Bepannaah 13th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Pooja’s diary unveils her truths

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Bepannaah 13th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aditya is walking past Zoya when she holds his hand startling him. She lets go of his hand. Janab Aditya Huda, I am talking to you only. Aditya asks Zoya if she used to fail in school often. You come back before me to learn the same lesson again and again! Zoya replies that she is not the one who will get afraid from his stupidities. I am that diya which never blows out under any circumstance. He taunts her for speaking in poetic manner. She tells him that things are not a joke for him always. You can stoop this low to seek revenge? I dint expect it from you! He calls her mad for even thinking of that. You have turned all the madder now. Nothing can happen to you. Stay in your illusion! She agrees she was in an illusion. I thought you are a nice human being but I was wrong. You are really stupid and rash! Why do you keep taking revenge of your pain from the entire world? I told you in the past too and I am telling you again. This anger is your cowardice. Till when will you run away from your truth? You must accept it someday! He claps. Is this a time for poetry? What’s going on these days? He makes a fun of it and she looks on helplessly.

Bella apologizes to Zoya for misunderstanding her. She hugs her. We are besties and such things happen between besties. Aditya made me understand and I realised I was wrong. You cannot do this. You wont leave the wedding right? I wont marry then. Please forgive me. Zoya looks at Aditya and tells Bella that they should continue the preps. Bella is relieved. Mahi looks on. This matter settled down somehow but what about the next blast that I have planned for you?

Noor’s mother tries Noor and Zoya’s number but in vain. Wasim snatches it out of her hand. My fear won and love lost! Maybe we didn’t teach them anything good or why would both of them make the same mistake. His wife reasons that there might be some reason for Noor to take such a bold step. He asks her till when she will give explanations for her daughters. You too can leave the house like our daughters. The way they left me, I will think that I also don’t have a wife anymore! She looks on sadly.

Zoya asks Bella’s father about Ashish. Can I get his address? She smiles in relief as he agrees.

Arjun is relieved to find the diary. He finds his mother standing in his room and pins it in his belt. You scared me. She says you scared me in the morning. Do you feel that we care more about Aditya? He denies. Don’t think so. She reasons that the situations demand them to give more attention to Aditya. It does not mean we don’t care for you You are more like the elder son of the house as you manage the house. I am proud of you. You will never be able to understand that you both are my life. Forgive us if we missed out on anything ever. He tells her not to embarrass her. She tells him that she has made his favourite halwa for him and goes to bring it. Arjun closes the door and takes out the diary.

Ashish is taken aback to see Zoya at his door.

Arjun opens Pooja’s diary and reads it. He smiles reading her introduction to the diary.

Ashish tells Zoya he cannot talk to her for too long. I have a flight to catch. She tells him she wont take much time. You are Yash’s closest friend and even came to Mussorie to meet me. Why dint you turn up at his funeral? Ashish shares that over a period of time Yash and he had different opinions. We parted ways but I was his well wisher always. I know he was right at his place and regret that I wont be able to spend any more time with him. She cries. I came here for this very reason. I cannot bear to hear anyone speaking against Yash anymore. I came to seek your help. I will ask you a direct question. Were Yash and Pooja only friends?

Arjun reads the diary. Pooja speaks for her friendship with Aditya which developed in love later on just like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. She writes that she was looking for love and eventually realised that Aditya wasn’t the form of that love that I was seeking. Flashback shows Aditya refusing to go with Pooja to a poetry night. Arjun is playing video game with Aditya. Aditya acts like a kid and even cheers like the characters of the movie. Pooja feels bad at his attitude.

Ashish shares that he met Pooja in the poetry club named Mosiki. Zoya remembers that Yash loved poetry very much. He used to go there often. Were they together? Ashish declines. It is a funny story.

Ashish asks Yash why he isn’t bringing Zoya to Mumbai. Yash shares that he is comfortable there only. I will have to buy a big house for her. Ashish reasons that he has a home already. Yash replies that his family is still not in favour of his wedding. Once the business settles, I will buy a big house and bring her over.

Pooja comes to the venue. Two guys sit next to her intentionally. Yash notices it. Shayara starts reading her poetry but the guys force a conversation with Pooja. Yash and Ashish tackle them (with words) and the guys leave. Pooja asks Yash and Ashish to sit next to her. It is fine. All 3 of them sit together. They enjoy hearing the poetry. Pooja and Yash begin to complete the lines. Later, Pooja is waiting outside for her car. She thanks Yash and Ashish for helping her. They go in different direction.

