Part 103 Mehrya My Version

Part 103 03/12/2018

A week passed, Mehak and Shaurya was busy with work, Mehak on the other hand busy updating her page in YouTube. The organizer for the Best Food and Hospitality award has shortlisted White Chilies as in top 10 restaurants and sent invitation for their gala dinner. The result will be announced during the dinner. Shaurya and Mehak gets ready to attend them, Shaurya wore his black velvet tuxedo and fixing his bow tie. While he sees from the mirror reflection, she was in her long black dress which shows her curves and a gold belt below her chest, she was adjusting her belt and mumbling to herself. When Shaurya ordered that dress at his usual boutique for this dinner, he knows Mehak wouldn’t easily agree for it. But he manage to convince her in his own demeanor, to get wearing this dress. She wants to wear her usual traditional outfit saree or suit but the dinner theme was James Bond and he got her this. Shaurya smirked and suppress his lips letting a small smile at her as he gawking her from the back, she was about to fix the matching choker on her neck, he slid his hand from back and fasten the hook for her. She turned her face to his side and both facing each other on lateral side. She looked tensed, he wrapped her in his embrace and kissed on her shoulder asking her in his low voice, why is she tensed. She wrapped her arms on his arms and takes a deep breath. She slowly said, I am feeling weird wearing this evening gown Shaurya. This meant for these thin and modern type of girls, I still feel something not right she justified. He slowly moved her towards the dressing table holding her in his arms protectively, just look at you, you look very hot and s*xy, if you ask me I rather have you in my arms now and you know what will happen if I get wild on bed, her cheeks flushed in hot red tone hearing him, he grazed her shoulder with his stubble which caused goose bump erupted on her. He inhaled her sweet smell which is his favorite addiction. He tucked her hair behind her ears as he gets the earring and fix it on her ears slowly as he sees her blushing. Once done he slowly turned her to face him, she rested her palms on his chest he held her chin up to face him, she smilingly leaned in and placed her soft lips on his cheeks. Shaurya bend his head to her cheek and plant a kiss there and slowly whisper, biwi if we keep doing this then you know where we will end up, let’s get going for the dinner. He pressed another kiss on her forehead and pass her clutch and guided her to the stairs. Both came down and get blessings from their family members. They asked them to wish them good luck for the event. Harish papa said Mehak beta don’t worry be confident like Shaurya. If didn’t this award it’s okay we will work hard for next year, okay, he give his side of moral boost to her. Mehak went to him and said papa it’s not me winning it, it’s for recognizing all our hard work, our staff and much more. So I am thinking for all. Karuna maa blessed her and said not to worry and enjoy their party and all will be good.

Both went hand in hand to their car and Shaurya slowly wheel out from Khanna Mansion. After 45 minutes they reached the venue, Shaurya stop in front of the hotel, and a valet came quickly to open the door for Mehak, she slowly gets down from the car. Shaurya pass the key to him to park the car and he gestured Mehak to loop her arms into his. She followed the suit and both headed to the event hall. They were welcomed by all and Shaurya introduced Mehak and vice versa with the other business owners. Just then the waiter came with the tray of drinks and Mehak took the apple juice while Shaurya took red wine. As they were enjoying their welcome drink and chit chatting with others, the emcee announced all to come inside the event hall, Shaurya place his hand behind Mehak’s and walk into the hall. They sat next to each other as the Emcee started introducing himself and the about the event together with the sponsors etc. The introduction session was going for sometimes. Mehak gets bored and she started to play with her mobile.

As time pass, the Emcee announced winner for other categories. Emcee announced the category for the restaurants. Mehak adjusted herself in her seat and listen carefully as the announcement made, they announce top 5 restaurants and White Chilies was one of it.  Mehak sees Shaurya’s face for his reaction. He was equally tensed but he kept calm as he doesn’t want Mehak to notice it. Shaurya has won many awards and recognition in his field but for him this seems to be more important as it was Mehak’s dream and her hard work. Although White Chilies was his idea but right now it runs completely on her hard work and she was the sole reason for him to be there at that night. In top 5 besides White Chilies there were other leading restaurants in Delhi also been shortlisted.

