Bepannaah 22nd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Rajvir’s entry

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Bepannaah 22nd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sagarika teases Aditya saying he does not appear to be so shy. He acts cool and extends his arms. Sagarika does not give up. Zoya looks at him. Someone is clicking their pics from far. Zoya and Aditya hug. Zoya experiences a flash and looks around puzzled. They break the hug. Sagarika goes inside. Zoya and Aditya look at each other. Aditya saves her from getting hurt. Mahi has been watching everything as well.

Sakshi tells the blackmailer she has the money. I am just leaving. She notices Anjana downstairs and stops in her tracks. Anjana looks at Sakshi but does not react. She walks away. Blackmailers asks Sakshi if she left the house or not. I don’t have all day.

Akansha gives costumes of the respective teams to Zoya. Mona adds that Aditya has already taken the costumes. Sagarika decides to leave the button open. I feel so suffocated in this saree. Papa ji wont be able to say anything today. We cannot wear anything apart from saree.

Aditya wears the shirt wrongly. He is taking it off when Zoya comes in. She apologizes to him. He requests her to help him. Please open the buttons. She offers to send someone else but he denies. My nose is paining. She tells him to stand straight. He goes quiet. She opens the buttons relieving him. Mahi comes just then and questions them. Aditya covers his chest with his tshirt. Zoya explains that she came to take banners. His tshirt buttons were stuck. Mahi says they were in other room. You could have asked me. Zoya goes. Mahi tells Aditya to let her know if he needs any help. He walks out after asking her to come. It is time.

Noor is waiting for Arjun at the cafe. Sakshi also comes to the same cafe. Hope this ends soon. I cannot play this game of hide and seek daily. She heads to the washroom. Arjun also comes. He hides his smile seeing Noor. Sorry for coming late. Sakshi comes out of restroom. Noor and Arjun sit are busy talking to each other.

Kanti ji asks Sagarika what she is wearing. Sumit says it is cricket costume. She wont wear saree while playing cricket. Kanti ji tells her to make sure it never happens again. They start the game.

Sakshi gets blackmailer’s call. He tells her to keep the bag on seat and leave. She asks him about his whereabouts but he has disconnected the call. She keeps her purse under the table, wipes the sweat off her face and begins to go out when Noor notices her bag. She reminds her to pick her bag. Noor follows her gaze and is surprised to see Sakshi. Sakshi also looks at him in shock. She lies that she forgot it. He offers to give it to her but she takes it herself reluctantly. Arjun asks her if she is well. She nods. Arjun says seems like your BP is shooting up. He takes leave from Noor. Aunty isn’t well. I must leave. Noor nods. Sakshi leaves with Arjun. The kidnapper has seen everything and is irked that he got nothing.

Aditya does the toss. Kanti ji wins the toss and opts to bat first. Aditya keeps his hand over Zoya’s shoulder while discussing their strategy but she makes him take it off. He explains the plan. Sumit opens the match while Aditya balls. Zoya is standing as the wicket keeper. She ducks and gets scared the moment she notices the ball coming towards her. Aditya points out that she has to catch the ball. The ball wont catch you. He hides his smile. Mahi gets Sumit’s wicket. Kanti ji scolds his son for letting a girl catch the ball. Aditya reminds Zoya to praise her after every 5 minutes like promised. She makes a shocked face but then he hands over the ball to her. She ends up calling him Jahanpanah in front of everyone. Kanti ji is impressed by it. Seems like your mind is in the right place finally. Aditya happily takes the ball back. Kanti ji comes to bat next. Zoya praises Aditya for his balling. Not even Sachin can match you! Kanti ji points out that Sachin is batsman and not baller. I am his biggest fan. You know nothing. You are praising a wide ball! Kanti ji is playing well. Aditya clean bolds Kalpesh as he is trying to score a run.
Aditya gives the ball to Zoya next. It is my order as your husband. You must do as I say. Kanti ji praises him for his style. Zoya glares at Aditya as she takes the ball from him.

