Kasam 13th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Tanuja decides to leave house over a misunderstanding

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Kasam 13th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tanuja leaving from Netra’s room. Netra asks why did she leave, if she has a misunderstanding. Rishi says no and goes behind her. Netra thinks blow the fire which I have lighted. Tanuja sees Netra holding Rishi’s hand. She gets upset. Rishi asks her what happened? Tanuja is silent and asks what you were doing in Netra’s washroom. Rishi says Netra is unwell. Tanuja says she is not having fever, and is acting. Rishi says she fell down outside my room. Tanuja says you are supporting her bad intentions and says she has feelings for you and wants to get you and get closer to you. Rishi says I have nothing for her. Tanuja asks him to come out. Netra asks John to give electoral and acts to feel dizzy. Ahana asks what happened? Netra says I have a fever. Tanuja holds Rishi’s hand and takes him to hall. Myra takes kids there. Tanuja asks Manpreet to bring thermometer. Tanuja says you will know soon. Netra asks Ahana to make her sit. Rishi asks Tanuja to calm down.

Tanuja asks Netra to check her fever and says if you have much fever then we need to call doctor. Rishi tells that Netra is really unwell. Netra says Tanuja is having a misunderstanding and thinking us wrong. Tanuja says you did everything intentionally. Rishi asks her to behave. Tanuja asks him to believe her. Netra tells everyone that Tanuja was threatening her when alone. She tells that she raised hand on Tania, but didn’t slap her. She says Tanuja came to me and scolded her. She tells that Tanuja has threatened to kick me out of the house, and tells that she loves Tania a lot. Tanuja asks her not to lie and manipulate the words. Netra asks until when you will humiliate me.

Rishi says she is genuinely unwell. Tanuja asks him not to come behind her. Ahana goes after Tanuja. Tanuja hugs her and cries. She asks her not to cry and says Rishi will understand and everything will be fine. Tanuja says I feel that I shouldn’t have returned. Ahana says you both love each other. Tanuja says trust and respect are essential. Rishi tells that Tanuja shall trust him. Manpreet says she must be angry. Rishi says there is no reason for her anger. Tanuja says I didn’t let netra go as Tania needs her. She says relations are complicated since I came. She says she don’t have doubt on Rishi and his love. She tells that Netra threatened her and created misunderstandings between them. She says it is better for us to separate and maintain distance. Ahana hugs her.

Tanuja thinks about Rishi’s words and thinks why he don’t believe on her. Her innerself comes and tells that time has passed, and so much is changed in this years. Tanuja says Rishi is mine, and I am his, we belong to each other. Her innerself asks her to throw Netra out of their lives or take Rishi far from there.

Tanuja and Natasha are leaving from the house. Natasha cries and says she don’t want to go. Ahana calls Rishi and says Tanuja is leaving the house. Tanuja asks Natasha to come. Rano asks what happened? Rishi comes and asks where is she going? Tanuja says she is going to stay in a hotel near by and needs time to think. Rishi asks what? Tanuja says that if we can stay together or not. She says court asked her to stay together, but we shall take a decision. She says sorry for hurting them. Rishi says if she wants to go then she can leave. He says she is doing same mistake again, and tells that I didn’t do mistake before and even now. He asks her to go and says nobody will stop you.. Tanuja looks at him with teary eyes.

Update in ProgressPrecap:
Tania asks Tanuja not to go. Netra thinks Tania will ruin her plan and thinks how to stop her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Chipkali is going expose soon now I feel because there was,a photo,on instagram where no chipkali was present and they were in hospital . Will miss everyone

  2. I think this time rishi said right to tanuja , tanuja doubt n pack her bag n leave him , she know netra want to separate her n rishi, tanuja gave only fake challenge n lecture to netra n accept her defeat without even fight for herself n she know netra cheap trick but cannot fight with her not even tell the truth about netra to rishi, netra do what she gave challenge to her n fight n win also but tanuja cry like baby n give up without fight n take action show the true face of netra in front of rishi.
    Tanuja must fight like rishi when ak confessed his love for tanuja, rishi told tanuja about him but she never trust him she said rishi had some misunderstanding,because she don’t know true face of ak but rishi never gave up n fight for his love never doubt tanuja but tanuja doubt him n fight n leave him just like button n shirt case which netra want.
    If she doesn’t fight for her love then it is better to leave him n live alone.

    About rano who know netra about she also keep silent ,she know netra can do anything for want of rishi but remain silent because rishi know about her misdeeds.

    Serial really no more interesting in watching it same thing happen again n again I think after the leap n rebirth of tanu n rishi nothing interest happen in future because they take too much time to finish one track , in future episode don’t know how much time they take to complete one track of serial

  3. Expose netra or not serial need to be end no more rebirth n leap

  4. Episoad so dissponding how rishi says to tanuja that not anyone stop her to leaving house plz cv end this track and brining leap

  5. Rishi did wrong…if rishi dont like tanuja to b with ak…thn hw tanuja can bear rishi with netra…rishi did really wrong…..n writer plz plz expose netra now…nw i cant bear netra…plz xpose netra…n thn brng leap

  6. Rishi did wrong…if rishi dont like tanuja to b with ak…thn hw tanuja can bear rishi with netra…rishi did really wrong…..n writer plz plz expose netra now…nw i cant bear netra……n thn brng leap

  7. even i think tanuja is wrong here like said by sona pal , and not only wrong now but always . she can trust ak so rishi too can as netra took care for tanya , she didnt belive rishi when he pleaded and begged for 10 months for love sake but she broke him . still he dint ran like what tanuja is doing , the people who run from problems instead of fighting are cowards . and that also taking natasha , is not natasha also rishis child , this shows her so dumb character . truly selfish lady. pops and cindy were so correct of her nature.i really dint felt bad when rishi dint stopped her because she has done much more than that to him

  8. I if Netra is that sick and the family is so concerned, where is the doctor?

  9. Tanuja is a coward Netra knows that. She is bossy and like threatening pple.During Bedi empire period she was gathering information to expose Divya along the way she will start boasting telling what she found.Purab bought a corrupt police not to tell. In the end Tanuja looked like a liar.She has a big mouth but she can’t solve anything. She is a loser….All this is killing this drama a hero loses once but she comes back stronger but Tanuja loses all the time. Another of her weakness she thinks she is smart than everyone always want to keep things inside and try and solve them so as to get praises Writers u make Netra more smart than your leading lady all the time. It puts me off to see her angry face all the time..she is a loser that can’t solve any thing. Crys like a victim all the time. Even if there is another leap coming why will I be watching a loser crying like a baby.l. Pretty face must go with acting that has substance. On Twitter pple don’t talk about what is happening afraid of giving opinions that will drag the whole thing to the gutter.So they resort to comment on how cute Tanuja and Rishi are together it is good but without substance other dramas will be beating them left and right. Kasam has a good story line better than other dramas but it has so much confusion and repeats that by the look of it writers can’t fix ..Good luck with the ratings. But I think very soon u will be bining Kasam.

  10. and description of series of for 14 April will today

  11. If krasha leaving this show we are also gonna stop watching this nonesense again .I was watching bcz of krasha and now they are leaving without clearing their all past missunderstandungs.It should not be kasam tere pyarki it should be sada galat fehmi terepyarki……bye bye everyone love you krasha tanshi always hate writers alot

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