Bepannaah 16th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Zoya to spend the night in jail

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Bepannaah 16th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

All the guests, Zoya and Aditya look at the cage in shock. Everyone helps them get back to their feet. Aditya is hurt. Zoya notices his wound and gets concerned. Are you fine? He nods. Bella is upset to see this and so is her father. What if something had happened to Bella and Rohan? Bella fears the same. Zoya calms her down. Akansha says anything could have happened to Zoya Ma’am. Vinod is not able to understand how such a good vendor gave a fault prop. Bella’s father again speaks ill of Zosh. He calls police and reports the accident / incident. The staff members get tensed. Aditya looks at Zoya. Mahi is pleased to see them both bear the brunt of what she did. Now the company will close down!

Arjun hurriedly runs back to his room. He collides with his father on his way. He is not able to find the diary where he had kept it.

Harsh is speaking to someone Sahni. No one could defeat Harsh till date! Arjun remembers colliding with him on his way up and doubts that it would be him! He does not confront Harsh thinking that he might now find out about the diary if he does not have it. He will become all the more careful then. The secret of diary will remain a secret only! He thinks that it will not be easy at all to defeat his father.

The policemen give update to the Senior Inspector. He is sure they did this intentionally to get the insurance money. The company will close down automatically and they wont have to pay anyone anything.

Bella cries ruing how badly things turned out in her wedding. It just failed in an epic manner. Her father assures her that he will fix everything.

Police arrests Aditya and Zoya. People record a video and keep making assumptions as to what could have happened and how Zosh got a chance but messed up everything. Aditya stares at a guy pointedly. Mahi asks everyone to stop recording this. Zoya is completely innocent. She dint do anything. Aditya tells Zoya that her name should be Rahu, Ketu or Shani. You always mess up things. She asks him if she called him to help her. He apologizes for helping her again. I will be called a sinner! Mahi lies to Zoya that she wont let her spend the night in jail. Zoya tells her to manage the wedding. She sits in the jeep next to Aditya. Aditya gulps down alcohol. He suggests her to have some thinking it to be medicine. She looks away. Mahi is unable to contain her happiness.

Inspector calls it a case of criminal negligence. Mr. Kapoor wanted to add more acts but we stopped him. Zoya tries to explain that it was an accident but Inspector isn’t ready to believe her. Aditya also agrees with him. Inspector tells them that a FIR has been registered against them. We must interrogate you. Zoya sits down helplessly. Inspector asks her if the company is in her name. She nods. Inspector asks Aditya why his name is not mentioned in Directors. Are you both just business partners? Aditya smiles and turns to Zoya. Hum Aapke Hain Kaun? Tell him. He relaxes. This is karma. I dint have to do anything. It is because of the karmas of your cheater husband! This was bound to happen. The company had to sink. Nothing can happen! She wonders if he is the one who meddled with the cage. How did he reach there to save me so suddenly otherwise? It can only be when he knew something is about to go wrong. He opens a small bottle and drinks it to celebrate. Inspector snatches the bottle out of his hand. Aren’t you too smart? He nods. I am just smart while she (Zoya) is completely crack. Tell him. Inspector sends them in different cells. Aditya is smiling broadly. It will be fun. Inspector calls him mad but Aditya replies that he hasn’t slept since many nights. I will sleep to my heart’s content tonight. Zoya cries that she wont be able to spend the night here. Aditya taunts her that she is her father’s angel and has been raised really well. He lies down.

Arjun comes inside his father’s room stealthily at night. He hides as Harsh turns in his sleep. Arjun lies down on the floor next to his father as his phone rings. He very carefully crawls out of the room. Harsh picks the call and is shocked. Are you mad?

Harsh comes to Arjun’s room. Arjun pretends to be in deep sleep. Harsh asks him to come along. Arjun heaves a sigh of relief.

Zoya is crying in her cell. Please get me out of here. Someone listen to me please. She keeps saying that she dint do anything. I wont be able to stay here. Aditya closes his eyes but in vain. He complains to Inspector that no one can even sleep peacefully here. Zoya glares at him. He says I know I am good looking but it does not mean you will stare at me like this. She tells Inspector to ignore him. He is a rude guy. Aditya jokes that now the shayari will start. Zoya looks at her inmates who ask her what she has done. She shakes her head. She again shouts at Inspector to get her out of here. I am not like them. Aditya instigates those inmates. What do you even know about them? The ladies get upset and warn Zoya not to act smart. She tells them not to listen to him. Aditya keeps instigating them. Zoya asks Inspector to allow her to make a call. Aditya advises her to try meditation. You will be at peace and we too will also sleep in peace. Harsh walks in with Arjun demanding to know on what grounds Aditya has been arrested. Aditya sits up. Drama Queen just stopped her drama and now Drama King is here. Zoya wonders why Mahi dint come till now.

Mahi is eating ice cream happily outside the station. Her mom calls but Mahi lies that she is stuck in traffic. She ends the call. Mom dint recognize me even till now. I wont get that Zoya out of jail so soon!