Mahi asks Aditya what he is doing. Zoya does not know anything about cricket. She has never even played it! Aditya says this is the idea. Even a 4 year old will hit sixes when she will throw the ball. He will be happy and so will we be! Do you think we are playing to win? She calls him super smart. He nods.

Sagarika advises Zoya to be careful of Mahi. I think she wants to snatch your husband from you. Zoya politely asks her to play.

Kanti ji hits sixes repeatedly on Zoya’s ball. He taunts Zoya for being a girl. I will hit sixes only when a girl will ball! Get ready for another six! Zoya vows to clean bold him. Only a girl will do that now! Kanti ji hits the ball high in the air. Both Zoya and Aditya try to catch it when they collide and fall atop each other. Rajvir catches the ball. Zoya and Aditya get up. Rajvir remarks that it was a catch – out!

Precap: Rajvir tells Zoya and Aditya to remember his name well. We will get acquainted better now. I will add colours to the scene now. Zoya and Aditya are made to participate (by Rajvir) in a game as a couple. As a punishment (if they fail), they will have to kiss one another. Zoya and Aditya look at one another in shock.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. superb episode. Thanks Pooja for the update

    1. Pooja

      Anytime Sanofar 🙂

    2. Ooshi

      Congrats for being first to comment

  2. Another awesome episode…Wow…:)

  3. Amairah shaikh

    Thank you again for a quick update !?

    1. Pooja

      Most welcome dear 🙂

  4. Get episode…

  5. Thank you Pooja.

    1. Pooja

      Welcome Asri 🙂

  6. Really!!Kiss wow superb but they will win I hope so for me they should not win

    1. Ooshi

      Happy u commented
      Keep commenting

  7. Neha1

    The episode was good but That Old Man Kanti Virani was so irritating and Mahi too….Zoya and Adi scenes was so good and funny.?? And Rajveer has entered in the show…He has a motive..! Precap was looking interesting.

    New Promo of Bepanaah

    1. R they going to reveal what happened in the past?is the same thing going to happens with Zoya and adi? What happened to her diary?I really don’t understand why can’t show to us what really happened and how adi and Zoya is going to reach the truth.i like them but I want the truth rather than office drama

      1. Ooshi

        Happy u commented
        Keep commenting
        Want the same

      2. Ooshi

        According to the new promo hope so till the end of this month story will proceed in that direction along with AdiYa’s scenes and may be with ArNoor’s scenes too but may be they will focus on AdiYa and revealing
        Hope till then they will put fullstop to sakshi’s being blackmailed and all and yesterday harsh doubted sakshi as he didn’t get diary’s missing papers in anyone’s room only sakshi’s room was left but they didn’t show anything about that today

  8. Lokesh

    Loving it, cricket matches are always exciting in our country, thanx Pooja again u r the champion.

    1. Ooshi

      Be here always

  9. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update Pooja

  10. Well…yesterday l miss the episode because of IPL…..CSK vs SRH….So l miss bepannah cricket……And l love cricket…….
    Thanks pooja for an awesome update……l feel like watching. …..Superb
    Yet an another cute episode……..Aditya and Zoya????…… no words…….
    Kanti ji…..Don’t underestimate the power of a women….First try to respect them
    Already mahi was too irritating and this rajvir also join the party
    Arjun and noor…..Ooooo so cutiee tutiee????

  11. i am thinking if punishment of losing in couple game is a KISSS and then what wud be the Game and…prize????

    1. Actually I want Adi-Zoya to lose n kiss. Their hug was cute even though it was still not intense lovewala hug…. But I guess Adi-Zoya will try hard and win to prevent kissing…Else they will kiss n rajveer will capture photo and frame murder charges on them…But this week episodes are good…

  12. Mellu

    nice episode , zoya was looking cute in that tshirt and with that cap ???
    huh rajveer and adiya are finally face to face !! waiting for next episode

  13. jeniii super

  14. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Nice Episode!

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