Saam Daam Dand Bhed 28th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Mandira’s Mother Won’t Give Up

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 28th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vijay sits alone in dark sadly. Angad with Agastya walks in and asks till when he will sit here. Agastya says go to bhabhi, she needs his support. Vijay says how to face Bulbul, she always used to trust him and think he will get her out of problem, but this time he does not have courage. He walks into Bulbul’s room and asks her to open eyes as he knows she is awake. He consoles her that whether they get children or not, he will love her forever. Bulbul thinks Vijay is hiding his pain, truth is he had big dreams and because of her, his dreams shattered.

Next morning, Bulbul walks back to room from washroom and sees her cartoon on mirror. Vijay laughs and braids her hair and says it is Viju’s style, how is it. She sadly says it is fine. He laughs and says she is lying, it is not, he will practice and braids her hair next time. Bulbul says she will correct it. Vijay says her smile is missing. Bulbul does not smile. Sadhna calls them for breakfast. Vijay leaves asking Bulbul to follow him.

Sadhna serves breakfast to Gayatri and says Vijay will not agree. Gayatri says Sadhvi maa is very powerful and can do miracles, she will fill Bulbul’s lap, she got appointment after bribing Sadhvi maa’s disciple. Vijay with Bulbul joins for breakfast. Gayatri asks him to give money as she is taking Bulbul for shopping. Vijay says he is taking Bubul for a movie and asks Bulbul where she wants to go. Bulbul thinks she cannot trouble vijay anymore and says she will go with Gayatri and Sadhna. Gayatri says now empty his pocket. Vijay says he knew Bulbul always selects family.. Gayatri says she will go and get ready.

Gayatri with Sadhna takes Bulbul to ashram informing Sadhna can help her get pregnant. Bulbul excitedly asks if it is true, many women have got pregnant with Sadhvi maa’s blessings, even she will. Gayatri says yes, go inside Sadhvi maaa’s hut. Malkayin smirks hiding, watching Bulbul going in. Bulbul walks into hut and emotionally touches Sadhvi’s feet. Sadhvi lifts her up and says she knows she is in pain due to infertility, she will become mother for sure, science is immense, but has its limits, human’s will power is more powerful, Bulbul will become mother and murmurs in her aide’s ears to bring medicine. Aides picks medicine and exchanges bottle. Sadhvi gives her herbal medicine and asks to drink it in water everyday, she will bear child for sure.

Malkayin waits for Sadhvi’s aide. Aide gives her herb and says if Sadhvi maa will know medicine has poison, she will kill her. Malkayin gives her money and asks to count it forgetting her worries.

Bulbul returns home with Gayatri and Sadhna and says she saw a ray of hope meeting Sadhvi maa. They see Vijay standing. Gayatri lies they shopped well. On the other side, Malkayin informs Baba that she gave slow poison mixed herb to Bulbul, Bulbul will face a slow death and get away from Mandira and Vijay’s lives. Gayatri gives milk mixed with herbal medicine to Bulbul and asks her to drink it. Bulbul says she cannot lie Vijay. Gayatri says Vijay does not believe in all this, but will blame her after some years for not bearing a child.

Precap: Vijay sees Bulbul holding milk and asks if she will drink milk aat this time. Bulbul says why not, drinks milk and feels drowsy. Vijay holds her and asks what happened.

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  1. What a nonsense serial! Utter rubbish, especially with the recycle veyhadh storyline about to come info play! I despise bulbul and vijay, such selfish leads. Vijay and gist entire family are nothing but selfish characters. I still pity mandira, who lost herself in a one-sided love with a spineless douche like vijay. Fickle womanizer. This us probably the only serial where I just want the lead couple to go through hell and suffering!

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