Naamkaran 18th May 2018 Written *Last* Episode Update: Neil and Avni unite

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Naamkaran 18th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shweta saying Mitali has agreed when Neil proposed, she asked Neil if he is sure. Neil says yes, I m sure that I still love Avni. Prakash says forget everything, get Avni and Mowgli here, they are your family. Shweta says but they are divorced. Prakash says relations don’t break on paper, Avni and Neil love each other, once he marries Mitali, nothing can change. Neil thinks. He comes to Avni and thinks we are made for each other, I have come to take you. He sees Avni and Mowgli. He thinks you are complete without me, I will stay incomplete, you and Mowgli are family, stay happy, I will be happy thinking you were mine for some period of time. He cries and leaves.

Neil lies in bed and cries. He turns and sees Avni beside. They hold hands and see each other. She disappears. He cries. Its morning, Shweta and Prakash come to Neil. She says I made your fav breakfast Poha. He eats Poha. Avni also eats Poha at her place. Shweta says all arrangements are done. Neil says Avni is complete without me, I have promised Mitali, its fine the way it is. Shweta gets Mitali’s call and asks her to come soon, everything is fine. Avni asks kids to take car and study well. Prakash says Avni and Mowgli are leaving the city, she promised me she will meet us. Neil says Avni is leaving me so that I start a new life. Prakash says you know it better, you have to decide now, what you want in your life. He goes.

Mogli asks kids not to get sad, he will come to meet. Neil cries and thinks of Avni. Avni thinks of Neil and says I will live with memories, you all take care. She hugs Sunehri. Neil gets ready and comes. He sits in mandap with Mitali. He sees sindoor and mangalsutra and recalls Avni. Their ghatbandhan is done. Pandit says seven rounds are seven vows, Lord decides the sacred relation, you will keep vows for seven births, you will be bound by an invisible bond after taking rounds. Neil thinks of Avni. Mitali says I will fulfill my duties as a wife. Pandit asks Neil to say. Neil says I will fulfill all promises that I m making to Avni. Mitali sees him.

Neil says sorry, I will fulfill all promises I m making to Mitali. They get up for taking rounds. Neil thinks of Avni. Mitali makes him wear garland. He puts garland in her neck and stands. She says we have to take rounds. He nods and turns. He stops. She opens the ghatbandhan. She says do you know why I love you, because you are a very good human being, you are so good that you are ready to stay unhappy all life, because you have promised to marry me. She gets a gift. She says this is the same frame in which your perfect family pic would be fixed, it will have your, Avni and Mowgli’s pic, we are not made for each other. He says I m really very sorry, forgive me. Mitali says I m not hurt, if you had married me, it would have been wrong, we would have never been happy, you would always love Avni, I think you should go to Avni, just go, we will always be friends, that’s what matters to me. Neil cries. Shweta asks Neil to get Avni and Mowgli home. Prakash asks him to run. Mitali says go before I stop you. Neil kisses her and thanks. He goes.

Neil holds Mowgli’s hand. Mowgli smiles. Avni sees Neil. She says Neil, you should be at…. Neil says I have come here for a reason, I have come to take you and Mowgli home, everyone is waiting at home. She asks whom are you taking home, your son’s mum, your wife or Avni. He smiles and says you know, after falling in love with you, I understood the meaning of love, I love you because you never justify the wrong, a person is identified by name, but you know well that person is known by his deeds, maybe a name is wiped off, but his deeds live forever, you will always end darkness in other’s life, love is not a need, I can’t be your need, you are complete already, I just want to become your love, like I consider you mine, I want to see you and Mowgli in my life, I want to have a small family, normal, happy, perfect family, my happiness lies in just you and my son, answer me Avni, can I pursue my life’s journey with you two.

Avni says Neil, you know, why I wanted to keep Mowgli with me, as he reminds me of you, I wanted to remember you as you accepted me the way I m, the society called me illegitimate, you deemed this society illegitimate for me, Mowgli is your son, he is a good human being like you Neil, I may be strong, but I m incomplete without you, you don’t need to request me to come back in your life, Mowgli and I were waiting for you. She says I love you Neil. He says I love you too Avni. They hug. Aye zindagi….plays…. Mowgli says I love you mum and dad. They hug Mowgli and kiss. They smile.

The show ends on a happy note with Neil and Avni’s union.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sry guys for commenting late but still I’m not in my senses still I couldn’t recover over avneil still can’t believe that the show I loved the most will end so soon.Will miss nk especially adiza???????.From 6 march 2017 to 18 may 2018…..Even I will miss our adiza frds who loved them more than anything.I will miss all the comments of adiza frds and will also miss commenting.I will miss the strategies we have made to kill sayesha, kk and makers. I will miss u all. I still can’t believe that this will be my last comment in nk serial.From Monday I’ll be left jobless as there will be no nk serial to watch at 9pm and their will be no commenting session to comment regarding nk. Will miss you nk fans Sana, hiyori,ayesha,pavitra,ananya and all others…… If anyone having insta account we can chat there. I tried searching everyone’s name but couldn’t find one. Ok a last goodbye to all of you….See you and will miss u all.