The Emcee announced the second runner up, the business owner came forward to receive his award and thanked all for voting his restaurant. Then they announced the first runner up. That winner came to the stage and received the award and did the same too. Now there were 3 more restaurants left and Mehak was hell worried and closed her eyes tightly. Shaurya seeing her situation held one of her hand to comfort. They hold each other’s hand and waited anxiously for the announcement. The entire crowd in the room murmured as well to know the winner for the best hospitality restaurant, the special guest who joined the emcee opens the result envelope and pulled out the card and slowly uttered the winner for the best hospitality restaurant in Delhi for the year 2018 is White Chilies by Khanna Industries. The entire crowd clapped enthusiastically. Mehak and Shaurya was overwhelmed. The guest announced Mr Khanna please come to the stage please. Shaurya planted a kiss on Mehak’s knuckle and Mehak signed him to go and receive the award. He gets up and buckle his tuxedo button in the waist and walked to the stage with the swag and confidence. The entire hall was still clapping and hooting, Mehak was so happy and she didn’t stop clapping for Shaurya. He reached the middle of the stage and hand shake with all of them there and the special guest forwarded the trophy and the award certificate frame to him but he whispered something them. The Emcee passed the mike to him.

Shaurya with his signature grin smiled and took over the mike, greeted everyone there in the hall and thanked all for voting and selecting White Chilies as their favorite F&B outlet. His right hand was inside pant pocket and he smiled widely seeing Mehak as he started his speech. Well tonight this award should be received by my best friend. The crowd was in silent as they murmured what he is saying. He continued the reason behind White Chilies tonight’s success was not mine but my wife, my best friend, my soul and my business partner. Mehak was awestruck hearing it and her mouth made an O shape. He continued as he looked at her amusing expression. I have won numerous awards, recognition and fame as Delhi’s most eligible bachelor, celebrity chef and etc. but for this success is solely belongs to my wife Mehak. The crowd applauded. I only know how to do business and always sees everything in profit and loss in mind. But it was her idea and effort not to forget her hard work she made White Chilies to reach to this level. Although she is inexperience in business field and running restaurant especially but it was through her urge to learn she manage to create new tactics and creating new menus, creating lunch packages , dinner packages , and many more creative ideas. So tonight’s success was my beautiful wife’s and not mine, therefore I am inviting my wife, my Mehak to the stage to receive this award. Hearing this Mehak perplexed. She didn’t move for few seconds till Shaurya’s eyes was on her. In his hoarse tone he said, Mehak please come to the stage. Mehak slowly gets up from her seat and walks to the stage. She reached the stage stairs and gently lifted the bottom of her long trail to climb the stairs just then Shaurya came there to assist her, she placed her palm on his and he give a lopsided grin as he pressed it gently bringing her to the center of stage, she greeted all on the stage. The Emcee announced Mrs Mehak Shaurya Khanna please receive this award, Mehak manage to turn her head to see Shaurya, he signed her to go ahead to receive the award. Mehak receives the award as Shaurya joins her at her side. The entire hall filled with applauds and cheering. The Emcee asked Mrs Khanna, anything you want to say to all? Someone passed her the mike. She took over the mike and greeted everyone and said I like to thank everyone who voted for White Chilies, The tourism board of Delhi for organizing this event, my hardworking team at White Chilies, my family who supported me and most important Shaurya for entrusting me with this responsibilities and always been my supporting pillar, she looked at Shaurya and thanked him.

The Emcee thanked all the VIP and other winners after photography sessions. As all are going off from the stage, Emcee announced again, Mr & Mrs Khanna kindly stay back in the stage, we need to get to know more about you two. Mehak looked at Shaurya and both intertwined their fingers as emcee asked so Mr Khanna everyone knows that you met your wife from your TV show India Super Cook. So what did it changed after marriage please share with us, hearing the question Shaurya chuckled as Mehak blushed. Shaurya said yes absolutely it has changed very much, previously I only think about doing business but after meet Mehak she started to teach me to see all in different angle. She loves every small things in life and I do started to like a lot like her. Her point of view on some matters does amaze me so I always seek her opinion first. Emcee asked recently you were in Bangalore as a celebrity judge in TV show can you please share some of your experience with us. Shaurya told them about Bangalore cooking star experience with everyone and he also reveal that the last episode’s guest blogger was Mehak it was indeed a surprise to him as he never expected Mehak will be appearing there. Emcee asked Mrs Khanna, we got to know that you have started a new food channel in YouTube and you are constantly update them with new recipes, cooking and kitchen tips how do you manage all besides managing your restaurant too. Shaurya held the mike to Mehak and she let out a small smile before speak, and said I learnt time management it’s very important from Shaurya so he guided me and I have picked it up quite well. The emcee said okay one last thing Mr Khanna what would you like to say to all tonight, Shaurya think for a while and bring the mike forward to his lips and said I saw this in Internet but it was something very interesting. Happy is the man who finds a true friend, and far happier is he who finds that true friend in his wife. My success and my motivation is my wife who continually amazed me and I am glad and blessed to have her in my life and I am very proud of you Mehak. Mehak was out of words and couldn’t believe what Shaurya said as he praised her and the crowd continually applaud for them. The Emcee thanked them and both walked hand in hand to their seats. Later followed by dinner and dance follows with many tabloids and magazines took photographs of Mehak and Shaurya for interviews.

