Bepannah 20th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Rajvir asks Zoya to spend a night with him

Bepannah 20th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Everyone has gathered for Harsh’s last rites. Aditya comes there in police van with Zoya. Aditya looks at Harsh and then at his mother. Rajvir looks at Aditya and Zoya. Pundit ji asks the elder son to step forward to light the pyre. Aditya recalls how he walked out of cemetery when Pooja and Yash had died. He thinks f his moment with his father as he steps forward. His last argument haunts him. Zoya sees him thus. He tells her he has no right to do this. Zoya asks him what he is saying. He repeats it again. Rajvir says he has said the right thing for the first time. Anyways, only the elder son has a right to light the pyre. Even God wont accept it if the murderer will do that. Nani calls them shameless. They snatched our Harsh from us. Don’t hurt the soul atleast. Zoya asks Arjun to say something

but he tells her not to talk right now. Right now, I am seeing my Dad for the last time. It will be better if you will think about everyone else as well instead of only thinking about your husband. Please don’t create a scene here. He tells Rajvir he is Harsh’s eldest son. You have the right to light the pyre. Rajvir proudly holds the burning stick. He even calls out to Arjun to join him. Your elder brother is here. Arjun looks at Aditya and Zoya. Arjun holds the stick as well. A tear escapes Aditya’s eye. Arjun and Rajvir do the last rites together. Zoya is in tears. Anjana stands there in a trance. Everyone prays for the soul. Arjun holds his mother who cries again.

Rajvir says Swaha to his Nani. She smirks.

Aditya, Arjun, Zoya and Anjana are crying. Police takes Aditya away. Zoya chases them requesting to stop but in vain. She trips while chasing the van but Rajvir holds her hand just in time. Everyone leaves from there.

Zoya pulls her hand out of Rajvir’s clutches. He tells her to go easy. I pity you today. We got scared when you were acting so proud. I now think you need our help today. If this continues, you better kill Aditya before he kills himself! We will give poison if you need it! Zoya slaps Rajvir. Rajvir says we thought you will break down and beg us but you haven’t changed. You will need our help in future. She asks him what he is saying. He replies that he knows that Aditya is innocent. I can prove that Aditya Hooda has not killed Harshwardhan Hooda! She asks him if he is playing some new game with her. He says he does not mind. She asks him what he wants. He takes her name. I have been only dreaming of you since I have seen you! Anyone can go crazy seeing you! You want to spend your every night with Aditya. For that, you will have to spend one night with me! You don’t have much time. Decide before law decides something or I change my mind. It isn’t much complicated. You can close your eyes and think that you are with Aditya. I will wait for your answer. She raises her hand to hit him but he holds it. You cannot imagine how much fun it will be to experience this fire burning inside you together! She is disgusted by him. I thought whatever you went through was wrong but I was wrong. God had decided your punishment already. You are a devil! He happily accepts it. You would need to cross Lakshman Rekha to save your husband. You will have to come to me. Think what is more precious to you – your husband or respect. You have lost your one husband already. People will curse you if anything happens to Aditya! She tells him she will save Aditya himself. He asks her if she is sure. If it does not happen then you will regret it your entire life! Think about it. She glares at him and walks away. Rajvir smiles thinking about her fate.

A puja has been kept in Hooda House. People have come to pay their condolences to the family. Arjun remembers the past moments shared with his father and is emotional. Anjana comes running downstairs. Doc tells her that she is losing her mental status. She threatens them to wait till Harsh comes. I will see you then. Doc suggests taking her for advanced treatment. She shouts at Arjun to call Harsh right away. She breaks down shouting loudly to call Harsh. Arjun holds her. Nani is pleased seeing her condition. This is just the beginning. Wait and watch what happens in the future. She lost her husband and son at once. This is karma. You wont be able to do penitence for your mistakes on your own. Even your loved ones wont be able to help you in this!