Ashish says she left. She dint say anything. Zoya asks him what happened later.

Arjun reads the diary. Sometimes strangers understand you while your loved ones don’t. I sometimes feel if I could get this happiness from my own husband. Whenever it was about my happiness, Aditya was nowhere to be seen.

A guy tells Yash and Ashish to pitch the investors. Yash asks him to tell them in simple terms how they can raise money from the market. Pooja is sitting on the next table and explains it to them. I am sorry for overhearing. Are you entrepreneurs? Ashish introduces himself as the Boss. Yash is my associate. Ashish seems to be bowled by her. Yash jokingly calls her part time stalker. She says the same to them. I was hosting a party and was waiting to meet the Event Managers but they dint turn up. Yash says we can do that for you. Yash and Pooja speak of karmic connection.

Ashish says this is how Pooja became our first client. We got lot many projects afterwards because of her. He gets a call from his boss and takes her leave. He gives her his private number. We can meet day after tomorrow.

Arjun reads the diary. Life was strange. I sometimes felt as if my husband was more of a friend and the friend was becoming more than just a friend. I cursed myself for this. He hides the diary seeing Sakshi. She wants to go the Bank and he offers to take her. He keeps the diary in his desk drawer.

Staff members are worried about the event. An intern walks up to Aditya to ask something but Aditya suggests him to ask Zoya. He is told that she isn’t available at the moment but Aditya refuses to help. The staff is really tensed.

Zoya thinks of what all Ashish had told her. How can Aditya not know that his wife had an affair with someone? If he loved her so much then he cannot hate her. I must return to the wedding though. There is a lot to do.

Mahi sends the guy managing the cage in another direction. Aditya stands up and notices Mahi. She acts to decorate the cage but makes the lock loose when he heads in another direction.

Zoya is checking the preps. There is a cage which has to be covered with lights. She asks the Shawn (intern) to cover it with lights. It is lifted up using a crane but the lock breaks down. It is about to fall over Zoya but Aditya saves her in the nick of time. The cage falls with a loud thud. All the guests, Zoya and Aditya look at it in shock.

Precap: Police arrests Aditya and Zoya. People record a video and keep making assumptions as to what could have happened. Aditya tells Zoya she will get a lot of time to act like a helpless and poor girl. You will have ample time to think of your husband’s real character too!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Nice episode…but now it seems like pooja and yash had an affair…really confusing…

    1. Pinku

      That is was the update says let’s see

    2. P_lata

      Exactly, total confusing

    3. Ya Pooja Yash is confusing me also?

    4. Fenil

      confusion dur hoga tab jashan ki raat hogi !!
      Bepannah Rocks !!

  2. Sri16

    Finally the truth is slightly revealed. Pooja is started feeling for Yash . Today I definitely hate Pooja. Her decision is wrong. She is coward. she wants adhi to change for her where adhi didn’t want anything from Pooja except love. In relationships adjustments play a major role. So this is a lesson for every one good job CVS ??????

    1. Maya-The.illusion

      I don’t know why but this Ashish guy doesn’t look goody good enough. Pooja’s diary didn’t reveal that guy’s name. Could it be that Pooja was talking about Ashish and not Yash?! She met both the guys, no?

      1. AAYUSH

        As per the spoilers pooja was having affair with Arjun adi brother not yash it will be revealed soon.

      2. Sri16

        No babe I think it will be Pooja -yash/ pooja-arjun .in Indiaforums it revealed that arjun only had an affair with Pooja. Let’s wait and watch

      3. Pinku

        Yes rightly said yes might be maya

    2. Pinku

      Yes rightly said

    3. Lokesh

      Pooja can’t have an affair with Arjun, as never talked like that so, even alone, she respect her a lot, otherwise when he get the diary he must torn it there only.

      1. Maya-The.illusion

        Exactly! Arjun is trying to bring the truth out, if it was him having an affair with Pooja then the diary might have been burned to ashes by now.