Harsh and Aditya look at each other quietly. Arjun points at Zoya but Harsh firmly tells him he hasn’t opened a NGO here to give free bail to just about anyone. Your brother has lost a lot of money because of this girl. Stay out of it. Aditya tells him that they are on the same page after so long. Your cheater husband finished all the money that I gave! We wont spend any more money on him now. Arjun is again concerned but Harsh stays put. Harsh walks out followed by Arjun. Aditya walks up to Zoya’s cell. I have an advice for you. You will get a lot of time to think about yourself, your thought process and your outlook towards life. You wouldn’t have been here if you hadn’t stepped out to rectify your husband’s mistakes; to save his company. Stop acting like a helpless and poor girl. This will not reduce any sin that he has committed. It is only you who will be called a fool!

Zoya tries to sit but the inmates don’t give her any place. She sits on the floor. Title track plays as she thinks of Yash and their past memories. She spots a cockroach and jumps in shock. The inmates make fun of her while she stands holding the cell door in shock. A flashback shows Zoya shouting about cockroach. He assures her that it is no more. She tells him that even if everything ends the cockroaches would survive. If I see another one, I will die! He promises her she wont have to face any cockroach or any problem till the time he is alive. She smiles and hugs him. Flashback ends. Zoya looks back at the cockroach and gapes in shock.

At home, Harsh scolds Aditya for investing his money in Yash’s company. You could have set it on fire instead. I gave it to you for your secure future! Aditya replies in an uninterested manner. He ends up scolding his wife instead. Aditya heads to his room. Everyone else goes to their rooms as well except Aditya’s mother and Sakshi. Aditya’s mother tells Sakshi that tears have no value if they are not shed at the right time. Dint you take too much time to shed them? Aditya’s mother tells her to stop acting innocent as no one is around. I feel so suffocated and tired by it! You should have tried your hands at acting at a young age. You would have received awards and accolades. She walks away. Sakshi stands there teary eyed.

Mahi hugs Zoya who thanks her profusely for coming here. Mahi acts all concerned. She tells Zoya that the bail could not be arranged. I don’t have that much money to get you bailed. I will have to sell Mom’s bangles for that. Zoya asks her if there is no other way. Mahi denies. I would have found one if there was any. I wish I was in your place. Bhaiya has put everything in your name. Mom and I have nothing. Mom is in a really bad condition. I must go to her. I need to go to jeweller tomorrow to sell the bangles. Don’t feel bad. You aren’t at fault. If needed, I will even sell the set that mom kept for my wedding. Family is first after all. Take care. I will come tomorrow. She goes.

Arjun asks Aditya why he is doing this. You are acting like a kid. Aditya asks him why he is behaving like Mr. Huda. Even he does not ask me these many questions. Arjun tells him to drop it. Your emotions buttons are anyways off now. Aditya tells him he is feeling peace now. I will peace seeing that guy’s company getting ruined! I hope he never gets peace. I hope he writhes and regrets everything in wherever he is!

Precap: Staff tells Zoya that riots are happening in the entire town. She sends everyone out but locks herself inside the office. Aditya too is out on the streets in this situation. Zoya lies on the sofa but some rioters throw something at the glass. She panics.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Sri16

    Definitely Aditya going to save her. But I’m so angry when adhi left zoya alone in the jail ?.where is the diary ? Who stole it? Hiiii adiya fans. I’m doubting on Sakshi. Her character Is little bit fishy. May be she will know something. guys spoilers proving that arjun only affaired with Pooja not yash. What’s your take on this guys? My opinion I am not liking it.

    1. Pinku

      Hi sri we are all with you we also didn’t like the track arjun having affair withbpooja… none of us would appreciate that……n me tho no chance…. I cnt say if i would continue with bepanah if that happens…

    2. Ooshi

      According to me Arjun can’t be the one I also does not like when Adi left Zoya alone in jail

    3. Ooshi

      According to me Arjun isn’t the one I also don’t like when Adi left Zoya alone in jail

  2. Lokesh

    So Sakshi ?????,diary kaha hai. Today Mahi crossed all limits.

    1. Pinku

      Good guess lokesh may be said hi has stolen it….Yes mahi is just so annoying

  3. Pinku

    Sahi kehta hai aditya itni Masum aur abla bari type natak band Karo zoya tum aisi nahi ho sakti…. tumnatak kar rahi ho…. mujhe pata hai

  4. Varshaeaswaran

    Today’s episode was hilarious especially Aditya suggesting names like rahu, ketu,sani for zoya and even that Didi part! But what could have happened to the diary? It must be Sakshi! Bcoz her character is so fishy! Buy it would get even more interesting tomorrow

  5. I wonder if Anjana is the one behind this entire matter…
    Anyways I’m kind of liking the mystery element the story’s taking on and I don’t mind if Arjun does turn out to be the one Pooja had an affair with, it makes the betrayal more deep and adds more dimension (though this might be due to me reading a few too many historical fictions ?)
    Also I want to watch a romantic thriller (Riverdale is seriously going nuts with the sudden twists and turns) so I have my hopes on Bepannah delivering an awesome story.

