Bepannah 16th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Aditya gears up for competition

Bepannah 16th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zoya dances with the guy. Aditya also pulls Mona for a dance. Zoya and Aditya collide while dancing. She only smiles at him. Aditya keeps trying to talk to her. Partners change as music stops but Zoya ends up dancing with Harsh and Aditya is dancing with Anjana now.

Noor pins Arjun on a pillar. Mama’s boy! You are afraid of your mother. He denies. She scares him taking Anjana’s name. She again calls him a coward. He pins her on the pillar next and leans closer. I will kiss you before the party ends. She runs away calling him a coward again.

Aditya whispers in his father’s ears and Harsh and Harsh and Aditya swirl around at once thereby managing to swap their partners. Anjana smiles broadly. Zoya calls it cheating but Aditya reasons it is their anniversary. What did Abbu say? She tells him that she told Abbu she does not wish to marry. He heaves a sigh of relief. Then? She says Arshad came. Aditya asks her if he came there. She gestures behind him. Aditya stares at Arshad unhappily. Arshad extends his hand towards Zoya. Can I have my dance partner please? Aditya steps back as Zoya keeps her hand in Arshad’s hand. Arshad and Zoya dance. Aditya stands there upset.

Aditya walks out of the party hall. Zoya sees him leaving.

Anjana reads the message on her phone and is stunned. Sakshi ran away!

Sakshi decides to find Aditya as only he can punish Anjana for her misdeeds. She hides behind cars one by one. I must run inside irrespective of the weakness I am feeling. She hides as Anjana comes out. she instructs the security guards to first of all inform her if Sakshi comes here. Sakshi realises that Doc might have informed Anjana about her disappearance. Maybe she is telling the guard this only. How will I go inside now?

Zoya is checking on the preps. She goes to Arshad. Sorry for leaving you alone. Thank you for coming here. He says you only invited me and I thought to take chance. Zoya smiles. Aditya looks at them from far. Arshad says I wanted to see what Zosh Events does. You double the happiness by making it more happening. Aditya is irked. Why is he here when Zoya spoke to her Abbu already! Some ladies compliment Aditya on his speech and dance. Aditya asks them if they liked the concepts and decor. They nod. He points at Zoya. She has organized all this. I will introduce you to her. He introduces the ladies to Zoya. They love your work. Ladies ask Zoya for her card for the functions due in their houses. Zoya nods happily. One of the ladies calls out to Anjana. She compliments her jewellery and all the hard work Zoya has put in. Zoya is a superwoman. Anjana says it has to be as my son has hired her. My son can turn even the dust into gold. Anjana looks at Zoya pointedly. Zoya and Sakshi are a pain in my eyes. Don’t know who to take care of first! All the ladies walk away.

Aditya lies to Zoya that someone is calling her outside. Zoya goes with Aditya after telling Arshad to eat something.

Sakshi thinks to call Aditya somehow. I should look for a PCO. Aditya and Zoya come there the moment Sakshi leaves.

Zoya asks Aditya where Vinod is. Aditya says he isn’t here. I wanted to talk so I called you here. She speaks of the tasks due on hand. I don’t have time. He says you had time to talk to Arshad but you don’t have time for me. She looks at him in confusion. He again demands to know what her Abbu said in reply. She agrees to talk after the event is over. He reasons that she could have told that by now. She shares that Abbu dint understand her point of view. He asks her if she is feeling light. She nods. He says he will understand later. She keeps looking at him in uttr confusion. He says you have been asking me why I am asking you the same thing over and over again. I will tell you. She replies that she knows the truth. You keep asking me about my decision on wedding. You keep telling me to focus on Zosh events. I know you are doing this as you care for me and are concerned for me. My pain and happiness affects you. We might not get anywhere what we share! It means fate has decided to bring us together. Aditya smiles. Your words are true. I dint know you knew everything already. She says how I would not know. You are my bet friend after all. His smile disappears. She adds that she came after him till airport to tell him how important their friendship is for him. I try to stop you whenever you are about to do anything stupid. I don’t want you to ruin anything in haste. I know you only mean good. I have found love before but I will never find this friendship again. I value it a lot. I was telling Abbu this only. He dint understand anything and got upset. Arshad walked in just then. He heard everything and said he does not want to force any relation on me. He asked for 2 weeks time to see how it goes. If it goes fine then we can take it forward. He asks her what she said. She replies that she said yes. I thought it to be the best decision for everyone. She runs back inside.

Aditya thinks of Zoya and Arshad dancing together a while back and all that she just told him.

Aditya tells Noor and Arjun what Zoya told him. Arjun says I know Bhai must be thinking why Zoya agreed to spend time with Arshad. Noor tells Aditya there isn’t time to think. He had lot many chances tonight to confess his feelings but he lost them all. Arjun seconds her. There is still time. Tell Zoya everything. Hope it does not happen that you waste your time thinking. That guy has asked for 2 weeks time. Go ahead. Noor too tells Aditya to go and tell Appi everything. Arjun tells his brother that Arshad can never become Aditya for her. God has brought you both together intentionally and God only helps those who helps themselves. Go and snatch your Zoya out of Arshad’s hands! Aditya repeats his words. You are right. It’s time for action! I will fight for my love!

Precap: Arshad, Zoya and Aditya are dancing. Sakshi enters there covering her head in a pallu. She collides with someone and falls down. Zoya asks her if she is fine. I am sorry. Aditya goes to them. Zoya says I hurt her by mistake. Sakshi looks up.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Neha1

    Arjun-Noor?? Love you both, helping Adi…???? Yes, Adi- you’re right It’s time for action…”God helps those, who help themselves”….
    Arshad asked 2 weeks to agree Zoya for marriage….. but I know Adi, will definitely win Zoya’s heart and her love too..??????
    Precap had showed, like there a competition between Arshad and Aditya…. and Sakshi enters Hooda house hiding her face with dupatta…..If spoilers are true, then Anjana caught Sakshi again…let’s see if Sakshi gets help or again she will get hostage by Anjana…???? Waiting for 2mrrow episode…….!