      2. Mujhe pooja arjun ka affair spoiler fake lag raha hai.main ye bhi read kiya Aditya zoya pooja noor ka relation fix karengi something like that
        Arjun noor ka relation wala spoiler se I feel.pooja arjun affair spoiler bhi fake hoga
        Jab arjun pooja apni new pyaar ki baare main diary main batha raha tha.wo read karke arjun uncomfortable lag raha tha.uski face expression se Aisa lagta hai ki pooja ka harkath usse ashame feel kar wa raha tha
        Diary gayab ho jaayega suna.arjun ko harsh wardhan pe doubt hogi bol raha tha
        Jiss tarah arjun wo diary rakha usse lag nahi raha diary phir wo read karega.
        Ye Pooja arjun affair spoiler mujhe ye doubt de raha hai ki.true hoga ya nahi
        Hope arjun cheater na nikhle

    4. P_lata

      Hmm… Sri…. Different side of a woman… Showing her desires … not legal if done after marriage…. Marriage is a name of adjustment… Jo Pooja ne kiya wo sahi nhi tha…. If that was the case she should have denied to get married with Aditya but after marriage it is totally wrong

    5. Fenil

      U r right somewhere !!
      Jab rishte boj lage na chod dene chahiye !!

  3. Zahra

    ‘Mukhatib,Mutalik,Ahmak…Zoya’s anger turns to higher level she continous bashing him in her own urdu…and Adi is like…she tries alot to understands him but kya fayda woh toh aditya hooda hai na…he just clapped after all this..”aap aadmi hai kya”….”ha pyjama okay” he can say this to look at her red blood eyes..!! After our saviour bella’s entry…zoya can’t look to adi’s eyes…
    Adi is fed up with this he uninterested in arrangements…my the ‘i don’t care’ attitude is so cute…but adi is ofcourse adi hai na..he comes on time to save our zoya baby…

    But the most interested part of the whole episode is past…arjun zoya on either side seeking about their bhabhi and pati..
    Pooja has got a best friend in life..but not love..!! but why may be arjun was right pooja always care abt adi and arrange allthings and to make him perfect but he didnt know pooja was really who or what she wants..!!
    And I think adi has no believes in love or might doesn’t feel it yet.. or may be bcz of his family problems..but he get a friend he know friendship..and he even said that to pooja you are my best friend..!!
    No one is fault here neither adi nor pooja

    About zoya yash…they didn’t unveil it well…even they didn’t say he yash has any feelings to per now they know each other..that’s why zoya again think about adi is in fault…
    Aur that bechari phone call..!! Ashish is about to tell it but…and also that sakshi aunty…you can go to any other time to go bank..only now…!!!

    Seriously am very happy to see adi hand cuffed only bcz the other end of it is zoya…wow they are in together in jail also..Adi even stops his mouth there..!!!!

    Love bepannah day by day
    #bepannah rocks!!!

    1. Maya-The.illusion

      I kinda know what Adi felt for Pooja. I have read a book where a man had such a relationship with his dead wife and was of the thought that she was his one true love, the passionate and consuming type, and so he couldn’t fall for anyone else.

      Well, Aditya is same. They have been friends since they were kids, obviously, the comfort in such a relationship where some romantic feelings are involved is easily misunderstood as love. Pooja seems to be in love with Adi but Adi doesn’t, I think what Adi felt was too much comfort. Pooja was his solace from his complicated family, a constant in his life who embraced his unconditionally which made Adi think that Pooja is the one for him.

      I don’t know why but sometimes I think that neither Yash nor Pooja cheated and sometimes I feel as if Pooja may have been cheating but Yash wasn’t involved. This Ashish guy…I am not getting a good vibe from him.

      1. Lokesh

        Hmm might be that Ashish make Pooja fall for her, for all the money oh Hooda’s and the company from Yash and killed them and shown it as if they have an affair (yash and Pooja) .And now having all the money, and Ashish also knows Zoya that how much dumb she is, so now he is cooking false story to Zoya.

      2. P_lata

        Yeah Maya…… This Aashish escaped that day also from Zoya ….people who run away

      3. Fenil

        Agree with u !!

    2. AAYUSH

      Pooja was having affair with Arjun not yash

      1. Zahra

        Oh no…stop this rubbish yaar…aise kuch nahi hai…Arjun Pooja both are good guys…and how they respect each others…pls dont say like that…

      2. Maya-The.illusion

        If that was so then why is Arjun working on bringing out the truth? The exact reason behind Pooja’s death.

        And, @Lokesh yours idea is also possible. It could be that he was behind Yash’s company current condition, that he was backstabbing Yash. That’s why no one was aware of the condition of Yash’s business.

      3. Zahra

        Ashish…i don’t think he has some mystery…only bcz of that bepannah is different from other shows…they don’t play with typical cheating games

      4. P_lata

        Let’s wait and watch Aayush…..

