Bepannah Aashqui FF epi 34 Happy Ending

Helloo my lovely readers

Am extremely sorry as I was not keeping good health I was not able to post epi soon

I had promised 2 episodes

But am concluding in this one itself


I have been very irregular

There was lot of study pressure n health issues

Next time I will come up with ff only if I can be regular

Very sorry

A big thank you dear jasmine, Anee, arunima,sia ,fenil,rimjhim Lavanya,D, and all silent readers for ur constant support

Am sorry if I skipped any name

Would definitely love to get ur feedback about this ff

Police takes Rajveer away Zoya looks at adi intensely

Wasim hugs zoya

Arjun hugs adi

But Adiya looking at each other

Adi slowly approaches zoya

Adi (softly )-am sorry because me u…….

Zoya hugs him tightly

Mere dil ko Tere dil ki zaarorat hain

Zoya-Adi as long as u r with me I have no complaints no complaints Pls never leave me alone Pls

Harshvardan Arjun Wasim smile looking at them

At Hooda house

Anjana hugs Roshnaq

Anjana -Am so happy our children are coming back home

Roshnaq -Allah always supports good ppl

Madhu too is happy

Arjun hugs n thanks mahi for

Arjun-Bhai its only because of mahi that we could trap Rajveer

Adi-thanks alot Mahi

Mahi-Am sorry zoya

Zoya hugs her

Zoya-Pls mahi always support ur Bhabhi this way Pls

Mahi nods

Adi-but how did u doubt Rajveer

Noor-we had gone to ur n appi’s college for some clue there principal told us that pooja joined college in second year n she got admission because of an existing student but first principal didn’t remember his name n all records were destroyed He got a picture n pointed out at Rajveer

That way we made out Rajveer khanna knew pooja before college we started suspecting him

Mahi pretended to be helping Rajveer

He started trusting her

One night she spiked his drink and made him confess

Adi-mahi u r really bold

Mahi-I had to do this for zoya I always wished bad for her but she wanted best for him I was guilty so I wanted to help her

Harshvardan n Wasim bless mahi n Arjun n Noor

Adi n zoya are holding hands

Anjana gets arti plate

They enter house hand in hand

Anjana does arti

Roshnaq hugs zoya emotionally

Madhu too hugs her

Harshvardan looks at Anjana he is teareyed

His eyes cannot meet hers

Anjana too seems upset

Harshvardan (gathering courage)-Am sorry Anjana I never knew swati was pregnant or rajVeer was my son.Anjana I always loved u Pls forgive me Pls Dnt leave me Pls am sorry

Anjana nods

Harshvardan is feeling very guilty

He folds his hands N goes to Wasim n Roshnaq

Harshvardan -because of me u all had to tolerate so much am sorry

Wasim-sorry just one sorry

Harshvardan gets worried

Wasim -I cannot forgive u so easily

Harshvardan -Am ready to do anything u say

Wasim -so make my daughter zoya ur daughter in law

All are stunned

Zoya blushes

Harshvardan smiles

Harshvardan -of course

Adi-wait wait no wait

All get tensed

Adi -Not this way dad n Wasim uncle

It has to be spl

Adi sits on his knees

He takes out ring from his fingers

Adi-Miss zoya siddqui my heart is full of bepannah Aashqui for u and this love will only increase with each passing day it will grow more bepannah will u Pls enter this world of bepannah Aashqui will u complete me Zoya

Will u marry me

Zoya blushes

She forwards her hand

Adi makes her wear his ring

He hugs her tightly

He lifts her in his arms

Scene shifts to a bedroom

Kids laughter is heard

One small girl and boy are shown laughing

N Adiya are laughing with them

Adi-So now tell me my sweetheart Adiya and zoyad how did u like mumma papa’s love story Isn’t it filmy

Kids gush

Adiya-papa what happened after u married mumma

Zoya-Adiya meri princess after mumma papa married God sent us two beautiful angels our darling daughter Adiya n my handsome son Zoyad

Kids laugh

Adi kisses zoya

Adi-n papa kept kissing n loving ur mumma forever

Zoya blushes

N they lived happily ever after

So finally this series comes to an end

Pls do comment

Hope to see u all soon

Do miss me

Take care



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  2. Wow so , this journey was very good , loved it , hope you come up with a new story 😍😝🤗

  3. Awesome ff i will miss you too. Hope you will come back soon with a new story.

  4. Jasminerahul

    Harsh apologizing to anjana was nice.Adi proposing Zoya was so romantic,surprising to see adiya with their kids n adi narrating their luv to them making zoya blush.nice ending.ur version of bepannah was lovely

  5. Anee

    Ohhhh!!! RUSHII it ended…… I’m really sorry Rushii for not consistently supported you…. hope u forgive me…. actually i was very much busy in my studies…. and now i thought to check about ur updates now what i’m seeing that you ends this…. feeling little sad… and dear apna bhii khayal rakha kro…. bye tc luv you.

  6. Anee

    And yeah I Really like happy ending….. thank you so much for write an amazing story for us…. it was really wonderful story Ru….

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