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The episode starts with Abhi,Shruti and Sid getting shocked on seeing the news about flight crash..

Sid. : What is happening??

Abhi. : I can’t believe my eyes.. Oh God…

Shruti stands like a statue .. She did not speak a word..

All staffs are worried and talking to each other..

Sid : What do we do now??

Abhi : Let’s try to call him..

Sid. : But how can we??

Sid looks at Shruti..

Sid. : Shruti.. What happened??

He shook her.. She came to senses and felt dizzy.. She faints..

Abhi and Sid give first aid to her and make her sit.. She cries..

Shruti : Why is it happening to him??

Abhi : Shruti.. U don’t worry.. I will go to the airport and see him..

Sid : I am also coming with u..

Abhi : No.. U take care of Shruti.. I will go..

Abhi goes to the airport.. Deepak too joins him..

Sid looks at Shruti who was crying..

Sid : Don’t worry dear.. Nothing will happen to him.. He will come..

Shruti : I am feeling weak Sid… Why is this happening? I cannot take this.. This should not have happened.. He is very good hearted.. Why God always tests him?? He lost his love and did not come out of the guilt till now.. Now this.. How can he bear all these??

Sid : I promise u.. See.. He will come.. I have an intuition that nothing would have happened to him..

Shruti : Ur words give hope to me.. And if anything happens to him,I can’t live too..

She said it casually.. Sid sees her in surprise.. But she was looking down and crying..

Sid : God.. Please bring him back.. Shruti loves him.. And they deserve to be happy.. Don’t end their love story before even it started as u did with Arnav and Varsha..

He sighs..


Abhi and Deepak reach the airport.. There was a commotion due to the flight crash.. The relatives of the passengers were running here and there.. The news reporters were covering it in live..

Abhi and Deepak went inside the airport and went to the officers…

Abhi : . Can u please check and tell me that a passenger Arnav Singh Raizada was in the flight?

The woman : Wait..

She checks..

The woman : No.. He did not board the flight..

Abhi and Deepak gave a sigh of relief..
Abhi : Thank God.. He is not there..

Deepak : He might be here.. Let’s search him..

They search and finds Arnav in a corner..Abhi goes to him and hugs him..

Abhi : Are u alright??

Arnav : ya.. I am OK.. At the last minute,they told me that the meeting is postponed to next week.. So I did not board the flight.. The flight crashed after 5 minutes of the take off.. Before I could come out of the airport,the news came and I could not go out..

Deepak : u are very lucky sir..

They take Arnav with them and return to the office.. On their way,they called Sid and told him all that happened..

Sid is relieved and he tells that to Shruti.. She stopped crying and waited for Arnav’s arrival..

Everyone in the office waited near the entrance.. But Shruti did not come out.. Arnav came,all of them welcomed him..

Sid went and hugged him tight..

Sid : thank god.. U came again.. Nothing happened to u..

He had little tear in his eyes..

Arnav : I am OK.. Don’t worry Sid..

Sid : Go to ur cabin and take rest..

Arnav goes inside while Abhi and Deepak were explaining what they saw in the airport..
When Arnav came,Shruti got up and stood with tears..

Arnav : Don’t cry.. Nothing happened to me.. I am alright..

Without even thinking once,she run to him and hugged him.. She started crying..

Rabba be plays..

Kadhale kadhale thaniperumthunaiye…plays..

Sid sees it from outside.. He smiles a bit..
Arnav was surprised by her gesture..

Arnav : Shruti don’t cry.. I am alright..

Shruti weeps still hugging him..

Shruti : I was very scared that I may lose u.. Thank God.. U came back..

Arnav : Don’t worry.. I won’t go anywhere..

She parted..

Arnav : Wipe ur tears..

She wipes..

Arnav : now smile..

She smiles.. Arnav too smiles.. He goes inside his cabin..

Sid sees all these..

Sid : (thinks) 100% confirmed.. Shruti.. I am so happy for u.. And I know Arnav is a nice guy.. I think he has feelings for u too.. He will take care of u.. And one more thing,I won’t show u that I know about ur love.. I will act like I don’t know anything about all these until u come and tell me.. And I won’t spare u when u tell that to me.. How dare u hide it from me??

He smiles..

Arnav : (thinks) Why did Shruti cry so much?? But she is very emotion.. She would have done the same even if it is Sid or Abhi.. But I am so surprised to see her cry for me.. I brings some weird feeling in me.. I can’t see her crying.. I want her to be happy for the rest of her life.. Above all,she is the other version  of my Varsha..


Abhi goes to the temple as his mother asked him to go at least once in a month.. He saw a girl who was turning that side but looked like Ritika..

Abhi : She is like Ritika..

She turns and Abhi confirms that it’s Ritika.. She was with Arjun..

Abhi : (to himself) This cheater is still with her.. She does not understand.. Why is she doing so?? Let me do something..

He goes to them…

PRECAP : Ritika gives a tight slap to Abhi..

Guys.. An unexpected twist is waiting for u.. Stay tuned.. My next episode will be on Monday.. Keep on guessing what the twist may be.. Take care guys..happy weekend..

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  1. Sprb sis…..lovely epi…sid found…so lovely…their bond is love….arshru scenes is heaven…..precap 😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😭😭😭😭sooo sadd fr abhi….waiting for ur epi eagerly…

    1. Anokhi21

      Tq ramya dear.. Will update on Monday…

  2. Awesome ❤😙😙😙…arshu scenes were 👌😍😘😘..finally her Bestiee found that..waiting fa the next episode..happy weekend

    1. Anokhi21

      Tq dear…

  3. Niyati

    Awesome episode di …lovely scenes ,loved it too the core. Update soon & Keep writing. Love u di 😘😘

    1. Anokhi21

      Tq dear…love u loadzz…

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