Bepannaah 18th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Anjana suspicious of Sakshi’s behaviour

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Bepannaah 18th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zoya turns and Aditya says you are like Mumbai rain. No one can predict when you will rain or do something else. 15 minutes ago you refused to act as my wife and now we are not just fake husband and wife but we got the contract too! She asks him if his drama for today isn’t over. He demands to know the answer. She reasons that some things are above their personal differences. I told you that I wont let our personal issues come between our profession. I was married earlier too. If that real marriage was fake then why should I be afraid of this fake marriage? Aditya and Zoya think of their partners. Zoya says if my one lie can benefit the company then let it be. Aditya says I don’t care who I pretend to be married to. I just want to clear that the decision was yours and so will be the consequences. Don’t blame me later. He goes. Zoya thinks I wont blame you for anything. I will become Mrs. Hooda for the sake of this company if I have to but I wont let anyone fall in any trouble.

Sakshi mentally apologizes to Adi. I will have to do this. I have no other option. Anjana watches her keep her jewellery in her bag. She hides as Sakshi comes out of the room and heads downstairs. Anjana wonders what Sakshi is up to. What is she hiding from all of us? Sakshi goes out. Anjana follows her.

Anjana waits outside as Sakshi sells Pooja’s jewellery. She takes 5 lacs in return. Anjana walks in the moment Sakshi goes out. Anjana realises that Sakshi just sold Pooja’s bangles. She asks for a duplicate bill from the owner. He gives it to her.

Arjun calls Noor. Are you coming to Radio Station? She nods. I was just leaving. He asks her to come quickly. there is a lot to do. She excitedly says I am also very eager to work with you. You wont think of hiring anyone else after seeing my work. He says you are so confident. There is another guy who is working along with you. What’s his name? She replies that what’s the point of hiring someone whose name you cannot even remember. You will not find such a good assistant like me! She ends the call upon noticing Mrs. Arora. Mrs. Arora says you also flirt in office while working nowadays. I will tell Zoya everything. Noor is irked that she cannot focus on her own daughter and is only after her.

Kalpesh is unable to connect with Aditya. He cannot see anyone. I told Zoya to send the data. I got the file late. Papa wont spare me if he finds out. He asks the peon to call Aditya and Zoya. Peon shares that they went home. Kalpesh asks for their address. Peon asks him whose address he wants – Aditya’s or Zoya’s. Kalpesh says they must be living together. He notes down Zoya’s address. Aditya returns to office just when Kalpesh is leaving in his car. He checks with Murli (peon). Murli tells him that he was asking for their address. I gave Zoya Madam’s address. Aditya scolds him a little. Don’t you love your job? Murli gets confused but Aditya worries what if Kalpesh finds out the truth.

Zoya and Mahi come home. Zoya tells Mahi to make sure Mummy ji wont find out anything. She is removing her mangalsutra when her MIL calls out to them. Mahi asks her to remove it asap or they will be in trouble. Zoya manages to take it off by the time her MIL walks up to her. Doorbell rings. Mahi’s mother sends the girls to their rooms. I will open the door. Aditya thinks how to stop Kalpesh from going inside. Mahi’s mother slips near the door. Mahi helps her.

Aditya is calling Zoya but she is taking care of her MIL. Aditya tries Mahi’s number but it is off. Someone should pick the phone or Kalpesh will find out everything! Kalpesh keeps ringing the bell. Mahi asks her to check the door. She takes her mother inside. Zoya opens the door and is shocked to see Kalpesh. He apologizes for coming so later. I wanted to give you the pen drive as I couldn’t give you the entire data in the morning. She says you could have called me. I would have sent someone to collect it. She tries to send him off but he asks her if she does not even offer water to guests. She welcomes him inside. Kalpesh asks about Aditya. Zoya is at a loss of words. Kalpesh asks her about Aditya again. She lies that he is taking bath. I will bring water for you.

Mahi’s mother wonders who would have come at this hour. Mahi advises her to worry for herself. Why do you care about the world?

Kalpesh decides to wait for Aditya for some more time. I will tell you and your husband about the pen drive data when he will come out. Zoya offers to do it. I will come to you in case I have any questions. You might be getting later. He says it is fine. Zoya is worried. How can I bring Aditya at this hour? Aditya comes just then holding a towel. Who is here Zoya Baby? Zoya looks at him in shock. He acts surprised to see Kalpesh there at this hour. Kalpesh gives him the pen drive. Mahi hears Aditya’s voice. Her mother hears too many voices as well. I must go down and check. Mahi offers to check. I will bring ice pack too.

Aditya says you could have just called me. I would have sent someone. You don’t need to worry about anything. This event will be talked for years. Aditya hides Zoya and Yash’s photo before Kalpesh can see it. Mahi comes downstairs and looks at them. Kalpesh takes their leave. Aditya offers to drop him till the door. we will meet in office next time. Kalpesh nods.

Zoya collides with Aditya when he is coming back. He holds her. Mahi fumes seeing them thus. Mahi’s mother asks them who was there. She goes quiet noticing Aditya there.