      5. Fenil

        Yaa Bro !! All cute cute smart smart ppls born in May !! !! Whole month will be celebration !!

      6. Fenil

        hahahah !!

    3. Fenil

      Superb !!

      1. AAYUSH

        Yeah not all smart people are born in may fenil? mine is 26th April.

    4. P_lata

      Zahra …urdu was so sweet from Zoya’s mouth…. Lovely language

  4. Zahra

    Fenil bhaiyya …
    Iam very happy…you know why…
    The four cuties are born in same month…harshad jenny zahra fenil….hahahaha…
    Cheers jerry bhaiyyya…..
    Good night….stay bepannah in your dreams….

    1. Fenil

      Not 4 its 7
      My Fav :
      Madhuri Dixit Nene : 15 May
      Anushka Sharma : 1 May
      Jennifer Winget : 30 May
      Harshad Chopra : 17 May
      Fenil : 7 May
      Zahra : 24 May
      radhika : 2 May
      Many more in my list !!

      1. Zahra

        Who is this radhika????

      2. AAYUSH

        Oh so mostly all of your bday are coming in the next month only.

      3. AAYUSH

        Oh so fenil most of u all have bday in may good i mean in the next month only

    2. P_lata

      Hey Zahra… I’m too in cuties team….. May born ?????

      1. Zahra

        Welcome dear…!!!!!
        ya…we all are cuties….

    3. Fenil

      Radhika is from TU only !!

  5. yyyyyy I thought they were frnds

  6. Lokesh

    So looks like Pooja falls for Yash, but Yash was patni vrata, I want to know more, y it’s Saturday tomorrow.

    1. P_lata

      Yeah Lokesh… We want more…… Beech me ataka diya hai CVs ne…..

  7. Hi to all. Sorry pinku i forgot u yesterday. Ur comments are also very good.zahra nice comment. Story is getting confused day by day.

    1. Pinku

      Hehehe ty ty sanaya

    2. Zahra

      Thank you sanaya!!!
      Really it is getting confused…
      But we have to appreciate the team how they beautifully portrait past and present in yesterday’s episode

    3. P_lata

      Hmm …Sanaya…. Iss spoiler ne to kahin ka nhi choda hai… Kya maane aur aur kya na maane ?????

  8. The guy’s name is not yet revealed. The spoilers still claim that the guy with whom Pooja had an affair was ARJUN. Yash was just her friend. This is a shocking yet interesting twist if the spoilers are true.
    Loving this show…Harshad-Jenny rock!!!

    1. Pinku

      Yea I also heard

  9. Medha

    episode start with Takkar of our lovable couple AdiYa….
    Red Tomato types eyes…?
    “Aapse sabak seekhe hmari jutiyaan”.. “Ham Wo Diya Hain Chahe Jitne Bhi Aandhi Tufaan Aa Jaye Ham Jalate Rahege”… haye kya dialouges the… she stated in Urdu and Captain was little shocked… his expressions were so cute.. when he said kabhi dulhe k sath romance kbhi sher-o-shayari… chal kya rha hain Boss ho kya rha hain… haye!! So lovely…. Comfy, Sweet, Cool, Cute….. bhar bhar k taarif kiya Captain ne apna ?
    Then our little si cute bride Bella comes there and hugged Zoya.. we are besties & besties mein to aise jhagade hote rhte hain….kya cute si aawaz hain iski…. afterwards Zoya realised Captain was innocent….
    Hmara dar jeet gya aur pyaar haar gya… poor Mr Siddiqui feeling much bad for him… dono hi betiyaan chali gyi aur ab apni wife ko bhi uksa rha hain… hahaha!!
    Arjun & Anjana scenes were awesome… Sare ghar ko tune hi smbhala hua hain.. hahaha even Pooja ko bhi ?.. tum dono na meri jaan ho… Lovely dialouges!
    Gajar ka halwa to bheja hi nhi ?
    Aashish is looking some fishy types & here Arjun is becoming puzzle…
    Hope ye Diary ab kisi aur k hath na lge…
    Captain was looking cute cuter cutest while playing Video Game…. ? and his voice ek dam bachcha typo…
    Still Noor not arrived in Mumbai… where is she?
    Hello Hii to all BP Rockies here!!

    1. P_lata

      Noor ke peeche mat bhaago… Aa hi jayegi… Ho sakta hai rasta bhatak gyi ho ????

