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Good   Morning My Lovely Readers 

Thanks alot dear jasmine sia anuva anu  n Varshini

Also thanks for ur wishes for deepak

If possible pls vote for him

Thanks alot dear silent readers

Recap-zoya pari n adi play games n enjoy Zoya gets upset seeing photos of adi n pooja Adi tries to apologise but zoya leaves

Pari is sitting on bed

She is playing with her doll

She notices that Adi is struggling  to pick a glass from table

He Is unable to move his wheelchair

Pari Is about to get up

She notices that zoya comes N gives adi glass

Adi thanks her

Zoya -Aditya u must not get that scared now u must try to stand up little Iam there na y u worry

Pari-yes papa even Iam there u should try

Adi-no no its very painful what if I fall what if I will never be able to walk aga

Before adi could complete his sentence

Zoya covers his mouth

With her hand

Zoya is sitting on her knees

Adi looks deep in her eyes

They get lost in each other

Pari -Papa u must not say bad things

Zoya-Yes very correct

Adi holds his ears

Adi-sorry I wouldn’t say bad things but I am getting scared

Pari-ok u Hold my hand N try to get up Atleast try

Zoya smiles

Adi is scared

But pari looks at him innocently

He gives his hand to her

He tries to stand but cannot

Zoya goes on other side

She too offers him hand

Adi holds her hand

So on one side Zoya is holding his hand N on other pari

(Dnt they look like a complete family??)

Adi stands up

He smiles

N thanks them

Zoya is shown giving medicines to adi

Pari helps adi in doing workouts

They keep supporting him to stand up

Pari-papa now u pls stand on ur own

Adi is scared initially but zoya n pari insist

First pari leaves his hand

Adi panics n holds zoya’s hand tightly

With both his hands He is holding her hand as he has fear of losing his balance

Zoya smiles at him

She slowly makes him leave her hand

Now adi is standing  all alone without support

He feels glad

Pari Sakshi n zoya clap for him

Zoya helps him walk with help of support

Adi feels good on getting up from wheelchair

He smiles

Zoya makes some herbal paste she is grinding some herbs

Pari too helps her

They are giggling n doing masti n grinding

Soon They together apply paste on adi’s knees

Zoya-Aditya u pls try walking pls Leave this support

Adi-no no no I will fall

Zoya-Aditya come on try

Pari-yes papa pls pls

Adi-no means no I will walk with support not without support

Zoya -Aditya see first u were not ready to leave wheel chair u were scared see u tried so u could leave wheel chair so now try u will be able to walk without support

Adi (frustrated)-no zoya I will not be able to walk with support leave me alone yaar pls

Zoya feels bad

She goes

Pari goes behind her

Zoya is upset

Pari kisses her on cheeks

Zoya smiles

Pari-I have an idea Papa will surely walk without support

She whispers something in zoya’s ears

Zoya smiles

They give hi fi to each other

Adi is sleeping in his room

Pari quietly takes away his support  stick n throws it outside room

She goes n stands near door

She traps her finger in door

She starts crying

Pari-pa pa paa my finger

Adi wakes up

He panics seeing  her finger trapped in door

He tries looking out for support stick

Pari keeps crying

Adi feels helpless

He calls out to zoya n Sakshi

Nobody comes

N pari is crying

Adi cannot tolerate

He gets up from his bed

N starts walking slowly

He walks towards

Pari still crying

Adi goes there n takes off her finger

He hugs her

Pari starts laughing

Zoya n Sakshi clap

Adi is confused

He notices that he walked without support

Pari gives hi fi to zoya

They hug eachother

Adi is confused

Adi-u got hurt na pari

Pari-no papa my finger was not trapped i just wanted u to walk without support It was my plan

Pari giggles

Adi hugs her

He looks at zoya with admiration


Arjun comes to usa

Pari gets glad seeing him

Arjun-Bhabhi ma papa were insisting that they too wanted to come here because since a week u both are here I somehow convinced them n I came alone we need to return to Mumbai

Pari over hears

She starts weeping

Adi is upset

Adi-I cannot leave pari like this she needs me

Zoya gets confused

Arjun -Bhabhi we have no other option ma papa will come here of we delay more we need to go to Mumbai

Zoya-what if we take pari along with us

All are dumbstruck

We recommend
  1. Jasminerahul

    the first adiya scene was emotional n romantic.pari zoya helping adi to walk was lovely.nice idea by pari to make adi walk without support.glad that now adi can walk

  2. Anuva

    Zoya n Pari helping Adi is nice… i loved that Pari kissing Zoya… Pari is knowledgebale… she made her father walk… Zoya’s idea of taking Pari with them is super… Anjana n Harsh should accept her…

  3. Loved it , yaay now adi will walk slowly slowly , awesome

  4. Loved it , yaay now adi will walk slowly slowly , awesome ahh hope pati will go to Mumbai with them

  5. Certainly they look like a complete family.I loved it.zoya’s decision is really good.what a nice character she has.zoya and pari helping adi was so cute.

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