Precap: Aditya angrily tells Zoya to do whatever she wants to. I bid adieu to you and your company. Kanti ji refuses to listen to give contract to Zosh until Aditya is there. No one is able to get in touch with Aditya as he is not responding to anyone’s calls. Zoya says the same. What should we do now Mahi? Where will we find Aditya now?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Day by day its getting so good

  2. Tnx pooja for the update

  3. Today’s episode was OK. I felt a bit bad when Aditya says he doesn’t care whether he does the marriage drama with Zoya or Mahi…I want them to realise their feelings for each other especially Adi who has really started liking Zoya deep down his heart…

  4. Thanks for the lovely and timely yet again pooja, I didn’t watch the episode but after reading the update the only thing I suppose worth watching is “Who is there Zoya baby”. The promo looks creepy, hope adi comes in time to collect the contract..I hate this Kanti guy and his stupid orthodox beliefs. We live in 2018 yaar not in some 1898 ka zamana. Move with time Kathoor ji >:(
    Have a good day guys!!

  5. Baby

    wowowaa wwoowaaa wowowaa exciting ????
    it’s getting superb maza aagyaa maza aagyaa hahhaa ?

  6. Lokesh

    Gud going , thanx Pooja now looks like all characters are positive, so much mystery plz show the crime sequence too

  7. Ooshi

    how did kalpesh didn’t see arora;s name plate at the door while it’s hooda’s house(according to him

    1. Nivedita

      I wondered about this too. This is me Nivideta from last week. Couldn’t log on to my account this week, so just commenting without logging on.

      1. Ooshi

        U r log in Dear where is Pinky?

  8. Ooshi

    thanks Pooja for the fastest updates

  9. Both Mahi’s mom and this Kanti Virani man are somewhat the same. Super orthodox, super stupid and unnecessarily so called ‘overprotective’ of women. The only difference is that this case is a severity with this stupid Virani man. But unknowingly he is playing cupid between Aditya and Zoya. I liked it when Adi removed the photoframe and Zoya stood in a shock when she saw Adi in her house. Also one correction. The name of Kalpesh’s wife is Sagarika and not Bhavna (she gave her intro as “I am bhabhi, Sagarika bhabhi”. Maybe pooja you heard it wrong, so pls correct that. Again I want at least Aditya to be in confusion regarding his feelings for Zoya. He himself doesn’t know how drastically his behaviour has changed since he first saw Zoya. Earlier he used to boil up everytime he saw Zoya but now he himself has suggested her to play his fake wife.
    Whatever happens, I know you two will come closer.
    Upcoming some cricket track in Bepannah.
    Lluv u AdiYa :*

  10. And actually whatever Noor was saying to Arjun as A.J. was not flirting. I understand that Mahi’s mum is worried about the girls but pls this is getting a bit over. And actually Noor said the right thing. Its Mahi who needs attention and not Zoya and Noor as they both are very sensible and responsible girls.

    1. Nivedita

      Yeah I too found yash’s mom’s comment a bit silly and also why Noor should have suddenly looked so nervous. That made her look more guilty than anything. The writers need to give a better words or directors better acting to show that what Noor did was seeming like flirting.

      Though I guess being conservative, Yash’s mom considers any interaction with men as flirting or crossing the line.

  11. Actually mahi’s mom behaviour is understandable, she just lost her son. She is living in big city with 3 girls without any protective figure so obviously she will be worried for the girls if they are late, get involved with any man or work at night. Behind her cold words is hidden her worries and fear for the girls, she equally cares for the 3 of them that’s why whenever they are in trouble she is so concerned but can’t show her affection directly since she is still grieving over her son’s death. But virani is another case he might be stuck in his time, didn’t realise the world has move on.

    1. Nivedita

      I don’t mind yash’s mom’s worrying, some of her points especially about Ado have been valid. And also about Noor’s late night job. That’s how parents are still in India and Mumbai despite us living in the 21st century.

      But that doesn’t necessarily mean that the show did a good job of portraying those perspectives. There’s room for improvement in the plot and acting in the Noor and Zoya’s mother in law interactions.

      Yes Mr. Vitamin hasn’t certainly makes bed with time. Infact those Indian who left India and live abroad for decades are more orthodox at times Vs Indian i living in India. It’s based on my own personal experiences.
      Also families with only boys and no girlchild tend to be more orthodox and rigid as well.

      1. Nivedita

        *Mr. Virani certainly hasn’t made peace with the modern times

        Darn auto incorrect urf AI.?? Also I think I was mixing up metaphors ??
        **Indians living in

      2. Ooshi

        Happy u shared ur views

  12. It was so funny when aditya said ‘idiot phone uthao ‘

    1. Nivedita

      Yup that was cute n funny.

    2. Ooshi

      Happy u commented
      Keep commenting

  13. Aditya born actor r what ?so natural liked very much

    1. Ooshi

      Happy u commented keep commenting

  14. @Ooshi who is pinky? I mean is there multiple pinky’s?

    1. Ooshi

      She is registered member Pinky and also registered as Priyu as u r non registered so u aren’t the one and welcome here keep commenting

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