Bepannah 21st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Anjana reach Sakshi to kill her

Bepannah 21st August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sakshi knocks at the trunk of car as she suffocated inside. Aditya had left towards the trees without hearing her. A lady finally opens the lid of car trunk, Sakshi asks her for help as she is in trouble. She asks the lady about Aditya but the lady denies seeing anyone. Sakshi requests the lady’s phone and tries Aditya’s number, there wasn’t any network. She throws the phone on the road which was broken. The lady begins to complain but Sakshi flee from there.
At Hooda house, Arjun looks around for Anjana and asks Victor about her. He says even Mr. Hooda left house looking for her as she didn’t respond her call as well.
Zoya asks Arshad where they have come. Arshad sings an old school Indian song with the same lyrics. They reach a spot where Zoya exclaims this place is really beautiful. Arshad says he read an article about the most beautiful spots in Mumbai, this place was on the top. The only problem was that cars can’t reach here. Zoya assures she likes walking.
Arjun comes to Anjana’s room and felt tensed at heart. He goes to check in the bathroom and was shocked to see the curtain half fallen window panes open and blood on the floor. He checks for the car keys wondering if Anjana took the keys herself. He finds a card of a hospital in the drawer and decides to check in hospital, may be Anjana got hurt.
Sakshi had reached the trees behind the spot Zoya and Arshad stood. Zoya feels there was some movement behind them and calls who is there. Sakshi realizes it was Zoya and was about to call her for help when Anjana grabs her from behind the neck. She hits her head with a vase to get her unconscious.
Arjun comes to the hospital. He asks the doctor about his mother Anjana Hooda. The doctor was tensed and stammers hearing her name. Arjun questions how he knows his mother, else the police would inquire him about it the next time. He grabs the collar of the doctor. The doctor remembers Anjana bribing him for Sakshi’s case but lies that Anjana has a secret which only he knows. He lies that Anjana doesn’t want anyone to know she runs a blood donation camp. Arjun thinks it seems the doctor is lying, Anjana does charity but why would she hide about it.
There, Arshad takes Zoya’s attention from behind the trees considering it might be a falling branch of some tree. Anjana was relieved when they turn around and thinks Sakshi had almost won today. Sakshi opens her eyes, pushes Anjana and run for life. Zoya was still suspicious of someone’s presence. Arshad asks if she wish there is a third among them. Both were alert as they hear someone stalking them. Aditya appears from behind the trees. Zoya wonders what he is doing. Aditya explains he thought about following the car and reach her home, she was angry when she left home. He had to get some bills signed from her urgently. Arshad offers to spend some time with Aditya as well and hang out together. Aditya asks Arshad why he brought Zoya here at this time of night, what’s his intentions? Arshad was happy Aditya asked his intentions. He explains that both he and Zoya have been brought up in small cities and its right said, you can take a man out of a city but not a city out of a man. They like smaller cities and only this place could remind Zoya of Missouri. He takes Zoya ahead to show what he is talking about.
Noor was in the room and opens Zoya’s drawer to get some cotton. She finds a letter inside, the page was torn and the last pieces with Aditya’s name fell on the floor. Before Noor could read the letter Roshana comes there and asks them about the event. Noor shares with Roshana about Anjana’s behavior with Zoya. She suspects Anjana isn’t normal as only psychotic serial killers behave the way she does. She says she wished Aditya was there and could have replied Anjana well. Waseem corrects if Arshad was there, he wouldn’t have let Anjana utter a single word against Zoya. He asks them to stop visiting Hooda family as their events have ended now.
Arshad brings Zoya to the edge from where they could see the lighted Mumbai. Zoya cheers that even Mumbai looks like Missouri from here. She was fascinated and asks Aditya to see how beautiful this all is. She thanks Arshad for granting her these precious moments. Aditya appreciates Arshad’s effort to find such a beautiful place in this city; still it’s incomplete. He signals them to follow him.
Sakshi was running in the dark and reaches a cliff. Anjana reached just behind her. Aditya buys them hot coffee and chips and tells Arshad that Zoya would even enjoy the view from Eiffel Tower if there are coffee and chips. Zoya says only Aditya knows her really well, they cheers the chips. Arshad complements Aditya’s skills to bud a smile on Zoya’s face.
The lady who found Sakshi spots Aditya and recognizes him as the man in formal dress. Zoya takes Aditya aside and asks why he came here, she is sure he didn’t bring any bills. Arshad says he knows about it, he had been following them. Aditya gives Arshad full marks for the reply. He reminds Zoya that she had hired security, then Anjana hired another security agency so she must have paid them as well. Zoya regrets forgetting about it. Aditya says he doesn’t want her reputation in the market to go down. Zoya wish she gets every customer like Aditya. Aditya says he isn’t only a good customer but a good friend and a good enemy as well; all this goodness is because of Zoya. Arshad eye Zoya and Aditya enjoying each other’s company.

