Bepannah 3rd September 2018 Written Episode Update: Noor joins the wrong job

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Bepannah 3rd September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zoya says I wont let you blame Aditya like this. Arshad asks him if she will still not believe it if she finds out that Aditya only intended to attack him today. Aditya swears on Zoya. I had no idea about this attack. Zoya tells him he need not swear. I trust you more than myself. I know you cannot stoop so low. Anjana gets worried that Zoya and Aditya are instead coming closer. Arshad says something aren’t the way they appear. Aditya is completely different than what you see. You don’t know his truth. Zoya declines. He is as vocal about things that bother him as no one else. I know Aditya better than anyone else and he knows me better than anyone else. Arshad reasons that she would have known something about him too in the past days. Look in my eyes and tell me if I can blame anyone just like

that. Zoya clears that she has no interest in looking into his eyes. Secondly, I am again telling you I trust him more than myself. He cannot do anything like that. You are nice and sorted but surely mistaken here. I dint expect it from you. He says the same to her. You are blinded by Aditya which is why you cannot see the truth. She calls it her truth. If our truths are so different then I will end this matter of 2 weeks right away. I don’t want to keep any relation with you – neither of friendship nor of marriage! Our paths are different from here on. I bid you adieu and free you from this relation! Wasim says you don’t know what you are saying. Zoya stands next to Aditya. Whoever will come between me and Aditya, will have to take the other way out.

The interviewer returns Noor her credentials. She begs him to give her this job. I can do anything for this job. He remarks that the youngsters don’t think before saying anything these days. She suggests him to hire her on probation for a month. He agrees. We meet tomorrow sharp at 9 am. She agrees and leaves.

Arshad accepts Zoya’s decision gracefully as promised. He begins to go when Wasim asks Zoya to apologize to Arshad right away. Zoya outright refuses. I always try to support you but I wont be able to do this today. Please. Arshad says these are matters of heart. No one can control heart. Let it be. Maybe this wasn’t destined to happen. Anjana looks miffed. Arshad leaves with his mother. Aditya turns to Zoya. Why did you say all that to Arshad? She accepts she shouldn’t have spoken to Arshad like that but I couldn’t take it as he pointed fingers at you. I know you can never stoop to that level. You had no idea about anything going like that. He nods. There is something though. She does not let him complete. I don’t want to hear anything further. Wasim takes Zoya with him. Zoya tells Aditya she will call him later. He nods. Harsh thanks all the guests for coming. Guests leave. Anjana is irked that her game ended up in Zoya’s favour.

Noor is waiting for auto when her new Boss offers to drop her. She sits in the car reluctantly. He clicks some of her photos without her knowing and finds out where she is heading to. He does not take his eyes off her photos. She steps down from the car. He reads out her stats to himself. What a figure!

Noor finds Huda House all empty. She notices Arjun there and decides to surprise him with the news. Arjun meets her. She tells him that it was a good day. He tells her that so much happened today. you would have known if you had picked my calls. She says I am here in front of you now. He asks her if every time things will happen the way she likes them to. I don’t feel like talking to you right now! She leaves in a huff.

Wasim questions Zoya as to why she broke the engagement. Zoya points out that it dint happen yet. He is all the more irked and taunts her for choosing Aditya. I dint love you less but maybe you have no idea how to behave. She turns to go on which he rebukes her further. Stop. I am not done. She knows he has made up his mind against her and Aditya already. What’s there to talk?

Aditya is lost in thoughts. Anjana asks him what he is thinking. Aditya says I am wondering what’s going on. I cannot understand what and why people think about us like that. She tells him to believe in himself. People will say anything. You know your truth. He gets thinking. She asks him why he is so bothered because of Zoya. Try to understand. She isn’t right for you. he insists she only is right for him. She was the only one who defended me in front of everyone and supported me. She even broke her alliance for me. Anjana says Arshad might have done that to blame you. Aditya dismisses that thought. He is a doctor. He saves lives.

Wasim tries to talk to Zoya. She asks him if he will make her marry someone against her wish. He calls himself helpless seeing the direction in which she is going. She knows he does not like Aditya. I wont even force you to like him but also please don’t force me to like Arshad. She heads to her room. Noor returns home. Wasim scolds her for wasting too much time outside. Neither of my daughters listen to me!

