Porus 22nd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Alexander Challenges Gladiator Match With Puru

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Porus 22nd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Puru walks towards jail tied in chains. Ephastian taunts Puru that he does not know who Alexander is and what he will do with him. Puru says Alexander does not know who he is and what he can do. Ephastian angrily kicks Puru’s leg, but Puru stands still and taunts he cannot even shake him. Ephastian orders to put him behind bars. Puru walks into jail. Guard announces that king Alexander is coming. Alexander walks in with Barsin. Puru looks at Barsin, and she bends her head in guilt. Alexander walks in and taunts Alexander that he did a mistake coming here, though Barsin did not tell who came to help her, he himself found it. Puru says everyone boast standing behind bars. Alexander says he will fight with Macedonian warriors and will see what they are, orders Ephastian to arrange gladiator fight. Puru says he will repent with his decision. Alexander says let us see what Bharati can do, someone told his fate is linked with Bharath. Puru thinks he will change Alexander’s fate.

Kanishk enjoys liquor with Shivdutt and says he had lost hope to become crown prince, but Shivdutt made it happen.
Shivdutt says he deserved it. Guard walks in and informs that he saw a servant with a boy who went with Puru for Faras journey. Shivdutt orders are they, take us to them. Servant asks boy/Malay to stay here and walks away. Malay sees people walking wearing colorful clothes and having laddoos. Anusuya serves laddoos to people and people pray Kanishk to become crown prince. Malay runs to Anusuya and extends hand. Anusuya gives him laddoo. He runs and eats. Guard takes Shivdutt and Kanishk where he saw servant. Shivdutt orders to find servant and boy before Anusuya sees them. Boy eats laddoo and returns to Anusuya asking one more laddoo please, he is very hungry. Anusuya asks his name. He says Malay. She asks that huge mountain. He reminisces Puru saying same and asks if she knows its story. She says yes, but she forgot, if he tells story, she will give him lots of laddoos. Shivdutt and Kanishk see him and say fate is not in their favor. Anusuya takes Malay with her, feeds him laddoos and asks to tell story now. He tells story. She asks who taught him this. He says her brother who is very good, who risked his life to save him. Anusuya says his brother seems very brave, what is his name. Malay says his brother’s name is….Guard calls him just then and says his father is waiting for him. Anusuya asks whose son he is. Guard says cook’s son who is worried about his son and takes Malay with him.

Puru is taken for gladiator fight in chains. Hasti and team come there and ask Puru not to worry, they will free him soon. Puru asks to complete their task and not worry about his life as their country’s pride is more important than his life.

Anusuya senses something is wrong and while passing by sees cook Mohan and asks where is his son Malay. Mohan says he is not married at all, she is mistaken. Anusuya gets worried for Malay. Guards take Malay. Malay asks where are they taking him. They warn him to walk silently.

Alexander sharpens his sword reminisces Oracle informing that his fate is linked with Bharath, nobody can defeat him, but he should not go to Bharath. He cuts his hand by mistake. Olympia walks in. Alexander asks Ephastian who called mother queen here. Olympia asks why did he prison a Bharati, she does not him to fight with any Bharathi. Alexander says if someone would have told that, he would have killed them, she is his mother and should stay away from his issues, he will not back off.

Precap: Anusuya searches Malay. Guard asks Malay not to worry, before he realizes, he will die. Malay bites his hand and escapes. Guard informs Shivdutt that Malay escaped. Alexander meets Puru.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. LOved Anusiya today. Alexander rocked as usual.. I want Puru to win the gladiator or Alexander to back off

  2. Having trouble with the site. WONt let me type. Wondering if others have the same issue too

  3. Honestly I am not at all liking the acting of laksh. Over acting. Same overconfident sarcastic I am the best iam the great I am the god type expression every time. Don’t know why he is making such weird expressions every time. In the combination scenes of Alex n Puru Rohit steals the screen even with less dialogues. Correct expression n feeling. Living his role. But I wont blame laksh. Puru is agreat character. He is brave n a champion. But the makers have made the character like this. They turned Puru into some boasting weirdo. Some Mr. always right. Giving speaches n boasting all the time. It is the problem of the makers who failed to frame out the character Puru. They should have looked in to each n every details of a character. Both makers n laksh have to do more hard work. Alexander become likeable because of the way it is enacted by Rohit inspite of the negativity. Laksh have to stop giving weird expressions all the time n start to act more natural.

  4. Can any one tell the repeat timings of the show

  5. I truelly agree with u ….I was thinking the same rohit aka Alexander acting is superb may be some of us may know that he played the lead role in razia sultan and there also his acting was mind blowing..

  6. Is it history or fiction? As we read in history puru faces Alexander only in war field

    1. Fully story of porus is fictitious……. Bcoz….as per history :porus was older than alaxender during war..even his 2 sons fight and die in that war… Even porus was big in height and size than alaxender……
      This serial is beyond history and also beyond common sense……
      But still I watch this serial as it is entertaining and different than other serials

  7. Oh thank you but as it is before christian eraone can’t tell correct history still porus s good serial porus s acting make up everything s good

    1. Ya…. There is also controversy between Indian and Greek history regarding porus death…..bcoz as per Greek history porus was assassinated by edumus whereas as per Indian history porus was died bcoz of chanakya ….
      There is one more controversy within Indian history regarding porus real name…. Some say his name was puru and some say his name was pravitka….

  8. Hey smita …u can also watch chandragupta moraya serial on youtube which was telecasted on ndtv imagine in 2011-12….
    That serial shows the real story of alaxender and puru after the battle …. About how acharya chankaya, king puru and Chandragupta together throw the alaxender out of india

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