All lawyers refuse to take Aditya’s case. One of the lawyers ends sup advising her to look for a divorce lawyer instead of looking for a lawyer for Aditya. Wasim comes there. She requests him to save her Aditya. He tells her that he has put an end to his fate himself. I have told you many times. Leave all this behind. It is a shallow relation. She tells him she has married Aditya and she loves him. It is a pure relation. I know he is innocent. I will prove it. He asks her what proof she has to prove Aditya innocent. Your love turns you blind every time. It happened with Yash too. History is only repeating itself yet you fail to understand anything! Open your eyes! She begs him to stop. Will you keep blaming me for the one mistake that I committed? Till now it was you who was upset with me. Today I am the one breaking all my relations with you! Leave. I wont become any problem for you anymore. I wont keep any hope from you. He is sad. You told me what it means to invite trouble upon yourself today. Take care. He leaves. Epi ends on Zoya’s thoughtful face.

Precap: Zoya aims a gun at Rajvir. You only killed Papa right? He tells her it isn’t important as to who killed Papa. Important thing is that Aditya dint kill Harsh. You need this clip to save your husband. You know what I need in exchange for that. Zoya’s hands are tied to a bed. Rajvir leans closer.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Pathetic precap !!!

    Well Sitara airing at 10.30pm from 3rd December 2018…so our show mostly going off air…anyways with such cheap tracks all I wish is a happy ending!!!😡😡😡

  2. Neha1

    Don’t have anything to say about Precap and 2days episode…. I m in Shock…Hurt..
    Precap Is OMG… I can’t even imagine in my dreams…. Rajveer is a monster, basterd, scoundrel, cheap….Poor Adi… he’ll be left heartbroken 💔 when he will learn this… He will addresses Zoya as a cheater just like Poosh… Hate you Rajveer and more than that Hate you “Colors channel”…
    So, finally Colors declared the timing of “Sitaara”…at 10:30p.m. from 3rd December onwards…. Bepannaah is going off-air.. and last episode will be 30th November… I don’t think colors will change the timing of Bepannaah… Otherwise they’ll definitely keep inform the viewers about it…

    1. Nothing will happen between Zoya n Rajvir…but Zoya will be tagged characterless..
      Very pathetic.
      This is a ploy by colors to make us dislike the show so that we dont keep trending..atleast I dislike n now I only pray for a beautiful ending…i dont want any web series too…this is not the BP i started watching!!

    2. Neha please post the precap

  3. I didn’t watch today; it is intolerable to watch this disgusting track.
    Don’t think if i able to watch tomorrow episode.Horrible precap
    And sitara promo is already shown at 10:30 pm from 3rd december
    Hope jenshad together come with another better story
    Not this type of disgusting track
    Even jenshad could not hold me to watch this track. Sorry

  4. Neha please post the precap

  5. honestly, what’s left to save anyway?
    and after all this,presumed hatred of adi for zoya also doesnt make any sense… unless rajveer says zo was involved.. but then.. ahhhh forget it. i cannot make any theories. i cant.
    this sucks.
    if this show doesnt at least get a bepanaah level ending (doesnt even have to be happy) then itll be the worst thing to ever happen in the tv industry.
    can i pkease hear a word from jenshad and know how do they feel about this.(?)

  6. in america bepanahs timing is at 8:30 which means sitara will air at 9:30 so idk maybe bepanah will not go off air??

  7. Gripping to last hope guys.
    What if, what if Zoya will kill Rajvir but not without the proof she needs to save Aditya. And the leap will be because of Zoya going to jail. Adi and her mother will be the one waiting for her out of jail. That will expain Zoyas photo in simple clothes, without mangalsutra and sindoor.
    I know i am always more optimistic that is needed but what can i do 😥😥😥😓😓😓

    Haven’t seen the epi yet but just from the updates i have my stomach upside down.