Next morning, Aditya asks the nurse to let him meet Arshad. She speaks of hospital rule but he tells her he knows him. She gives him Arshad’s address. He thinks it is important to explain to Arshad that he is mistaken. I dint intend to hurt you.

Arshad comes to Siddiqui House. Zoya is surprised to see him. He tells her he dint come here on his own. Wasim adds that he has called him here. He invites Arshad inside.

Precap: Zoya tells Aditya that Arshad and Abbu are misunderstood. It is that! Aditya says it is that I am in love with you. She stops in her tracks realising what he just said and looks at him stunned. He repeats that he has fallen deeply in love with her.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. I am so happy that the promo was fake and Zoya didn’t slap adi in the party in front of everyone and walk away with arshard hand to hand but oh Zoya still going to slap adi and break ties with adi for loving her and then agree to marry arshard after the precap?

    1. I have no idea about that. pRecap is just awesome… hope she accepts aaditya love ❤ for her… I don’t want to c his heartbreak? again…
      Just loving this serial..
      ?? love jennifer & harshad.

    2. Yes she is gonna slap him tomorrow n agree to marry Arshad bcos she feels betrayed when Adi confesses love…check out instagram for this week’s spoilers…this entire week is very painful!!!

  2. Neha1

    So, the makers have gone mad….Now after knowing weekly spoiler… didn’t even watch 2day’s episode just saw Precap… it’s good but too bad for AdiYa fan’s…coz Zoya will compare Adi and Yash and called Adi cheater…. Bakwaas… Boring and Wahiyad…..And Arshad will beat Aditya hard until he faints…God damn….Waste of time to watch Bepannaah….
    I just can’t believe that I’m saying this….once it was my favourite show and now it has become a garbage….I don’t want to say this but in “SilsilaBRK” E.M.A of Kunal and Nandini has started but in Bepannaah AdiYa story didn’t progressing a bit after Arshad’s entry… they’re only friends no love story…. makers plz change the name of the show…we thought that Arshad’s entry will somehow realise Zoya, feelings for Aditya….but it’s seems that makers want Arshad-Zoya’s pairing then what Harshad Chopda is doing in Bepannaah..???
    Sorry if I hurt anybody’s emotions here….my intention was not hurt anybody’s feelings or emotions but I’m just furious on the makers….They ruined the show…!

    1. You are right…since last 2 weeks not watching on tv…from today onwards not watching online too..only read updates…Zoya’s character worsening day by day!!!!
      1. Zoya is scared to fall in love – understandable!!!
      2. She neither loves Adi nor Arshad – agreed!!!
      3. Zoya angry when Adi confesses love and slaps him – why? Prank call? Or she thinks he is responsible for matki mishap too!!!
      4. How does friendship get stained if your best friend falls in love with you!!! Please explain Zoya…
      5. N how much sense it makes to agree to marry someone else just bcos u view a best friend’s love as betrayal???
      6. From which angle Adi similar to Yash? Zoya psychologically still married to Yash n envisions Adi married to Pooja and thinks of love feelings between them as EMA?..
      Makers lost complete interest in this serial…n on Friday Arshad is gonna hit Adi so much that he will faint…will Zoya ignore him or take care of him…??? If she doesn’t bother about him then all I would say is I am happy that Yash left Zoya and ZOYA DOESN’T DESERVE ADI!!!

      1. It’s been 2 weeks I’m not watching either, I think the updates and comments are way better ?
        Anyways I agree with your comment “Zoya doesn’t deserve Adi ”
        Her character is so thoughtful and yet so foolish

  3. OMG!!! ???????

  4. Well I guess it will happen tomorrow….adi will get slapped ….but still happy that finally he will confess his love.,…

  5. Oh gosh I just watched the episode. Adiiii what was the need to say that you love Zoya infront of arshard and zoyas parents, it’s a private thing nah.. and this is such bad timing because Zoya will feel like adi really did all that because he has fallen in love with her

  6. Finallyyyy!!!! promo is super exciting…after a long wait he told his feelings. ….plz zoya dont slap bechara adi.
    Guys In spoiler it says that arshad sees adi with zoya and beats adi in anger and then adi faints. Is that true or just a hoax

