Bepannah 28th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Zoya gets stuck in the riots

Bepannah 28th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Wasim looks pointedly at Aditya as soon as he steps out of a room. Wasim praises Zoya’s decision. This time I wont let her heart break by taking any wrong decision. Come. Aditya looks on. Atleast we are at the same place for a change. I promise you I wont let Zoya’s heart break even if you fail to save it.

Noor asks her Appi where she is off to. Zoya tells her she is going to distribute Biryani. Noor offers to do it but Zoya instead tells her to break the ice between Arjun and their parents. She leaves with Arshad.

Arjun is speaking to his mom. Aditya asks Noor about Zoya. Noor tells them that she left for Bharat Nagar to distribute Biryani. Arjun shares that Mom just called to avoid that area. Riots have started there. Aditya says it will be showing on the news then.

Arshad’s car is stopped at a check post. Zoya decides to walk the rest of the way as Bharat Nagar is nearby. He tells her to take care and keeps looking at her as she walks away. He drives away.

Wasim asks Noor why she has switched on tv at this hour. They are shocked to see the news about the riots. Wasim reaches out for his phone. Aditya thinks Zoya and Arshad are unsafe because of his one call. How could I do this!

Roshana asks Wasim to call Zoya but her number is unreachable. He tries Arshad’s number too but in vain. He calls police.

Aditya blames himself. Arjun tells him he dint know about it but Aditya keeps blaming himself. Arjun tells him to think what they will do next. Aditya agrees. I risked their lives by sending them there and now I only will bring them back. He tells Wasim he must not go there. Wasim points out that Zoya is in trouble. I don’t want to hear you. Aditya asks him to come along. Wasim refuses to seek his help but Aditya firmly tells him to decide. You will have to either go with me if you want to find Zoya or you can stay here! Roshana tells Wasim not to argue at this hour. take Aditya’s help. It is important that Zoya and Arshad return home safely. Aditya and Wasim leave. Arjun goes to check at hospital. Noor comforts both the mothers.

Anjana is pacing in her home. Servant tells her someone has come to meet her. She is shocked to see the doctor. Are you mad? What if someone saw you? Doc tells her that her secret was about to come out in open today. What if I had
She knows he wants more money. I have done enough bad deeds already. Now I only want to do good deeds. I remember that your daughter is really brilliant. She is good in studies and sports too. She shows him his daughter’s photo. She is a class 3 student. Think what if she disappears like Sakshi while going home? Doc folds his hands. I am really very sorry. Please don’t do anything to her. I will do as you say. She tells him his daughter will be safe. Just don’t do anything that can make me angry. He keeps looking at her in shock as she calls out to the servant to bring juice.

Zoya is startled as the streets are completely quiet. Javed Bhai said he will meet me here. She tries his number but it is unreachable. She suddenly hears some noise and notices lot many guys gathering there with some sticks. Someone pulls her inside a shop just in time. The guys rush to another side. Zoya heaves a sigh of relief. It is Javed Bhai. She notices few other people sitting there too. They look scared. Zoya asks Javed what’s happening. Javed shares that rioters are fighting over religion for the first time in our area. This has never happened before. The ladies also tell their stories to Zoya. Zoya gives food to them. She fails in contacting her Abbu. Seems like police has jammed all the networks.

Arshad has summoned the staff and demands to know who called him. Arshad calls back at that number and Aditya’s phone starts ringing in the car. He disconnects it. Wasim looks on. Arshad decides to find out who it is.

Wasim asks Aditya why he dint pick the call. Aditya replies that it is important to find Zoya right now. I know you don’t like / trust me but I assure you I will not sit peacefully till I bring Zoya back safely. This isn’t just a promise to you but to myself too!

Nurses / ward boys wheel in some injured people. Arshad asks them about it. Nurse shares that riots are going on in the city. He tells her to alert every doc. One lady requests Arshad to save her son. Another nurse tells him that all this is happening in Bharat Nagar. He gets alert.

Aditya and Wasim reach the check point too. Police does not let them go past it. Aditya suggests Wasim to call Arshad. We can ask him where he dropped Zoya. Wasim tells him that her number isn’t reachable. They try to tell it to police when a stone hits Wasim on his head. Aditya holds him.

Zoya tries her Abbu’s number again.

Aditya promises Wasim he will bring Zoya back safely.

Zoya and those hiding inside the garage look at the situation outside.

Arjun reaches there too. Aditya sends Wasim home with him.

The kids are crying. Zoya pacifies them and suggests them to consider as hide and seek. We aren’t afraid. Just think it to be some game. We will win in the end. Javed’s wife cries. Thankfully we are together. Zoya asks him about the woman. He tells her that she is his wife Sunita. This dint happen even during the time of partition. We have danced, played together and have been together through thick and thin. Can’t believe it is the same Bharat Nagar!

Rioters hit at the garage’s gate.

Precap: Rioters threaten to kill everyone inside the garage. Zoya stands in front of everyone as a shield. She says something in Urdu and one of the guys ask her if she is a Muslim. She nods. I wont mind it if I lose my life in saving these people today!

