lied to him that I knew about pooja

Wasim-beta I didn’t know anything about pooja trust me yes I was greedy but beta I knew adi will keep u happy Iam sorry but I didn’t. …….

Zoya-U didn’t what abuu How could u How could u.

U thought I will be happy after knowing Aditya has someone else in his life ????

Wasim is speechless

Zoya moves out

She doesn’t notice

Adi has overheard them

Tears drop from Adi’s eyes

He leaves in hurry

Pari tries to stop him

He moves out

Adi is walking on road

He is lost

Zoya’s words echo in his ears

He sits on a bench

Tears flow from his eyes

He remembers how zoya supported him to walk he remembers all the time zoya n he were close

He remembers her smiling

Adi-I was foolish to think that u are happy Zoya I was selfish to think u are happy with could u be happy. This marriage has ruined ur life This marriage is like a punishment to u

Adi breaksdown

Adi-Zoya u are too good for me u deserve better much better

Zoya is crying in washroom

Zoya-Iam sorry abuuu I spoke like this to u i just want u to realise how greedy u had become By grace of Allah Iam very happy with adi n pari.Iam blessed to have ma papa Arjun adi n pari in my life

Adi crying

N zoya crying

Shown on screen in two halves

N bepannah bepannah is played in Bg

Precap- All are on terrace trying to fly kites

Adi is still very lost

He looks at zoya

Who is looking gorgeous in Lenga

Zoya is trying to fly kite

Yash helps her

Adi observes he feels bad

He takes out alcohol bottle from pocket n gulps it

Yash holds zoya’s hand while helping her

He holds her too close

Tears fill up in adi’s eyes

N moves out

Adi is shown drinking in bar

He remembers zoya n yash’s closeness n keeps drinking

Adi comes home in an inebriated state

Zoya is shocked to see him this way

She takes him to room

She holds his hand

Adi talks like a kid to her

N requests her not to go anywhere

Adi is crying

Zoya is shocked

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  1. Anuva

    Really very emotional yaar… Adi misunderstoods Zoya… it’s painful for Adi… really sad to see Adi in tears… precap is so sad… why Adi never see truth? Also emotional when he asks Zoya to be with him ever.

  2. I really love this story….. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Wowwwwwwww superb and precap was lit jealous adi☺️☺️☺️U nailed this episode yaar too emotional

  4. Oh no….adi misunderstood zoya..I can’t bear this..this is making me cry….Plzz don’t separate adiya…the precap was hopeful for me …if zoya understands everything from adi then all the confusions will be the next soon yaar..very excited for what is going to happen next…

  5. Please bring back bepannah I really lv the actors and the show.

  6. Jasminerahul

    dance scene was nice. adiya moment was romantic.wassim zoya scene was sad.why is wassim telling zoya that he was unaware of adipoo?but that day to yash he was saying something else. wassim is so confusing. oh shocking that adi misunderstood that zoya is not happy with him while zoya is actually happy with him.hope zoya herself clears his misunderstanding

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