    1. Neha1

      Yeah, it will be ….and weekly spoiler was true… Let’s see…

    2. The instagram spoilers are true!!!…so this is true spoiler!!!

  7. Neha1

    Also Noor was in big trouble…his boss isn’t a nice human being…and also Arjun was upset of whatever happened….on the other side Waseem was upset and angry from Zoya and Waseem scolded Noor for being outside the house…So, I think Noor will be in a big trouble and she also feel lonely… Really, had no idea what makers wanna show…

  8. After all that Zoya said to Arshad he still came back to the house on Wasim requests !
    That character is desperate,or out to cause problem in Zoya’ s life.

    Aditya should confess his love for her and if she scolds him for being honest ,I think is time he back off and give her time to clear her thoughts.
    Both Aditya and Zoya need a break from each other and the people around them to figure out what they really want on their own.They’ve been through so much ….

  9. Thank you for the link Neha1. I just registered for Instagram just to keep updated on bepanah lol

  10. Neha1

    Happy Janmashtami to all AdiYa Fan’s here…

  11. So , they will drag the show upto marriage day.
    Rip indian serials, everything happen at last moment or happen exact opposite.
    Hope they will not get arshad zoya marrried.
    Makers are loving ekta’s show , anything can happen???

    1. If Arshad- Zoya get married…then I will completely stop being concerned about ‘bepanah’…the news I would eagerly wait for is ‘Bepannah to go off air!!!!’

  12. Neither Arshad nor Adi have any self respect…Arshad came back to Siddhiqui house even after Zoya slapped him in front of everyone..n Adi will continue to pursue her even after she slaps him tomorrow…
    N Zoya is a characterless woman…she will behave with Adi as if she loves him under the pretext of ‘best friend’…she will agree to marry Arshad who is neither her friend nor love bcos Adi fell in love with her…she is all set to leave Adi – the guy who always saved her, who made her what she is n who is selfless for her!!!…
    Sorry makers ‘bepanah’ may start losing trp very fast now!!!!..the story that you are presenting right now ‘DOESN’T DESERVE TO BE IN TOP 20’…n this boring Arshad track has killed Jenshaf chemistry too…!!!!!

    1. Neha1

      Exactly, Arch, I completely agree with you…you exactly echoed my words… And if Arshad- Zoya get married then I too will stop being concerned of Bepannaah… it’s best the show goes off-air….
      But I still have some hope that by the end of this month makers will try to show Zoya’s realisation and try to get AdiYa back….I really wish that our AdiYa love story to start and Arshad exit from the show with positive nature don’t turn him in negative character…
      Let’s hope for the best…till then reading updates is enough..and reading comments…?

  13. Arshad only came to the house pet Wasims request, I admire the way Arshad handles situations he doesn’t get angry, remains calm and respectful. Zoya was wrong in slapping him, you can’t be it a man or woman slap someone because you think they are wrong. Arshad had Anjana tell him that Adi loves Zoya then she made it out to Arshad that Adi handled the pot last it was a natural conclusion to come to.
    The only thing I don’t agree with even though Zoya doesn’t love Adi or even realised it yet the writers shouldn’t go all cliche and make her agree to marry Arshad. Even in real life a man usually moves on quicker after becoming divorced or widowed but for a woman it generally takes longer especially after a betrayal because of trust issues.

    1. Yes exactly the most cliched part is Zoya agreeing to marry Arshad !!!!…I mean I c no logic in Zoya getting so furious with Adi bcos he fell in love with her…he is honest about prank call n he didn’t do anything with the pot…n Zoya herself knows that Adi cannot stoop so low but why did she find his love confession cheap n compared him with Yash!!! I didn’t get this part at all!!!…can anybody explain?