PRECAP: Anjana and Sakshi were still at the edge of the cliff. Anjana reminds Sakshi how her daughter had died. Sakshi blames Anjana for the murder of Pooja, Yash and their unborn child as well. She would surely tell Aditya about her truth. Anjana claims no matter you murder one or four, the crime remains same and pushes Sakshi down the cliff. Aditya, Zoya and Arshad hear her scream.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Diya543

    ????? Anjana! I never knew she could step this low. My God, I’m waiting for tomorrow to see what happens next

  2. Still unlcear arshad positive or negative or will be negative soon.

    Zoya should realize herself what she wants.

    Anjana is too much, how can a mother go like that?Unrealistic.

    Still not clear if someone had read Aditya’s letter or not

    Want a end of arshad -anjana-sakshi track

    1. Neha1

      Yeah, but I specially want that before Arshad becomes negative in future then it’s better that Arshad track to end soon…..It seems like Anjana-Sakshi track will not end soon coz this is the big revelation in the show and it’s the base of the story…Bepanaah had started with Poosh Accident cum Murder…. So, the revelation will take time to happen infront of everyone in the show….but till then I’m eagerly waiting for Zoya to realise her feelings for Adi and also her love confession to Adi…

  3. I don’t know what to say. I thought the poosh case had ended.. This isn’t fair,this wasn’t required.
    If my interest level was 100,it’s 90 now.
    Eager still to see zoya’s love blossoming. But that seems far off now!!
    I don’t how to react.
    Disappointed?yes. Giving up? Hell,no.
    I still have hope.

    1. @Meera…how can Poosh case end without their murderer being revealed!!!…that is the backbone of this serial…why your interest level came down bcos of this revelation?..story is going there is romance also and thrill also…:)

    2. It’s because I liked it cause it was realistic.. this in ,no way, can I believe was done by his mother.. I realsie that was the base of the show and that is why.. what about the torn diary pages?or what was that that Pooja had gotten to know that harsh was worried about? Or that suspicious Waseem? Or the fact Arjun was so keen about his brother’s wife’s diary.. I always thought that was weird.. I just feel that what could possibly have been a better story and a real motive for murder of poosh has turned out to be quite silly.. a psycho mom’s possessiveness.. really?
      It just makes me feel sorry for poosh to whole new level.
      And I think the track is far from love now. Zoya’s story hasn’t even started and there’s this.
      Anyway,I know I can’t come to any conclusions.. that’s why I said I still have hope.

    3. @ Meera :
      1. Arjun seems innocent. He just wanted to know the truth. The makers should never ever turn his character negative. He is the sweetest after Adi.
      2. Pooja might have written about her pregnancy with Yash’s kid or Anjana’s mental illness in those torn pages. Mostly it will be pregnancy truth as Zoya discovered this truth not from diary but from her father’s doctor friend. I remember papa Hooda telling Pooja that this truth will tarnish their family reputation.
      3. Anjana is mostly the person who bribed Ashish and tore those pages from pooja’s diary which may let out her truth or which she believes will badly hurt Adi.
      4. Anjana may go to jail on murder charges but later on it may be revealed that she or her man failed to kill poosh or before they could do so someone else killed poosh. That someone else could be Wasim.
      5. Rajvir is mostly connected to the other woman in Hooda’s life. Whether Anjana is really the killer or not she is a vamp. So Papa Hooda will also also get second chance. He will remarry the other woman???

    4. Neha1

      Hehehehe, @Arch you’re gr8 dear…. specially the last point and the last lines…???? But on a serious note, I don’t think that Waseem will stoop so low that he’ll kill Yash-Pooja, he hates Yash but why would he killed Pooja.? Waseem learns this affair truth later after Poosh’s death, ofcourse…! And most importantly, Anjana had confessed to Sakshi that she killed Yash-Pooja….! But I agree with 1,2 and 3 point also wants that Anjana should be punished for her crime…

    5. Neha1

      Yesterday’s episode Precap, So no doubt @Arch Anjana is a killer…or in Noor’s language-Dinosaurs Anjana Hooda psycho serial killer..

  4. Neha1

    Omg…! Anjana h killed Poosh and their unborn child tooo….This is a BREAKING NEWS…??????? Loved this scene….???
    But today my focus was upon Anjana-Sakshi…… This News will definitely Shake Adi-Zoya…that Anjana was a murderer of Yash-Pooja and their unborn child….it means Pooja was Pregnant of Yash’s baby…OMG…?????
    Waiting for 2mrrow episode…. Anjana had pushed Sakshi from the cliff….Will Sakshi die or survive…. let’s see….can’t wait 4 2mrrow episode….!

  5. Today two things are very clear :
    1. Pooja was pregnant twice – first with Adi’s child which she aborted and then with Yash’s child which died along with them…poor child n poosh..:(
    2. Anjana is a psycho mother or the ‘Maya’ of ‘bepannaah’…how can a mother be so obsessed with her son that she killed poosh n their child just bcos pooja cheated Adi…poosh were wrong but they did not deserve to die!!!

