u r my everything -swaragini (Part 7)



AFTER raglak went…Sanskar slowly stand and started to walk..Sujatha came there..on seeing his condition she shocked
Suji:Sanskar wat hpn
Sanskar:nothing ma…I’m k ..
Suji;don’t lie Sanskar..did u fought with anyone?how U got wound on ur hand?
Sanskar:maa plss..don’t make it as a scene..I’m gud..by mistakenly I kept my hands between doors…pls leave it..
Suji:be careful Sanskar..go and do first-aid..
By saying this suji went..sanskar (in mind)I’ll not leave you easily Ragini..u have to bear my tortures hereafter..u’ll gng to be mine..get ready(with a smirk and went from there)

Inside cls
After 2 lectures finished Sanskar entered in his clsrm..by seeing him Ragini tightly held laksh’s hand..laksh patted her hand and made her relax..swara saw this and get confused ..after that Swara noticed Sanskar ..she got shocked.. immediately she went near him and asked him
Swara; Sanskar wat hpn(with teary eyes)
Sanskar:(while seeing raglak…)laksh break my hand..Swara widened her eyes..
Swara: wat u say Sanskar?how ?I mean y he did this to u?

Next min swara heared a voice :I’ll tell u Sears.. tat is none other than laksh
Swara:why u did this laksh.
Laksh:he behave bad with my ragini(his statement my Ragini makes Swara sad and Sanskar angry)he explain whole incident..by hearing this swara get anger on Sanskar..
Swara:how many times I told u Sanskar..why u behaving like dis…hereafter if u try to do anything with Ragini then I’ll inform to uncle…mind it…by saying dis Swara went outside the class..Sanskar shouted Swara to stop…but she went..he too followed her..
Ragini:Bandar..I didn’t feel gud..
Laksh:sweety pls be calm..don’t think abt tat incident..I’ll always be there 4 u..pls smile..by saying dis he tickled on her waist..Ragini couldnt stop her laugh..she laughed and pleased him to stop tickling..
Tat day passed like that..


When raglak went on his bike..
Laksh:sweety…did u notice
Laksh:tdy swara looks so dull..
Ragini:(without any interest) Haan…so???
By seeing her reaction on mirror..he didn’t talk anything further…they went to their home..

@ragini home
When they eneterd inside..
Shivanya:hi princess …hi Bandar…
Raglak:hi bhabhi..by saying dis both kissed her ..
Shivanya:ok tell me..

Raglak(confused):wat to tell
Shivanya:tdy with whom laksh had fought
Raglak:widened their eyes in shock…both in unison that how do u know bhabhi…??
Rithick:don’t underestimate Ur bhabhi’s skills..she’ll notice all matters inch by inch..so don’t try to hide Ur action part…so better tell her..
Ragini:nothing like that bhabhi…don’t think too much…just a small problem
Laksh:(murmered)sry sweety but I have to tell now…if bhai comes to know b4 I tell them definitely he’ll not forgive me..
Shivanya:laksh I’m waiting…tell me quickly

Ragini signed him not to tell..rithick noticed this…
Rithick:so it’s a matter about my princess right?
Ragini:bhaiya..nothing like that..I’ll tell u wat really hpn…
Rithick:showed his palm to stop her…Ragini stopped…laksh tell me…
Laksh:bhai….(he narrated all incidents)
Shivanya:wat laksh…this much happened u didn’t tell me…yesterday I observed Ragini she looked disturbed …tdy MNG when u both were talking I heared …that’s y I’m asking u…but u guys were not ready to told me at mng..
Raglak bent their heads down..
Rithick (angered):laksh chalo mere saath…(both shivrag stood up )

Laksh:where bhai…
Rithick.:come we will go and meet him…
Trio sensed his anger…they calmed him somewhat…(I don’t want to drag this)rithick calmed..
Rithick:okay…I’ll not do anything…but hereafter if I heard tat he done anything bad to u…then I’ll not spare him..
Raglakanya smiled and hugged rithick..
Ragini:bhaiya don’t tell this matter to maa PaPa
Rithick nodded his head..

