Good Morning My Lovely Readers

Thanks alot dear jasmine sia and silent readers

Recap -Zoya decides that she will let adi go to usa

She convinces adi

He leaves for airport

On way he meets with an accident


Yash is driving

Suddenly he notices that a lot of crowd has gathered

Yash tries to look

He is shocked

Yash’s pov-This is adi’s car

Yash rushes out

He walks through crowd anxiously

Yash is dumbstruck  to see adi bleeding profusely

Scene shifts

In hospital  Zoya gets worried as adi’s photo frame falls from desk n glass breaks

Zoya takes photo frame in her hand

Zoya-Allah mihaah pls keep adi safe

Yash comes rushing  to zoya’s cabin

Yash cannot speak

He is sweating

Zoya is puzzled

Yash-zoya pls come  with me

He takes zoya

Zoya is shattered to see

Adi on stretcher adi is Bleeding profusely his eyes are shut

Tears fall from zoya’s eyes

Zoya-Adi  Adiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

She yells Adityaaa

Yash-zoya I have called Dr Rashtogi Zoya A truck bumped with his car He has severe injury on his knees I think it will need to be operated

Zoya examines

Her hands get red

Her hands are shaking

Yash calls hooda family.

He tries to pacify  zoya

But zoya is lost

She tries to wake adi up

Yash holds her

Dr comes

Dr examine adi

DR-Dr zoya it will need to be operated Injury is very deep lots of blood has been lost I will take him to OT u pls sit here pls n relax

Yash-Zoya I too will join Dr Rashtogi

Just then hooda family n siddqui family comes

Anjana  cries

Roshnaq hugs zoya

Yash-u all pls dnt wry we will make him fine

Operation starts

Zoya is still in shock

Anjana  goes to her

Together  all ladies go near ganpati idol n pray

Drs are shown doing operation

Zoya Roshnaq Anjana Noor r praying

Arjun Harshvardan n wasim are strolling about nervously

Yash is nervous

Dr Rashtogi asks him to calm down

All are waiting  desperately  for operation to get over

Finally light of OT goes off

Yash comes out

Zoya rushes to him

Yash cannot utter anything

Zoya-Yash how is Aditya is everything fine pls say something  yash

Dr Rashtogi comes

Dr-Dr Zoya Iam very sorry though  the operation was successful  but since injury was very deep Mr Aditya Hooda will need complete  bed rest for a month And currently  we cannot say when he will be able to walk on his own n without any support

Anjana breaksdown

Zoya cannot believe what she heard

Yash walks away

Tears fall from his eyes

Scene shifts

Aditya is gaining consciousness

He remembers how he was driving n truck approached n Trashhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Adi opens his eyes

Seems that he is in immense pain

Anjana  goes in

Her eyes are welled up with tears

Adi tries to smile at her

Adi utters with difficulty -Maa am fine

All come in

Nobody is able to say anything

All look at adi with pity

Adi is puzzled

Adi-whats wrong? ?

Anjana leaves

Roshnaq hugs her

Zoya comes to adi

Adi-why are you all crying  am fine

Zoya-is it paining??

Adi-Am used to tolerating  pains am fine Zoya pls dnt cry

Adi tires to get up

But is unable to

Zoya supports him

She goes close to him

They have an intense eyelock

Adi-why is my knee aching so much

Adi is about to take off blanket

Zoya holds blanket

Zoya-Aditya u should rest now rest a little while pain will reduce

Adi nods

Harshvardan is weeping

Arjun  tries to pacify

Anjana -I dnt know how we will tell adi about this operation Adi doesn’t like to depend on others He will get very depressed

Zoya  is crying

Looking at adi from outside

Yash keeps his hand on her shoulder

Yash-I will tell him

Scene shifts

Anjana is making Adi drink soup

Adi-maa I want to go to washroom

Adi tries to get up

Zoya looks on from outside

Yash comes

Yash holds him

He gets wheel chair

Adi-y wheel chair

Yash (takes deep breath)-Actually adi Adi Adi I mean u had severe injury in ur knee so we have operated Adi u Willnot be able to walk for sometime

Adi is stunned

Anjana holds his hands

His eyes become red

Zoya goes near him

Zoya-pls hold my hand i will make u sit on wheel chair

Adi is lost

Yash n zoya make him sit

Tears fall from Adi’s eyes

He looks at big plaster on his knees

Anjana leaves

As she cannot see adi like this

Zoya sits on her knees

Yash leaves from there

She holds Adi’s hand

Adi-I have become handicapped now i …….

Zoya hugs him

Adi too hugs her like a small child n cries

Adi-what if I will never be able to walk again

Zoya covers his mouth with her hand

Zoya-Aditya have faith together we all will face this storm together  we will fight this U will walk u will Dnt lose ur will power Am with u We all are with u


Adi is brought home

Adi seems upset

Zoya takes him to garden in wheel chair

Zoya goes to purchase something

Adi calls someone

Adi-pls pls i request u Dnt tell her anything about my accident  she will get very worried I will try to come to usa as soon as possible  I will come to her soon Ask her to wait for me Am sorry

Zoya overhears

Zoya’s pov-About whom is adi talking  To whom is he talking



  1. Adi is definitely was talking about pooja only on the phone in the precap ???

  2. Jasminerahul

    happy that adi’s life is saved.but shocking that adi isnt able to walk.adiya hug n zoya consoling him was emotional

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