  8. I am cursing the moment why i watched bepanah genuinely after manmarziyan end.
    Harshad clearly told they had 1 year solid script.
    All good shows have to change their script because of channel pressure for trp.
    Started with arshad extension now ending with poison , snake , crow, one night stand crap.
    Indian people deserves only ekta and supernaturals series and long celebration and high melodrama.
    Making bepanah a garbage by makers on colors pressure again solid proof of this.

  9. I’m very hurt by this precap, I find RV’s behaviour disgusting. He doesn’t like Zoya, he nevermind liked her, this is just to end AdiYa’s relationship, completely. Imagine how Adi will feel when he hears or sees whatever video RV will send to him about this night. Arjun is not as smart as I thought, being easily manipulated by outsiders like that. Yes, he’s grieving but sometimes you out grief aside and fix or figure out a few things then grieve. Zoya broke all ties with Wasim, well about darn time.

    1. AmandaS Aditya loves Zoya very much and I think it will be a stupid idea to show he distrust her.
      Let’s wait and hope.

    2. Rajvir’s only aim is to snatch everything from Adi.
      As per my opinion he first made Anjana go psycho and reduced her in a killer.
      Then killed Harsh.
      Then made Arjun deny his brother
      He just want to destroy the last thing Adi has, his wife.

  10. Well I reduce to only reading comments today .

    Don’t think I wanna see episode or read updates.

  11. guys i think zoya will kill rajveer to save adi and she will go to jail and after leap adi and zoys mother waiting for her out off jail because shes wearing normal dress no sindoor no mangalsutra im just amusing guys maybe it can be true or not cause i cant tolarate this disgusting rajveer how cheap he is yaar

  12. Frankly zoya should have shout him and kill him for daring to even think tarnishing her respect. Could have just said it was self defence or even if it doesn’t work go to jail. Better to spent whole life in prison than loosing respect and let a creep get away. It is one of those scene that i miss crazy maya.

  13. basted colour TV. .

  14. New spoilers
    Rajveer nani goes to meet aditya in jail
    Tell him about zoya -rajveer deal
    Aditya ran away from jail

    No confirmation of bepanah ending from makers and colors tv

    Google and wiki which was showing bepanah is ending 30november , today removed that

    But sitara and tantra promo is already out

    1. Neha1

      Don’t know… some are saying that Zoya will kill Rajveer and go jail…
      I’m not capable of thinking anything related to Bepannaah right now…
      Coz this ugly Rajveer’s demand had made Angry that I don’t want to comment on the forum… really have no words to say or comment anything…
      It’s so pathetic… I just want a happy ending if Bepannaah is really going off-air… I now afraid to watch today’s episode and AdiYa separation…
      Colors channel had ruined such a beautiful show so badly… I never ever imagined or thought about AdiYa separation when they were taking their wedding vows and the way Adi fight for Zoya’s love and win her love against Arshad and Wasim…
      It’s really sad and depressing to watch AdiYa separation more than Bepannaah going off-air news.

      1. Neha1

        Just don’t want to comment..😷😷😖😟😢😩🙏

  15. Last 10 days extremely pathetic:

    1. Somewhere on 9th Nov rumour started BP going off air n 2 days later writer confirmed it as a rumour…
    But no promo of BP since Oct 28!!!…then SBS broke news that show going off air…rumour slowly started turning into reality n now it is 95% reality since colors has not officially confirmed!!!
    2. Spoilers reported Papa Hooda getting killed.. thought it was fake but became true!!!
    3. Spoilers reported Rajveer’s ugly one night stand demand from Zoya to save Adi. I didnt believe till the end but it turned true!!!😥😥😥
    4. Spoilers reported a leap…that’s also true!!
    5. Adiya separation n show end on 30th Nov almost confirmed !!!