    2. Fenil

      Awesome Chuimui !!

    3. P_lata

      Nice review Medha….

  10. Zahra

    Zoya : aap aadmi hai ke..
    Aditya : payjama… Wo bhi stripe wala.. In fact comfy…cool…

    This guy is impossible…!!!!

    1. Fenil

      Cute yaar !!
      Adi Rocks !!

    2. P_lata

      Yeah, Zahra… Dialogues of Aditya are sometimes very strong and sometimes very cute….

  11. Fenil

    Hello Bepannah Family !!
    Stunning Episode !!
    Tag Lines : “Humara Dar Jeet Gaya AUr Pyaar Haar gaya””Iss Ghar Ki Aurate bhi Mashallah”
    Episode Start with…
    “Ever heard of “Even the nicest people have their limits”
    Yup Zoya has had enough now, she always stood up for the people she loved and it’s high time now that she stands up for herself. You go girl ?
    This is the character development that I was waiting for

    “How beautifully has the camera captured this scene when Zoya was holding Adi’s hand and their intense eye lock ??? & how intensely gorgeous does our mains look ?❤?also look at the disagreement in their eyes when they look at each other…?????

    Zoya : Janab Aditya Hooda ,Hum Aapse hi Mukhatib hai.
    Aditya: Tum School me baar baar fail hoti thi kya jo ek hi sabak sikhne ke liye baar baar mere samne aa jati ho.
    Zoya : Aapse sabak sikhe humari Jooti Aditya Hooda ..Aapko kya lagta hain ki aapki inn bachakani harqto se daar jayenge aur agar aapko aisa lagta hain na toh aap hume ab tak jaan nahi paye hain…Hum Woh Diya hain jo Jitne bhi Aandhi Toofan kyun na aaye bujhenge nahi Bhale hi humari Nao kam kyun na ho lakin hum bujhenge nahi
    Aditya : Wow Muh me jubaan aate hin Poetry bhi aa gayi TOO GOOD..
    Zoya : Hansi aa rahi hain Aapko ?
    He Nods with smile
    Zoya : Aapke liye har chiz majak ho sakti hain lakin humare liye nahi..aap aisa kaise kar sakte hain …kisi paraye aadmi ko hum….badala lene ke liye aap itne gir sakte hain….yeh toh humne aapse bhi expect nahi kiya tha (In short she has also trust in him that he will never do any cheap thing that will hurt other)
    Aditya : Ooo Hello Excuse me…tumhe kya lag raha hain mene rohan ko bheja tha tumhare paas .hhaahaha..tum pagal ho gayi ho ..nahi matlab pagal toh pehle se thi ab puri pagal ho gayi ho a aisi pagal ho chuki ho ki pagalkhane wale bhi kahenge Madam aage jayiye humare pagalo ko aapse khatra hain ..kuch nahi ho sakta tumhara ..tum jeeti raho apne brahm mein.
    Zoya : Sahi kaha brahm mein hi jee rahe the ..yeh soch ke ki aap me ab bhi thodi insaniyat hain lakin hum galat hain .. ..nihaiyte baddimaag bewkoof ,Ahmak kisam ke insaan hai aap…Zindagi se mutalik Mohabbat se mutalik ..kisi ka nazariya kaise itna Zehrila ho sakta hai ,Humara toh soch kar hi dil dehal jata hain …kisi insaan ke andar itna gubaar kaise ho sakta hain ..Aur aap apne ranjogaam ka inteqaam saari duniya se kyun lete phirte hai..hnn…aapse humne pehle bhi kaha tha aur hir keh rahe hain apka yeh jo gussa hain na yeh jo Angry young ..yeh jo aap karte ho na yeh aapki bujdili hai bujdil hai..aapne aap se kab tak bahgte rahoge..kabhi na kabhi apne sabheGham ki haqikat maan ni padegi …
    Fenu : Arey Jenny pani pilo thoda Saans phul rahi hain…
    Claps from Adi :Yeh Gaalib tha
    Zoya was open mouth shock
    Aditya : Tum bhi na Zoya yeh koi waqt hain shero shayari ka yeh chal kya raha hain aaj kal (no effect on him) kabhi dulhe ke saath romance kabhi sheroshayari chal kya raha hain boss

    Zoya : aap aadmi hai ke..
    Aditya : payjama ???
    Wo bhi stripe wala..
    In fact comfy , cool , sweet , cute ?
    Zoya: Dekhiye
    Aditya : Dekh raha hun

