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Good Morning My Lovely Readers Thanks alot dear jasmine sia and silent readers

Recap -Zoya meets a Dr n tells adi that if they follow  his schedule  adi can walk in few weeks Adi gets excited

He feels he should  tell truth to zoya

He feels he shouldn’t  hide things from zoya

But he has apprehensions

Zoya tells yash about  phone call Adi made

Yash feels adi cannot cheat zoya

He tries to find truth

Yash is sitting with his laptop He is browsing something

Yash-This pooja is a mystery women Since past 4 years all her Social media accounts seem dear activated Since past 4 years she is not using  her Social media Accounts

How will i get information  about her

Where has she disappeared

Yash looks at a ganpati idol kept on his desk

He is about to close laptop

Suddenly he notices something

Yash-thanks ganpati bappa

Yash -But I will have to speak some lie to get truth our

Yash calls a number

Yash has called in Office of TCS company Sydney as Pooja’s profile indicated she worked there 4 years ago

Yash-madam I wanted to urgently  get in touch with ur employee Miss Pooja Raheja Iam her friend calling  from India Its very urgent

Receptionist-Sir pls give me a minute I will check my records

Receptionist-Sir Iam sorry currently we have no employee with name pooja raheja Maybe some misunderstanding

Yash -No ma’am actually  Iam Dr Yash Arora Pooja’s mother is admitted in my hospital She is in very critical stage we need to get it touch asap I knew she was working  4 years ago with u After that I have no idea we were not in touch Pls i have no other contact point pls if u could check ur records Pls

Receptionist-Sir ok I will call u after sometime

Yash-yes thanks

Yash smiles

Zoya is massaging adi’s feet

Adi is feeling awkward

Adi-zoya I dnt like when u do all this we can keep a nurse for this

Zoya-Aditya when a doctor  is doing  for u Why do u need a nurse Dnt u trust me

Adi-Its not about trust Its just that I cannot make u do all this

I mean…..

Zoya (interrupts )-Aditya if not ur wife Iam atleast ur friend right so as a friend I have right n responsibility both so pls no arguments

Adi-Zoya I feel u should  have been a lawyer Why did u become a dr nobody can argue with u

Adi smiles

So does zoya

Arjun is looking on from outside

He smiles

Arjun ‘s pov-They look so good with each other Perfect couple made for each other types But what will happen when Bhabhi comes to know about that thing

She will break

Their marriage will break

God pls do something

Yash is desperately looking at phone

It beeps

Receptionist-Sir we are so sorry to inform u that ur friend pooja raheja left our office  4 years ago n sir she is no more We have her death certificate in our records So sorry sir.

Yash is stunned

He thanks Receptionist

Yash’s pov-If pooja is dead about whom was adi talking

Who is in his life


Adi is sleeping

Zoya looks at him

She smiles

She sleeps on sofa

She switches off lights

Suddenly  Flashes of accident comes before adi’s eyes

He murmurs

No pari no pari pari I love u Pari pls dnt go Pari pls dnt be angry I love u i will come to u


By now zoya has switched on light

N heard everything

She wipes her tears

She wakes adi

Zoya-Aditya Aditya r u fine

He is sweating

He wakes up with Jerk

Zoya-I think u saw some bad dream

Pls have water

She makes him drink water

Adi holds her hands

Zoya-every thing is fine am here u sleep peacefully am her

Adi appears scared

Zoya makes him lie down

They share eyelock

Joh toh mera humdaard plays

Adi is still holding her hand

But he has fallen asleep

Zoya ‘s pov-who is pari may be it was just a dream or may be adi calls pooja pari


Zoya feels restless

Yash-This mystery seems very huge

I will need to do something


Precap -Yash comes to visit adi

He has got flowers

Adi thanks him

They are talking

Suddenly yash says he needs to make an emergency call

Yash takes out his phone

Yash-ohhh no my battery is dead I need to urgently call in hospital where is zoya

Adi-no problem zoya is in kitchen u pls use my phone

Yash thanks him

He pretends to call

He pretends to not be able to hear n comes out of room

He checks adi’s call log

He finds a no on which adi calls several times

He calls

A lady picks up

Lady-Haan Adi beta pari is fine how r u beta Pari is missing u alot

Yash -now who is pari???

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  1. Anuva

    Adiya scene was lovely when Adi scared of dream… May be pari is Pooja who is mentally unstable… Just a guess…

  2. Jasminerahul

    adiya conversation was sweet.oh adi’s nightmare about pari. hope pari is not adipoo’s daughter.adiya eye lock was romantic

  3. I think now my assumption was right pari is adi s and pooja s daughter …..amazing… soon

  4. Aditya seen was romantic.And who is pari?I think it’s Adi’s and Pooja’s the next soon. I’m eagerly waiting to know who is pari and why is that person so special to adi

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