Kumkum Bhagya 16th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi to get convicted by court and lose his property and house to Simonika

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Kumkum Bhagya 16th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Lawyer showing the video footage in court and requests judge to punish him hang sentence. Dadi says my Abhi can’t do this. Abhi runs to Dadi and asks her to calm down. Constables takes Abhi to witness box again. Judge says it is proved that Abhi has killed Simonika and that’s why this court thinks of him guilty of Simonika’s murder. Pragya comes and says Simonika is alive. Everyone is shocked to see her alive. Simonika/Avantika acts to be scared. Media asks if she is Simonika then who is killed in the hotel. Pragya asks Lawyer to do his work. Simonika goes to witness box and says she will only say truth keeping hand on holy book. Lawyer asks about her name. Simonika says she is Simonika Rana. Lawyer says if she is standing here then there is no case on Abhi. Judge asks Prosecution if he wants to say something. Prosecution says I want to ask many questions. She asks are you sure? You are Simonika..Simonika asks are you Suresh. She says I am Simonika and is called by this name. Lawyer asks her to tell what happened exactly.

Simonika tells everything and tells that Abhi came in hotel room and fainted, but she climbed down the window using Stairs. Lawyer says someone told her this story and says whoever told this, have done a mistake. He says it is proved that Abhi has killed Simonika. Simonika asks what do you want to ask, ask straight. Prosecution asks can you identity the witnesses sitting in court. Simonika panics and points at auto driver. Prosecution panics and says this witness was not in my list. Defense asks Judge to free Abhi from charges. Judge says he is right, there can be no case on Abhi. Abhi thinks Pragya brought Simonika back to free him. Judge is giving the verdict to free Abhi from the accusation, when the clock strikes for lunch break.

Judge says he will tell his verdict after break. Abhi and Pragya have an emotional moment. Dadi asks Tai ji to bring sweets. Abhi asks Purab not to cry and says he will be freed. Purab hugs him. Abhi says they will have tea party after going home. Everyone smiles. Purab says I missed you very much. Abhi says he shall not miss anyone except Disha. Dadi pats on his face and hugs him. Dadi tells Pragya that they have become indebted to her. Abhi gives credit to Pragya and Purab. Purab sees Simonika talking on phone. Purab comes to Simonika and says I was wrong about you, my brother will return because of you. Simonika says she wants papers ready. Disha tells Abhi that Simonika is mad after money. Abhi says where we will go.

Sarla says everything starts with you and ends with you. She says anything can return. Purab asks man to get the papers ready. He asks her to stay to wait till court hearing. Simonika says she will ask her husband to collect the papers. Simonika calls her fake husband and asks him to come to court with papers, smirks. Judge is about to give his verdict that Abhi is innocent in the case. Prosecution says I want to say something. Prosecution lawyer tells that the case is having a twist. He calls another lawyer who gives him papers. He says she is not Simonika, but Avantika. He shows her driving licence and says she stays with her husband in Bangalore and Pragya brought her here to give wrong statement..

Prosecution asks Simonika to say who is she? Simonika says she is avantika. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. What a load of garbage. Sick to the teeth with these s h i t a r s e writers.

  2. Yippee.. I WON… Told you EVIL will WIN.. Now abhi will lose his property as well… The new promo has also shown abhi and pragya separated… So guys this is it… Now. With the so called new leap once again Ekta will show crap between the two leads hatred for the next 2 years and then the realization of truth and then maybe 2-3 episodes of them being together till a new villain.. Then viewers get bored and then abruptly ending the show. THIRD CLASS WOMAN AND HER DIRECTOR AND WRITER… Now you know why there is So much evil in the world its because there are people like Ekta and her writers who have such cheap and dirty thoughts… THEY CAN’T EVEN MAKE GOOD SERIALS.. THEY MUST BE MADE TO WATCH PAKISTANI SERIALS.. AWESOME ACTING, AWESOME STORIES AND LIMITED EDITIONS.. CLASS APART.. EKTA CAN’T EVEN TOUCH THEM WITH A POLE… SHIT SHIT SHIT KKB AND KDB ALSO GOING THE SAME WAY.. KKB.. MESSED UP SUCH A BEAUTIFUL STORY AND ACTORS…

  3. Please this is no longer interesting

  4. Carol from Trini

    Wow, haven’t read up in a while yet, even now, the writings have not changed. It’s still a lot of rubbish happening to the stars with absolutely no logical evidence to support it. Did the “autopsy” find a foetus in the dead woman? Was a DNA test done on the foetus?

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