Tantra 28th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Nisha in Damini’s trap

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Tantra 28th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nisha and Damini walk inside Jalsa.
Akshat reached outside Nisha’s house. The guard was inattentive and busy on phone. Akshat breaks into the house.
Nisha and Damini arrive at Jalsa. Prithvi stands to welcome her and asks if there was a confusion, as engagement was in the evening. Damini says no confusion, she only came over to congratulate him for the merger. Dadi wonders how Damini knew about it. Damini says it was in the newspaper as well. Nisha also congratulates Prithvi. Prithvi asks Damini about the other guests for engagement. Damini says it seems the guests would now reach in the wedding straightaway. Damini tells Prithvi she is also as determined as Prithvi is and do her best to achieve her goals. The guests were seated. Niyati watch this from the corridor upstairs.

was helping Nirwan get ready for the engagement. She gets emotional that Nirwan grew up so early. Niyati comes to inform Sumati that Saudamini and Nisha have arrived. Sumati leaves to meet the guests.
Akshat searches the house and wonders what Niyati wish to find here.
Niyati comes inside the room and asks Nirwan how he even proposed Nisha, as he is extremely shy? Niyati was excited and asks Akshat about his complete love story. Nirwan tells Niyati that once Nisha’s car was out of order. He gave her the lift and then next day left her car at her home, fixed. Nisha called him a true gentle man. Niyati asks what the date was. Nirwan says it was 28th of November, exactly a month ago. Niyati remembers that it was the night Mohan and Chintu robbed in Jalsa. Nirwan insists that meeting Nisha was a happy moment. Kanchan comes to the room and takes Niyati downstairs.
Akshat finds a laptop and searches in it.
Before the engagement, Dadi opens the box of Prasad sweet Kanchan brought. Saudamini thinks Nirwan must only take it after her Tantra. She takes everyone’s attention to some music and celebrations instead. During the party, Damini picks up a glass of water and Kanchan pushes her to ruin her dress. She walks inside. Niyati watch her go inside. Damini goes into the storeroom and step down towards her Tantra. The bunch of Nirwan’s hair lay there, she works with her Tantra.
Niyati follows Saudamini to check why she got so late.
Kanchan watch Dadi bring the Prasad to Nirwan. Nirwan eats the Laddu while Nisha deliberately drops hers. Nirwan’s eyes were now reddened. He holds Nisha’s hand and drags her to his room. Nisha was at once fearful finding herself vulnerable while Nirwan behaves strangely and attempts to assault.
Niyati await outside the washroom and calls Saudamini’s name from outside. She turns around and was terrified to see Damini staring at her closely. She tells Niyati she had gone into another washroom and found her waiting here. Niyati notices there was sindoor over Damini’s hands. Damini says she does black magic. Niyati was at once fearful, but Damini laughs heartily claiming it a joke. She says they had Pooja at their own house, may be the sindoor didn’t wash off.
Prithvi and Sumati take the stage and dance with everyone else.
In the room, Nisha was able to escape from under Nirwan. She thinks she doesn’t want to, but she must do what Saudamini wish else she might kill her mom. She runs downstairs where everyone partied and cries for mom showing off her ripped clothes. In the room, Nirwan badly banged his head with a wall. Everyone in the party was shocked to hear the news.

Update Credit to: Sona

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