    Mashallah Harshad and Jennifer just nailed it what a performance and Zoya was bashing him but he was smiling smiling wow means wow
    Zoya Bella Kapoor aa gayi Sorry bolne cute si pari ….
    Bella : Phir Aditya ne mujhe samjhaya
    Zoya and Adi’s reactions to eachother superb yaar !!
    Devil Mahi was happy that usne jo raita phailya tha woh samet liya…..
    Wassim was so broken after noor’s doing.Anjana and Arjun’s scene sweetly manage …
    Fianlly Dude Zoya Begum and Ashish Maheshwari Face to face aa hi gaye…the most interested part of the whole episode is past…arjun zoya on either side seeking about their bhabhi and pati….
    Kuch Kuch Hota Hain meri bhi fav hain yaaro…
    Adi was so cute again kyunki tumhari poetry night bahut pakau hoti hain…
    Adi-Pooja-Arjun’s flashback was cute
    haye yeh Ladka : Mujhse jyada cute ladka tujhe koi mil hi nahi sakta U R RIGHT BRO !!
    Rahul & Anjali ka jhagda lolz how can someone be so cool and cute yaar meri cuteness bhi doubt ho raha hain yeh baat alag koi manta nahi ki me cute hun……Pooja was hurt with his best friend type behavior…MOHSIKHI ….champu lag raha hain woh Ashish maheshwari in flashback with hairstyle …
    Irshad irshad
    “Mujhse pehli si mohabbat mere mehboob na maang ,mene toh samjha tha tu hai nazakat ehaya….tera gham hai, tu ghame dahar ka jhagda kya hai teri surat se hi alam hain yeh bharo ki sabha teri aankhon ke siva duniya me likha kya hain”
    wah wah wah !!Pooja was looking gorgeous !!
    Pooja’s diary and her sorrow totally shocking …she is intelligent ..Yash got impressed ….Mr.Maheshwari was fishy ….Karmic Connection ghosh so heavy word for me….!!
    Aditya Hooda & His Attitude Killing yaar BYE !!adi is ofcourse adi hai na..he comes on time to save our zoya baby…Tune MAari Entryaain re Dil me baji ghantiyaa tang tring …Kachumbar ban jata Zoya ka aaj toh Thanks to Adi !!
    Precap-hell shock and unnecessary!!

    1. P_lata

      Hmm. …..mastery kar li.. Likhne me tumne… Abhi sirf length dekh kar reply kiya hai…. Padhne ke baad doosre karoongi

      1. P_lata

        Apni Jenny ki badi caring kar rahe ho Fenu, wo bhi paani ke sath…. Not bad ????

      2. Fenil

        loz Thanks !!
        yaa care toh karta hun sabki !!
        r u getting J for no reason !!

    2. Zahra

      No 1 2 3 4 5 all are belongs to you..

      1. Fenil

        hahahah Thank s for ur love !!

    3. P_lata

      Nice review Fenu…..

      1. Fenil

        Thank you Lata Dear !!

    4. Lokesh

      Awesome bro, ab bas ap tu ka hindi version start kar do, lovely review.

      1. Fenil

        hahahah bro !!
        Thank you !!
        we can think about this !!

    5. Aleeza

      Superb review bhai

      1. Fenil

        Thank you dear !!

    6. Ooshi

      sorry if u felt sad but it’s not Nao it’s Lau
      Nao means boat and Lau means intensity of candle or Diya

      1. Medha

        I think its a typo eror and nothing else… see na pure dialouges achche se chipkaye hain Janab ne without any mistake… so I think its just a typo error ?

      2. Ooshi

        Hope it’s the same

      3. Fenil

        yaa i heard it right i didn’t check while writing !!

      4. Ooshi

        Ok happy u replied

  12. P_lata

    Hello BP Rockies…… Most interesting episode ever…..

  13. Aleeza

    Who will fall first in love????
    ADi or ZOyA ??
    What do you think guys ??

    1. Adi will fall in love with Zoya first..bcos Zoya’s love for yash is eternal n now it seems Zoya will prove Yash innocent. If ARJUN is the real cheater then Adi will first feel guilty n eventually fall in love with Zoya’s pure heart.

      1. Fenil

        correct !! aGREE WITH U ALSO !!