  14. oh my god! where do i even begin? after such good dialogues,after standing up for aditya for real,for once in her life.. after such strong portrayal of their friendship if she changes her mind in just a day merely by knowing that aditya fell in love with her..(it’s not like that was intentional btw) and blaming him for the riots like helloo,you were anyway gonna go to bharat nagar na?!! then it just undermines the character! all the things she said would have no value at all… and this doesn’t make sense…

    1. Actually makers think that by making Zoya behave in this manner like Adi audience will also start believing that Zoya has more than friendship feelings for Adi!!!!…what makers of all serials don’t understand is that whatever they are showing has been shown innumerable times in serials before…so if makers expected that making Zoya slap Adi for his confession was an unexpected twist for audience it is wrong!!..from day 1 all of us are aware that when Adi proposes Zoya …she will say no n friendzone!!!..this Arshad twist simply made the serial boring n fab actors like Jenshad have been wasted!!!!..there was no need of Arshad for her to refuse Adi !!!…n if Zoya is gonna accept Adi after saying ‘Yes’ to Arshad, getting engaged to him or when Arshad injures/tries to kill Adi, then it simply proves Zoya doesn’t deserve Adi…in a minute this selfless Zoya forgot all that Adi did for her!!!…all in all i m eagerly waiting for drop in serial’s trp n Arshad’s last day of shoot!!!!

      1. So true! Zoya’s realisation without Arshad would have been so much more real and rather interesting to watch cause now THAT would have been different.
        Arshad’s a doctor,he shouldn’t hurt people like that.. This Aditya getting beaten up is straight up the WORST case I swear… I hope it doesn’t happen.
        And I just wish the makers could go back to their unconventional writing an not this cliche drama which we’ve grown up seeing,and grown out of it too.
        I too am waiti for the drop in the trp so that at least they realise That the audience is not liking the current track.. Plus the new Noor villain? Already there were too many.. What the hell? Another big shot drama waiting.. Why can’t the story move normally? Now this toh was at least NOT required! One more filler!!!
        And arnoor fights.. So the one thing that we were liking in the show.. That’s gone too.
        Wow. Thank you,makers! Job well done.
        Job to piss us off!

  15. I haven’t seen yesterday episode, i won’t see it today nor the entire week, i will read only the updates since my views doesn’t count and i will resume at the end of the week. I want to see all episodes in one, not because i don’t like the track. Sure if it goes till marriage will be disappointing , but this definitely is better than meaningless biryani competition and Aditya runing after Zoya like a puppy. I wish they will show us a good story, an angry and scared Zoya but mainly to her self , because she will realise Aditya is right. She has to pass through the same phases Aditya went throw first understanding, than denial, acceptance, and at last fighting for her feelings. You cannot expect her to jump in joy at listening his proposal , that would be meaningless too.
    Have you counted the slaps till now?
    Zoya to Aditya
    Zoya to Aditya
    Harsh to Aditya
    Zoya to Yash
    Zoya to Noor
    Aditya slap in tentative to Zoya
    Zoya to Arshad
    Zoya to Aditya
    And the winner is ZOYA.

    Remind me if there are others.

    1. Zoya need not jump in not but shouldn’t slap him either for confessing love!!!!

      1. We are assuming everything, we don’t know in which circumstances that slap will come and for what. Maybe Aditya will cross the line at some point of the conversation.

      2. Yeah,I agree it’s arch.. Dude,we get it.. She doesn’t love Aditya,she is taken aback by his words,she might wen feel betrayed at friendship.. But still.. After this long a lecture about their friendship,Aditya didnt deserve that slap. He did nothing wrong besides if they are that good of friends they should talk it out. Like adults. Also,after that she accepts arshad’s proposal.. Because Aditya loves her? Really? Did I miss something?
        But then again,I agree it’s better than biryani competitions.. And I will think of watching the show if Aditya decides to back off.. Actually,only if he backs off.. Enough of this drama.
        And,I hope it doesn’t get this way that Noor falls into trouble and then Aditya saves her and then suddenly zo realises her love for him or worse,Arshad saves her.

    2. You missed one…MADHU TO ZOYA..when Zoya did fake marriage with Adi!!!!

  16. OMG ! The episode was great. Can’t wait for tomorrow ‘s episode.

  17. OMG ! The episode was great. Can’t wait for tomorrow episode.

  18. This week online trp is poor for our show…it is at number 9…n I m happy about it!!!…current track is boring …I mean doesn’t excite you to watch it…Zoya rejecting Adi track could have been started much earlier…5 days of anniversary 2 days for biryani contest and 4 days of riot and it’s consequences were uncalled for!!!!!

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