    As per some spoilers Sakshi will be assumed dead but she will come back to tell the truth…Adiya will seek justice for Poosh…but all this may happen post Adiya’s marriage..believe Sakshi track will not reopen soon…if it mixes with Arshad track then serial will be messy..there should be only one major track at a time else serials lose their charm!!!

    1. Neha1

      Exactly @Arch, As per your spoiler I really dont want Arshad in this, and If AdiYa get married then it’s good news….but I knew it that makers will not reveals Anjana evil/psycho killer truth so early…it will definitely take time..but Just don’t want Arshad… it’s Better to say goodbye to Arshad after Adiya confession and their Union…but let’s see can’t trust any spoiler Ryt now…

  6. Neha1

    And here’s the Precap….
    After watching this I completely agree with Noor that Anjana isn’t Normal, she’s a psychotic serial killer….????

  7. Neha1

    Anjana should be punished for her sins….In the initial episodes of bepanaah, I thought that it was Mr.Hooda but After Anjana’s confession….
    I still remember 4th episode, where Aditya denied to gave Agni to Pooja’s dead body in anger and later he asked who gave Agni to the dead body….Anjana takes Harsh’s name after learning this Adi taunt his father by saying ” Ek cheater ne doosre cheater ko Agni di, achcha hai….Ab immigration ka koi problem hi nhi hoga, seedha swarg jayegi”….!
    I wonder how would Adi react after learning his own Mom did killed Poosh and their unborn child…..And if Sakshi will dead then, the counting will increased but I want Sakshi to survive Anyhow…. otherwise how Anjana’s truth will come out..?

  8. Finally Truth came out
    Anjana killed them.But why in flashbacks Pooja is saying to Mr.Hooda that you can’t hide it more.I Know thr truth.which thing she is talking about.
    Aditya and Zoya will marry and get to know that pooja-yash died not in accident but actually it was murder.They and Noor-Arjun start a mission to find real one and it will so many days who the real culprit is and how Anjana know the truth about Pooja-Yash and why she killed them
    (where is Rajveer?)

  9. They will kill arjun in the upcoming episodes. Is it true?
    This will be so wrong if arjun got killed. Arjun is an important character. So they shouldn’t ruin it by killing arjun. And am shocked that pooja was pregnant with yash’s child.

    1. That should not be shocking as it was revealed in previous episodes that Pooja was pregnant with Yash’s child. It was not very clear as it was also shown that she was pregnant with Adi’s child which she aborted. Today we got clarity that she was pregnant twice!!!!

  10. Maybe this was what Anjana told Harsh one day before the trial of Poosh case. That is why he had to put all blame on Yash. He already knew who killed them.

    1. No…I don’t think she told him she is the murderer…she might have told him she bribed Ashish – Yash’s friend who had told half truth to Zoya in initial episodes…thus mr.hooda easily reached Ashish n presented him in court as witness…

    2. Neha1

      Yes, I agree with you Arch….Even I don’t think that Anjana will confess her sins infront of Harsh…. she never try to tell Harsh that she killed Poosh.

  11. What Kind of People dislike it?
    I didn’t know that poja was pregnant with twice ?
    Didn’t arshad see, that adi is in love with zoya?
    Adi did so much for zoya, no matter if there were friends or enemies. He was always there for her. I hope she realise it soon.
    And if she don’t stop being nice to arshad, he will fall more in love with her like adi says. And she will also broke his heart.

  12. Really i hate this sakshi if she good person she can make adi and arjun love and understanding their mom but no she love to get them to her side against their mom and hate how the producer make anjana bad i think she have mental illness the producer must punish sakshi not anjana

  13. Is about time Aditya move on if Zoya is not seeing his love for her

  14. Upcoming spoiler:
    Zoya invites Adi and Arshad for Eid celebrations in her house. There is Biryani competition between Arshad and Adi…Zoya declares Arshad as winner!!!! Poor Adi!!!! 🙁

    Well story is indeed moving like ‘mere yaar ki shaadi hai’ , a bit like ‘ Humpty sharma’ and ‘Rangeela’…in all three films girl favours the 2nd guy but loves the 1st guy…in our case Adi is 1st guy n Arshad is 2nd guy!!!!

    But some twist will surround this entire fiasco…Zoya gets clue against Anjana..!!!!

  15. @arch hey,thanks! I really like your version.. hope it all turns out to be true.. cool.. you’ve made me interested again! Hahaha.. ?
    But seriously,I wish it gets to be something like this.. adiya ??have been through so much already,I hope this time this gets over soon. ?
    P.s-i am commenting like this as I couldn’t reply to your comment.?

  16. Neha1

    I loved this scene, actually loved that whole episode, most favourite…????

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