Kapoor mansion
Sanskar think about raglak…wat relationship they have…whatever but I don’t like their bonding…anyhow I have to break their relationship..and I have to make her mine..I’ll not leave u ragini and ur so called laksh…he have to pay for break my hand..I’ll not leave u easily..he dozed off..

Next MNG
When raglak entered their class…Sanskar glared at them..Ragini nudged laksh..but laksh didn’t paid any attention..he just ignored him..1st lecture had started…Sanskar kept watching Ragini…Ragini felt uneasy by his gaze…she held both swara and laksh hand nervously…laksh understood her condition but he can’t do anything bcse of lecture…after the lecture got finished…laksh stood up and started to walk out of class for break.. Ragini about to step out her legs from her seat Sanskar kept his legs under her legs…Ragini was about to fall …in the nick of time both swalak holded her..she breathed heavily..Sanskar didn’t react on this and went from there while whistling..laksh got angry and abt to go behind him..but Ragini held his hand…no bandar pls don’t react…pls try to ignore him..if bhai comes to know this…then I don’t know what will hpn..so pls leave dis matter hereitself
Swara:I’m sry Ragini…behalf of him i ask apologize to u. .pls forgive him..

Ragini:no swara..no need to be sry…and thanku for saving me…
Swara:it’s okay… Laksh smiled at her… Swara get lost in his smile…she kept starring at him..Ragini noticed dis…she get jealous…laksh lost in swara’s eyes…to gain laksh’s attention Ragini screamed ahhhh laksh….both swalak came to their sense…wat happen angel??(swara felt sad by hearing laksh addressing ragini as angel)my leg…ahhh…

Laksh:okay okay…don’t worry…come we will sit..
Ragini:(seeing swara)no no…now I didnt feel any pain..come we will go outside…
Laksh understood tat she got jealous …he smiled himself…and murmered no.1 dramebazz..
Ragini:why u smiling like idiot…(laksh again smiled)(Ragini at frst confused and realized) did u come to know wat I thought in my mind?
Laksh:ofcourse sweety…I can read u…u felt jealous that’s y u played pain drama am I right…
Ragini:open her mouth in surprise…how u know…

Laksh:it’s simple….he(he mentioned himself who stayed in her heart) told me who inside Ur heart…
Ragini:oh my cute Bandar…she kissed on his cheeks and dragged him out of the class..
Swara:why I feel sad when he addressed Ragini as angel…oh god swara..pls. control urself…u have to be strong…no I can’t be strong…I like him…is this Love??I feel happy whenever I saw him…talk with him….I think this is love…yes I’m in love with laksh…b4 things get out of my hand I have to tell my feelings to him…but always ragini is with him…she didn’t let me talk with him…how would I tell my feelings to him
One voice came from behind :I’ll help u…infact I have an idea
By hearing this Swara turn and saw him none other than Sanskar

Swara:Sanskar u!??
Sanskar:s baby…I’ll help u to express Ur feelings to him..
Swara:no Sanskar I can’t take help from u..I think u have some motivation on this
Sanskar:no baby…trust me…u r my bestie…u knew na tat I will do anything for u…
Swara:(nodded her head as yes) I know but Sanky..Ragini???
Sanskar;I’ll manage…tmrw be ready to tell Ur feelings to him …by saying this he hugged and kissed on her cheeks and went from there…
Swara felt happy…

Sanskar:till now I didn’t got any way to separate u…but now I got a golden chance to separate u…(raglak) seeing Swara he felt hurt…. But again he smirked and said I’ll go to any extend for my revenge..
He think himself about swara(baby I want only ur happiness…. I want to c u happy always) again he smirked thinking about Ragini…

Screen freezed on Sanskar smirk face swara happy face raglak smiling face

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    So my guess was right swara is benefit in all this drama… I feel bad for Ragini becoz Laksh has no feeling as well as Ragini too don’t have ishq wala love feeling for Laksh..

    1. Ritathomas

      Be patient dr..u will c lot of dhamaka

  3. Nice dr I was waiting 4 ur story.plz update nxt part soon

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      I’ll update dr

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