    2. P_lata

      Aditya…. My thought

    3. Pinku

      Aleeza I think adotya will fall

  14. Zahra

    “Abhi abhi bhule bhi na the tumhe
    Khayal banke phir tum aa gaye..”

    My everyday sleeping pill…!!!
    What a soul voice of Rahul jain…..mar raha sau dafa….

    1. Pinku

      Yes Sahara truly

    2. Fenil

      i m in love with this song !!

  15. Hey zahra, fenil. I am also born on 16 may

    1. Fenil

      wow good to know this dear !!

  16. Fenil

    @Aleeza, Zoya will fall in love with Adi first.

    @Sanaya, wow great legends born in May.

    1. Zahra

      Where were you whole much busy…
      I want to tell you an interesting factor…that’s I and zoya has some resemblance…you know what…both starting with Z and ending in A… hahaha

      1. Pinku

        Wow that’s really amazibg

      2. Fenil

        wow i never notice but u notice superb !!

      3. Fenil

        ♥ Is baat ka ehsaas kisi par na hone dena ♥

        ♥ Ke tery chahaton se chalti hai meri sansein ♥ !!

        Love You My Tom !!

  17. Ooshi

    mine is 25 may by the way comments were entertaining specially Fenil,Medha and Zahra’s
    arjun can’t be bad
    love Bepannah

    1. Fenil

      Ohh great to know !!
      Thank you !!

      1. Ooshi

        Tolerating it

  18. Pinku

    Seriously yaaron even I don’t want around to be that

  19. Pinku

    In fact I want both yash n pooja to be innocent

    1. Fenil

      Me too !!

  20. Varshaeaswaran

    I guess this will be interesting in the coming weeks ! But yash &pooja are totally confusing!

    1. Fenil

      Yeah upcoming few weeks will be interesting with flashback story !!

  21. Fenil

    Banane Wale Ne Bhi Tujhe,

    Kisi Karan Se Banaya Hoga,

    Choda Hoga Jab Zameen Par Tujhe,

    Uske Seene Mein Bhi Dard To Aaya Hoga…!!

    Love Yaa Jenny !!

  22. Fenil

    Apna toh chaahaton mein yahi usool hain,

    Jab tu qubool hai, toh tera sub kuch qubool hai…♥ !!

    Love Yaa Harshu !!

  23. Fenil

    Aap khud nhi janti aap kitni pyari ho

    Jaan to hamari par jaan se pyaari ho

    Duriyon k hone se koi fark nhi padta

    Aap kl b hamari thi aaj b hamari ho…!!

    Bepannah Rocks !!

  24. Fenil

    Bas Ek Choti Si Haan Kr Do

    Hamare Naam Is Tarha SaraJahan Kr Do!

    Wo Mohabbtain Jo Tumare Dil Mein Hain

    Un ko Zuban Pr Lao 0r Bayan Kr Do!

    Aaj Bas Ap Kaho 0r Kehty HiJao

    Hum Bas Sune Aisa Be-Zuban Kr Do!

    Hoi Purani Dastan Heer Ranjha Ki

    Tarikh Mohabbat Ki Phir Se Jawan Kr Do,

    Aa-Jao Ke Aisa Toot Kr Chahon Tumhe

    Hamari Mohabat Ko Mohabbat Ka Nishan Kr Do!

    Apne Dil Me Is Tarha Chupa Lo MujKo

    Rahon Humesha Is me aisa Mera Makan kar Do…!!!

    Bepannah Rocks !!
    Adhura Alvida Rocks !!
    AdiYa Love !!
    HarshJenn Love !!

  25. Fenil

    Raaz Khol Dete Hain Nazuk Se Ishaare Aksar,
    Kitni Khamosh Mohabbat Ki Jubaan Hoti Hai.

    Love Only For AdiYA !!

    1. Ooshi

      R u only a lover of Adi,Zoya,AdiYa,BP or also of poetry

      1. Fenil

        Not only AdiYa just i m here commenting so for this show and couple !!

      2. Ooshi

        ur poetry gave me the feel as if u r also a poetry lover

  26. Medha

    Hahaha almost all BP Rockies are May born… ?
    Good to know

  27. Medha

    So wait is over our lovable couple Aditya will on screen in just few minutes….
    Love Bepannaah ❤
    Love you BP ROCKIES ❤……

    1. Medha

      Uff ye J2 ka Siyappa ?
      It was AdiYa…. ❤

    2. Pinku

      hi medha cant wait yaar

  28. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    I want to know Yash and pooja’s full story!

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