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Neha1

    Pathetic Anjana stoop so low that she warned doctor and his daughter….
    The only thing I liked that Adi and Waseem came together to search for Zoya…
    And Arshad was not there..but quite worry what if Arshad gets to know that it was Adi who called Arshad about Hospital Emergency…! And whatever in the promo earlier we saw wasn’t happen…! Precap is Scary but Adi will rescue Zoya for sure…waiting 4 2mrrow episode…!

    1. Yes I have same fear…If Arshad finds out Adi made the prank call then all of Adi’s efforts to save Wasim and Zoya will be in vain!!!

  2. Anjana is damn scary…can drop to any level
    Btw I think there is some twist behind Arshad’s emergency calls

  3. Lmao Wasim might come to his senses with the lash on his head?
    Zoya so brave and courageous,she understands and is aware of everything around her except Aditya’s love …
    Not a follower of these serials but I must say this one caught my attention although I’m not viewing it since I saw Zoya and Arshad eating from the same plate,hope the writers do better in the future.
    Thanks for the updates whoever you are

    1. Pooja

      You’re welcome 🙂

  4. What yaar…where is the story leading to. Can’t see Adi doing all these for Zoya n why didn’t he think that what will happen if Arshad gets to know that he is one who called him. He did not even switch off that number after he called seriously???
    Loosing interest nowadays, just watching for Adi earlier I used to watch for Adi n Zoya. I got to know that Adi will save Zoya twice n I hope she understands his feelings n I want Zoya to propose Adi before he does..but I know it will not happen. On the coming Friday, Zoya will want to talk about Arshad with Adi, not sure what will she talk. I think she will decide to accept Arshad’s proposal n Adi will back off.

    1. Neha1

      Yes AdiYa, I too worried that This Saturday Zoya might accept Arshad’s proposal but I hope makers prove us(fan’s) wrong….but let’s wait n watch what will Zoya tells to Adi about Arshad…Hope our prediction will be wrong and Zoya not agree to marry Arshad.

  5. Story not progressing
    At least move it up to zoya’s decision
    What a speed of show was previously!

  6. loosing interest now not gonna watch this series anymore

  7. I think Zoya will accept Arshad’s proposal n she will realise her feelings later or Arshad will make her realise her feelings for Adi after seeing she involving or contacting Adi for everything. I think Zoya is thinking that Adi cannot love as there is no scope for him to love her or confidence on him that he cannot love her as there is something else between them.

    1. Neha1

      I don’t think that Arshad make Zoya realize her feelings for Adi….and I think Zoya will not thinking that Adi cannot love her, it just that she accepted him as best friend nothing more than that…She didn’t even realising with Adi’s gesture and behaviour, that gift which Adi gave to Zoya, and in the pub when Adi beats a man, Adi clearly said “how dare you to touch MY ZOYA”…She didn’t understand then also…. Zoya has completely becomes blind in her Friendship that she didn’t able to recognise Adi’s feelings for her…But Adi fall in love for Zoya…and I’m sure that if and whenever Zoya falls in love or she realise that she falls in love, Adi’s definitely get to know about her feelings… it’s different if makers themselves make Aditya stupid then…but till then we have to wait and makers plz speed up the story… it’s not progressing.

  8. Today’s epi was better, at least it looked real.
    Aditya blaming himself for everything was sad to watch.
    And after this riot thing I really want a Arshad Aditya confrontation otherwise things won’t move further.

  9. Neha1

    So, friends…3rd September Janmashtami special episode of Bepannaah is going to telecast for 1 hour special episode …

    1. Neha1

      It’s coming on Saturday on 1st September not 3rd September…7-8 p.m.

  10. The story becomes so slow???
    Plss move on yaar
    End this arshad track
    Its become boring now

  11. its not fair if aditya n zoya r not united

  12. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Episode is better than other days atleast it looks real!

  13. Why I feel ‘Janmashthami’ special episode may be a turning point of our serial!!!!…Any of these twists possible!!!!
    1. Zoya accepts Arshad’s proposal.
    2. Zoya gets clue against Anjana.
    3. Zoya starts realising her feelings for Adi due to some big dhamaka that may happen during the celebrations.
    4. Arshad comes to know that Adi made the prank call n confronts him or the entire Siddhiqui family including Zoya will question him on the same!!!.
    5. Adi will finally confess love to Zoya..

    But all said and done I know this GANESH CHATURTHI our Adiya will unite n Arshad will exit ( Sep 13th 2018)

    1. Neha1

      Agree, these are the most awaited twist of our show..Anyone of them could be possible to happen in this Janmashtami special episode of Bepanaah… But I really hope that by the end of Ganesh Chaturthi our AdiYa must unite and Arshad will bid adieu to the show Bepanaah…! Eagerly waiting for this…!