    For that shitty show ‘ SHITara’ colors made our show a SHIT n are about to close it down!!!!…I never thought such a beautiful story will be cut short, ruined and closed prematurely !!!…actually web series are better…they are free of TRP race and have greater creative freedom !!!!..but now our BP ruined so badly that even if it converts into a web series I am trembling to watch!!!😣😣😣😣
    I am sorry friends…I stopped trending since yesterday!!!…the current track is so demeaning for the serial and women in general!!!…all i want is a beautiful end for the show!😥😥😥

    1. I think it is really ending.
      I saw somewhere some spoilers of upcoming epis but i can’t find them anymore. Nani will inform Adi about Rajvir’s proposal to Zo and Adi will escape prison to save Zoya. He will save her but will put his life in risk while confronting Rajvir so Zo will be forced to kill him. I hope this will happen Friday and the last week of the show will be on happier notes.
      I swear once the show is over i will unsubscribe Colors everywhere, delete my social media accounts, say a painful goodby to you all and i will switch off my phone. I need a long period to detox, the level of toxins in my blood has reached high figures.

      1. Same here…hope Adi separates from Zoya by taking blame of Rajvir’s killing on himself to protect Zoya…but spoilers just said Nani will tell Adi about Rajvir’s condition to Zoya and will run away from prison to track Zoya…I think Adiya separation will be mainly to safeguard each other…but I m trembling to guess bcos from last 10 days colors has proved all my intuitions wrong n broken my expectations into a 1000 pieces…
        N from everywhere one news is clear…Jenshad dont want to do web series…so BP continuation on voot is 99% not possible….
        So only 2 options : 1. BP off air on Nov 30
        2. OR time slot changes from 3rd dec

        After yesterday’s crap I prefer option 1…sorry guys !!!

      2. I don’t care about precap, i know something will stop them, i just want that Zoya will push him to the limit of confesing everything, starting with Poosh murder, druging Anjana to insanity, killing Harsh so some of the loopholes will get closed and some of the caracters redeemed.

  16. I am requesting all viewers of bepanah , don’t watch sitara on tv. If you wish to watch , watch only online.
    Sitara should have less than 1 trp

    1. Neha1

      I’m not interested to watch Sitaara and Tantra…. Even I too quit watching Colors channel….as Bepannaah is the only show I’m watching… otherwise I never watch colors channel… Let the colors channel faced financial crisis… I hardly watch daily soaps and after KRPKAB, I watched Bepannaah… now there’s no such beautiful show in TV right now… and that’s why I’m preparing myself to get over this craziness towards AdiYa and Bepannaah. I really need a distraction and now only focusing on Fitness, outings and concerned about my career too.
      But definitely miss all of you here.

  17. Arch ,Eri I really do hope what you wrote is true .

    Just imagine Christmas is coming and I’m so not in the mood yet .

    As for Colors it’s like 100USD in my currency every month being wasted to have such additional channels.
    Think I’ll be getting rid of it if ever Bepanah goes off air.

  18. Look at post – leap look of Aditya …businessman Adi
    Post the leap Adiya likely to meet as business rivals bcos yesterday there was a pic of Zoya in professional businesswoman kind of a look!!!
    That means misunderstanding confirmed amid Adiya!!! Poor Zoya put her self-respect at stake for Adi n he abandoned her…looking at his post leap pics I m unable to make out anything!!!

  19. I don’t care about precap, i know something will stop them, i just want that Zoya will push him to the limit of confesing everything, starting with Poosh murder, druging Anjana to insanity, killing Harsh so some of the loopholes will get closed and some of the caracters redeemed.

  20. Tellychakkar too has confirmed that Adi will run away from prison to save Zoya…
    My guess on what might follow :
    Adi will save Zoya but might end up being shot by the police in encounter. Zoya presumes Adi is dead n lives like a widow n runs a business..
    But Adi lives in a faraway land rescued by Kunal n may have lost his memory. He too turns businessman…
    I think this may be upcoming n no separation due to misunderstanding..bcos Adiya promised each other that only death can separate them…my ray of hope to keep ‘bepanah’love ‘bepanah’!!!

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