Udaan 16th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Imli tells Gumaan about Anjor

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The Episode starts with Gumaan and Imli having an argument. She says I will make your future if you please me, else I will ruin you. He says stop threatening me, don’t throw tantrums, Suraj gave everything to me, what do you have. She says the key to your future, she may have got 7 years old by now. She smiles and goes. Anjor asks her dad why is he beating her, she will study and earn money for him. He locks her in the room and scolds her. He asks his wife Sugna not to say anything, Anjor is saying everyone about her name’s meaning, Anjor means light, if this news reaches there, your life will fall in darkness.

Imli comes to Garima and asks why are you drinking lemon water, shall I get butter milk for you. Gumaan comes to talk. Imli goes. He shouts on her. Imli shoots at the pots. Gumaan comes there and throws the gun. He says no woman can behave like this with me, what’s the key, tell me her name. She says you know her well. He asks who. She praises Anjor. She says the one who has Suraj’s courage and Chakor’s smartness, I get angry seeing her. He asks what’s her name. She says Anjor. He gets shocked and recalls her. He asks what, you are saying that kid is my future. He laughs. He calls her foolish.

She says she is the heir of crores, she is real owner of Aazaadgunj, if I want, I can snatch everything from you, Anjor is Suraj and Chakor’s daughter. He gets shocked. He says no, this can’t happen. She asks what happened, couldn’t you handle this truth. He stumbles and says you killed her right, everyone knows Suraj and Chakor’s daughter is dead, how did she get alive suddenly. She says I didn’t kill her, I did that drama to separate Suraj and Chakor, look at Anjor, her eyes, she has all qualities like Chakor, she runs fast, she talks sharp, she is smart, if I didn’t reach there on time, you would have got exposed. He recalls Anjor.

She says I know you want to ask me, why I did all this, I will say, I did this to get peace, when I go and meet Chakor, I see pain in her eyes, I get peace, Suraj is living abroad with Naina, I get happy when Anjor’s step father beats her. She asks him to remember one thing, she is half partner in his bed and business. Gumaan says why did you think to reveal this secret today.

She says I have no interest in you, I want to show you your truth, everything will be equal now, if you try to act smart, I will get Anjor her rights, I will support her, so be alert, if I tell Suraj that his daughter is alive, he will happily give me everything, what will happen of you, I pity you. She applies bandhua stamp on his hand. She calls him bandhua and smiles. He gets angry. Anjor tries to bring some light inside the room. She smiles seeing light on Lord pic. She talks to Lord and gets happy eating imaginary food. Sugna hears her and gets sad. Anjor says its tasty laddoo. Her dad says what is she saying, I told you not to give her any food. Sugna says no, she has nothing, she is just saying. He says I drink wine and she gets drunk, you have food. Sugna goes and gives food to Anjor. Anjor says don’t give me food, dad will scold you. Sugna asks her to eat it fast. Anjor keeps prasad first and smiles. Her dad comes and gets angry. Anjor drops the plate. Anjor says I don’t want food, but I will study at the school.

Anjor’s dad punishes her and burns her foot. Anjor shouts. Chakor wakes up and feels restless.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. When does sukor come? I hate that Surat left with naina! And poor chakor is again blindly finding solace in imli’s fake comfort!! I’m taking a break from this show. Evil always seems to win…

    1. I strongly agree.. seems like almost evryones planning on doing the same… the writers deserve it

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