    1. Ayesha_malhotra

      Adi bhai even I’ll miss everyone especially all our commenters in this page.

      1. Ayesha sry I’m a girl and yeah I’ll miss you all and what about your ff? Plz continue it even though nk has ended.

      2. Ayesha_malhotra

        Oh sorry sister ??? I’ll be posting the 20th episode either on Sunday or Monday. I won’t end it. And yeah are you in messenger ? Because I’m in touch with some of my TU friends (From NK page) in messenger. Do you use that?

      3. Ayesha my insta Id is adi.6804

    2. Adi if u miss us come to messenger.all who u know are there and you can meet us too.tell us your facebook id and we’ll contact you.or read ayesha’ ff you can see us there too.

      1. Sry guys for late reply but I’m not in fb or messenger. I’m only in insta…..

      2. Ayesha_malhotra

        We’re in insta too. What’s your ID adi? My ID is ayesha_malhotra126

    3. you can meet us in fb either insta orin ayesha’s ff.

    4. Sana.

      I will miss you too adi

  2. i have watched this show from the first episode to the last episode . the first season had a wonderful cast like arsheen , bharka bisht , viraf patel and sayantani ghosh , the first season was special because of arsheen namdar’s acting . what a gift she was , too much of acting skills in that little girl , then i thought who are they going to bring as leads in season one arsheen had acted so well and she owned that show , after leap they managed to bring awesome people as cast and managed to create magic the best scene i guess was when avni hugged neil from behind when he told that he knew the truth of her being avni , i guess the second leap did not work out for the show…….after all , now avni’s complete family dream is fulfilled , anyways i wish they had showed avni’s brother coming out of jail and supporting avni . definitely going to miss this show a lot.

  3. I’m never cemented here , every story has an end but it’s too early . aaj ki baad merit had din like Saturday and Sunday .. I miss you Avneil, Adiza , location pics, fun moments, gift segments with rakesh , everything. Guys pls tell me ye star pariwar awards event kab hogs ? Iam eagerly waiting for it after that event I never watch any shows of star plus . hate you star plus


  5. Hiii iam From Kerala. I never commented here. I have a allergy in serials but when I started to watch Naamkaran it’s all changed. started to watch Naamkaran on march 2017 after 15years leap . Iam going to miss adiza, Avneil, i can’t imagine a day without them.. the show end too early. I hate you starplus

  6. Hiii iam From Kerala. I never commented here. I have a allergy in serials but when I started to watch Naamkaran it’s all changed. iam started to watch Naamkaran on march 2017 after the 15 years leap. I can’t imagine a day without them. I love all the scenes of Avneil and thanks naamkaran for giving us a great show and it will be the best show ever no one can take it’s place. Every show has an end but it’s too early. Iam going to miss you Avneil…

    1. Sana.

      Hi suhana

  7. Cute scenes of avneil…..loving.I think there is much way to extend NK. Why they finished so soon. We are really sad of that. Finally NK is end now???I don’t know whether that klc is nice or not.but for this show they ended the NK show. For this itself most of ….
    don’t like to see & i am too?anyways missing Nk family especially avneil & mowgli.The last scene with a happy note of all three is superb
    Missing u all a lotzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz???♥♥

  8. Mixed emotions
    Happy dat avneil united
    Sad for the show ended soon
    Had started watching it from February 2018 and it ended jn the month of may……..too sad and painful to accept that naamkaran has ended…….
    Good bye adiza……..

  9. I will miss the show it has nice story line it has show the girls power n the society how it treat to a illigate child lvu avneil misssss a looootttt

  10. The bestest show I have ever watched. I watched naamkaran from the very first episode but I was a lil bit disappointed because there was so much of negativity in the show then I stopped watching it but when I saw the promo of 15 years leap l thought to watch it again for Zain. I used to love tasne ishq and because of that only I gave naamkaran a second chance. and now naamkaran and adiza and avniel have became my favorite

  11. 8B4756

    Naamkarann was the first serial of star plus which I will never forget and no other serial will ever be able to take its place in the hearts of all the die hard Naamkarann fans and though I know it is impossible but still I am hoping for Naamkarann 2 ,and think that many of you all might be also hoping for it .

  12. I thought that I love twinj the most because when sidhant left tashne ishq i cried whole night . I have never imagined that I will cry for a show but I did. and my love for twinj is nothing before my Love for avniel and Adiza so you can imagine how much I love naamkaran

  13. Miss you aditi and zain

  14. I am crying because I am not only going to miss adiza but I am going to miss my avniel very much. please bring season two not only with adiza but with avni and niel too. I mean the characters should be avni and niel only.

  15. I was not interested in typing but it was the last episode of my favourite serial naamkaran.
    Love u ❤ avneil,adiza.

    Angry with ? u starplus.

    I have loved only one show in sp it is now ended.
    I want avneil to win award for best jodi in star parivar awards 2018.
    Miss u adiza.

