Shakti 3rd September 2018 Written Episode Update: Hospital staff gets behind Suomya for being kinner

Shakti 3rd September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

After the meditation session, Mr. and Mrs. Kaushal discuss that there is surely a story about Gulabo. Mr. Kaushal says if Khushi can be saddened at heart, surely she has lived between kinners.
There at Malika’s place, Chanda sat doomed and convinces others that Harman and Suomya must be alive and happy. Malika comes to the room and says this is what her heart also says.
Harman and Suomya were involved in a laughter therapy with Mr. and Mrs. Kaushal. All of a sudden, Suomya breaks into cry. Mrs. Kaushal was concerned for her. Suomya says she is worried, her parents and siblings must be tensed; they must cry for her and here she lives with a fake name and laughter. Harman turns to leave. Mr. Kaushal stops him and asks to at least fight with Suomya, this might improve her mood. Harman argues

he isn’t a machine of improving moods. Dr. Kaushal was called inside to check the reports of a patient. Harman walks towards Suomya and wipes the tears off her face, he says her parents haven’t lost their memory and they will soon come to take her; crying is pointless. He tells the doctor to give she at least 2 to 3 injections to stop someone’s crying. Suomya argues he must be given at least hundred injections.
Inside, the doctor provokes a fury among the staff that Khushi is a kinner, still Dr. Kaushal is treating on her. Dr. Kaushal comes there and slaps the doctor. He then sends him to a prolonged vacation.
Harman was shouting Gulabo! Gulabo! Suomya comes to warn him that he is causing trouble to everyone. Harman was offensive, he turns to leave saying he wants to find his Gulabo.
Veeran and Varun drank together with Ballu and Krishanlal. Krishanlal asks Veeran about money. Veeran says he understands well his policy, but Krishanlal points towards the phone he has to recharge. Veeran pays a bundle of money. Krishanlal accepts it for a while.
Harman sat outdoor and thinks his Gulabo must be finding him too. Who are his parents? He was irritated that he can’t remember anything. Two men were passing by and suspects that this guy looks really rich and plan something. One of them fakes a call about a Baba who predicts a lot of questions. Harman request him to take him there. The other man sat under a tree. He predicts that Harman seems a wanderer, he can tell him about the one he is looking for. Harman wanted to know about Gulabo, and his parents. He asks Harman for some alms. Harman places in his hand what he had. The Baba blames Harman for making joke of his knowledge. Harman decides not to give away Suomya’s ring, and instead gives away his jacket. Baba predicts that he will find the girl in 24 hours, and with her he will also find his family. He asks Harman to bathe himself in flour. Harman looks around and stops every girl in street, asking if she is Gulabo?
Preeta sat in the hall still upset. Shanno thinks she is half crazy for Harman, it will be fun if she completely loses her mind. Varun and Veeran come home. Preeta watch Harman appear at the main door. Harak Singh comes out of the room. Preeto murmurs Harman’s name weakly.

PRECAP: The doctor tells kinners that this time its not a child but a 24 year old kinner they have to take along. There, Harman was looking for Gulabo across the corridor.

Update Credit to: Sona

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