It was almost late night when Shaurya and Mehak reached Khanna mansion. All their family members already went to sleep as its late. Mehak and Shaurya went to their room. Mehak was at the dressing table slowly taking off her jewelries beginning with her rings later to her earrings. Shaurya came behind her taking off his tuxedo and loosen up the bow, he throw them at the daybed. He hugged her by her waist as he rested his chin on her shoulder inhaling her scent, she stopped removing her earring as she wrap her arms on his arms. She rested her head on his neck crook as both looked at the dressing table’s mirror. He slowly moved his hand up to undo her choker then her earring. He pulled the zip of her dress down and she knows what is coming next, she pushed him away and run inside the bathroom. Shaurya chuckled seeing her antics and said near the bathroom door Mrs Khanna don’t be so hard on me, after all today I need a special treat from you. He was talking a like little boy begging for his treat but Mehak suppressed her laughter and said you will get nothing patidev it’s already late night and time to sleep. She was checking inside their wardrobe and saw the satin peach colored slip on nightwear from Victoria Secrets which Shaurya bought for her at Bangalore but she refused to wear them. She thought about it for some time and place it on her body as she sees in the mirror, the length of the dress is above her knee. She tried to be brave and thought of wearing this and surprise him as usually it’s him who surprise her all the time.

She wore the nightie and looked at herself in the mirror while , from the room Shaurya asking her what is taking so long time she is not coming out. She unlock the bathroom door slowly and afraid what is his reaction going to be. She opens the door and sees him sitting on the bed edge, his white shirt was untucked and he have unbuttoned his shirt while checking his mobile. He lifted his head to the bathroom door and his eyes widen as he sees his naive wife with that nightwear. Earlier he persuaded her to try at least once but she didn’t want and he quit asking her about it. He was speechless and his throat dried up seeing her standing seductively at the door, she was waiting for him to say something but he stand closer to her looking at her crimson face for a moment and whooshed to the bathroom. He relieved himself and went to the wash basin to splash some water on his face. He can’t believe that his Mehak is willing to wear that nightwear for him. She was absolutely gorgeous, he runs out of word to describe her beauty. He looked himself in the mirror longer as he wipes his face with the towel.

Mehak was confused thinking what happen, she was self-talking to herself maybe he didn’t like this dress or is she look ugly in it? She was cursing herself for wearing this and now he didn’t like it. She thought of changing to her usual kurta just then the bathroom door was opened, Shaurya came out to see her with a confused expression on her face. Mehak walks slowly towards the bathroom to get changed with her head lowered down. He quickly held her wrist and bring her to him and asked where she is going, she replied looking at the floor, I will go and change. But why he asked in surprise. He lifted her chin to face him, her eyelids fluttered as she look into his dark eyes. I thought I look ugly in this Shaurya and you didn’t like it thats why I want to change. He stared at her for sometimes as his hands touched along her curves and he tightened at her waist where she gasped before crashing his lips on hers. As she trembled in his hold, he kept her securely in his arms as his lips devoured her lips and leaving it for a while and work along her jawline to her neck. With his chin he pushed the thin strap of the night wear off the shoulder and started to nuzzle her shoulder bones. Mehak was holding his shirt and let him assault sweetly. He gently walked her to the bed and she realize she hit the bed. He peel off the clothes he is still having and crawl on top her. He nuzzled her from her forehead to her nose with his nose tip. As he touched her lips she give a loud kiss on his nose tip which made him to chuckle. He whispered you are looking absolutely bewitching today. Earlier with that evening dress and now you surprised me wearing this night wear. Yet you are telling me you don’t look good in this. Baby more than you only I know what you look best in. You don’t know what you are doing to me. Mehak’s skin already warm now after hearing him she was burning in sensation bubbling in her. This time she pulled his face closer and brushed her lips against his lips teasing his lower lips which made him to groan wildly. He kissed her fervently as his hands work on her harden peak as pleasure racing and he made his way in her easing himself deeper and both made love all night. Later in the wee hours of morning Mehak fell asleep as she was very tired of all his ministrations. He caressed her gently as sleep claims him as well.

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