  16. last episodes neil want to marry mital from that serial was not effective, last was very boring i din’t expect this from NK team

  17. I will miss this show ever .
    love u AvniNeil

  18. Nivedita

    I will miss Naamkaran. It had one of the best story pacing, plot and good acting. I didn’t follow the show always, but whenever I switched TV and the show was in, I got sucked into watching it. Wish the cast a very happy and fabulous life ahead in whatever they do next. I hope the writers of Naamkaran and producers and CVs will come back soon with another awesome series. Thanks for keeping us entertained.?
    I started watching NK for Reema Lagoo ji but continued for Aditi and Niel and the story.

    While I am sad Naamkaran has ended, I am happy for my current favourite show Bepanah which has a good plot and acting like Naamkaran. Others who like thriller romance like Naamkaran may love Beppanaah too. Please do check it out.

    And I hope we will see Adiza together in the future too soon.?❤

    1. Nivedita

      *Zain ( not Niel)

  19. Mellu

    gonna miss this show very much , it was nice journey of love hatred family emotions , enjoyed watching this show throughout … will miss avneil and also little cutie pie mowgli…

  20. hard to believe –

    no precap
    no more episodes
    no upcoming episode pics and videos
    no gift segments

    hardest goodbye to naamkaran

  21. Comments will close here soon I am sorry I was not commenting here on a regular basis but I can tell from most of you guys comment that you will miss each other life is strange I am sure none of you have met with each other and yet your bondings are so strong that you will miss each other I commend you guys on your friendship keep it up.

  22. I will miss this show and you guys.But the show didn’t end well they said Neil and Avni will have a reunion party and Saisha will die

  23. sabina basyal

    missing naamkaran from yesterday

  24. I am wait namkarann session 2

  25. AryanBhattacharya

    Naamkaran is finished ????
    Kash naamkaran season 2 aa jata

  26. AryanBhattacharya

    And Hiyori di I will miss you. And other friends-Sana di, Ayesha, Deeyaana are registered, so I can talk with them. But I will be unable to talk with you. ?

    1. Neil if u want to talk to me contact me on my Facebook id,search hiyori iki you will find a girl flying in air with wings picture on my profile.are you happy Neil, I like to talk to you.

      1. AryanBhattacharya

        But di I am not in fb ?and not in messenger also. But when I will open that I will surely connect with you di.

      2. I will wait for that Neil.

  27. Oh my god a cnt believe dis dat nk ended so early lyk dis I really love d shw wht can of rubbish it dis star plus why do u ended dis shw so soon lyk dis? I’m begging u pls Nd pls nd pls return dis show for us or bring our favorite actor nd actress zain imam nd aditirathore back for another cast if u want us to be watching ur channel tnx amena faruk from NIGERIA

  28. Pavithra1616

    I can’t expect a smile from me now.. I haven’t smiled for me for the past two days.. I don’t know what state I am going into.. But still I can’t stop loving my avneil.. Sp, is this a punishment for loving them this much? U will regret this sp… Learning to live without u k and avneil… First Monday without avneil.. I will miss everyone here especially sana di,hiyori and everyone..
    Guys,why so less comments.. Its the last epi.. Make at least 200 comments.. Show the power of nk fans…

    1. Parvithra if you miss say connected with all of naamkaran fans me and sana.if you have Facebook account or Instagram or messenger.give your id we can stay connected.
      And I will miss all you guys are like a family to big naamkaran family.

  29. hi Iam from Kerala
    ending of most beautifully show
    miss u namkaran also miss u r comments
    love u all

  30. I’m not happy this serial is ended. i miss avneil together. please make a short clip of a avni, neil and their son together.

  31. Feeling incomplete without Avneil…
    Miss u Naamkaran

    1. I really like that ff. Waiting for upcoming episodes. Happy writing

  32. Hi all myself Miya and I am a great fan of adiza nk and I am a new comer I still cant believe nk ended so soon n I will really miss nk and avniel
    Hope I can also be a part of you commenters and I also watch other serials in star plus like ishqbaaz, YRKKH, TSMSP and also in colors TV like Tu aashiqui, ishq mein, etc.
    so thank you and now onwards I will a an active commenter
    good bye..

  33. I guess NK fans are not watching Krishna chali London . I want SP to regret their stupid decision

    1. no one is watching kcl especially me. i hope it would be proved a big downfall for starplus.
      let’s wait for trp of kcl.

  34. fews days left for comments closing .
    will miss u all very much.. adi,neil,pavitra,sana,hiyori,ayesha,sara,mona and my remaining naamkaran family .
    if anyone wants to stay in connected with us all . here’s my details
    1. FB- serach by name Nancy Maurya(khushi) . a girl’s pic is in profile. can contact on messenger too.
    3. on instagram my ID is- nancy__maurya. a girl’s pic is there with hiding face with her cap.

  35. Missing you nk and adiza so much.much . and waiting to see the trp of kcl . I also think that nobody is watching kcl specially nk fans.
    Miss you adiza.

  36. Sorry for being late to comment
    Anyways going to missAdiZa a lot
    This is the first Hindi serial that I have ever watched….
    I hate Starplus for ending such a show ….
    Anyways I whole heartedly wish Zain and Aditi a very good future and I am really gonna miss them loads…….
    Love you u AdiZa and naamkaran
    Always you will be on our hearts.

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