Bepannah Aashqui FF Third Episode


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Both Zoya n Adi feel that their respective marriages are incomplete
Zoya decides to go to Mumbai
She leaves for Delhi airport
Due to fog Adi lands his flight in Delhi airport
Adi zoya collide with eachother at Delhi Airport gift shop they are glad to meet eachother
They have a small talk
Zoya gets a call n leaves hurriedly
Adi gets a call n is shocked

Zoya reaches railway station she rushes through the crowd
There is panic there is confusion
Loud cries are heard
Zoya sees people are badly injured
There is blood everywhere
There is sorrow everywhere
It is a pathetic sight to experience
Zoya asks an inspector-exxxxxxxcuseeee mee sir my my my my

Zoya is unable to speak
Inspector(rudely)-what u want ma’am
Zoya-my husband yash was in this train
I got a call

Zoya shows him her phone

Inspector-ma’am pls go to mortuary room u have got a call from there

Zoya is unable to stand
The floor beneath her feet has slipped away
Hell has broken loose

Ppl r running from here to there
Zoya is lost
A lady collides with zoya
Zoya’s mangalsutra is stuck in beads of lady’s dupata
Lady hurriedly pulls her dupata n so Zoya’s mangalsutra breaks
N beads fall
Zoya tries to pick beads in crowd
But ppl walk over her hand

Adi comes in the railway station
His eyes are red
Adi moves about
Adi notices zoya sitting on platform n ppl running around her
He rushes to her
He makes her stand up
He shakes her
Adi-Zoya zoya zoya zoya
What happened Zoya
Zoya doesn’t say a word
Just shows him her broken mangalsutra
Adi (shocked)-Zoya was ur husband also in this train Zoya say something is he too a victim of this blast Zoya????

Zoya points to mortuary room

Adi is shocked

Adi (lump in throat)-Dnt worry zoya may be he is not the one may be its a mistake maybe ur husband n pooja are safe n may be they are elsewhere
Lets just go once n enquire in room then we will search them
Zoya (somehow manages to speak)-poojaa???
Adi (painful voice)-she was going to Kathmandu for book exhibition I myself had seen her off at airport I dnt know what happened I dnt know how pooja was in this train to jammu.
But am sure she is safe
My love will keep her safe

Adi holds Zoya’s hand n guides her through crowd
Adi n Zoya enter
Mortuary room

Adi notices a guard
Adi-excuse me sir we got a call our blast

Adi is unable to speak

Guard-name of victim

Adi-Zoya ur husband’s name?

Zoya-Yash Yash Arora

Guard-ohhhooo yash arora he was in boggie 3 the boggie in which bomb was implanted

Zoya is about to faint
Adi holds her

Guard (confused)-R u his wife then who is mrs pooja who was with him

Zoya (crying inconsolably)-Nothing can happen to my yash nothing nothing

Adi pacifies Zoya he too is teareyed
Guard-n sir ur victim’s name
Adi-Mrs pooja hooda
Guard (confused)-mrs pooja???

U pls come n see
Mr yash n mrs pooja were both in boggie 3 nboth were together pls identify the bodies

Zoya (yells)-just shut up where is my yash he cannot be her u r mistaken yash cannot be here

Adi-zoya zoya zoya pls pls come lets see neither yash nor pooja is here they might be some other pooja n Yash anyways they were together so our yash n pooja cannot be together lets just see once

Zoya nods noo

Adi-ok I will check

Adi teareyed walks towards bodies
He is taking small steps
Zoya is standing at door n weeping inconsolably

Adi slowly lifts the white cloth he is shocked

Adi (yells in pain)-poooooojaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Zoya comes to adi
N keeps her hand on his back
Zoya is shocked to see pooja
Face is badly bruised marks blood n what not but can be identified

Adi hugs the body
N weeps inconsolably

Zoya tries to pacify

The cloth over other body flies due to wind

N zoya looses her balance


Adi is shocked
He notices Yash n pooja are holding hands

Adi moves away from pooja’s body

His eyes r wide open n deeply red

Adi is taking backsteps

Zoya too notices they are holding hands

Zoya is taken aback

Guard-Sir in the tickets booked by victims it was mentioned that mrs pooja n mr Yash are husband n wife
We got ur nos from their belongings n we thought u are family members of victims

Adi is unable to speak he is about to move out

He suddenly notices zoya
Who is about to faint
Adi runs n holds zoya in his arms

Zoya has lost her senses
Adi-Zoya zoyaa zoyaaaa

He lifts her in his arms n is moving out of room

Guard-sir bodies? ?

Adi (painful angry tone)-we dnt know them…

Guard is confused

Adi walks out with zoya in his arms

Behind pooja n yash are shown holding hands

Bepannah bepannah bepannah Aashqui hain tumse haan haan bepannah bepannah Aashqui hain tumse

Precap-Zoya is in ICU
A oxygen mask is put over her nose
Dr-Mr Aditya zoya’s condition is very critical she should get senses within few hrs else we willnot be able to save her

Adi (yells teareyed at unconscious zoya)-zoyaa get up u cannot die u cannot die for those cheaters zoya we have to live zoyaa are u hearing me ur bestfriend adi is with u zoya get get up uppp

On other side
Mahi to her mom in mortuary room-see maa this is Zoya’s love she didn’t bother about bhaiyaa’s dead body

Adi’s father is seen getting angry at adi

In hospital
Adi is holding Zoya’s hand n crying

  1. Anee

    OMG!!! Rushi How you changed the scene train accident into car accident…. Amazing dear… This Mahii is really disgusting… well Today epi is very tragic… waiting for next happy wala Epi… btw it seems next few Epi is going to tragic as well…. well good going Bye LUV U Tc.

  2. Fenil

    Amazing painful

  3. Jasminerahul

    oh so poosh r having affair here too n they booked tickets as a couple.thei died n zoya fainting.loved adi carrying zoya in his arms

  4. Great job Rushi dii I hopd nxt episode will be soon posted and having fun and love BTW Zoya and adi

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