    2. No not end of Ganesh Chaturthi!!! Beginning itself…end means till Sep 23…who will tolerate Arshad for so long !!! Anyways jokes apart, makers normally save the serial high points for auspicious occasions…
      1. Janmashthami : beginning of Zoya’s realisation.
      2. Ganesh Chaturthi : Adiya union
      3. Dussherra : Sakshi returns for revenge
      4. Diwali : Adiya Arnoor married
      5. Christmas / New year : Anjana gets punishment n beginning of new chapter in Adiya’s life!!!!???

  14. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    One thing, there is a emergency situation in hospital due to casualties of riots in the city. Then, why Arshad is busy in finding out who called him. He is a doctor and it’s his duty to treat the casualties. Arshad should be thankful for the phone call.

  15. What’s happening in the serial……Story is moving here and there…..At last I m loosing my interest ….In the series…..How Zoya can be so stupid……She can not realize ADI’s love…..And how Anjana can be so smart….In culprit way ….

  16. Actually I am hooping Zoya to at least start to realise her feelings by the end of the week.

    And the way I want story to go is:
    1) Zoya to realise her feelings
    2) Zoya to test Aditya by asking what he thinks about her getting married to Arshad.
    3) Adi hidding his feelings and backing off thinking she loves Arshad.
    4) Zoya accepting Arshad proposal in pain.
    5) Arshad like a gentleman that he is, will understand and let her free.
    6) Zoya will find Adi’s letter finally and run to him.

    What do you think guys??????

    1. I will be more than happy if this happens n happier if Arshad as stated before exits the show in mid-september!!!!

    2. 6. Should happen before 5. I mean Zoya finds letter n tells about it to Arshad n let’s her free!!

    3. Neha1

      Yes Eri, Any one of them could be possible… you and @Arch pointed same twist that may happen this Saturday 1hour special episode…!

  17. plzz upload Roop episode Na

  18. I don’t want to judge Zoya for not understanding Aditya’s feeling, even for not realising her own feelings . Can this things happen ???
    Yes it can.
    Zoya and Aditya were blind even before.
    They were unable to understand their partners were cheating on them. Was that evident ???? Of course it was but people often choose to deliberately close their eyes to things that are clear, to deny what really hurts them.
    When Mahi proposed Aditya, after he refused her the main thing he told Zoya was :
    Who better than you can understand me , do you think i will be ever able to love again?? They both had excluded this possibility from their lives because it really hurts.

    1. C it is perfectly fine if Zoya is scared to fall in love again!!!…but then she should neither have any feeling for Aditya nor Arshad…n Adi is her best friend n Arshad I would only call an acquaintance…what is irritating about Zoya is she favours acquaintance over best friend…n since Arshad is prospective groom whom she doesn’t want to marry she should not give him wrong signals by being friendly with him!!!..she is not consistent in her cold attitude towards Arshad!!!

    2. I agree but that is creatives fault not Zoya’s. In attempt to make Aditya jealous thay have created a too libertine side of Zoya not quite matching her character. They have failed in balancing these two things.

  19. As per a spoiler on instagram which seemed logical to me, Zoya may tell Adi that Arshad is a nice man but she doesn’t want to fall in love again…not only with Arshad but no one bcos love betrayed her first time around…hearing these words It will become clear to Adi that neither Zoya loves him nor Arshad…so he may not confess his love for her..Arshad’s track too may end next week n bring Adiya closer but not necessarily unite them…

    1. Neha1

      If it happens then it’s good at least she’s not being with Arshad….And about Aditya, He definitely back off after learning this but I think He will try to make Zoya understand that life isn’t stop and it’s not important that Yash cheat her once, means she always been cheated on by her beloved/Partner…
      But it’s prediction and I think/hope that ADI himself with the help of Arjun and Noor, make Zoya realize her feelings for him OR to fall in love once again…

  20. Dude,I have no idea how it’s gonna shape up now!! So many things can happen.. 1. Arshad after realising that Aditya made that call could understand that adi loves Zoya and might help them.. Or confront Aditya about them and be the competitive guy.. Or rat this all it to papa Siddiqui!
    2. Papa Siddiqui might finally realise that Aditya is not that bad or free knowing abou that phone call,resent him even more!
    3. Zoya after seeing that he legit takes a sword beating for her might actually start falling or again after knowing about the phone call confront Aditya or continue playing dumb again.
    So yeah,the show can go anywhere now.. Hope the makers decide to take a positive turn!!
    Although,it’s getting extremely boring!!!!!! everyday they waste time so effortlessly,I swear. Literally nothing significant is shown at all.
    It’s just way too much time waste.. I real sow the track might just be getting okay.. But there’s too many fillers! Why? It’s not like the show is getting really good TRPs?! Also,this whole adi-Zoya-Arshad track is getting way too cringed now! Nobody’s right! Everybody is wrong at some levels and it’s bugging me to another level.. They need all need to sit and relax and think straight for a while!!
    Aditya with his backing off bit,Zoya with what she wants in life,Arshad to.. Idk..leave??
    P.s- I also think that there’s something about those emergency calls that Arshad gets..
    P.p.s- I know I said I won’t comment but I need to let it all out! ???

  21. Neha1

    Janmashtami in Hooda house Siddiqui’s too present there…I guess..

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