  2. What a nail biting episode !!!!
    Some observations and conclusions from today’s episode :
    1. Zoya has not realised any love feeling for Adi yet. But while dancing with Arshad she was searching for Adi.
    2.Zoya subconsciously is scared to fall in love and as she herself mentioned she got love before. But what she craves for is friendship as that was amiss in her first marriage.
    3. Zoya’s decision to give Arshad a chance is not totally wrong. She hurt her father badly n got heartbroken herself by choosing Yash. So this time she must respect her father’s choice n atleast give it a try n that’s exactly what she has done.
    4. What Zoya is doing to Adi now is exactly what Adi was doing to Pooja – simply Adi is learning his life lessons too.
    5. Arshad’s track will end in 2 weeks n I know Adi will win the competition for sure. N Zoya Arshad alliance will not even progress upto the level of engagement.
    6. All said n done I felt bad for Adi eventhough Zoya is justified from her side. So Zoya should be the one who eventually proposes Adi…Adi deserves this.
    7. N after this Arshad track is over or whenever possible makers should bring back ‘mahi’ or any other girl who is out to get Adi. N that time Zoya should give the test to safeguard her love. From the beginning in this serial most of the sacrifices are being made by Adi only which I don’t appreciate. Zoya also has to prove her love.

    1. Neha1

      I agreed but ryt now what Adi is going through……I can’t see him like this….But we have to wait for 2 weeks…So let’s see who and how first propose… I mean-Zoya or Adi…!
      And about you last point, I think when Zoya realise her feelings for Adi, if she loves Adi, then Zoya too will do anything to protect her love…Adi-Zoya both will knew what they missed in their previous relationship, so they will try hard to protect their relationship…. coz both had similar in nature…but yeah…ryt now we just want AdiYa together and want their romantic scenes after their love confession….!

    2. I agree with you completely.. Also I feel Aditya should concentrate on wooing Zoya.. Because I feel like no ones giving importance to the fact Zoya might just reject aadi if he confesses right away.. Aditya needs to make her fall for him.. Because She has given enough hints about how she thinks she feels about Aditya.. I mean we know that they’re more than that but this is also a fact that it’s difficult for Zoya to accept or perhaps love someone than adi because for adi zoya’s his first love but Zoya really did love Yash.
      They(arnoor and adi) should consider her emotions too.. Aditya had always been fascinated by her and at some level he was already inclined towards her.. But no such track has been shown from zoya’s side.. I really want to see her fall in love too. Hainaaaaaa???
      And yes,whenever she does realise or rather will fall in love with adi,she should propose.. ? Would be cute.

  3. Zoya is so annoying. why couldn´t see adi´s Feeling? and most important why is she so nice to Arshad? she has no time to talk to adi, but enough time for Arshad.

    1. I agree…why she is giving so much footage to Arshad?..Zoya’s character is not penned down properly…n why all serials have to sell stupidity in the name of pure-heartedness?..Zoya may be a pure soul but she is equally ‘ehmak’ I mean stupid

    2. It took 80 episodes for Zoya to realise the real face of Mahi. I hope it will not take long to realize her feelings, this kind of naivety is too much.

  4. I think Aditya should wait and make Zoya realize that she loves him and he is not only his best friend. If it doesn’t happen then Zoya will marry him as she never wanted to hurt him but will never be happy. The relationship between Aditya and Zoya will be same alike the relationship of Aditya and Puja

  5. I am starting to hate Zoya now

  6. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    I really don’t understand zoya, she understand Arshad feeling and giving him time to convinced zoya for marriage! But zoya didn’t understand Aditya’s feelings till date! Eventually, zoya getting concerned about Arshad! Which event management company invites their own fiancé in someone else party or Anniversary! Then, how zoya invites Arshad to Hooda house!

    1. Arshad is not yet Zoya’s fiance…they won’t even get engaged…Aditya will win the competition for sure…but yes Zoya casually agreeing to give time to Arshad to convince her for remarriage was heartbreaking to watch…but I am sure makers won’t let us down n if sources are to be believed Zoya’s realisation track is going to be an intense one..let’s hope for the best

    2. Neha1

      Yes @Arch, I too heard that Zoya’s realisation track gonna be very intense and AdiYa Love Story would be something that we have not seen before in Indian Television….So, everyone get ready for Bepanaah intense Love story of our favourite Aditya-Zoya and plz keep watching it on TV….

  7. Neha1

    And here is the Trp of Bepanaah…. It’s 1.9…..still low trp….

    1. This is decent trp..our serial is stable…never gone out of top 20…n our serial will never come in top 10…so better than ponder over long as it is in top 20 it is safe…

  8. Neha1

    And I still and always remember Adi’s speech….love you Adi.???

  9. I think I agree with Simi & mehar.

  10. anjali sharma

    Its 11.10 and today’s episode still not uploaded. Disappointed.

  11. Hey! I have a lot to discuss about today’s ep.. But it’s not there yet. I thought my net was having some problems,I guess not. ?
    But I hope you are fine,Pooja. ?
    We know you mus have been caught up in some imp work.. Please don’t worry,we understand. ??
    Dear @anjali Sharma ,you too please try to understand.. This is the first time it’s been delayed.. Let’s just hope everything’s fine.???

    How did you like today’s ep btw,fam?❤️❤️?

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