  6. Nice episode…i don’t like it when adi left zoya in jail… and I don’t think pooja and arjun had an affair…precap seems nice…waiting for next episode.

  7. Hey guys … Why is sakshi staying with the Hoodas? How is she related to them? I mean i know she is Adi’s MIL but seems like she has some kind of past relation with them … Is it revealed yet? May be have missed it

    1. AAYUSH

      No its not revealed its only shown she is pooja mother thats it

  8. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update of this episode and all previous as well Pooja

  9. Hi All…. I also find Sakshi’s character fishy… might be she is the one who stole the diary…one episode I recollect her telling Aditya… I couldn’t be a good mother nor a MIL…
    Arjun having affair with pooja … I don’t believe…

    1. Ooshi

      So as we

    2. Cathy

      I agree Leena, i don’t they had a physical affair, they were more emotional that would have lead up to more, it’s starting to look like both marriages were one sided and immature.

  10. Ooshi

    Where is Fenil,Zahra,Medha

    1. Medha

      here I am….. here I am……..
      & sorry for being late……..

      1. Ooshi

        Very late but other 2 r still missing after watching yesterday’s century I didn’t expect 26 for today and where were you must be busy

      2. Medha

        Ye to kuch bhi nhi last weekend we all Bp Rockies made double century… ?
        Yaa was little busy with household chores… ?

  11. Ooshi

    Episode was hilarious
    mahi is soo…
    Zoya is blind and has wrinkles on mind (doubting Adi and trusting mahi)

  12. In upcoming episodes,
    zoya and adi are locked in a room
    and again zoya slaps adi when he comes near her.
    It would be exiting to see how both will manage in a room till riots are going on.

  13. I think arjun-pooja affair spoiler is fake.

  14. I don’t think that Sakshi has stolen the diary, because Arjun left the room to drop Sakshi to the bank. In that case, when Sakshi has stolen the diary?

  15. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    I am waiting for Yash and pooja’s full story!

  16. I am guessing that Pooja might have had affair with that maheshwari guy, Yash was too dedicated to his wife n very simple and honest to cheat. Maheshwari guy might have taken advantage of both Yash and Pooja and they were just trying to salvage the damage. Yash and maheshwari parted ways on some disagreement, and company was bankrupt , Pooja had invested such huge amount in company without informing her husband and in laws.

  17. Medha

    Aap thik to hain asked Zoya to Captain…and he moved his neck thik na hokar bhi usne aisa kiya how brave he is ?…
    Bella and her father were too irritating in yesterday’s episode ?…. and Ms Girgit was too happy.. kiya mene aur bhugtana in dono ko pdega..
    Arjun is so dumbo how he be so careless… jaise taise Diary hath aayi ab fir gum di… huh!! Hope Mr Hooda k hath na lgi ho….
    That Inspector and Mahi will look good together… perfect jodi… nikkame aur upar se shakki types ?…
    Bella ka drama uski tarah hi sweet tha… #epicfall… hahaha her hashtags I will miss them ?
    Gadhbandhan RoheLla ka hone tha but hua apne lovable couple AdiYa ka wo bhi hathkadi (handcuff)se… that was so lovely ❤
    What the hell why peoples were clicking there pictures… ?
    Mahi is a big type of dramebaaz… hahaha Zoya ek dam nirdosh hain ha bhai she is innocent and you are the culprit ?….
    Rahu, Ketu, Shani…Hum Aapke Hain Kon… hahaha Captain is so cool yaar…Sala hme to kuch krne ki jarurat hi nhi padi tumhare pati k karam hi aise hain… kya dialouges the yaar… and his expressions just worth watching ?….. Lo bhai shak ki sui Captain par… oh ho!
    Papa ki Pari I laughed like hell after listening that and afterwards Ajun was crawling in Mr Hooda’s room… hahaha I was getting lotpot… he should become thief not lawyer… hahaha ?
    Sari hasi chali gyi when Captain left Zoya… Flashback scenes were so emotional… Yash was literally sweet & carrying Husband…
    What the hell why Anjana was taunting Sakshi… Mahi she is such an evil…
    And Noor not come till yet where is her flight… ?
    Hello Hii to all BP Rockies here… ❤

    1. Ooshi

      I want to slap mahi when she was showing fake concern forZoya agreed to that mahi’s Jodi with Inspector

      1. Medha

        Hahahahaha everyone here just want to slap Mahi….
        Poor Mahi!! kitne chante khayegi ??

    2. Ooshi

      That gathbandhan was amazing Bella wasn’t irritating but her father was too much I also didn’t understand anjana’s taunt and y noor is missing didn’t understand this too

      1. Medha

        Mr Kapoor to hain hi irritation ki dukan… but na Bella was little irritating because she was doing over drama when cage fall on Zoya.. yaar Zoya baal baal bachi marne se instead asking about she was doing melodrama…

  18. Aleeza New promo is here??
    ZOyA in sari ???

  19. Aditya was totally unconcerned about Zoya in this episode…No signs of love between the two…N I guess the arjun-pooja spoiler is not true…But yash Pooja real relation should be revealed soon else Adi-Zoya story will never progress…

  20. Fenil

    Wow episode

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